In The Stacks

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I was awakened very early and when I went back to sleep I started dreaming of standing in the stacks of a very large bookstore with you. It’s the one near the mall and the movie theaters where the coffee shop is busy but the store itself is quiet between movies. We were alone in the aisle, but there were people nearby. You were standing very close to me, to my right, and you began whispering in my ear that before long you were going to be my lover. Determined not to lose my composure I didn’t reply and started to finger the spines of the books in front of me looking for any escape I could manage. I could feel my temperature rising, my sex swelling and tingling at the thought of you.

“I know you want me, you can’t deny it.” you say as you move closer to me your body shielding me from the larger aisle just a few feet behind you.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be so sure of yourself…” I say, thinking to myself it isn’t too late to abandon the flirtation and go home. Wine, candles, oils, a stranded teens porno turned down bed await me there if I choose to use them with you or alone. Either way I’ll find pleasure between the covers. I’ve waited this long.

You are what you say that you are. Tall, handsome, distinguished, well dressed. Your voice is every bit as intoxicating as I hoped it would be, and your mouth, so close to my ear, my neck, I know would tantalize me if it were but a few centimeters closer than it is now.

“It’s one of the things you love about my seduction of you. Why it’s worth a year’s worth of correspondence and teasing. That I’m dogged about having what I want. You like that about me… it reminds you of yourself.” I think you’re impossible but decide it isn’t worth aggravating you when I haven’t really decided to leave.

You take your right hand and place your fingers around the edge of my hardening nipple. Inside I’m feeling a little desperate at how student sex parties porno my passion is urging me to do the things I know you will love. To throw my caution to the wind. To get drunk with the kind of sex only you seem to be able to intuit that I really, truly want, hell need. I’m panicked that you are touching me so intimately in a public place, but my body is riveted towards the sensation of your next move.

Slowly, deliberately you squeeze into a pinch and the tiniest confession of desire escapes fro me in a small gasp. You release slightly, move in a little further and now start to pull as you apply pressure to my nipple. Immediately it hardens and my left breast is in a jealous fury against my right. As you pull to the end of my nipple, you whisper insistently “Mine.” into my ear.

I’ve never gotten so completely excited so quickly in all of my life. I’m not sure if my terror is that we will be discovered or that you won’t do submissive cuckolds this again. I feel the gentle release after the pressure has increased and anticipate, beg inside for you to do it one more time.

“It is mine.” you say devilishly as you stroke out my nipple a little bit harder but not enough to hurt me.

I stand there feeling the weight of my moisture building inside of me, wishing I could feed you. I have no panties to shield me and I don’t want to squirm because I don’t want to draw attention to us and the last thign I want you to do is stop.

“Mine…” you say again and the glint in your eye, the determine look n your face and the faintest smile at the torture you know you are putting me through as you squeeze my nipple again and again…saying the same thing over and over.

My breath is getting out of sync. I’m holding my breath….

“Squeeze your pussy now. Squeeeeeeeeeeeze it hard from deep inside out.”……. and as I do you slide your fingers pulling my nipple harder and say mine and as you do I can’t help but to release my excitement and my breath with a small orgasm….

“Oh my God…..” and my face colors red

“I’ll be your God, and you can worship my cock for me…” you whisper and laugh at the same time…. “You’re ready for me now aren’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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