I’ve Missed You

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It had been weeks since Nathan and Jessica had seen each other. The distance between Victoria and Vancouver wasn’t huge, but between work, school, and general life, it could sometimes be tough to find time to visit. It was finally reading week, and Jessica had arranged to spend the week in Vancouver. She and Nathan had keys to each other’s places because often when one would arrive for a visit, the other would be out doing one or another of the million things that needed to get done. She left her place mid-morning, but by the time all was said and done with buses, ferries, and more buses, it was nearly 6 before she arrived at the apartment. This was fine because Nathan wasn’t due home until 7. Or at least, that was what he had said. When Jessica opened the door, it quickly became clear that plans had changed. All the lights were off, the curtains were closed, and candles were lit around the room. When she got in, she saw a package and a note on the coffee table. The note said:

Put this on. Any talking once I come out will not be tolerated. I will be out 5 minutes after I hear you come in. Dress quickly. I’ve missed you. -Nathan

Curious and highly aroused, Jessica opened the package. It contained an absolutely stunning corset. The back was laced and completely black. The front had a zipper and was made from crimson fabric with black lace over top. There were stockings and a garter belt, but no panties. It was clear that this was not an oversight, but a preference, which suited her just fine. Anxious to see what was next and not wanting to incur any punishment (yet), Jessica quickly undressed and put on the outfit laid out for her. When she picked up the corset, she saw a blindfold. This was getting better by the moment. When she was finished putting on the blindfold, which she had left for last for convenience’s sake, she stood and waited, eager for whatever was to come. While she was waiting, she ran her hands over her new corset, thrilling at the wonderful shape it gave to her body. It fit perfectly, accentuating her already ample breasts and hips. She felt completely womanly and sexy. It was turning her on so much that she allowed her fingers to roam ever lower, eventually moving between her legs. She could feel the heat coming from inside her and gasped when she felt how wet she was. Slowly, she started to finger herself, struggling to stay upright and quiet.

“Wait,” she heard a voice say, less than an inch away from her right ear as a hand grabbed her wrist. “I didn’t say you could touch yourself, did I? I left a simple set of instructions, and here you are trying to complicate things. Not that I didn’t like the show. I’m just not ready for you to be performing for me quite yet.”

She almost started to apologize, but remembered the note just in time. Instead, she smiled sheepishly and reached out with her free hand to find Nathan’s shoulder. No sooner had she placed her hand there when its wrist was grabbed just the same as the first. Quickly, Nathan brought both of Jessica’s hands together and bound them behind her back, all the while kissing her roughly on the lips. She could feel that he was naked and hard. When he broke away from her, she was gasping for breath having been taken by surprise.

“I was watching you for nearly a minute,” came the voice again. “Very sexy. But now we’re going to do what I want. Come with me.”

And she was being led by the soft rope that he had used to tie her hands into the bedroom. He moved her into a sitting position and untied her wrists from each other, but leaving the rope attached to her left wrist. He then took her by the chin and guided her head forward a few inches until her mouth came across his wonderful, hard cock. Jessica took it hungrily into her mouth, thinking only of Nathan’s pleasure, wanting to make him feel better than he’d ever felt. He slowly moved around so that he was sitting, then lying on the bed, all the while keeping himself in her capable and willing mouth. She moved herself so that she was sitting on his chest, making it easier to take more of him into her, every few strokes taking nearly the entire thing in her mouth, all the while using one hand to keep pace with her lips sliding up and down the shaft and the other to cup his balls and gently play with them. After amatör porno a very short time, Nathan reached forward to scratch at Jessica’s back and smack her ass. She let out happy, muffled whimpers with each smack, sending shivers down Nathan’s member as the sound vibrated against it.

“Is this what you were trying to do before?” he asked, slipping a finger into her sopping pussy.

“Mmhmm,” she half said, half moaned, all while continuing on with her attention to Nathan’s body, picking up on every subtle cue, waiting for the moment she hungered for when he would come. She could hear and feel that it could be close, if he let it. But she knew he wouldn’t. He wasn’t nearly done with her yet.

“I’m sorry, but did you just say something?” he asked, quickly withdrawing himself from her. “Because I’m pretty sure I heard a mhm from down there. And you were doing so well. I’m going to need you to get off of me now.”

“But…” Jessica began, knowing as she did that it was going to cost her, “mhm isn’t a word.”

“It means words. And that is now besides the point. I count 4 words right there, 5 if you count mhm. Now get off of me. You broke the rules, you face the consequences. Get on your back.”

Excited by the curiosity of how she would be punished, Jessica did as she was told. She felt her arm being pulled above her head by the rope. The other arm was then tied to it and her legs were tied spread eagle, she could only assume to the legs of the bed or something.

“You have now lost all noise privileges. No more moaning, no more whimpering, I wouldn’t even recommend you breathe too loudly. Now stay still.”

And with that, Nathan began to piston his fingers between Jessica’s legs. Unable to move or make a sound, she struggled to keep her head. The rough intensity of his fingers inside her made her crazy. She could feel them run over everything inside, building pressure until she was sure she was going to lose it. To keep her mind off of her imposed silence, she tried to focus on the sounds that were around her rather than the ones she was forbidden to make. She heard the quick wet sounds coming from Nathan’s fingers inside her, she heard his breathing speed up as he watched what this was doing to her. She heard her heart in her ears, beating ever faster. She still wanted to scream. She felt the orgasm building inside her, felt herself tighten and release over and over around Nathan’s fingers. As wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, she couldn’t help but start to breathe heavily, hoping she was keeping quiet enough that he wouldn’t stop. But he did. For a few excruciating seconds, he removed his fingers and Jessica felt completely empty, longing for him to be back inside her. She soon got her wish as repositioned himself on top of her and entered her once more. His cock felt completely different inside her, stretching her in wonderful ways, filling her completely, and the orgasm started again, this time more intense than before. With what limited mobility she had, Jessica tried to thrust her hips in time with his, trying to take him deep inside. It was as if the world had ceased to exist and all that was left was the two of them, and all that mattered was that they never stop fucking. Because that’s what it was – she was being ravaged, fucked, used and it was the best feeling she had ever experienced. She needed to moan, cry out, scream, something, but she held off. Nathan saw the mixture of pleasure and agony in her face and smiled.

“What’s the matter,” he teased, “cat got your tongue?”

Unable to take it any more, Jessica broke her silence. “You know exactly what’s the matter!” she said, gasping, while he continued to pound into her with startling force. “First you tell me not to talk, then you trick me into talking. Then you tell me not to make any noise at all and make me come all over you.”

“Well, it was a punishment. It wasn’t supposed to be fun. Not for you anyway. I had a great time. You’re so cute when you’re helpless.”

“Oh, shut up.”

“What did you just say to me?” Nathan asked, the sternness returning to his voice.

“I told you to shut up,” Jessica replied, smiling wickedly. “I figure I already broke the rule, may as well go all out. What’s the worst you’re gonna anal porno do, give me another orgasm?”

* * *

In the short time since she told Nathan to shut up, Jessica was almost coming to regret it. Almost. She was now tied rather more tightly to the bed, laying on her front rather than her back, and a gag had been fastened around her head. She should have expected as much. She couldn’t hope to be let off easy, not after such a blatant and crass rebellion. But she was testing his limits as much as he was testing hers; risks had to be taken, or where was the fun?

“Now,” said Nathan, ever the disciplinarian, “what was it that you were saying?”

“Mmmfmmm,” came the reply from behind the gag.

“Nothing? Cause I could swear I heard you tell me to shut up twice. That’s hardly nothing, and you need to be punished. Now you’re going to think about what you’ve done and why you deserve this, and when I take of this gag, you’re going to thank me for it, is that clear?”

Jessica nodded, still excited, but getting a little nervous. What was he going to do?

To start with, she received 3 rough smacks on her ass. They stung and she couldn’t help but make a small sound of protest after each one. After that, maybe feeling a little sorry, he started to kiss her, first on the neck, then down her shoulders and back, over the soft curve of her ass, and down her legs. He began to focus his attention on her inner thighs, kissing gently, seductively, and she felt his warm breath between her legs. He moved slowly up her legs but stopped shy of the place she most wanted the attention, and skipped right up to her back again. He began to rub his hands over her body, up and down, enjoying her curves and the way she responded to his touch; appreciatively, but trying to guide him to her erogenous zones.

After a few minutes of this, it became clear what her punishment was – he was going to kiss and touch her all over, driving her crazy, but never allowing release. His hands would make their way under her body, but never touch her breasts. His tongue would lick the juices from around her pussy, but never go between its lips, and her clit was neglected completely. He untied her arms and legs and rolled her over for better access to her front and repeated the torture. She was convinced he had kissed or touched every square inch of her body save the areas that would grant her the most pleasure. Not being able to see what was going on only intensified the sensations. She started to moan in frustration against the gag in her mouth, unable to say anything, and knowing that if she could, it would probably only make things worse for her. As he moved himself against her, Jessica could occasionally feel Nathan’s hard cock, which only served to frustrate her more. He was clearly enjoying this. Finally, when she thought she could take no more, he entered her roughly. Once. He then withdrew and left her wanting again. It wasn’t fair. She couldn’t take it any more.

Then, he finally removed the gag, but before Jessica could say a word, he forced himself into her mouth. Tasting her own juices mingled with his familiar taste only served to turn her on more, intensifying the tingling sensation between her legs, and she began sucking like there was no tomorrow, swirling her tongue around the tip, trying to lick up everything she could while also making him feel as good as possible. After a short while, he removed himself from her at the same time as he took off her blindfold. After her eyes had adjusted to the soft light of the candles, she saw that he was looking at her expectantly and remembered what he had asked of her.

“Thank you,” she said. “I was rude and deserved a lot worse. Can I make it up to you?”

Nathan considered this for a moment. “I’ll think of something later,” he said. “For now, I think you’ve had just about enough teasing, and getting you to this point has me pretty horny too, so I’m giving you a different kind of order. In roughly ten minutes, you are going to make me come. Do it too quickly and there will be repercussions. Take too long and I will extricate myself from you, finish myself, and you will not have any form of release for the rest of the night. Other than that, you can use anal breakers porno any method you deem necessary, and for tonight I will not limit your orgasms any further. Sound fair?”

Jessica smiled broadly. This was going to be fun. “More than fair. Thank you. I won’t disappoint you.”

Still smiling, she kissed Nathan deeply, lovingly, and ran her fingernails up and down his back. He inhaled sharply in a way that told her she was doing well already. Moving him onto his back, she climbed atop him and sat, straddling his abdomen, and continued kissing. Thinking back to the night they met, she turned around and positioned her pussy just above his face and proceeded to go down on him. Barely a second later, she felt his hands reach up to grab her ass and his tongue slip inside her. She remembered her amazement the first time they had done this. No one’s tongue had ever felt quite that good down there. She made sounds off appreciation, and was quickly gasping for air, her body leaping at the chance to finally experience the orgasm that had been building and building inside of it. In what seemed like no time at all she was coming powerfully and had to struggle to regain enough concentration to continue on with what her mouth was doing. She wanted him to come with her and he almost did, until she remembered that it had only been about two minutes. It wasn’t time yet, so she stopped sucking and allowed herself to be fully enveloped by the intense pleasure coursing through her veins. The tingle that had already existed exploded within her, making itself felt throughout her entire body. Her fingers and toes went numb, her arms and legs felt like they were made of play dough, and she had to get off of Nathan before she collapsed. Breathing heavily, she turned herself around so that the two were once again face to face.

“Wow,” she said, smiling and still panting, shuddering from the aftershocks every few seconds.

Conscious of her time limit, Jessica knew she couldn’t revel in the afterglow for long. She started again after barely a pause, again kissing Nathan’s soft lips, marveling at how perfect they felt against hers. It was like their bodies were made for each other, head to toe; she had never once had to tell him how to please her, never once been less than satisfied with a touch, a kiss, anything. She climbed on top of him again and felt his hardness, imagining how he must be aching for release as she had been mere seconds ago. Wanting to grant his wish, she guided him inside her, setting a slow rhythm, still conscious of the time, wanting to please him in every possible way. For a the next couple of minutes she didn’t speed up but instead increased her intensity, breathing harder, taking him deeper into her, kissing his neck urgently.

“You’ve always felt so good in me,” she said between kisses. “I could do this forever.”

Nathan began to thrust up to meet her, trying to increase the pace. “Actually,” he responded, struggling to retain his authority in the heat of passion, “you can do this for another 3 minutes, tops.”

Jessica smiled at this and suddenly sat up, causing a pleasurable sensation for both of them as he was suddenly rubbing up against her a little differently inside because of the change in position. “Smart ass,” she said.

They didn’t say anything more to each other and instead enjoyed the sensations of each others bodies, and Jessica quickly orgasmed again. And again. And again. By this point she was riding Nathan as hard and fast as she could, timing and consequences be damned. She was an the grip of one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever had, and she was determined for Nathan to experience it with her.

“I’m gonna come,” he said, reaching up for her hips, guiding her movements.

“Good, she responded, barely able to form a coherent thought.

Seconds later, she felt him release inside her, filling her with his essence. He stays there a moment, almost completely still, while she shuddered on top of him, holding him close. Eventually, Jessica looked at him and smiled, exhausted and satisfied.

“How’d I do?” she asked. “Did I wait long enough?”

“I honestly don’t know,” replied Nathan. “I stopped even trying to look at at the clock after 2 minutes and I can’t remember what time you started. I’ll count that as very, very good. I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too,” said Jessica.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, the couple got up and went to dinner – the evening’s activities had worked up quite an appetite.

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