Jenny’s Surprise Visitor

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Jenny had not had sex for seventeen days and five hours, not that she had been obsessively counting down the time till this evening, or anything like that. The twelve days in Florida had not been without it’s distractions – she knew how to give herself pleasure and it had been pleasant enough – but it lacked the excitement of skin on skin contact, the taste of a man, the smell and sound associated with real sex.

Reluctantly, she had decided to leave her rabbit at home, the rational side of her brain losing out to the embarrassing thought of it being discovered at U.S. customs. When she had returned on Saturday she immediately and enthusiastically became reacquainted, in the hope that it would sate her desire and make the long wait till Tuesday night more bearable. It hadn’t. It had merely heightened her longing.

There was no shortage of suitors for a young, attractive and single female living in a small town in the south west of Scotland. However, along with the advantages her home town offered was the downside of everyone knowing your business and feeling free to comment on it. Obviously, this had not curtailed all her activities but increasingly she had felt the need to look elsewhere for enjoyment. When a male student teacher had joined the all-female staff room at the primary school where she taught, twenty miles away in the nearest big town, the opportunity had seemed too good to resist. She was now desperately missing the regular sex that had resulted from her first tentative overtures on that staff night out.

A smile crossed her lips as she thought how such a comparatively innocent act had led to several far more wicked encounters. Her left hand strayed from the steering wheel and she let it rest in her lap. She knew that will power was not a strong point and she smiled to herself again as she gave in to impulse, parted her legs slightly and allowed her hand to travel up her inner thigh. It never failed to amaze, how turned on she could become in an instant. There was already a warm, damp patch between her legs. She flattened the palm of her hand against her stomach and, leading with her middle finger, slipped her hand under the waist band of her pants.

So carried away was she that it took the sound of an HGV overtaking to remind her that she was still driving. She flushed a little as she wondered how much the lorry driver could see from his cab and had a fleeting fantasy about what she might do if she saw him pull over at the next layby.

Maintaining pressure on her clitoris, and driving from memory, Jenny increased the frequency of her rubbing. It was just as well that she was familiar with the road as she became aware of her bottom squirming involuntarily on the seat, felt her face and neck colouring and gave in to a delicious little orgasm that washed over her in pleasant waves and made her hungry for more. Aperitif or hors d’oeuvre she wondered, struggling to concentrate on an analogy whilst her mind was focussed on the main course.

Swinging on to her driveway, Jenny glanced at the clock and quickly calculated that she would have around an hour and a half before he arrived. Plenty of time to tidy up a little, shower, change and compose herself,

“Who am I kidding?” she thought, “it will be anything but composed. I’ll be lucky if I even make it into the living room before I’m naked!”

She turned the key in the lock, opened the door and her eyes were immediately drawn to a printed card on the stairs.

“Do not go into the living room. Do not go into the bedroom. latin sex tapes porno Go straight upstairs and take a shower.”

Different. Amusing. She had to confess that was what she liked. He must have managed to get here earlier than expected. Not for the first time she congratulated herself on the prescience of providing him with a door key. Dropping her bag on the floor and making sure the door was locked she skipped up the stairs and into the bathroom.

In the shower, luxuriating in the heat and power of the falling water, she decided to make him wait. Despite having risen early and attending to all her beauty routines that morning, she took out her razor and made sure her legs and underarms were smooth. She paid particular attention to the area between her legs – she knew well he responded to visual stimulation and that he would be carrying out a close personal inspection very soon. Distracted, she considered making him wait a little longer but her own impatience prevailed and she turned off the water, quickly towelled down and wrapped a fresh bath sheet round her tanned body before leaving the room. On the floor was another card.

“Go into the spare bedroom. Get dressed.”

On the bed were clothes she didn’t recognise.

“Stranger than usual,” she thought and though she appreciated the effort, there was a part of her that would have loved a fuck on the stairs when she had arrived. She looked at the underwear, a matching set of bra and pants, predominantly black, more decorative than functional but retaining an element of good taste. Sub-consciously she looked at the size and wasn’t sure whether to commend him on getting it right or to be worried about the stalker-esque qualities this would have required.

She dropped the sheet and quickly put them on, admiring the effect in her full length mirror. Next, black lace topped hold-up stockings. This was not part of her usual repertoire and she felt sure she had told him about her self-consciousness regarding the length of her legs. It would require a lot of re-assurance to feel comfortable in these. On the floor was a pair of the most ridiculously high shoes she had ever seen. These were what were commonly known as ‘fuck me’ shoes, she was sure of it. She slipped them on and again assessed herself in the mirror. This was interesting. Her legs looked amazing.

Finally she tried on the little black dress. It had a central full length panel in a white pattern that simultaneously fulfilled the function of accentuating her breasts and hips whilst minimising her waist. She might need to revise her edict that he was never to buy her clothes. It was gorgeous. She was gorgeous. And more than anything else she was ready. She thought a little about how her wetness would betray her desire instantly but dismissed her concern. There seemed little point in trying to be cool about it.

With a parting glance at the bed she noticed another card. It must have been under her dress.

“Come to the living room now.”

Carefully, she descended the stairs. The curtains were drawn in the living room. The neighbours would wonder why. Probably better than them seeing what is going to happen now, she thought.

As she entered the room she was aware in her peripheral vision of a camera on a tripod and one of the breakfast bar seats in the middle of the room. In her moment of puzzlement she was grabbed from behind by a man dressed in black. She turned to face him and was surprised by the black balaclava and dark glasses. Whilst lezbiyen porno she was considering this, he cuffed her expertly, produced a masque and placed it over her head. The eyes had been taped up and now she thrilled to find herself handcuffed and blindfolded in her own house, at the mercy of an intruder.

He led her to what she assumed must be the middle of the room and she felt the top of the bar seat against her stomach as he bent down and pushed her feet to the outside of each of the rear legs. Next, he secured her to the legs with what familiarity led her to identify as cable ties. She knew she was going to enjoy this.

With infinite slowness, she felt a hand rising from her left ankle along the length of her inner leg. At the top, intelligent fingers pulled the gusset of her pants away from her pussy and slipped effortlessly inside her. Wet did not even begin to describe what was going on and she revelled in it, letting out little gasps and moans as she moved her body in time with his fingers. It took no time at all before she felt the welcome tension in her tummy muscles. She was glad of the pressure between him and the stool as a powerful orgasm rocked her and threatened to topple her from those shoes. The first of many, she was pleased to acknowledge, he knew just what to do to keep her coming.

With a slight sense of disappointment she realised that he was unfastening the handcuffs but she need not have worried. In one smooth motion he pulled her hands to the front and re-secured her to a bar located just under the front of the seat. She was now bent over with her bottom in the air. She felt his hands on the outside of her thighs, pushing the dress up over her hips. Hooking his fingers in the elastic he inched her pants down towards her ankles, where they rested, unable to pass the ties.

Then, nothing.

It seemed interminable.

“What was he doing?”

She remembered the camera and felt a frisson of fear and discomfort. There wasn’t anything that could be done about it now, however, and she tried not to worry, a task made easier by the certainty that there was more fun to follow. Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud crack and the instant feeling of heat and pain on her bottom. He had smacked her!

“Why did it feel so good?”

Again and again, she felt the flat of his hand against her buttocks. She pictured the scene in her mind’s eye but any thoughts of shame were drowned out by the intense pleasure she was experiencing.

After a brief pause she felt something colder laid against her skin. She knew what this was, she had recognised the sound of a leather belt being drawn through belt loops. Not a single word had passed between them. Not even a ‘welcome home!’

After a few more strokes she was about to plead with him to fuck her but as if on cue he stopped and she felt her rabbit nuzzling against her moist lips. It met little resistance as he pushed the length of it all the way inside her and she felt the rotating motion as he switched on the motor that controlled the shaft. Moaning louder than ever, she pushed back against the thrusts and marvelling at the depth, she surprised herself by coming again, knees shaking against the stool, hands gripping the seat strut for balance. Without a moment to catch breath, he switched on the rabbit ears and vibrations on her clit caused her to climax once more, uncontrollably, totally abandoned and focussed on pleasure.

He withdrew her rabbit and cut the cable ties securing her ankles. Unlocking liseli porno the cuffs and fastening them again as the seat was pushed away, she felt downward pressure on her shoulders and she bent her knees to kneel in front of him. Still throbbing, she pressed her thighs together and willingly accepted his erect penis as it was pushed towards her mouth.

He held her head gently as she rocked back and forth along his length, savouring his taste, using her tongue to explore the hard ridges of his cock, occasionally lingering momentarily with her lips resting on the tip. She knew how this would look and could feel and hear his appreciation of her skill and application. She felt his body twist and gratefully received her rabbit as he placed it in her hands. Still sucking, she manoeuvred her toy between her legs and lasted thirty seconds before another violent orgasm coursed through her body, causing her to lose control and drop his penis from her mouth.

Like a well-rehearsed actor performing a familiar scene, he unlocked the handcuffs, and unzipped and removed her dress. He unfastened her bra and paused to fondle her breasts gently, moving outwards towards her nipples, exploring their hardness between finger and thumb. Then, rolling her on to her back, he fastened her right wrist to her ankle with the handcuffs, removed the pants that had tangled in her heels and repeated the cuffing on her left side.

Jenny felt the roughness of the carpet against her back and sensitive buttocks as he pressed himself upon her, pushing his cock into her mouth, parting her legs and searching out her most intimate parts with his tongue.

“Unbelievable! He had a beard! A little over two weeks apart and he’d done that – it would look terrible, no wonder he blindfolded me!”

Despite the scratching on her inner thighs, or perhaps because of it, there was no delay in her experiencing yet another climax, her back arching up towards him as his unrelenting tongue stimulated her clit. This one seemed to last forever and eventually, exhausted, she collapsed back on the carpet wondering how she could take any more.

With less finesse and a sense of urgency, he moved off her and she felt his hands pushing her knees further apart. In one motion he thrust himself into her and fucked her aggressively until she felt the familiar hesitancy that signified an imminent explosion. With slower, harder thrusts she heard his breathing change and finally, happily, relaxed as he emptied himself into her. “Sex is so good,” she thought, “why wouldn’t anyone want this?”

He had lain on top of her for less time than she would have liked when she felt him move and heard the sounds of him re-arranging his clothing. He leant down and unfastened the cuffs on her left side and then pressed a key into her right hand. “What should I do now?” she thought.

Confused, she heard the sound of the kitchen door followed by the back door closing.

“Strange – why would he use the back door? Why would he leave?”

She couldn’t work out what was supposed to happen next and lay still for a while. Nothing happened next – he had really gone! Feeling let down, she fiddled with the key and managed to release herself and remove the masque. She surveyed the scene.

Her phone sounded a text alert – at last, an explanation,

“Hi it’s me – on my way – see you in about 15 mins xxx,”

Jenny wasn’t sure what to think. In a daze she moved the stool back to the kitchen and went back upstairs. She took off the stockings, left the rest of the clothes on the spare bed and put on a bath robe.

Ten minutes later the doorbell rang. She had left her key in the door and he couldn’t get in. Unsure of what had just happened, Jenny came down the stairs, turned the key and opened the door. There he was. Clean shaven.

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