Jennifer on Adderall Ch. 02

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Officer Martian absently lifted his half-eaten powder-covered doughnut to his mouth with one hand while his other hand stroked the glass plate of his portable tablet computer. He was parked in his police cruiser in a lot in front of a dilapidated movie theater. The location of his cruiser in the parking lot gave the impression that he was keeping a close eye on the traffic of the road in front of him, but really he perusing an online adult forum that specialized in candid, sexy and sometimes erotic photos and videos of Asian women.

“Aren’t you a sexy little thing,” he said to himself, pushing the remainder of the doughnut into his mouth, then wiping the remains of the powdered sugar on his navy blue police uniform pants. As he did so, he noticed his pants tightening around his increasingly engorged penis. The thread topic he was looking at was started by a girl calling herself xxj3nn, “a sexy young gazelle that needs to be taken down, spread open, and drilled senseless,” he thought.

Compared to some of the other girls on the forum, xxj3nn hadn’t posted many pictures and none of her pictures could really be described as erotic, but Officer Martian found the pictures she posted to be arousing. The svelte beauty had almond-shaped eyes under meticulously plucked thin eyebrows, an adorable button nose, and a warm beautiful smile. She generally posted pictures of herself and her friends in semi-revealing yet classy clubbing attire.

“Nice, pointed and perky tits, flat and sculpted belly, and, best of all,” Officer Martian thought while toying with the zipper on his pants, “slender, tan, smooth and strikingly long legs.” He sighed, wishing xxj3nn and himself were in the backseat of his cruiser, with her straddling him, forcing his dick in and out of what he knew had to be a tight pussy.

His fantasy was distracted by honking and the screeching of tires. To his right he saw a red car speed through an intersection, heedless of red lights. Cars going the other direction had to brake and divert their path. Luckily no collisions occurred. As the red car raced in front of him, Officer Martian noticed the young woman inside was somehow combing her hair while applying makeup with the use of her rear view mirror. While driving almost 20 mph over the speed limit.

Martian flipped on the siren and peeled out of the parking lot, accelerating rapidly in an effort to catch up with the red car.


Jennifer was applying the final touches of her makeup when she noticed her face flashing red. *Is this another side effect of the bad Adderall?* she wondered, leaning back away from the mirror. That’s when she noticed a police cruiser mere feet from her rear bumper.

“Eep!” she said, decelerating and pulling to the side. She knew she’d have to talk her way out of the ticket, so she decided to turn into a quiet alley before coming to a stop. While waiting for the cop, she looked at her dashboard clock: 9:07. *Only two minutes from campus . . . I hope this doesn’t take too long.* While waiting, she made sure her short skirt was smoothed down and not riding too high up her lap. *I still can’t believe I wearing this with no panties.* gizli çekim porno On top of that, the horny feeling she woke with hadn’t subsided, even with all the shocking surprises of the morning.

Through her rear view mirror she watched the cop finally walk up to her window. He was big and beefy, and his blue uniform was tight around his muscles. He had a typical cop moustache, she noticed, and oversized mirror shades. As he approached, she rolled down her window.

“What can I do for you, Officer . . . uh . . . Martian?” *What a strange name,* she thought, looking at his brass nametag. He had white powder on his moustache, she noticed, as he flipped through his notepad. *He was probably eating a doughnut* she thought.

The officer finally turned his attention from his notebook to her. He froze for a second, then ripped off his sunglasses to reveal wide, blue eyes. “Jenn?”

“Yeah, my name is Jennifer. ” She scrunched her cute eyebrows in confusion. “How did you know that?”

He put his glasses back on. “I’m asking the questions here, miss. Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?”

“Hmmmm,” Jennifer said, absently drawing her hand up her thigh to scratch an itch. The effect made her short white skirt ride slightly higher. “I’m not really sure, Officer Martian, but . . .” all of a sudden, she noticed white powder on the crotch of the cop’s uniform. In spite of her nervousness of being pulled over, and her stress regarding being late for her lab presentation, the crotch powder was suddenly the most fascinating thing in the world to her. “Is that powdered sugar?”

*And is my strange interest a result of the bad Adderall I took last night?*

“Hm, what?” said Officer Martian. Jennifer brought a finger to her mouth and swirled her hot, pink tongue around the tip of it. The cop was transfixed. Then Jennifer stuck her hand out the car window and brought her moist finger to the cop’s crotch. As if by magic, the cop’s already stiffening member engorged to its fullest extent, causing his uniform trousers to tent obscenely.

“I love sugar,” Jennifer said, sliding her finger up to the tip of the officer’s shaft, and then down again. The cop maintained his position, and Jennifer paused. Part of her brain, a small part, seemed to be screaming at her: *Jennifer! You’re acting like a slut! This isn’t you? What’s wrong with you?* But this voice was shouted down by her pussy, still wet from her intensely erotic dream, and her nipples, rock hard and brushing against the fabric of her top. She gently palmed the officer’s nut sack through his pants and then moved her finger back to her mouth. “Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned with a smile, staring at her reflection in the officer’s sunglasses.

“Excuse me, miss. In my estimation, you appear to be under the influence of Adderall. Is that correct?” His crotch pointed at her accusingly.

“You’re so observant, Officer Martian,” Jennifer said sweetly, licking up the length of her slender finger and flicking her tongue at the cuticle. At the same time she slid her hips slightly toward the edge of her seat and put some distance between her knees. “I glory hole secrets have trouble paying attention sometimes. I need it to study.” She brought her wet finger to the inside of her tan, silky smooth thigh. It left a slightly moist trail as she brought it higher and higher, finally resting against the smooth, hairless folds of her throbbing pussy. *Jennifer! Get a hold of yourself! You’re showing off your pussy! What are you doing?* “Don’t you think it’s . . . hard . . . sometimes, to pay attention to what you’re doing?”

“I trust you have a prescription handy?” The cop’s only reaction to the baring of Jennifer’s pussy was to quickly lick his lips.

“Mmmmm, nooooo,” Jennifer moaned, sliding her finger up and down, slowly pushing it in between her lips. “I left it at hoooome,” she purred.

Finally the cop took a step back. “Miss, I’m gonna have to ask you to exit the vehicle and place your hands against the roof of your car.”

Jennifer’s pretty eyebrows arched and her almond-shaped eyes widened. “Oh! OK, Officer Martian. If you insist.” As Jennifer opened her door and swung her legs out of the car, she felt momentarily dizzy. It was as if the blood was draining from her head to her quivering pussy. The shrinking rational portion of her brain worried briefly that strangers and passers-by would see her in this state of dress and arousal, but the narrow alley was between two tall buildings, and the police cruiser blocked the view from the busy street. Jennifer turned her back to the officer and placed her palms against the warm metal of the car.

She felt the officer’s hands grab her bare wrists, sliding up to her elbows, pausing to squeeze her toned yet feminine biceps. One strong hand gathered her hair into a thick strand and lifted it up. Fingers from the other hand slipped under the neck strap holding up her dress. “Mmmmm” Jennifer moaned loudly at the intimate contact.

Her head jerked back from the hand gripping her hair. “Miss, I’m gonna have to ask you to be quiet while I search your person for contraband hyperactivity narcotics.”

“Oh, yes sir,” Jennifer breathed. She felt her hair drop back into place and then the hands traveled down the sides of her small, white dress. *The hands seem so large*, she thought as they passed from her ribs to the curve of her hips. The hands squeezed. *And strong . . .* The hands then circled to her front, stopping briefly at her firm belly before slowly rising.

“It appears that you’re smuggling something hard and slightly pill-shaped,” the officer said, kneading Jennifer’s perky breasts through her top. “Do you care to explain what these are?” He said, pinching and tugging at her painfully erect nipples.

“MMmmmmm. I’m not smuggling . . . those are my nipples . . . ohhhhh. . .”

“Oh. So you say. Miss, I’m gonna need you to be patient while I verify what you said.” The hands then snaked into her top. Each hand held a warm, bare breast. Jennifer gasped as her nipples slid between his fingers. As they began to gently pinch and twist, Jennifer became aware of the officer’s pelvis pressing into her round ass. The groping continued grup sex and Jennifer slowly ground her ass into the cop’s tenting pants.

“So hard and so . . . big!” Jennifer moaned, biting her lip. Suddenly, the pelvis behind her disappeared and one of the hands pulled out of her top. Through her thin white dress, she felt a stinging slap on the right cheek of her ass. “Oooh!”

“Miss, I thought I told you to be silent.” One of the hands was still squeezing a breast while the other was now exploring the surface of her mini-skirted ass. “Your dress seems clear of suspicious substances, and you’re not wearing underwear, but I’m still afraid you might have stashed contraband somewhere else.” The other hand pulled out of her top and now both were sliding around on Jennifer’s soft, round ass. She felt her skirt slide up her hips, and suddenly both ass cheeks were in the strong hands of the cop. “I carry lubricant in my car to aid body cavity searches, but—”

One of the hands was now stroking her pussy between her spreading, trembling legs. She gasped.

“But it appears as if you’re wet enough.” The hand squeezed the entirety of her crotch. “God you’re so fucking wet. I should’ve known you’d be some easily-lubricated slut, what with you posting pictures of yourself in various skimpy outfits on an online forum for Asian fetishists. Then racing around town with no underwear.”

*Gosh! How did he know about the pictures . . .* Jennifer thought weakly. The hand touching her pussy from behind was replaced by a hand sliding in from the front. It went straight for her clitoris.

“You get wet knowing a bunch of internet perverts are worshipping you, jerking themselves to orgasm while staring at pictures of you in miniskirts, bikinis, and short-shorts?” She heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper. “Bet you never thought you’d get railed by one of those dirty perverts, did you?” The hand in front had been rubbing hard against her clit, but she felt the middle finger slide down, between her lips. It began to burrow, right at the entry of her wet, tight, pulsating pussy, inching toward penetration.

Suddenly the cruiser’s radio squawked to life. “All units respond, shots fired at [static static] and [static]. All available units respond.”

“Fuck!” The hands suddenly left her body. She turned around and saw the cop wipe sweat from his forehead and try to tuck his throbbing dick back in his pants.

*Holy shit,* Jennifer thought. *It’s like the size of a football!*

“We’re not done with you yet, Missy,” Officer Martian said. “I still suspect you’re illegally transporting hyperactivity contraband, and you exhibit symptoms of a user, possibly even an addict. I’m going to have to keep you detained here until I can return.

In a silver flash, one handcuff snapped around her dainty wrist. The cop then opened her car door, pulled the other cuff through the open window of her car, and then locked her other wrist. Jennifer was now cuffed to the doorframe of her parked car. The rational part of her brain suddenly burst from its hiding place. “What? You can’t leave me like this!”

“Sorry Miss. It’s for the public good. You’ll be fine.” He swatted her on her exposed ass, jumped into his cruiser, reversed out of the alley, and, with a squeal of tires, sped away.

Jennifer stood for a second in shock and disbelief before looking into her car at the dashboard clock. 9:27.

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