Joe , Leese

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Joe woke up early Saturday morning and slowly climbed out of bed, being sure not to wake his wife, Mallisa. As he stood in the doorway to the hall, he looked at her and smiled. She looked so peaceful; her long wavy hair cascading down over her shoulder and across the pillow, one hand smushed up under her face and the other reaching out toward his side of the bed.

He walked down stairs to the laundry room and got dressed in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a heavy flannel shirt on top. Grabbing a pair of socks, he walked into the kitchen and stood for a moment, debating if he should make coffee or not.

“Eh, screw it.” Joe said to nobody.

With a shrug, he turned and walked through the house to the front door, where he leaned against the wall and pulled his socks on while looking at the slowly brightening horizon. He then repeated the process with his heavy work boots, laced them up and was just stepping through the door when he stopped, turned around and walked as silently as possible in his boots over to the table where his phone was charging. He scooped it up and walked back outside and eased the front door closed.

Today’s task was splitting a bunch of wood. He wasn’t really sure what he would use it for. He and the wife had switched over from burning wood to solar and wind the year before, so now he had a stockpile of wood and no real purpose for it.

“Maybe I can practice some carving,” he told the waiting stack, “pretty sure I haven’t carved since I was a kid.”

With another shrug he wandered into the garage and grabbed the axe and maul off the wall, then he dug through a few drawers to find his leather work gloves and a couple of splitting wedges. It wasn’t terribly long before he had worked away the morning chill and had discarded the heavy flannel shirt. His white t-shirt was now covered in tiny woodchips and a ring of sweat around the collar.


Mallisa woke up and yawned. She reached to the other side of the bed and felt that it was cold. Opening her eyes she rolled back over and looked at the clock on the nightstand.

“Sheesh, no wonder he’s up,” she murmured as she rubbed her eyes and sat up, “He’s already seizing the day.”

Standing up and stretching while she walked, she made her way over to the closet and opened it. She grabbed a pair of pedal pushers with the cargo pockets she liked; She never understood women who would wear pants with tiny little pockets and then carry giant handbags that would destroy their back. Then she pulled on one of Joe’s old button down shirts, wincing as she raised her right arm, and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

She hummed to herself as she set herself to the task of making some breakfast for herself and Joe. She could see him outside, shirtless, hammering a wedge into a large chunk of wood, her eyes following his back muscles as they flexed and moved with each hit of the maul. Her hum turning into a bit of a groan as she watched a little longer before going about her cooking.


Joe hit home one last time and was rewarded with a satisfying crack as the log split and fell open in two halves.

“Showed you who’s boss eh,” He tough talked the split wood as he stooped to pick up the wedges. “Think that’s enough for now.”

Whistling a fairly plain tune he walked into the garage and placed his tools in their rightful places. He continued his simple song as he opened the fridge in the garage.

“Note to self, buy more beer.” He said out loud as he reached into the fridge and grabbed the last can. “Yeah, I think it’s cold enough Joe.” He continued as he adjusted the temperature dial and closed the door.

He cracked open the can and took a swig before walking outside to his pile of wood. Setting the can down on a log he began to restack the wood, putting the split wood to one side of the stack and the uncut logs to the other. It wasn’t long before he had finished his beer and was thinking of going in for a drink when he heard the storm door open and light footsteps step onto the porch.

“Morning babe, thirsty yet?” he heard his wife call to him.

“Well sleepyhead,” he answered with a smile, “you even sure it’s still morning?”

“Yes I’m sure,” she was almost to him now, “got an hour of it left.”

“I see, I see,” Joe said smacking his shirt against his leg to try and dislodge the woodchips clinging to the cotton, “and yes I’m thirsty.”

“I thought you might be Mister Lumberjack Man.” She teased with a laugh, nearly spilling the cold drink she’d brought out for him.

Joe turned and took in the sight of his wife, her hair in waves framing her face and hanging down her shoulders. His eyes followed downward to see that she was nearly spilling out of his button down shirt, her nipples standing against the cloth from the chill in the air. Tight pedal pushers showed off her muscular legs and toned calves. Her feet covered by her canvas shoes.

“Damn Leese,” Joe said as he pulled his shirt over his head and reached for the glass, “you’re looking amazing today.”

“Thanks, student sex parties porno you’re looking pretty studly yourself,” she said, putting the glass in his hand and walking over to pick up the flannel shirt lying on the ground. “I made breakfast.”

“Best not let it go to waste then,” Joe said as he drained the glass.

Joe led the way inside, kicked his boots off and walked over to the sink to wash his face and hands. Leese followed him into the kitchen, looked at the table, then walked over to the cupboard to grab a pitcher. As she reached up, her shoulder hurt and she winced sharply.

“What’s wrong?” Joe asked as he took a seat at the table.

“Yesterday at the cabin, Mom was complaining that nobody would go canoeing with her so I finally agreed to,” Leese answered, as she walked over to the fridge and poured what was left of the juice into the pitcher then filled it the rest of the way with water. “That was dumb of me though, since I haven’t canoed since like, my freshman year in college. So what like, ten years almost?”

“I’ll take care of you after we eat” he said as he picked up his fork. “That was sweet of you though.”

“Yeah, Ma was happy” she said, setting the pitcher down and taking her seat.

They ate their scrambled eggs, french toast and bacon while Leese told Joe about the day she had at the cabin with her family and said that they were expected to head over later today.

Joe listened intently to his wife, he loved how she told stories. She got so animated and into character as she talked, waving her hands around and even imitating the voices of her family members. A lot of his attention was being diverted to her bouncing chest however, his loins giving a stir when the fabric pulled tight in the middle of a story and he would catch teasing glimpses of her flesh through the openings created between the buttons.

After their meal, he told her to stay put as he went in search of her purse. Finding it, he grabbed the bottle of lotion she kept in there and returned to the kitchen. He walked up behind her and began to rub her neck and shoulders.

“Mmmm” she purred as Joe’s strong hands rubbed firmly but gently.

A smile spread across his lips but he said nothing. He ran his fingers against her scalp and slowly pulled them through her long hair, sweeping it over her left shoulder to tumble down her neck and chest. His fingers returned to her neck and back down to her right shoulder. He could feel a knot and began to methodically rub it with his thumbs, kneading in a circle. This time he was met with a sharp inhale and small gasp. He paused.

“Was that a good ah or a bad ah?” he asked gently.

“Oh, it hurts so good,” she sighed, glancing over her shoulder with a smile.

“Well as long it’s good.” he said as he continued working on the knot. “Now, off with the shirt.”

Leese unbuttoned the shirt and sloughed it off her shoulders, wearing it like a shawl across her back. Joe put some lotion on his hands and started to rub it into her skin. His fingers wandering across her tan skin as his hands went back towards her troubled shoulder and continued his work.

He could feel the knot loosening and as it went away a long quiet moan greeted his ears. As his fingers were searching for another knot, he leaned down and gently kissed the exposed nape before him. Another moan and a low chuckle were his only answer. Fingers still rubbing and kneading gently, he kissed the top of her ear, and then the lobe. He then nibbled gently.

Leese felt a wave of pleasure spread from her ear down her neck and across her chest. A long sigh escaped her lips and she tilted her head further exposing the side of her neck as if she were in an old vampire movie. Her hands needed something to do so she cradled the back of her neck with her left hand while her right hand squeezed her thigh and began to slowly rub up and down.

Joe was working his way to her collarbone with his mouth. When he kissed her there, another wave of pleasure flowed across her. As she moaned again, her breath caught in her throat coming out ragged. She could feel her body heating up, her neck felt hot and her small nipples stood exposed to the air. Her left hand waved in front of her face to try and cool herself down while her right hand kept stroking her thigh, an absent minded attempt to calm herself.

Joe smiled again at the effect he was having on his wife, so he reached down and took her right hand in his and gently pulled her from her seat. He kissed her on the forehead gently and turned her to face away from him. Leese melted into him and they stood that way for a few seconds, swaying as he hugged her from behind, her breathing heavy and deliberate.

Soon, his hands slid down her arms and he rested one hand on each of her gently curved hips. He gave her a slight nudge and they started walking towards the stairs. Leese shrugged the shirt back over her shoulders as they walked. When they reached the bottom of the stairs in their reverse embrace, she went submissive cuckolds porno to take the first step, but Joe quickly spun her around and kissed her on the lips.

At first it was a gentle, long kiss but soon they were making out like a couple of teenagers. Hands were grabbing and pulling at clothes. With little warning, Joe scooped up Leese so she was straddling him, her feet locked together behind his back.

He made it half way up the stairs before slowly lowering his wife down and kneeling between her legs. They continued their furious kissing, Leese biting his lower lip. Both drawing their breath heavily now. Joe’s hands slid up her body and pushed the shirt off her shoulders again. He leaned against her as their tongues met. Her hands, held in place at her sides by the shirt pushed down around her back, pawing at his sides.

Joe returned his focus to the newly released mounds of flesh. He admired them for a split second, the light sheen of sweat shiny in the sun pouring in on them, before taking a nipple in his teeth and flicking his tongue quickly across it. The wave of pleasure rising in Leese was almost too much already. A quiet yelp followed by a sharp intake of air alerted Joe that his wife was almost at the brink of her first orgasm already. He slowly pressed his still clothed erection against her pelvis, slowly grinding against her while taking her other nipple between his fingers and rolling it. Another yelp-gasp was like music to his ears. He kept rubbing until she gasped again, this time like someone surfacing from the water, a heavy, stuttered breath. With no warning Joe pulled her to him and stood up, resuming his walk up the stairs. Her hands under his shirt leaving lines as she dragged her nails across his lower back.

Before she knew it, Joe had placed her on her feet at the foot of the bed. He bent over and started kissing his way from her stomach up her chest to her collar bone. He pushed the shirt all the way down and freed her hands as he continued kissing his way down her warm flesh. She clung to the bottom of his shirt as he went down, pausing at her waist band to let her pull the shirt over his head. He then undid her pants and slowly pulled them to the floor while kissing the outside of her left leg. He traced his way back up, this time kissing the more sensitive inner thigh. He paused with his face between her legs and he breathed in her heavy scent as his hands gently pulled down her panties, and again he kissed down her leg and back up.

Her hands were on his head, fingers grabbing at his short black hair, her breath uneven and ragged as he kissed her inner thigh before gingerly spreading her labia and slowly licking her. Joe continued slowly dragging his tongue the length of her slit as Leese kept running her fingers through his hair. He lightly nudged her back until she fell onto the bed. He crawled closer on all fours and slung her legs over his shoulders as he began his work licking and kissing all around before finally burying his face between her legs. Leese was panting and began a slight rolling action with her hips, pushing herself into Joe’s eager tongue.

Joe’s right hand was spreading her lips while he slowly licked like he was eating ice cream, as his left hand held her right hand, fingers intertwined and squeezing as she went over the edge and was consumed by her climax. Heat and pleasure washed over her, her chest heaving as she moaned and drew her breath heavily.

Gently he entered her with two fingers in a slow corkscrew motion while licking her clitoris. He swirled his tongue around while keeping steady with his two fingers. Leese arched her back and let out a long heavy sigh, encouraging him to continue. Joe looked up into Leese’s face, watching as she chewed on her bottom lip, hair stuck to the sweat starting to bead up on her forehead. He stopped twisting his fingers and instead started to wiggle them against her g spot, his thumb rubbing her clit while he quickly flicked his tongue across it as well.

The change of Joe’s movements to her g spot made her clamp down her teeth and make a guttural sound as she was lifted, lifted, lifted to again be pushed over the threshold, the walls of her vagina squeezing around his fingers as he pushed them in and out. He looked her in the eye but he wasn’t sure she actually saw him – her head was rolling side to side and she was taking deep breaths and moaning with each exhale. Joe leaned forward and started to lick her again.

He traced the alphabet with his tongue as she continued to buck her hips against his face, her heels massaging his back as she rolled her ankles, her toes curling and straightening with pleasure. As she started to come down from her high, Joe eased his two fingers back into her and massaged them in and out as he kissed her skin lightly. His lips wandered, first finding her raised hip bone before sliding up to her tight stomach, then back down where he kissed her above the small triangle of pubic hair she kept trimmed tight.

Joe crawled up onto the taboo heat porno bed beside her and lay his head against her breast. Without a word she took Joe’s hand, slippery with her own juices, and pulled it to her mouth. She slowly licked and sucked his index finger and then his middle finger. Tasting herself brought another yet much smaller, wave of pleasure to her and she shivered slightly as her skin was covered in goosebumps.

“I guess it’s your turn to lay down and enjoy the ride.” she said as she pulled him onto the bed by his hips.

“I guess so.” he said as he kissed her on the lips and turned to lay on his back.

Leese quickly undid his pants and pulled them down, throwing them across the floor. She slid her hands up his legs and then walked them up to the waistband of his boxers, her eyes fixated on the tent in the material. In one quick jerk she pulled down his boxers and his cock sprang free. Gently she held his shaft and ran her tongue along the bottom edge up to his head.

Slowly she pulled his sheath down and watched his foreskin pull back across the head, a thick clear string of precum started to make its way down the shaft. Sure not to miss a drop, she stuck her tongue out and ran it up his length. Gently and teasingly she swirled her tongue around the head, his dick twitching in response. She made eye contact with Joe as she plunged her mouth down, taking him to the back of her throat.

‘Lucky he isn’t huge or I would never be able to do this.’ she thought to herself as she began sliding her mouth up and down.

Slow and steady at first, then she began to tighten her grip at the base and increased the pace. Making sure to keep a tight grip to act like a cockring she kept bobbing up and down,

‘He deserves a long suck after the treatment he gave me’ she thought.

Switching the hand she was holding him with, she stopped bobbing and slowly traced the veiny underside of his length and cradled his balls as she swirled her tongue around. A long sigh escaped his lips as he watched his wife tracing his shaft with her long tongue. She took him in her mouth again and began to stroke his shaft with her hand while focusing on the head with her tongue. Up and down her hand went, stroking with a soft pressure while flicking her tongue back and forth over the tip.

Joe lovingly reached down and cradled his wife’s head in his hands before grabbing her hair and putting it all to the side so he could see her. She took her hand away and again slid her mouth down, feeling him push into the back of her throat and looked up. Joe locked his gaze with Leese, her brilliant green eyes staring at him as she slowly pulled her head up until his cock stood free, coated in her saliva.

“Oh baby,” Joe said as he pulled her hand away, “I want to be in you.”

With that, he pulled her down to lay beside him and kissed her a few times before rolling over and placing the head of his cock at her entrance. He eased into her, pushing as deep as he could go. They both groaned in satisfaction as the new sensation washed over them. He pushed himself upright and grabbed her legs and put them around his waist again. Slowly he pulled most of the way out before pushing in again, enjoying the feeling of her pussy squeezing him. Again he rocked his hips and entered her. Slowly he rocked in and out of her, both of them moaning in pleasure. Leese ran her hand over the contours of her body. As she traced the swell of her breasts with her fingers, the sensation seemed to have a delayed effect. A gentle moan escaped her lips as she dragged her hand down her side, feeling each rib under her fingers.

As Joe continued to pump in and out of her, her hands too continued roaming her own body. Her left hand was resting on her neck feeling her heartbeat pounding through her body as her right hand massaged and teased her nipples. Joe leaned forward and their tongues met. She could taste herself on his tongue and it excited her further. Leese moved her left hand from her neck down across her body and she started to rub her clit as Joe’s cock continued pushing in and out of her.

Joe’s lips traced a line to the side of her neck and began kissing the sensitive skin there, before moving up to gently bite her earlobe. The sensation of his teeth against her flesh sent waves of tingly pleasure across her body, pushing her ever closer to an orgasm. She came again hard, and the hot wetness around his dick spurred him to start pumping deeper and faster. He leaned over her now, pushing as deep as he could with every thrust, his left hand holding himself up as he placed his right hand across her throat.

Under his hand he could feel her pulse pounding through her, the heartbeat on both sides of her neck slamming against his hand like a tiny drum as he continued to pump in and out of her. He could feel himself getting closer and closer to cumming and tightened his grip across her throat.

They came together this time, with her screaming out for the first time since they started this love making session. He let out a low growl as he emptied himself deep inside her, and Leese sighed in satisfaction feeling his cock spraying his cum in her. His hips pumped slower as he went soft and caught his breath. He pulled out and flopped on his back, sweaty and tired. They both lay there for a little bit just holding each other and laughing occasionally.

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