In the Kitchen

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I wake to a light kiss. She stands there in a pair of short loose fitting shorts. My shirt is large on her, showing only a peek of her shorts. She is holding a cup of cocoa. She lies down text to me, under the warm sheets. I wrap an arm around her holding her close. We talk as she holds the cup warming her hands as we drink from it. She starts to rub her hand on my stomach. She finishes off the cocoa sliding a hand down my boxers and giving me a deep kiss. She walks out of the room giving me a sly smile.

She goes to the kitchen. She leans over the sink to reach the faucet. She feels a kiss on the back of her neck and an arm reach around her waist. She presses back grinding her ass against my crotch. I reach up to hold her breast. She turns around and smiles at the sight of me in my boxers. I slide down her body, pulling down her shorts, unveiling her panties. My shirt hides her panties from clear view. I stand up to see how cute she looks. I kiss her passionately, marks head bobbers porno moving my hand into her shirt. We hold each other tight, our bare skin pressing together. My cock jumps in my boxers as my hand reaches her breast.

The cold air has an affect on her nipples as the shirt falls to the counter behind her. She reaches down to free my cock from the restraints of my boxers; it juts out magnificently. She smiles knowing that she caused this. My cock brushes her thighs as she pulls me close. She presses her legs together as we kiss passionately holding my cock. I moan, rubbing my hands against her back. I reach down to caress her pussy through her panties. She spreads her legs allowing me room, releasing my cock. I feel her soft lips and feel her moan.

I slip her panties over her hips and past her thighs letting them land on the floor. She starts to spread her legs as I move down. I reach her breast sucking massage porno lightly on her nipple playing with the other one in my hand. I start my way down leaving a trail of kisses along her stomach. I kiss her thighs, slowly moving closer and closer. I let my hands glide across her thighs and stomach. I reach the lips of her pussy and lightly kiss them. I let my tongue slid out to caress her. I part her lips with my tongue feeling her warmth engulf my tongue. She steps back, the pleasure intense. She feels the counter behind her. I lift her up easily to let her sit.

I move in again letting my tongue slid inside of her. Her nectar is delicious. As I continue, She places a hand on my head as the pleasure intensifies. She begins to moan, her hips begin to thrust to meet my mouth. I move up to lick her clit. She wraps her legs around my head, pulling me closer. I lightly take her clit into my mouth. My tongue flicks out. I press my head into her meet-suck and fuck porno pussy. Her moans become louder. I feel her pussy tighten around my tongue. She presses my face into her pussy as her juices start to flood my mouth. Her hips buck, and she moans with pleasure. I hold her letting her body come back.

I slowly move up, she quickly holds me. I kiss her gleaming neck. Her skin is still sensitive, and I feel her hard nipples press against my chest. She kisses me, reaching down. I feel her hand touch my cock. Her fingers wrap around it, holding it tight. She pulls me close wrapping her legs around me. I feel her pussy enclose the head of my cock; shooting pleasure through me. We kiss as I feel her weight press down, pushing my cock into her tight pussy. Cheek to cheek, breast to my chest, we are locked together, a flame. We moan together as I penetrate her. Her pussy is warm and wet around my cock, lubricating it, allowing it to easily slide in and out of her. Her skin is warm and she is slightly flush. We hold each other tight as her pussy locks onto my dick, sending me into orgasm. Our moans fill the house for what seems like forever.

I let her weight back onto the counter and I carry her to the bed. We lie together. She looks at me and purrs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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