Intern in Charge

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Sandra faced her team, all smiles for the first time in several weeks. “You have done a fantastic job, each and every one of you. Our clients were impossible, but you found a way to get past every crazy demand and nonsensical fear they had — and you did it without them even noticing how well they were being handled. Please go and enjoy your weekends — you have more than earned a little relaxation!”

The group of analysts, account specialists, and assistants basked in the glow of unexpected praise from a woman who often left them all but quaking in fear. Working on Sandra’s team was a double-edged sword; on the one hand, she was known for her perfectionism and her tendency to relentlessly push her staff, but on the other hand, her projects usually scored big wins for the firm and she wasn’t afraid to share the recognition with those who helped. If you could survive her working style, your career was almost guaranteed to be improved by association with Sandra. That was why interns begged for summer jobs with her — and why James had spent the past three months working his ass off to try to get her attention. A letter of recommendation from Sandra would help him find a great post-grad job no matter how shaky the economy was.

The problem? It was like he was bewitched by her. James could hardly look at Sandra without getting hard, and three months of increasing frustration had left him on the ragged edge of control around her. That didn’t help his job performance at all, and more than once, she had caught him staring at her breasts during a meeting or fantasizing about what led to the lack of panty lines under her figure-skimming skirts when he should have been paying attention.

What was especially frustrating was that he didn’t know why he was so fixated on Sandra. He had never been particularly interested in older women, and while she was far from old, she was at least 15 years older than his 25 years. And at nearly six and a half feet tall, he normally went for tall, slender blondes; Sandra was barely over five feet tall and a carefully concealed brunette bombshell with a gravity-defying rack, tiny waist, and flared hips that seemed designed to draw attention to her high, round ass. She dressed conservatively, but James looked at her and knew that underneath the business suits and no-nonsense blouses, her figure was the kind you’d find painted on the side of a World War II bomber.

As the rest of the team filed out of the conference room, Sandra put her hand on his arm. She said, “James, could you stay a few minutes late this evening so that we can look over your accomplishments during your internship? With the clients satisfied, your role here is pretty much wrapped up.”

James nodded and agreed to come by her office before he left for the night. If he were smart, he’d stop thinking about how her touch seared through his clothing, and would instead cobble together a list of his major achievements over the past several weeks so that he could steer her toward writing that letter of recommendation. Instead, he spent the time in his cubicle picturing her, naked, on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder at him.

An hour later, Sandra was ushering him into her office. She had removed her suit jacket and was wearing a pale gold silk blouse over a chocolate wool skirt. Her hair was clipped up in one of those carefully disarranged styles that women always seemed to wear now. And for some reason, she wasn’t making eye contact with him at all.

Sandra said, “James, you’ve done some great work here. You have tremendous potential, and I think you’re a natural for this business. I’d be happy to write you a letter of recommendation.”

His jubilation was short-lived. Sandra continued, “But I think we have to address some of your behavior over the past few months. Specifically, your behavior toward me.”

James bit back a curse. He couldn’t pretend that he didn’t know what she was talking about. He certainly couldn’t deny any accusation she lobbed at him. He kept his head down, bracing himself for the worst.

“It’s crazy, I know, but it seems like half the time you are undressing me with your eyes. I expect that sort of stuff from older guys, the good ol’ boys club that used to exist before women like me started making an impact in this arena. But from you — especially when you asked to be on my team — I have to say, I was unprepared for this.” After a pause, she rambled on. “It’s… disconcerting to be in the midst of a presentation and find a member of your own team staring at your tits!”

Her coarseness brought his head up and their eyes connected. Something hot flared between them, and in a flash, he knew two things: one, she was as uncomfortable with this conversation as he was, and two, she felt the same chemistry he did. She wanted him. He wanted her.

James smiled at her, holding her gaze as he stood up and walked to where she was leaning against her desk. A slight flush crept from her collar up toward her cheeks and her lips parted. She licked them, her pink tongue darting out and readying her mouth for a kiss even as she pulled back from him. He stepped closer, still not touching czech streets porno her, but standing so near that she felt the heat from his body as his eyes dropped to her lush mouth.

She trembled slightly as he finally leaned down and claimed her with his mouth, pressing against her unyielding lips until she parted her teeth and allowed his tongue the entrance it demanded. Soft and hard all at once, his tongue stroked hers, coaxing her response. Her fingers fluttered as if she were unsure of what to do, so he took her hands in his and clasped them against the small of her back. Only then did James allow contact between their bodies, leaning into her so that her soft breasts pushed against his hard chest. As the kiss deepened, he reveled in the sweet taste of her mouth, the little sighs she was making each time their tongues met. He didn’t know if he had urged her legs slightly apart or if Sandra had widened her stance without prompting, but he didn’t care. He pushed his hips into hers, smiling against her pliant mouth as she involuntarily bucked against his growing erection, a movement of need and invitation. She was soft and receptive to everything that was hard and invasive about him.

James battled with his first impulse, which was to rip the clothes off of her body, push her onto the floor, and get the release that he had been denied for 12 long weeks. He wanted something more; he wanted to make sure she never forgot him. So with some effort, he pulled away. The keening noise Sandra made as their contact broke off let him know that he had made the right move. Her whole body seemed flushed, her lips plump from the ferocity of their kiss, her tits heaving like some romance novel heroine, her eyes fevered and unfocused. She seemed almost addled with lust.

He sank onto the white leather couch that was pushed against a wall in her office and watched her struggle to regain her composure. He murmured, “Sandra, it’s going to be so good between us, don’t you think?”

She nodded, smiling shyly as his gaze raked her from her head to her toes. James said, “But if we’re going to do this, I want to see your breasts. Right now.”

Sandra jumped as if she had been jolted, but her hands immediately went to the buttons of her blouse. For a moment, he thought he was home free. Then she stopped and said, “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that. I mean, maybe we shouldn’t do this.”

James groaned. The last thing either of them needed was her sense of professionalism interfering. She wasn’t going to be his supervisor after tonight. After tonight, they might never see each other again. It was time to let go of that. So he made the best pitch of his internship. “Sandra, we’re both adults and we can both feel the attraction between us. We haven’t done anything that’s even remotely questionable during my whole internship. And our supervisor/student relationship essentially came to an end earlier today, right?”

At her nod, he continued. “So I consider tonight our reward. You’re going to remove your blouse and bra, and I’m going to take some of that honey you keep at your desk for your tea and suck it right off of your gorgeous nipples before I kiss you again. And I promise that you will beg me for whatever else I do to you after that.”

Sandra’s eyes went completely unfocused again, but that didn’t slow down her fingers as she tugged her blouse open, revealing creamy tits that were cleverly bound by sheer black lace. As James watched the silky fabric drop from her shoulders to the ground, he felt his erection surge against his zipper and wondered whether his pants would give way once he finally saw her naked breasts. But even that vanished when Sandra’s fingers found the clasp at the front of her bra and her flesh burst from its confinement. Her tits were exquisite, abundant, and mind-bogglingly firm as they bounced freely before him. Given Sandra’s golden skin tone, he had expected brown nipples, but he hadn’t expected them to rise into flaming pink peaks, already pebbled in anticipation of his touch.

With a growl, James leaped to his feet, unable to resist touching her again. He cupped her breasts in his hands, palming the weight of them, amazed that he could not contain all of the glorious softness of them in his hands. Remembering his pledge, he backed away only long enough to find the small jar of honey. Dipping his finger into the thick, golden fluid, he used his left hand to raise up her right breast, smearing the fiery tip with sweetness. He repeated the process on her other nipple, then smiled at Sandra as he brought his still-honeyed fingertip to her mouth. She did not hesitate, curling her pink tongue around his finger, sucking and nibbling until every remnant was gone.

James pressed her breasts together and finally feasted his mouth on her naked flesh. He laved each nipple roughly, removing much of the honey in his first few swipes. Then he sucked one nipple into his mouth, scraping gently with his teeth, suckling, kissing, caressing with his lips and tongue. Sandra bowed toward him, her hands clasping his head to draw him deeper. Instead, James grabbed her hands and placed czech taxi porno them on the edge of her desk, giving her firm instructions to keep them there, before he brought his mouth to her other nipple. Sandra shuddered, writhed, and cried out as he relentlessly teased her sensitive breasts long after the honey was gone. She needed him to touch her; she needed him inside her more than she needed his kisses, but she simply braced herself against the desk and held on for dear life.

As if realizing her plight, James finally let up. They both looked down at her chest, which was now almost a flaming pink from the onslaught of his mouth and the rasp of his stubble against her tender flesh. Her nipples, brown with pink tips before, were swollen and nearly red from the pleasure he had give her. With a wolfish grin, James met Sandra’s eyes. “What do you want now?”

Trembling with need, Sandra whispered, “I want you to touch me.”

James tweaked one distended nipple, then cocked an eyebrow at her. Sandra pleaded, “No… down there. I need you to touch me… there.”

Even then, Sandra hadn’t moved her hands from where he had placed them. James decided to see how far he could push her, how much control she would cede to him. He said, “Turn around and grab the other side of the desk.”

After giving him a puzzled look, Sandra turned her back to him, straining a little to hook her fingertips over the edge of the desk as her thighs pressed against the lacquered wood. Her skirt inched up slightly as her bottom pushed up and out at him. The wool skirt had a back zipper, for which James was grateful. He quickly unfastened it, then guided it down her hips. His fingertips snagged on the delicate elastic ribbon of her thong panties, and he took them down with the skirt, stopping only when the fabric was pooled around her high heels. He slid his hands up her calves, using her knees to urge her legs as far apart as they could go while her ankles were still bound by her skirt. Then James took a moment to appreciate the beauty on display in front of him.

She was now lying nearly face down on her desk, her breasts pressed against the surface and so large that they spilled out from under her ribcage. Her thighs now spread, he could see her lovely round ass, the dusky pink of her tiny puckered anus, and the delicate deep pink of her plump pussy lips, which were completely bare. The pink darkened as it came closer to her core, and he could see and smell Sandra’s readiness in the hot, wet center of her. James reached up and unfastened her hair clip, watching the dark silky strands cascade around her shoulders, face, and the desk. Sandra turned her head to the side and he tenderly tucked her hair behind one ear, so he could watch her reaction to his touch.

James slowly stroked around her outer lips with his fingers, chuckling as Sandra tried to buck against his hand. He caressed her petal-soft skin, tantalizing and teasing when she wanted more satisfaction, moving to her inner thighs as she moaned and wiggled in protest. When he finally slid his finger deeper into her folds, Sandra lifted her legs and hips, trying to urge him on. Instead, James placed stood on her skirt and pressed his knees against her legs, immobilizing her lower body almost completely.

Although she struggled in protest at being restrained, Sandra never let go of the desk, still ceding him control over her exposed and vulnerable body. James murmured, “Shh, lovely woman. I promise you’ll be satisfied tonight.”

As she settled down, James deepened his caresses. He slid two fingers into her pussy, slowly moving them in and out as if they were his cock. With his other hand, he began to stroke her clit with a feather-light touch that brought cries of passion from deep within Sandra. James watched her face as his hands worked on her, speeding up, slowing down, going deeper and then shallower based on the way her eyelashes fluttered against her cheek and the way she would catch her succulent lower lip in her teeth as she came closer to the edge of what she so desperately wanted.

Despite her urgency, James took a moment to remove his own clothing. His shirt, pants, and boxers quickly landed behind him as he knelt, keeping one knee on her skirt. He plunged his tongue deep into her wetness, and the simple touch of his mouth to her was all Sandra needed. She came with a scream, shouting his name. Without letting up, James swirled his tongue across her sensitized clit, reveling in the sweet, earthy scent and taste of her. He pushed three fingers back inside her pussy as he ravaged her with his mouth, this time choosing not to tease her but simply to drive Sandra into a second shattering orgasm. Her juices coated his face as he felt her contract around his fingers in ecstasy.

James kissed his way up her back until he nearly lay across her. Sandra was panting and quivering, but still she held her position, arms stretched above her head, her back arched, creamy thighs parted, sopping pussy exposed, utterly vulnerable and issuing an invitation he could no longer ignore.

James rubbed the swollen head of his cock across her slit, pushing digitalplayground porno himself firmly up against her without actually driving himself inside. Sandra murmured incoherently as he coated his shaft in her juices. He positioned his cock at her opening, nudging her only briefly before sliding his full length into her. She was tight against his swollen cock, but so wet and warm that he met no resistance. As his heavy balls slapped against her swollen mound, Sandra moaned, “Please. More!”

With not a thought of restraint, James finally did what he had been waiting so long to do. He grabbed Sandra’s hips and began fucking her in earnest. He was a savage, pillaging her hot, pliant body. There was no technique and certainly no tenderness, only that primal need to dominate, to leave his mark, and to have his own satisfaction. As he surged into her, he was shocked to hear her scream, “Fuck me harder, James!”

Two strokes later, Sandra’s pussy clenched around him as she came yet again. James joined her, erupting deep inside her. He collapsed onto her back as her sweet cunt twitched and grabbed at his softening cock.

James finally released her, kicking her skirt away while he reluctantly withdrew from her delicious body. Sandra rolled over, too exhausted to do anything else. Her naked body was on display for his hungry gaze. Sandra’s eyes were heavy-lidded as she gazed back at him, her lips plumped from his earlier kisses. Her breasts rose from her body, twin globes of golden perfection, nipples still peaked and rosy as if longing for more of his attention. Her flawless skin was marred only by a red line that ran across her lovely hips, a mark left by the unyielding edge of the desk. Her legs were splayed, her pussy bare and still puffy from arousal, their combined juices coating her taut inner thighs. She was wanton and gorgeous and more than he had ever imagined, even after spending so much time fantasizing about her.

He felt a surge of triumph, followed immediately by a surge of arousal. James pulled a throw blanket off of the couch and spread it on the floor, then gathered Sandra in his arms. Together, they sank onto the chenille blanket, arms and legs entwined. James began stroking the soft skin of her back, moving up along her spine before massaging the nape of her neck. Then he stroked down, cupping her ass and pulling her belly against his growing erection.

James rolled so that she was once again pinned under his weight, this time facing him. As before, he pressed into her, bathing his cock in the heat and damp that gathered between her thighs. This time, however, he shifted so that he was straddling her hips. He slid the hard length of him into the deep valley between her breasts, pushing her enormous tits together to create a hot, tight passage around his cock. He pushed until the helmet of his cock emerged near her throat, then waited.

Sandra didn’t hesitate. She tucked her chin and reached for him with her tongue, tasting their commingled flavors — hers sweet, his salty — as she swept across his small slit and gently stroked the underside of his glans. Finally, she took the very tip of him in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she suckled and caressed James. She watched his face the whole time, her own eyes bright and alive as her thick pink lips brought him almost unbearable pleasure.

With a groan, James pulled back. If he had allowed her to continue, she would have wound up with his cum in her mouth, across her face, and in her hair. No, he was going to fuck her to oblivion one more time instead.

He lifted Sandra’s legs to his shoulders, her beautiful ass leaving the floor completely at that angle. He leaned into her, noticing the way her legs immediately bent to allow him better access. Her smile was almost feral as she watched him position himself at her entrance once again, and he found himself grinning back at her for a moment before his cock pushed into her damp folds. She was so much smaller than he was that, for a moment, he thought he might hurt her as he drove deep. Instead, she almost growled at him, “Fuck. Me. James. Now!”

The last syllable ended in a cry of pleasure as he bottomed out, filling her so completely he swore he could feel her womb pressing back against the tip of his cock. Still inside her to the hilt, he ground his hips in a circle, abrading her swollen clit. He pulled almost completely out, then slowly repeated the motion once more. Sandra threw her arms above her head, arching up to meet him, her legs bending back almost to her luscious breasts to allow him full access to her body.

James reached up with one hand to hold her wrists against the floor, relishing the feeling of her complete submission as his body overwhelmed hers. Once again, he pushed until his heavy balls rested against her silky ass, then rocked slightly to increase the friction against her sensitive nub. Pinning her in place, he slipped his fingers down and stroked her, gently at first, then with more pressure as her sighs escalated to moans. Suddenly, she cried out, her pussy clenching and releasing him, shuddering against his cock. Releasing her wrists, James slid his hands across Sandra’s smooth skin, momentarily teasing her nipples before cupping her ass firmly. He adjusted her position slightly, then began his onslaught. Three frantic strokes later, he exploded. The feeling was so intense, all he could do was lay across Sandra’s prone form as he tried to catch his breath.

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