Jasper’s big day (the flashback)

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Jasper’s dad was never like this before she thought to herself, when she was younger, he was so gentle and kind. Then she started developing her now oversized tits and her verlumtuous curves. She had good grades, at times a boyfriend but they never got far with her. He only let his craving go one other time than this, his friend Robert had convinced Manuel to take his daughter out on the new van that the two just bought for the company they created. They would take her in the middle of no where and take advantage of her their and it would only be for that one time. But for that one time they were going to destroy her and rip her to shreds. She remembered it so vividly everytime she thought about it.

“Get dressed jas,” Manuel said to his daughter excitedly, his mind racing with millions of dirty thoughts on how she wont be needing those clothes. “we are going to go to a party!”

“Really daddy???” Jasper asked with big wide brown eyes “What kind of party?”

“A grown up party, so go put on something nice.” Her father answered her, almost feeling obliged to tell her what was going to happen to her.

Jasper bounded out of the kitchen into her bedroom and grabbed her best sundress, her feet almost going faster than the rest of her young, plump body.

“Finally a grown up party” Jasper said to herself.

She wondered what she was going to do there, maybe she could dance, meet cute boys, or even have a drink or two. She couldnt stop thinking of the possibilities as she fit into the dress and put on a pair of cute white heels. She slapped on some light colored lipstick and some thick mascara, hoping it would bring out her eyes.

Jasper walked back into the kitchen where her father was waiting patiently. Normally he wouldnt let her go out of the house with a dress that short but tonight, no one else would see it but him and Robert, on the floor of his van. The two of them got in the brand new vehicle and began to drive to his friends house where he was waiting with excitement.

Manuel pulled up and Robert got in the van next to jasper with a six pack of lager in his hand. They knew each other very well and she thought he was pretty cute since he was a lot younger than her dad.

“Would you like a beer jas?” Robert asked her with a persuasive smile.

“Yea, I would love one, thanks.” she responded taking a beer while trying to hide the joy in her face and tone of voice.

She has tried beer before but never with other people, other GROWNUPS. She downed one beer and had atleast three more after that. Now drunk as ever and falling all over Robert, she wondered when they would get t the party. Manuel drove out on a dirt path and parked in the middle of the woods. Turning the engine off but leaving the AC running, since there was going to be heat in the car.

“What are we doing here?” Jasper asked Robert as she said it in his ear, with beer on her breath.

Robert started kissing Jasper seductivley and she couldnt say no because she was loving it. She slipped her tongue inside his mouth and kissed him harder. She thought that was as far as it was going to go since her daddy was in the van with them, until Robert grabbed her breast and started feeling under her sundress.

Jasper pushed Roberts hand away gently and he just forcefully put it back to where it was before, groping away at her D cup mounds.

“My alsancak escort bayan dads in the car we can’t do that now.” She whispered to him, shaking from what could happen if Daddy wasnt there.

Suddenly she felt a different hand move up her legs. She looked up and saw her father slowly peeling off his pants. Startled she just stood there in shock while her daddy pulled the light colored sundress off of his drunk, and helpless daughter. Jasper was now in just a bra, panties and her high heels.

“Wha….What are you doing??” she demanded only to have a hand cover up her mouth and another rip off her bra exposing her large fleshy tits.

Robert started suckling on her pinkish nipples and he could feel them getting harder as his tongue lapped them more and more. Both of the men picked her up and took her to the electric couch that formed into a layout bed. She was still squirming and writhing, wondering when the two of them were going to stop. Robert climbed over her chest and fished his cock out of his pants.

“N….N…No!” she yelled out just before he could jam himself into her soft, virgin mouth. He only put it to silence what was to come anyways.

As Jasper layed there crying with meat in her mouth and her makeup running down her cheeks, Manuel took out his Iphone and played the video mode on his camera, he wasnt going to miss a second of this. Jasper felt her panties slip away from her legs, only leaving her in her heels. She felt her daddy’s large and recognizable hands rub her virgin, shaved pussy and jam a finger inside until he reached her hymen, but he didnt go any farther. Manuel pulled his finger out of his daughter and started rubbing his hardening cock on her wet pussy.

“MMMM…MMMM…MMMM!” she tried to scream with Roberts pipe pistoning in and out of her throat “Pl….plesshh!”

Manuel pushed the large, spongy head of his prick inside her tight and humiliated temple. He felt the hymen hit and smiled. There was a slight pause before he rammed his dick inside Jasper, her pussy enveloping his entire shaft. Her back arched and she screamed with a large amount of decibels even with the cock in her mouth, only giving Robert more pleasure. Manuel pumped in and out with the rythem of his friend as waves of pain ripped through Jasper. Spit and tears dripping down her neck, the poor girl held on to conciousness.

Manuel pulled out of her daughter as so did Robert, as he yanked Jasper by the hair and got her off the bed. Manuel layed down, dick in hand.

“Get ontop of me, you stupid whore.” he demanded to the girl.

She hesitated and backed away, her legs weak from the initial damage, and she felt a hard slap from Robert sting her ass and rippled through the cheeks. Quickly, she climbed ontop of her Father, tears in her eyes and precum running down her neck and corners of her mouth. She lined up his cock with her pussy but suddenly looked up at him.

“Da…daddy please stop, dont do this, please.” She begged to him.

The lust filled in his eyes even more, he grabbed her by her large, pale yet soft hips and slammed her ontop of his member.

“aHHHhhhHHHhhhHHHhhhHHH!!!!” Jasper screamed while she rode Manuel, his prick stabbing her so deeply and painfully, it felt like a red hot poker was being thrust into her young womb.

Then she felt a pressure escort alsancak on her second love hole. Jasper turned around to see Robert trying to jam himself into her sweet ass.

“NoNoNoNooo!” she pleaded with the two men as she tried to get off of Manuel. “St…stop!!!”

He wrapped his arms around her back, pinning poor little jasper onto his dick, and exposing her asshole. She felt the pressure on her back door and, like the rush of a breaking damn, Roberts cock filled her all the way to the brim. A new set of tears rained from her face as she cried while the two men penetrated her, almost in sync with each other. And as of the same syncronization, she felt them pump harder and harder into her with a faster pace and she knew what was next.

“Nononononononononnonono please stoppppp!!!” she begged and pleaded with a pain filled voice.

Their nuts clenched and the two men came into the poor girls womb and bowels with large jets of cum and she sucummed to the assault, finally passing out ontop of her dad. Robert pulled out after Manuel got out from under her and took pictures while the cum dripped out Jaspers unconcious body. Oh god was he going to remember this.

They layed her down with the video camera still rolling, the cum dripping out of her holes, her legs shaking and took her back to the house.


Manuel parked the car in the driveway and open the back door, where stuck a finger inside jasper’s own back door, she flinched meaning she was still alive, guess they didnt fuck her hard enough. He put the clothes back on her and carried her inside. Robert had already left feeling satisfied with the successful rape of little Jasper, but Manuel wasnt done yet.

Manuel brought the girl in her room and layed her down on the bed, Jasper still fast asleep, she had no energy left from what happened to her. He went to the garage and found some rope. tying her hands and the joints of her knees the bed, she looks like a prized hog ready to be gutted. The man went into her hamper, already getting hard from the thought of fucking jasper again, and found her underwear. Before he tied it around her mouth, he took a big long wiff of it, pulling in the teens scent. Manuel broke a stick of herbs under her nose and she woke up. He pulled a knife out of his pocket and smiled.

“Mmm mm mmm!!!!” jasper screamed through the panties in her mouth and shaking her head wildly.

He cut open her favorite dress and her bra, leaving japer in her thin panties. Manuel fished out his member and started stroking it against the dry pussy. Manuel ran the blade of his knife across jasper’s left nipple as he suckled on the right.

Crying and crying and shaking her head, ranting and raving all over jasper struggled against the ropes that gripped her enough to trickle blood down her wrists. She thought this would never end, she just wanted it to end.

“Yea you like that huh,” manuel whispered to his daughter as he ran his now rock hard cock across her dripping wet vice. “you like it when I rub my dick against you.”

He cut apart the underwear that had a colorful little bow on it and exposed the girls temple that layed in ruins, dripping with juice. Manuel ran his across her pussy and looked into her begging eyes. He stopped and stared.

Dead silence.

The animalistic lust cut through alsancak escort the pleading innocence like a sword and he smiled as he rammed himelf into jasper. The pain, oh god the pain jasper felt, her legs were on fire, her eyes red and puffy from tears. He kept hitting his dick on her cervix, she felt as if it was going to buckle at any moment. And soon enough, manuel and jasper both let out a howl, one of pain, one of pleasure, as the man broke into her daughters cervix and fucked her directly into her womb.

Manuel started pumping in faster and faster with much more force than before and jasper started shaking her head and pleading with the man through the spit and sweat covered underwear in her teeth. He didnt listen to her, all he wanted to do was empty his seed inside his daughter. He pushed himself as far as he could inside of jasper and came long, hot ropes of cum inside her womb. He stayed there for a little while longer, listening to jasper wimper. He turned her hips over exposing her large ass and started beating it up until it was black and blue, she screamed with every strike.

As Jasper layed there, her ass bruised and swelling from her father and cum drippin out her pussy, Manuel pulled out a vibrator from his pocket and turned it on. He pushed it inside her asshole until only the top remained. She wimpered at the constant vibrations trembling through her tight love hole. Manuel turned her back over, Jasper noticed the door was cracked open with a shadow in the light coming through it.

“hehe Looks like someones been watching” Manuel said in her ear with a chuckle.

He got off the bed and walked out of the room Jasper was left there with a vibrator in her ass and tears running down her throat, tied and gagged. She fell asleep right before her second forced orgasm through the vibrating sensations in her rectum.

Jasper awoke to the light lapping of someone’s tongue in between her bruised hips; dazed and confused she looked around, the alarm clock said about five oclock in the morning. She looked down and saw a mound of brunette hair, with blonde streaks running through it tied in a pony tail.

“MOMMMMYYYYY” Jasper screamed through the gag, as her mother Lupita ran her tongue across her cum soaked pussy.

“Shhhhh Shhhh sweetie,” Lupita said as she stuck a delicate finger inside jas. “Im almost done, promise.”

Lupita went back to licking and fingering Jasper, the other hand twisting at her own nipple. The pressure built up inside the little girl, and a wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. Lupita sucked up all of the juices and stood up.

Lupita climbed over Jasper on the and spread her legs over her.

“It’s my turn to get some pleasure out of my baby.” she said as she started rubbing her cunt over Jasper’s face.

Jasper watched as her own mother brought herself to orgasm infront of Jasper’s eyes, letting her pussy juices run down her legs and onto jasper’s cheeks and gag. Lupita unhooked her bra and placed her double D cup breasts on jasper’s face and moved them back and forth.

“Yea you like my big tits in your face dont you sweetie.” Lupita said with her eyes closed.

She reclasped her bra and put back on her shirt. Running her hands across jasper’s legs and lightly rubbing her pussy she went back down and started eating her out again, licking every drop of cum out of her slit. And right before jasper came again, Lupita stopped.

“ahh ahh ahh” She said with a smile “I dont let anyone cum a second time on the first go.”
She got up and walked out of the door. Leaving jasper alone again still tied up.

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