Jill, Dan , Their Friend Larry Ch. 03

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Chapter 3, “The Wedding Week”

The two weeks before the wedding Jill, Dan and Larry his best man had a million things to do. Whenever Jill and Larry were together they would find a way to fuck. Dan was running around and had no idea his wife to be had fucked his best man at least 4 times the week before the wedding. But hell this affair had been going on now for more than four years.

The night before rehearsal Dan asked Larry if he would drop off the last few things Jill told him she needed. Then he would meet then at the church. He had arranged with Jill for Larry to shower and shave at their home. Dan would be next door to the gym and would shower and shave there. Larry told him no problem and Jill said she would see her soon to be husband at the church. She kissed him goodbye for the morning and off to work he went.

The last work day for three weeks for Dan went by slow and finally it was over and he went to the tux, flower shops and made the final check on the wedding plans. Then it was over to the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was going to be held at 9PM tonight. Finally he went to the gym and showered and shaved leaving there around 6:30PM and was the first to arrive. So he sat and talked to the minister for a little while.

Meanwhile Larry headed over to Jill’s around 3PM. He had taken 2 hours off from work but only he and Jill knew it. As he opened the door to an and Jill’s house with the key Dan had given him he hard Jill yell, “I’m upstairs babe!”

As Larry came into the master bedroom where Dan and Jill slept, he saw Jill dressed in her wedding dress. She smiled as he stood there looking at her. Jill was a woman that any man would stand and watch. She was a credit to her gender. She said, “You like babe? It’s so fucking white for me don’t you think?”

He laughed and said, “Jill you’re such an evil bitch! I love it when you act so nice and lady like in front of old Dan and the rest of the group but I know the real true Jill and she is a hot sexy dirty sex loving bitch!”

She walked towards him and laughed as she said, “Now is that anyway to talk to a woman who is about to marry her sole mate? You know Larry getting married will slow our relationship down a little. I mean we won’t be getting together as often after tomorrow. And I think you’re going to miss this.”

She lifted her dress up and was completely nude under it. Jill had put the dress on but nothing else. Her body was perfect and she had saved her pussy completely for Dan and Larry. She said, “What do you think? Think Dan will like the new me down here?”

She pointed at her hairless pussy and Larry licked his lips. He smiled and said, “Well I don’t know about Dan but it’s making me hard as hell. Take off the dress Jill and let me fuck the bride.”

She said, “No! I want to leave it on Larry. I want you to fuck me with it on. I don’t know why but it makes me so fucking hot to fuck you with it on.”

And with that she moved to the bed and Larry came up behind her. She said, “NO!!! I have to be on top. On top so I don’t wrinkle the dress that much. Maybe we can do it doggy style too if we have enough time. Now lay down I want to straddle you face and left you be the first to taste my new shave pussy.”

He laughed and got up on the bed. Laying flat on his back he smiled as Jill worked her way up over his body with the long dress on. She held the dress up and then lowered it over Larry as she sat on his face and he worked her pussy with his fingers, tongue and mouth! “Oh Fuck Larry! This is so fucking hot! Oh yes! Oh shit! Suck my clit; suck my clit, Larry! Oh God your mouth is so good!!”

She turned her head over her shoulder to watch his big 9-inch cock rising higher and higher and thicker and thicker as she started to cum! Larry worked on her like he always did. He could see her face but he felt her shutter and shake and began to rock against his mouth and he knew she was climaxing. He smiled to himself as he sucked her entire pussy into his mouth and fucked it with his tongue. Jill screamed as she rocketed towards another climax. “Oh God yes Larry! You’re so good Oh yes suck me baby! Suck my almost married pussy!”

She humped her cunt on Larry’s face coating it with her cum. Larry would be the first to eat her shaved pussy and now he was going to be the first man to fuck it! She moved off of his head and slid her body down until she centered her pussy over his now hard thick cock. If truth were known, Jill worshiped Larry cock. She didn’t like him very much. It was funny to her that Larry’s best friend could be so bad as to fuck her. He knew she was Dan’s woman and that she was going to marry her and yet, Larry made a point of fucking her on just about every major event in her life since she was 18 years old. Hell Larry took her cherry even if Dan still believed he took it. No, Jill didn’t especially like Larry, but God she loved to fuck him. Now at 22 the secret affair had been going on for four years and as far as she knew Dan had no idea what the two of them had been outdoor sex porno doing all thee years.

Larry was light years better at fucking than Dan, light years. Larry made Jill feel like a whore but man the orgasms that she had with him blew her mind and body. She slowly slid down on his erection taking her time even if she was screaming inside for his fullness. Inch by fucking inch Larry watched her face as she took all of him. God he loved to fuck Jill. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever had. But it was the way she fucked him. He loved the way her pussy just seemed to suck his cock into her. She smiled down at him and lifted her dress so Larry could see her shaved pussy take more and more of his cock. He moaned and thrust up into her. She moaned and slowly rode the hard long shaft up and down up and down.

They didn’t have much time but they both knew what the other one like. She reached behind her and unzipped the dress enough so that it slid of her shoulders and she lifted her breasts up over the top. She held her breasts out for Larry. He saw the red hard nipples stick out and she bent down for him to suck them. She loved his mouth as much as she loved his cock.

Larry squeezed them and pushed as much tit into his mouth as he could get. In his passion he bit her nipple and made her cry out! She said, be careful you ass! I don’t need any suck marks or sex marks tonight!”

He smiled and she said, “Don’t you dare! If you do you can explain how I got them!” He didn’t try. “OK I won’t! Why kill the golden goose?” he told her!

“Exactly! Now fuck me and cum in me. I want to carry your cum in my panties tonight at the rehearsal and dinner.” she answered.

He laughed and told her how fucking evil she was. As they worked together now she knew he was going to cum. She said, “Stop! Doggy style! Dan hates to do it this way!”

Larry waited until Jill lifted off of him and stood on the floor, With her dress on the bed in front she bent over and pushed her ass out for him. She said, “Now don’t get any cum on my fucking dress dick head!”

She lifted the dress up over her hips and waited for him to move in behind her. She said, “Put it in slow Larry you know how I like to feel it going in!”

Larry said, “Don’t worry my evil almost married pussy girl, Larry will make you cum tonight!”

She said, “I wish there was a way we could get you to go on the honeymoon to Larry. I’m going to miss this cock for three weeks.”

He held her hips now and pushed his 9-inch cock back into her wet warm tight pussy. She moaned as she felt it go in again inch by lovely fucking inch. The she felt Larry hold her hips tighter and begin to pump her harder. She knew he wanted to cum. So did she. She moaned and told him how good he felt. How good he was and how she loved his big fucking dick! Again and again Larry buried his boner all the way into her. She could hear his nuts slapping her cunt as he slammed his cock all the way into her. She began to thrust her ass back into him. He moaned she cried out with sheer delight as Larry reached under her and cupped both breasts. His hand took her nipples and pulled and rolled them as his hips continued to ram into her.

She gave a deep groan as she felt the orgasm make her clit swollen and very tick. She said, “Rub my clit baby! I’m almost there!”

Larry moved his left hand off her breast and as she lifted her wedding dress up he found the hard little female dick sticking out from under the hood. He began to stroke around it rather than directly on it! She screamed as she started to orgasm almost immediately. He held her hips and arched his back as he pumped into her over and over again. As she started to shake and her pussy squeezed his hard shaft he pressed a finger directly on her clit! She screamed out as the orgasm went higher and became harder. She was almost falling down. Her legs could hardly hold her. Larry pushed her against the bed and he shoved his swelling cock into her one last time. The both could feel his cock thicken and get harder inside her. He moaned very loud as his cock began to jump and his nuts pumped his cum into her body! “Oh God yes Larry! Give me it baby! Give me all your cum!”

Larry held her around her stomach and continued to pump cum into her cunt. “Oh God Jill! I love fucking you so much baby! Take all of my cum. Take it and hold it inside you when we leave and go the church for rehearsal. I want you to feel it inside you as you stand next to Dan and practice your wedding voles. God! This is so fucking hot! Oh yes baby! Do you feel it inside your pussy Jill?”

She turned her head and aid, “Oh yes Larry it’s so warm and sticky! It feels so good. Quick hand me my panties on the dresser.”

He reached for then and took them in his hand keeping his cock inside her pussy. She said, “Hold you cock in me as much as you can Larry.”

He did and she slowly stepped into them. As she pulled them up he with drew his big dick. Only a little cum ran out as his cock pulled out and public agent porno over the panties. She pulled them up tight holding his cum inside her.

She took off the wedding dress and Larry held her and told her he wanted to fill her ass too. But there wasn’t enough time. She told him to lay back on the bed. He did and she bent over and cleaned his cock with her tongue and mouth! She sucked and sucked him until he moaned loudly again and shot another load of cum in her mouth! She took it all and swallowed it. She smiled as she licked her lips and told Larry, “I’m not going to brush my teeth. You’ll see me kiss him and know he’s tasting you baby! God I love having sex with you.”

He smiled and said, “Evil! You’re evil with a capital “E Jill!”

She laughed out loud and squeezed his cock saying, “And you love it. You fucking love it don’t you?”

He said, “Yes God help me I do!”

They then finished dressing as the played with each out and then headed out to the church. As they pulled into the parking lot they knew they were running late. She told him; “If anyone asked let me do the talking for both of us. You just go along with the story.”

He shook his head in the affirmative as they ran into the church. Everyone was waiting for them and when they came in everyone looked up. She hurried towards the front of the church and kissed Dan hard on the mouth. She then broke the kiss and said, “God! I’m sorry everyone, I had a flat tire and Larry had to change it. Then he followed me to the house and then waited until I changed my clothes. I didn’t even have time to brush my teeth. Sorry”

Dan tasted her wet lips and smelled her bad breath then he said, “Oh that’s OK babe we have enough time.” What he didn’t know was that it was his best man’s cum he tasted.

Larry just stood there watching what she told him she was going to do. He shook his head a little as he said to himself, “She is one evil sexy slut!”

The minister said, “Well we better get started.”

They stood going into all the things they were going to do tomorrow at the church for real. All the time Jill could feel Larry’s cum oozing out of her wet cunt hole and slowly running down her leg. She was glad she had on jeans. The rehearsal lasted about an hour and by the time it was over, almost all of Larry’s wet sticky cum had run out of her cunt and coated her panties and inner thighs. She eventually had you go to the lady’s room to take care of it. The rest of the group headed to the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. The minister and Dan were the only ones left when Jill finally came out of the bathroom. She was now wearing a pad to help with the wetness. Her panties were in the trashcan in the lady’s room. Dan drove Jill and the minister to the restaurant and the party began.

After two hours one of the married bride maids had to leave and the minister left with her. The rest parties and drank and danced until well over midnight. There was a great deal of drinking and this time Larry got blasted. He was telling Dan what a good guy he was and how Jill should thank her lucky stars to be getting him. He was hanging all over Dan and telling him what a great friend he was and that he was sorry for all the shit over the years he had put Dan through.

Jill was trashed just a little herself but now she was worried Larry would say something that would fuck up everything in her life she had planned. So she grabbed Larry and pulled him out on the dance floor saying he needed to sober up. Dan watched as she took Larry out and they danced fast to the song and two more after that. He could she her talking to him but couldn’t hear what she was saying. Knowing Jill she was most likely giving him hell for being so blitzed.

Then a slower song started and Dan watched as Jill and Larry moved into each other and danced as he held her. Dan knew Larry was drunk but he still didn’t like the way his best man was holding his wife to be. He tried to squeeze her ass a few times and once he grabbed her breast. Jill stopped dancing and looked his way. She then slapped him and dragged him back off the dance floor. She said, “Dan I think we need to get Larry home before he really pisses off somebody. He’s all hands and arms out there.”

Dan said he would tell everyone they were leaving but to party on and that they would see everyone at the church at 1PM. He then helped Jill load Larry into the car into the back seat. He drove and Jill held Larry’s head in her lap as she sat in the back seat with him. As Dan drove home Jill held Larry so he wouldn’t fall off the seat or hurt himself. But Larry was running his hand up between her legs and started pushing and squeezing her pussy. She fought him off a few times and then when he rolled over his nose directly against her cunt. She opened her legs and pushed his face harder into her. Larry fucked her with his face moving it up and down on the outside of Jill’s jeans while Dan drove.

Jill wished she had put on a skirt now because with the jeans she wasn’t reality kings porno feeling him like she wanted to. His hand was against her pussy and his face hid it from Dan in the front seat. She held her legs open more and Larry had his entire hand and face against her open pussy. Larry pushed his face hard against Jill cunt and inhaled her sweet musk and his cum from their time before.

Larry moaned and Dan turned and asked, “Is he OK Jill? Should I pull over?”

Jill told him in a slightly husky voice, “No Danny, just get us home baby before he throws up all over me.”

Dan drove faster as Larry moved his hand further under his head and cupped Jill’s entire pussy now. He could feel her fat and over stimulated pussy lips under her jeans. She had so much wetness between her legs she felt mushy and like a wet sponge as Larry squeezed her and rubbed her hard. Larry looked up to see Jill’s face looking down at him. She smiled slightly her eyes burning with lust just enough to let Larry know she liked what he was doing.

Dan drove on as Larry rubbed and squeezed Jill pussy move and more. Jill was moving against his hand now pushing harder and harder into his stimulation. Larry moaned again and Dan said, “We’re almost home Larry hang in there buddy!”

Jill watched her husband to be drive as she took her own hand and placed it over Larry’s. She began to rub his hand the way she wanted it to move. Then she gave a big sigh and began to cum! The orgasm wasn’t a huge one but the thrill of being caught by her husband to be was really exciting to her. She pushed and pushed and pushed against Larry’s hand and he could feel her body shutter with her climax. As she rotated and then finally held both hands still she rubbed her cunt fucking it against Larry’s hand between her wide open legs. Larry smiled up at her as she looked down at him. She closed her eyes and smiled more. As she felt Dan turn the corner on to their street, her orgasm was subsiding quickly as Dan pulled up into the driveway of their home.

They both helped Larry out of the car and into the house. Jill pulled off Larry’s shoes and they put him under the blanket. They then went into the bedroom and Jill told Dan she was beat and a little sick. She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth and washed her pussy as clean as she could get it. She was wondering if she could get Dan to hold off any sex until tomorrow night the first night of their honeymoon?

She came out and said, “Oh Danny, I don’t fell well at all. Can we hold off having sex tonight?”

Dan looked sad but he told her, “Sure babe if you don’t feel well. But you better be OK for tomorrow.”

She smiled put her hand to his cheek and kissed him softly on the same cheek. He took her into his arms and kissed her hard on the lips for a few seconds before she broke off the embrace. She said, “I promise to make it up to you tomorrow baby!”

She walked into the bedroom and crawled under the covers.

As she faced the door she heard Dan finish washing up and watched him walk into the bedroom and stand there. She looked up at him and said, “You know I better sleep on this side tonight in case I get sick.”

He smiled kissed her softly and moved over her to the other side of the bed. She lay there for almost an hour before rolling over on her back. She looked at Dan and he was fast asleep. She slowly got out of bed without waking him and walked up the hall into Larry’s room. He was watching TV on a chair in the room. He was nude and was slowly stroking the cock that Jill loved so much. He was hard and thick and Jill stood in the doorway watching him play with his dick. She saw the pre-cum forming in the piss hole. She licked her lips and said, “I knew you weren’t that drunk. You just wanted to get me off in the backseat of Danny car. You’re as evil as I am.”

He smiled and patted his lap. She had on her short nightie and a small red thong. He loved looking at her legs and the lump between her legs that was her full swollen pussy lips. It formed a small bulge pushing the material of the red thong out a little. She smiled and said, “He’s asleep and I came up her to see how you were feeling.”

Larry smiled and said, “Sure you did! You came here to see this.”

He held his big cock up for her. He smiled and so did she. Then she said, “Well I came to show you this again.”

She pulled the small dark red thong to the side showing him her fat shave pussy. She said, “Dan still doesn’t know about it. He went to sleep. I told him I wasn’t feeling very well so he wouldn’t fuck me tonight. I wanted you to fuck me again Larry since it’s now my wedding day and you really are the best man!”

Jill came over and straddled Larry’s legs as she sat facing him on the chair. She slowly lowered her body down on his cock and they rode each other for a while just enjoying the sex. She kissed him and he cupped her breasts and sucked on her nipples that stuck out the opening at the top of her nightie. Her entire top was open and Larry enjoyed her tremendously. She rode up and down slowly on his very swallow hard cock letting his fullness stimulate her. She was close enough to the door to hear Dan if he would begin to walk up the hall. She had the door halfway closed and knew she could get off of Larry’s cock fast if she had too.

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