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Author’s note: Although there is a fetish aspect to the story, it seemed appropriate to post this in erotic couplings, since the story is about re-establishing a relationship and making it permanent.

Now for the story:

I looked at the letter from Janet, and dialed the phone number she’d given me. It had been 8 years since we’d broken up and gone on with our lives.

“Hi Troy! I was hoping you’d call! It’s been years and years!”

We talked for a while and then she said, “I don’t even remember why we broke up.”

“I do,” I answered. “Every time we’d get close, you’d withdraw, and then you’d chase me until we got close, over and over.”

“Oh… I went to therapy over that, and I think that’s solved now. Anyway, I’ve been seeing someone, although it’s not exclusive. What about you?”

I told her about my situation. While we talked I remembered her firm, pale legs, her bright smile, and her pussy. Oh, that dark haired pussy of hers. I loved it when we spent nights together. The whispered endearments, her energetic hips, and how pleasurable it was to spurt inside her. Her orgasms when I ate her pussy, were nothing less than phenomenal. That’s why in the end, I told her “No more.” It hurt too much when she’d withdraw and essentially leave the relationship for several weeks.

As we talked, I became a little jealous of the guys who had enjoyed her pussy since she solved her emotional problem. I should have been the one reaping the rewards. I was also getting very turned on by her voice. I always loved her voice.

When she said that it would be nice to get together, I could sense what was behind her words. She wanted to experience what we had. I wanted it too, but I wasn’t going to settle for on-again, off-again part time.

We now lived a few hundred miles apart. Part of my life’s journey was to become more persistent and in control of my life. I got an idea.

“Janet – I would like to see you again. Can you get some time off and visit me for a few days?”

“Oh, I’d love to! Maybe in a couple of weeks. Would that work?”

“Actually, that’s perfect. But there’s something I want you to do in the meantime. Do you know, for a fact, that the guy you’ve been seeing is, I don’t know any other way to say this, but you need to know if he’s completely disease-free.”

There was a pause.

“Umm, I would guess that he’s clean. I can get tested, if that’s important.”

“Perfect! Would you? It would ease my mind a lot, and you’d enjoy the results when you come to visit.”

Another pause. “Okay. I’ll do it. And I’ll put in for some time off. Can you call me tomorrow?”

That was a good sign, that she wanted to talk some more.

“Sure, about the same time. I have a lot of good memories of our times together.”

“Me czech gangbang porno too! Talk to you tomorrow!”

Her voice sounded eager. I could almost see her bright smile even though we were a few hundred miles apart.

The following evening she had some news for me.

“I went and got tested today,” she began. “I’ll have the results in a few days. How about if I fly over there the following Thursday, and go back home on Tuesday? That’ll give us some full days together, as well as the weekend.”

“It’s a deal! Let me know the exact times, and I’ll have more information for you.”


Janet emailed me her flight schedule, and that gave me time to make my plans.

Every evening I called her and told her how much I was looking forward to her visit. I told her that I loved her kisses, and that when we were lovers our bodies fit together nicely. I wanted her to be thinking of sex. I needn’t have worked hard at that, she was just as eager, and she did some subtle and not-so-subtle teasing. Also, she said that her tests came back clean.

With that inroad, I was then ready for the next step. I asked her about the guy she’s been seeing, what his name was. She told me it was Eric.

I told Janet that I wanted her to fuck Eric’s brains out on the day she left to come see me. She was surprised, yes, but curious and aroused, too. I could hear it in her voice. She pressed for more details.

“Think of it as a goodbye fuck for you and Eric. Only don’t tell him that in so many words. And don’t clean up afterward, either. When you get on that plane, make sure you have a pussy full of cum.”

“Oh my GOSH, Troy! I’ve never heard of that! It sounds kinky! I’m going to want to screw the minute I get off the plane.”

“That’s the plan, Janet. That’s the plan.”

Of course, I didn’t tell her then, that part of my plan was to reclaim her pussy, and that I wanted my fucking her to overwrite Eric, and by proxy, all the other guys she’d been with. She would know eventually.

And, I wanted her last fuck with Eric to truly mean goodbye.

I got Janet to talk some more. I truly loved her voice. It wasn’t a deep, sultry voice; it was a sincere voice, more youthful and melodic, with a touch of innocence.

The day before her trip I told her not to call me the next day unless there was a problem. We both felt conspiratorial, with her planning to fuck Eric’s brains out at my behest. How she set it up would have to be her doing.

Of course I was anxious. I knew we had both changed, and I hoped that none of the changes would turn out to be unpleasant or unworkable. I met her at the airport in midafternoon. She looked radiant. I recognized her bright smile. She wore a T-shirt, shorts, and czech harem porno sandals. We hugged, and I felt her teasingly press her hips against me. A quick, hard kiss and we were on our way to my place.

We didn’t talk much on the way, which only served to increase the sexual tension. It wasn’t easy, but I had abstained from solo relief for a week. I wanted to have enough pent-up energy to win her over.

We got to my place, and I led her by the hand into my bedroom.

“Maybe I should freshen up,” she mused. “I’ve been sweating.”

“No. Just as you are. Let’s get undressed.” She had no idea how sensuous her natural scent was.

It was practically a race to see who would shed all their clothes first. She stood before me. Wordlessly, we embraced and kissed. My cock anxiously poked forward. Then I had her lie back on the bed.

I spread her pussy lips apart and saw the milky white stickiness that I had instructed.

“Oh, you’re a naughty girl, aren’t you!” I teased.

“Troy,” she whispered. “Fuck me.”

“I want your Pussy, Janet. I want it for myself.”

“Yes, Troy my pussy is yours!”

“Only mine, Janet!”

“Yes, only yours! Please take me! I need you inside me!”

I got between her legs and guided my desperately aroused cock toward her sticky entrance.

“I’m about to reclaim your sweet pussy, Janet. From now on, only I get in there! If that’s what you want, tell me!”

My heart was racing as if I’d run a mile.

“Dammit, Troy, stick it in me and reclaim me! This pussy is yours and only yours! From now on!”

That was good enough for me, and I slid inside her. Oh wow, what a feeling that was! The emotional aspects of Janet giving herself to me, and my taking her back for myself were just as erotic as the physical sensations. I pushed in all the way and stayed there. I had missed her.

The aroused breathing from both of us was the only sound in the room. I whispered in her ear, “You’re mine, Janet.”

“Oh God, Troy, I’m yours. Totally and completely. I’ve missed you so much!”

I slowly thrust in and out of her slippery pussy. Just looking in her excited eyes was almost enough to make me cum before I wanted to. I knew I would not last much longer.

“Janet,” I whispered, “When I cum, it’s going to overwrite all the other guys you’ve had. For good.”

“Oh, please cum! Please cum! Take me back!”

Having Janet ask me to cum inside her, because she wanted the consummation, and not to get it over with, was something I could not resist any longer. The physical sensations were strong enough, but her words sent me over the line. Way over the line.

It was… awesome. Resplendent. All-absorbing. And it went on. And on. And on.

It took several czech sharking porno minutes for us both to calm down. I was still turgid inside her.

She was mine.

Her eyes told me that she had surrendered totally. Because she had given herself so completely to me, I felt a responsibility to nurture and care for the renewed relationship.

“Stay right there,” I whispered as I pulled out. Then, quickly, before she could have any objection, I devoured her messy pussy with my mouth. The effect was instantaneous. It was like lightning. She twisted. She pumped her hips. She shook. She screamed. And she crested into a wrenching orgasm.

We lay by each other wordlessly for several minutes. She had a dreamy smile every time I looked her way. After a few moments I said, “Let’s get showered and we can go get some dinner.”

Over an hour later, freshened and clean, we clinked our wine glasses together. “I guess the thing with Eric really was a goodbye fuck,” she said. “You’ll never know how hot it made me, hearing you tell me about overwriting my past, and wanting my pussy for yourself! And then, what you did after you came inside me. All I can say is wow! No, wait. I can also say that my pussy is yours and yours alone. If you’ll have me.”

I kissed her hand, something I used to do years ago.

“No more withdrawing?” I tentatively asked.

She gave me that dreamy smile again. “No more.”

That sealed it. I knew we’d have some discussions about our living situations and so on, but those were for later. We enjoyed our dinner, and got somewhat caught up.

We went back to my house and got in bed.

The sex that time was slow and tender, and I ejaculated long and hard inside Janet. I had her straddle my mouth and ate her pussy through two orgasms. She loved it, and said that no one else had ever done that.

The rest of her time with me was idyllic. We went places, talked, came home, and explored in bed. I kept reinforcing the idea that her pussy belonged to me, and she readily agreed. I realized that she needed a strong person to care for her, someone she could depend on in the relationship. Not a tyrant, not a master, just someone who could now and then tell her how it’s going to be.

Years ago, when she and I were together between her bouts of withdrawing, the sex was always phenomenal. She was always a caring lover, which was why the breakups were so hard for me. This time, the sex was still phenomenal, and I doubted that we’d ever get bored with each other.

During that few days that she stayed with me, I ate the creampie every time, and loved it. She loved it too, by the way.

When it was time for her to get back on the plane, she held me so tight, and I saw in her face the question she was afraid to ask. I smiled and said, “Yes, I want you here with me. See what you can arrange. Remember, your pussy is mine alone.”

“Don’t worry, lover,” she said in a trembling voice, “No one else will get it but you. I’ll be true to you.”

I finally got what I wanted.

So did she.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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