It’s a Small Town Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Pauline

I live in a small town. Because of that, I tend to run into people a lot, and one thing leads to the next, and…you know what happens. That’s why you’re here.

I was at the park playing with my pet chihuahua Jack when I saw a gorgeous woman across the park lake. She was Filipino, and her dark hair flowed down her back. Her generous tits poked out of her chest, and the nipples were clearly visible against her tight shirt. Pauline.

I knew her in junior high. One recess, we had hid in the bathroom together, and I caressed her tits under her shirt and bra while she stroked my hungry cock in my pants. I ended up cumming all over my pants. Then I had graduated, and she had stayed, a year younger than me. I hadn’t seen her since…until now.

I slowly approached her, and found myself looking right at her great ass. She looked sooo fucking sexy as she played frisbee with a friend. Suddenly, the frisbee came my way, and I found myself reaching for it the same time as her, and my eyes were pointing right down her shirt.

“Oh! I’m sorry sir, I didn’t…hey! ankara escort Brian!” She smiled as she recognized me, and my cock stirred in my pants. “Gosh, I haven’t seen you in years! how’ve ya been?”

“-gulp- I’ve, uh…I’ve been good, Pauline. You?”

“I’m great! I’m just here with Grace, remember?”

Uh-oh. In high school, I had fucked Grace, and she told everyone. I wondered if Pauline knew.

“Oh hey Grace! Long time no see!”

She smirked, and turned away. “I better get going, Pauline. See ya later!”

Pauline waved goodbye and motioned me over to a bench, which we both promptly sat down on. I attempted a conversation.

“So, Pauline, do you-“

“Let’s drop this bullshit right now, Brian. I want you, and that cock in your jeans. Now I know you want me, but I can’t today. Tomorrow, though, I want you to fuck me harder than any girl has ever been fucked!”

I just shook my head and we agreed to meet tomorrow for strictly fucking. I would have whipped out my cock and fucked her right there, but I could wait until tomorrow.


The escort ankara next day, I couldn’t contain my excitement. We were supposed to meet at 3:30, but I jacked off at least three times before then. Finally, the time came, and I went to her condo.

I got to the door and knocked abruptly four times. she opened the door…COMPLETELY NAKED!

“Get in here already and fuck me!!” she yelled and pulled me in.

I tripped several times getting my shoes off, and eventually, I also was naked in her bedroom. She got up close, and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, and I grabbed at her ass with my left hand, and her pussy with my right.

We fell back onto the bed, and kept kissing. I reached my hands down and grabbed her tits, gently massaging them. She moaned into my mouth and I responded by moving down to take one of her luscious nipples into my mouth.

Her nipples tasted delicious, and I sucked and kissed them for several minutes. the whole time Pauline kept moaning and sticking fingers into her pussy.

“Oh Brian, you’re so much more talented than junior high…enough ankara escort bayan of this shit! Fuck me! FUCK ME NOW!!”

I moved my cock up down to her pussy lips, and eased the head slowly in. I teased her slowly, drawing the head in and out. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I shoved my entire cock into her pussy. She screamed, and I was scared some people would call the police if they heard.

“Oh Brian! That feels SO Fucking Good!!! Fuck! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! I’M CUMMING!! I’M FUCKING CUMMING!!”

That drove me over the edge, and we cummed in unison, my sperm filling her pussy and leaking out. I moved up her body, kissing all the way, and landing at her tits once again. Sucking them once again, I finally laid next to her, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, I woke before her. I tenderly kissed her, and she woke up. Before I realized what was happening, She was under the sheets, sucking my cock! I felt her mouth moving up and down on my warm shaft, licking at the same time. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and felt another orgasm coming on. Finally, my body wracked with spasms as I creamed in her mouth. She swallowed all of it.

“Once your cock peeps back up again, we are gonna fuck madly again,” smiled Pauline.

I was just about to respond, when a girl walked in and shouted, “What the fuck?!”

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