Jasmine’s Pleasures Ch. 01

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Jasmine rushed to the door when she heard the bell. When she opened it the mail man handed her a cardboard box wrapped in white paper with her name written on top.

“Thank you,” she said, trying not to sound enthusiastic.

She signed his clipboard and he walked off. After she closed the front door, she walked quickly up the stairs and into her bedroom, locking the door behind her. She set the box on her bed and started at the cross-forming tape with her fingernails. After successful ripping she tore at the white paper until all of it was removed.

The company’s logo stood out in hot pink and cursive: “Secret Pleasures.” Below the logo was a picture of the light pink silicone dildo she bought – upon seeing it she felt the oozing coming from her vagina.

She removed the lid and held the dildo in her hand, running a finger over the firm texture. It was six inches long, the same length as her husband’s, and the same color too, but not as thick. She had aimed to get a dildo that closely resembled his dick.

She took off all her clothes and dropped them to the floor. She got her laptop, set it on the bed, started it up and went to her favorite porn. She always gravitated to the ones where the man would be doing bursa escort things she wanted her husband to do to her.

She lay on her left side, her elbow propping her. She spread her legs and rested her hand on her pubic hair.

She got wet as she watched the strong built man passionately fucking the woman in missionary. She couldn’t watch until the end – she had to start rubbing her aching clit.

She closed her laptop and moved her fingers to her clit. First she rubbed in a slow clockwise motion, massaging the swell and getting herself more worked up for the finale. A few circles later she switched to anticlockwise – she could go faster this way.

When she was getting closer to orgasm she switched to a quicker speed, now moving in an up-and-down motion, and with this she instantly erupted in a climax. She gasped and let out a moan, still rubbing even when the feeling was fading.

She sat up and grabbed the dildo. She took it to the connecting bathroom to wash it, and then walked back into her bedroom and lay in the same position as she was in before.

She rubbed it over her sensitive clit, and then slowly slid down to her vaginal opening, the dildo picking up her wetness along the way.

When she bursa escort bayan reached her vaginal opening she slowly slid in the head, and then slowly pushed the shaft in. She felt her vagina hugging and consuming the dildo, the tingly post-orgasm feeling in her vagina made the process feel incredible.

She slowly slid some of it out, and then slowly slid back in again. She progressed in pace over the next five minutes, until she was pounding herself.

Her wetness splashed on her crotch as she pounded away. Her face felt hot and her nipples were hard. At this point she wanted an actual penis pounding her. She thought of her husband and got closer to orgasm. She focused on a memory – his standing dick with its pink swollen head staring at her, hungry and waiting to get into one of her holes while she rubbed her pussy with oil. Nelson would give her a wicked look which she knew to be a precursor to hot wild sex with a lot of grunting. Her vagina ached in the memory as well as in reality, as she remembered him scrambling to the bed with a grin, grabbing her by the ankles, shoving his dick in her vagina and giving it his all.

She gasped at the start of another hard orgasm. She kept the full length of the dildo in escort bursa while she contracted. It reminded her of another time when he throbbed in her and she contracted at the same time, and they were moaning in unison.

When she stopped pulsing she felt satisfied but there was a bit of sadness.

She couldn’t stop thinking about him for the rest of the day. The session with the dildo brought up pleasurable memories, but she knew she couldn’t experience them again.

They were in the process of getting divorced, but still technically married. He didn’t live with her. He had an apartment in the other side of the city, where he fucked his hot, young, brainless twenty two year old girlfriend.

They both thought it was for the best that they get a divorce when he said that what he had with the young woman was serious. She still wanted him but knew she needed to get over him. She knew buying the dildo in his dick’s image wouldn’t help in getting over him, but she had needed something to satisfy her. This brought up a question – did she still love him or was she just sexually frustrated? If it was the latter then she could try looking for someone new, but she didn’t know where to look.

Then she thought of the neighbor who lived across from her. He wasn’t married, they were around the same age (mid thirties), and she found him quite handsome. He had always seemed to be interested in her, so she decided to try to seduce him.

End of Part One

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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