Jet Lagged…

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This story was inspired by a friend of mine, an online friend. So as to preserve her identity, I shall call her Heather and locate her on the American western coast. For the rest of it, this is what I have fantasised about her. I just hope she will like it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I hope you too, reader, will enjoy reading it.

Tom woke up all of a sudden and wondered for a few seconds where he was. That’s what happens to you when you have a very deep sleep, especially when you are jetlagged. He shook his head and tried to get his ideas straight. But he was still completely dazed and confused.

The past few hours flashed in front of his eyes. He’d flown from Europe to the American western coast — the initial object of his trip was a conference he was meant to attend. But since he had been in touch with a lovely American girl for the past few months, he’d decided to make a detour and spend the weekend with her. From the airport, he’d taken a coach for another two hours ride. And there, Heather was waiting for him. While she was driving them back to her place, they had both felt a bit awkward. They had been chatting nearly every night for the past couple of month, sharing very — should I say extremely — intimate moments, but now that they were sitting next to each other, they even had difficulties managing small talk. After a few miles, Tom had placed his hand on Heather’s thigh, and this seemed to ease everything. Heather smiled at him and started chitchatting, driving slightly over speed as if she was in a hurry to get naughty america porno home. As soon as they arrived into her house — she had arranged to have her children spend the weekend at her parents’ — they were on each other, kissing feverishly, ripping each other’s clothes. They had made wild passionate love all over the house, starting in the lobby, then in the living room (the couch gave opportunity for interesting sexual positions), the bathroom (they both needed a shower), the kitchen (while Heather was preparing them a snack) and they ended the evening in the bedroom. Tom could not remember how many times they had made love, nor how many orgasms each had had, but no doubt they had fucked each other’s brain to the point of exhaustion when they had fallen asleep on her bed.

And now he was wide-awake in the middle of the night. An alarm clock by the bed was flashing 2am, that is 9am his standard time — thank you dear jetlag. He was lying in comfortable red satin bed sheets, on his side and Heather was curled up against him, her back on his chest. He breathed in and smelled the light fruity perfume of his lover. She was using his left arm as a pillow and was breathing softly, fast asleep. In the dim light of the middle of the night, Tom could distinguish her red hair and her lovely body beneath the satin sheet. Tom caressed Heather’s side softly. She reacted with a deep sigh and curled deeper against him, rubbing her butt against his crotch.

He pressed a kiss in her neck while his fingers trailed up nubiles porno her side, along her arm, to her shoulder, then down her bust to her generous chest. He caressed her breast and felt her nipples harden under his touch. Heather’s breathing was not so calm anymore, and although she was still half asleep, she was clearly getting aroused from being awakened in such a pleasant way. When Tom started rolling her nipple between his fingers, she could not repress a soft moan.

Tom was finding this situation very exciting. He felt Heather’s hand join his and follow his every move. And when he let his hand glide down from her breast to her belly, she did not oppose any resistance. On the contrary, it felt as if she was pushing his hand further down to her mound of Venus. He could not tell whether Heather was still half asleep and dreaming of her prince charming, or if she just wanted to make the best of that moment, and he did not care. What he wanted was to give her a moment of sheer pleasure.

As his fingers were grazing on her pubis, Heather parted her thighs slightly and her hand guided his downwards. He caressed her labia — they were soft, warm and dripping wet. The more he caressed, the more she moaned, and the more she pressed her hand on top of his. He parted her lips and exposed her hard love button to his touch. He played with it, rolled it under the flesh of his index finger. But her hand was pushing him further down and Tom let his middle finger penetrate her intimacy, slowly and deep, his palm resting on her olgun porno clitoris.

Heather gasped, and as Tom’s finger moved slowly in and out of her pussy, her breathing shortened, her moans became small cries. Her hand was pressing softly on his, giving him the rhythm that was making her reach a deep and sensual orgasm. Her hips were rocking slowly to that rhythm, making her bum rub against his fully grown hardness. Suddenly her whole body tensed, Heather’s mouth was open, trying to scream her pleasure, but no air was passing through and no sound either. Tom’s finger continued slowly moving in and out, until Heather grabbed his hand to make him stop.

Once her orgasm had receded, she grabbed his wrist and brought his hand to her face and started licking her juices off Tom’s fingers. And even though he was not fingering her anymore, she was still rocking her hips slowly, rubbing her bum against Tom’s hardness. Doing so, she tilted her hips invitingly. Tom tilted his hips too so as to guide his shaft to Heather’s love tunnel and then slowly penetrated her. Her intimacy was warm, wet, her velvety walls were caressing his shaft, her muscles were squeezing his hardness at a slow pumping pace. Both moaned softly, slowly making love was bringing intense sensations. Tom’s mouth bit softly on her shoulder when he felt his pleasure overcome his control. Heather felt warm jets of semen flood deep within her and let herself overcome by pleasure.

They remained in that position for a long while, cuddling tenderly, intoxicated by the pleasure they had just shared. They soon fell back to sleep with a smile on their faces.

As to how they woke up in the morning, it’s another story — but Heather had bragged about her fondness for morning sex when they were chatting, so there’s a lot to tell on that subject.

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