Jack and Julia Ch. 02

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For Jack, the summer of 1965 is turning out to be a very exciting time. For one, he has just lost his virginity to his best friend’s Mom. He can tell that this is going to be a fun few months.

Jack’s head was not at the lake with his friends. He couldn’t stop thinking of earlier in the day, when his best buddy Pete’s mom had fucked him. He horsed around with his friends, but he kept thinking about how her tongue had felt, wrapped around the tip of his cock. He absent-mindedly dunked Pete underwater, all the while thinking of his dick in Julia’s cunt.

After a few hours, they left the lake. Pete and Jack returned to Pete’s house, where Jack was to spend the night. He spotted Julia as they walked through the back door into the kitchen. She gave no indication of her lust for Jack while Pete was present, but as soon as he had left the room, she threw him a devilish look and quickly slid over to him.

Julia stood on her toes and kissed Jack’s neck, and grabbed his penis through his shorts. She looked up at him.

“Later…” She said, and then left the room. Jack’s heart was racing, and he planted his hands on the table and leaned over. His dick had instantly become rock hard, and he was afraid Pete would see when he came back in the kitchen.

“Hey man, you alright?” Pete asked. “You look a little flushed.”

“Nothing,” Jack said. “Just a little tired from, uh, swimming.”

Pete grabbed a snack from the pantry, and got something for Jack. By then he had caught his breath and his dick had deflated. They changed their clothes, and headed out on their bikes to catch a movie.

When they returned, the house smelled like fried chicken. They walked into the kitchen to find the table covered with food. Julia was already eating.

“Help yourselves to whatever you want,” she said, her eyes on Jack. His pulse quickened a little bit. Pete sat down at the end of the table, and Jack sat across from Julia. As they ate, every so often she would run her foot up his leg, and prod his groin. Jack could not help himself from making a little noise, and he groaned quietly.

“Jack?” Pete asked. Jack blushed.

“It, uh, that is, the chicken, is, uh, really good,” he said, taking care not to look at Pete lest he divine meaning from his expression. Julia giggled and worked his cock even harder. His dick felt like iron, and she had it pressed against his thigh and was running her toes along it at an ever-faster pace. Very suddenly, Jack felt he was about to come.

He shoved his chair backwards, and spun quickly away from Pete. “I gotta use the bathroom, sorry,” he said. He jumped out of his chair and trotted away into the living room, making sure that Pete couldn’t see his dick tenting his shorts. Julia smiled a mischievous smiled and looked at Pete.

“Is Jack alright?” Pete shrugged.

“He’s always a little weird,” he answered.

Jack stood in the bathroom catching his breath. Holy shit! He was stunned. Pete was right there, and Julia was jerking him off with her foot. She is an amazing woman, he thought. He considered masturbating to alleviate the pressure, but resolved to save it for later that night, after Pete was asleep. After the steel rod in his pants had returned to normal he headed back to the kitchen, where Julia and Pete were cleaning up.

“I’ll save the rest, you can eat it tomorrow,” Julia said. Suddenly she yawned a very theatrical yawn and turned to face Jack. She raised her arms above her head, stood on her toes and stretched hard backwards. Her tits pulled her thin white t-shirt tight, and Jack could clearly see her nipples. His cock twitched.

“Well, I’m bushed,” she said. “I’m gonna hit the sack. You boys don’t stay up too late.” She walked out of the kitchen past Jack, and winked at him. Very quickly, she pinched his ass. Jack jumped a little. I can’t take much more of this, he thought. He could practically feel the hormones rushing through him.

Jack and Pete finished cleaning the kitchen, then headed into the living room and watched TV for a while. After a while, Pete began to snore quietly on the couch. Jack waited a bit, and then got up. He smacked Pete on the shoulder.

“Hey, man, time to crash,” he said. “I’m going to bed.” Pete wiped a bit of drool from his mouth and grunted in agreement.

Jack buca escort headed down the hallway to the guest room. They called it the guest room, anyway, even though he slept there three or four nights a week. He didn’t bother to undress, and lay down on top of the blankets, resting his head on his hands. He was at no risk of falling asleep.

After a few minutes, he heard Pete walk into his room and shut the door. He waited another agonizing ten minutes before hearing him faintly snoring again. His pulse racing with anticipation, Jack quietly crawled off the bed. Being sure to make as little noise as possible, he padded down the hallway to Julia’s room. At the door, he hesitated briefly. He knew she was expecting him, but he was still a little nervous.

Gritting his teeth, he quickly opened the door, darted into the room, and shut it behind him. His breath caught in his throat at the sight on the bed.

Julia was wearing a short, see-through nightgown with nothing underneath, resting against the headboard of the bed. The light in the room was low, with only a small lamp in the corner lit. She gave him a come-hither look, and beckoned to him with her finger.

With renewed confidence, Jack strode to her bed. He stood at the side of it, and drank her in with his eyes. She didn’t move except to turn and look at him. Her eyes lowered to the growing bulge in his pants. Jack stuck his hand in her hair and turned her head back towards his face.

“You are a cruel, cruel woman, do you know that?” He asked her. She smiled that devilish smile, and caressed his cock through his shorts. Jack got onto the bed, kneeling between her legs. He pulled her off the headboard, grabbed the nightgown and slid it over her head. Her long, unbound red hair cascaded back over her shoulders and sparkled like dark fire in the low light.

Jack grabbed a tit with each hand and massaged them gently, licking each nipple in turn. Julia’s hands were busy, too – one drifted down to her pussy and rubbed her clit. The other grabbed Jack’s cock and squeezed. Determined to be in control, Jack made no sound, reacting only by redoubling his efforts on her huge breasts.

After a few minutes Julia began to rock harder against her own hand, sliding it faster and faster over her lips and clit. It became evident to Jack that she was nearing orgasm. Sensing an opportunity for revenge, Jack grabbed her hand just as she was about to come, and moved it away. A look of surprise crossed her face. He wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him, then laid her down. He pinned her arms away from her body by the wrists.

“Turnabout,” he said, as he leaned down and nibbled on her ear, “is fair play.” He kissed her mouth, crushing his lips into hers. He felt her squirm beneath him, and knew that her cunt ached. He still had not removed his shorts.

Julia managed to get one of her legs between his, and wrapped it around his thigh. She pulled herself up to him and grinded her pussy against him. Jack continued to kiss her ferociously, moving down her neck to her tits, and back up again. Her small body was covered in sweat. He felt her begin to quiver, and she sped her movements up.

He could tell she was nearing climax again, and moved away from her. Again, a look of surprise crossed her face. He pulled her arms to her side and kept hold of her wrists as he moved down her body. He lowered his head between her sweating and quivering thighs. She didn’t say a word.

Julia’s unshaven pussy was soaking wet, and was as red as if she had been sunburned. Her lips and clit were engorged. Jack worked his tongue around where her thighs ended, slowly working closer to the center. She moved her hips to try and catch his mouth, but he studiously avoided her. He licked and kissed around her opening, but never touched it.

After a few minutes she moaned, and Jack finally moved his actions to her lips. He started low, circling her hole, moving upwards slowly. He reached her clit and licked it lightly. Julia went “Ooh,” and pressed herself into his mouth. Jack backed off, until she lowered her hips again. Her arms struggled lightly against him, to no avail.

He worked again all around, licking her cunt and driving his tongue into escort buca her. He sucked on her clit, using his tongue as best he could. He could feel her tightening, ready to come again. Before she did, he stopped. She moaned again. Jack smiled to himself.

When she calmed, he started again, focusing only on her clitoris, but lighter this time. Quicker than before, she almost came. He stopped again. Jack repeated this again and again, till he was hardly making contact with her, yet she yearned harder than ever before. She nearly came one last time, and Jack stopped again. Julia was breathing hard, as if she’d been running a marathon. Her cunt was quivering, dripping, soaking the sheets. Jack leaned in very close, not quite touching her, and blew gently on her clit.

Julia grunted and gritted her teeth. Her eyes were squeezed shut. With a prolonged moan she raised her hips off the bed and came, hard. Jack sat up a bit and put his mouth on her cunt, sucking on her clit. Her hips bucked over and over again, still moaning, grinding into Jack’s mouth. Juices flowed faster than ever, and she wrapped her hips around Jack and squeezed. She kept coming for more than a minute, moaning and grunting and bucking, all the while Jack’s tongue worked hard around her pussy.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, her hips came to rest on the bed. She was breathing hard, and quietly gasped out, “Oh my God.” She began to laugh, like before, as Jack released his grip on her wrists. He gave her pussy one more good lick, and her whole body twitched. She didn’t say anything else, and Jack didn’t need any words.

He sat up and unzipped his shorts, removing first one leg, and then the other. His dick stood up at a nearly forty-five degree angle in front of him. Jack walked on his knees over Julia, and placed his dick between her tits. He squeezed them together and fucked her that way for a few minutes. Every time the head of his cock poked out between them she quickly licked it. After a bit Jack felt his balls begin to churn, and backed off.

He moved forward a few inches and placed the tip of his cock on her lips. She kissed it gently, and licked lightly around the rim. Finally she opened her mouth, and Jack placed it inside. Julia moved her head back and forth slowly, taking in as much as she could from that angle. Jack knew she could swallow the whole thing, but was glad that she couldn’t right now, because he wasn’t sure he’d last long if she did. He wanted to go as long as possible before blowing his load this time. When they’d fucked earlier, it had barely lasted ten minutes. He wanted to make this time count.

After a few minutes, Jack placed his hand on the back of Julia’s head, holding it there. He began to fuck her mouth slowly, gaining speed as he went. Her tongue worked fast as he did so. Again he could feel his balls begin to tighten, and he stopped. He backed up over her body until he was between her legs. He placed his hands under her thighs and lifted her hips off the bed, pulling her close at the same time.

Julia reached down and guided his cock towards her pussy. She was still dripping wet, pulsing slightly from her orgasm earlier. She grinded her hips along his shaft for a moment, teasing him. Finally, she placed the tip in between her lips. Jack thrust forwards, burying his whole member in her pussy in one motion. She gasped, and closed her eyes.

Jack pulled out almost all the way, then slammed it back in. Julia gasped again. Jack gained speed quickly, fucking her as fast and hard as he dared. She moaned, louder and louder as he went. Jack was nearly hypnotized by the motion of her tits while he railed her. His balls were screaming at him, but he concentrated hard, working against some reptilian part of his brain that wanted nothing more than to ejaculate. He could feel her orgasm start – she suddenly stopped making noise and held her breath. Her back arched and she grabbed handfuls of sheets.

He could feel her pussy start tightening in waves around his cock, and his balls screamed louder. Jack was determined to last, however, and started reciting poems in his head to keep himself from coming.

The first one that came to mind was one by Robert Frost that they’d read in class.

Some say the world will buca escort bayan end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

He had to recite the poem three times as she came, and by the time she was finished he had begun trying to fashion a tune to go with the poem. Finally she stopped, and she collapsed, breathlessly, onto the bed. With a grunt he removed himself from her pussy, and sat back. Julia sighed contentedly, and Jack squeezed his eyes shut. His balls were still threatening to shoot his load all over her belly, and he wasn’t even touching his cock.

Julia rolled over onto her stomach and looked back over her shoulder at Jack. Gritting his teeth, Jack assumed the pushup position, resting heavily on one arm to guide his cock into her cunt. Julia reached back suddenly and grabbed him. His cock twitched, threatening again. Julia shook her head.

“We’re going to try something a little different, now,” she said, and grinned at him. She lifted his cock up slightly, and pressed it against the dark rosebud of her asshole. Jack looked at her questioningly. She nodded.

“This used to be my favorite, but it’s been a long time.” She let go of Jack’s cock. Jack grabbed himself and pressed gently into her. It resisted at first, but after a moment she relaxed, and his cock began to slide into her asshole. It was much tighter than her cunt.

“Oh God,” Jack croaked. Julia laughed. Jack knew that he wouldn’t last long inside her ass, but resolved to hang on until she came again. Finally the entire head of his cock popped into her. His steely erection throbbed.

“Mmm,” went Julia. “Keep going.” Jack took a deep breath and pressed harder, sliding every inch into her asshole. When he got all the way in, Julia slid a hand under herself and began to rub her soaking wet pussy. Her waist-length hair was stuck to her back with sweat. She squeezed Jack’s cock with her asshole, and Jack groaned again.

He pulled most of the way out and slid back in, then repeated, gaining speed with every stroke. Julia continued to rub her clit while he fucked her. He began to fuck her in earnest, going faster and faster. Julia moaned louder and louder and began to buck her hips against her hand. She was sticking fingers inside herself now, crushing her clit with the ball of her hand.

Jack fucked her ass harder and harder, the heat and tightness nearly driving him mad. All of a sudden Julia inhaled sharply.

“Oh – oh Jack –” Her hips bucked harder than ever, and she came. She emitted a high-pitched squeal, and her ass squeezed Jack’s cock so hard that he thought he’d never be able to piss again. She began breathing in quick and shallow breaths, and her whole body quivered. Jack’s balls finally triumphed over his resolve, and he came, too.

For a few seconds, Jack lost his vision. All he could see was white. He growled as he shot come deep into her bowels over and over and over again. He felt like he was shooting his central nervous system out through his dick. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto him. She continued to come and so did he, her hips bucking against him as his balls seemingly pulled matter from another universe and launched it into her ass.

Finally their orgasms slowed down, and his vision returned. He still pumped jizz into her, and his legs were shaking. So was Julia. After an eternity they stopped, and Jack dropped her back onto the bed. There were a few moments of silence broken only by the sounds of the two of them gulping air, and then Julia began to laugh again. Jack lowered his body onto hers, his dick still in her ass. He kissed her neck, and removed himself from her with an audible pop. A dribble of come followed his cock, flowing onto the sweat-soaked sheets.

They lay together like that for a few minutes, Jack running his hands along Julia’s sides, gently caressing her. After a bit, Jack felt himself slowly drifting to sleep, and realized that it would be an awful thing for Pete to find them like this in the morning. He rolled off of Julia and sat up.

“I’m… I’m gonna go to bed,” he said sleepily. Julia rolled onto her back and yawned.

“Yeah, okay,” she answered. Jack grabbed another handful of titty and leaned down and kissed her for a long time. Finally he got up and ambled out of her bedroom back to his own, where he collapsed upon the bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

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