In the Desert

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The General stood impassively watching the sun go down as dusk began to envelop the camp. To his right the majority of his men were sat around a campfire, drinking, laughing, taking the rest they deserved.

As the sky turned orange the General thought about his options. On the one hand he had captured two towns and five villages. This would please the Sultan and would mean more power for the General, anything to take staff away from the Vizier. The General adjusted the cloak he wore, hiding his tunic and trousers, glad to be out of his uniform. Yes, towns and villages were one thing, but there was another problem…

He had a hunger, a yearning ever since they’d razed Halbib. He had not taken a woman in a long time, too many campaigns, preperations for war to attend to. In Halbib he’d broken up his men attacking a teenage girl. Normally he would let them continue, best that then have them desert or mutinous, but this one had been different, there had been an intensity in her eyes that the General had not seen in many seasons. He’d had her tethered up, intending to speak to her later, or worse, so strong was his desire now. However, she escaped, leaving the General with no other course open to him. One that was going to put him out of favour at court. Way out of favour.

Last night, a group of his men, on his instructions, broke in to the Imperial Harem in Jalbad and took what was rumoured to be the Sultan’s most treasured possession. The Chal-ki or favoured Courtesan, Malin. Malin, was a name spoken in whisper in the Sultan’s court. She had dedicated herself to his service, even the Vizier did not touch the Chal-ki. The Sultan could be a bloody and vengeful man.

Enough till sunrise, thought the General.

Turning on his heel he walked over to his tent. Telling the armed guard to stand down, he momentarily closed his eyes hoping that they had done everything that he had requested. He pulled back the tent opening and walked in.

Being the Genreal meant you had the largest quarters. To his left the Hookah he’d ordered had been fired. The coals were burning on top black and orange. Slight smoke drifted across the tent. A pleathora of cushions and coverings were arranged on the floor to his right, red, golds, deep blues. They all served to frame Malin. She was tied up to the post at the centre of the tent. Her arms were raised above her head, fastened by ropes behind grup sex porno her. Her head was left free, pale and beautiful skin adorned by red hair that fell straight past her shoulders, blue eyes that had an ethereal quality. Malin’s body was exquisite, her breasts accentuated by her bindings were firm and pert, tightly wrapped in black silk. The silks exposed her flat belly, but left enclosed her lower body. Beneath that her long legs were also exposed, thighs snaking our provactively from the black, made taught by the heeled gold sandals she wore.

The General walked over to Malin. She watched him closely as he carefyully put his hand on her cheek. She seemed to respond rubbing her cheek against his palm. He moved his fingers round to her mouth and she took one of the fingers into her mouth. The General tensed a little as she sucked his finger and then gave a sharp yelp as she bit down hard on it.

The General withdrew his finger and cracked Malin across the face with his hand. She looked visibly shocked. The General quickly pressed his wet finger into the black silks between Malin’s legs.

“Understand this, whore. I don’t know what kind of power you wield at court, but I will be quite happy to throw you to the boys out there if you don’t co-operate.”

Malin nodded, she squirmed slightly as the General rotated the finger he had pressed in to her. The General withdrew the finger and then quickly moved around the back of the post. Using his dagger he cut Malin free. The ropes dropped to the floor as Malin gratefully stretched and bent her arms, free from their incarceration. As he walked past her, he shot her a quick smile. He walked over to the cushion laden floor and undid his trousers, slowly, one button at a time. After he pulled them down he lay back on the cushions, his erect cock standing proudly. With his hand he beckoned Malin over.

“You will pleasure me now.”

Malin nodded and slowly sauntered across to the General. Kneeling down, she smiled at him and then leaned forward taking his prick in to her mouth. The General tightened his grip on the dagger just in case. Malin moved her mouth along the shaft deliberately, teasing it with the tip of her tongue. She gripped the base with her hand and made tiny jerking movements, that made the General catch his breath. He could feel the cum starting to rise within him, incredible sensations latina fuck tour porno ran through him.

“Enough,” he called. Malin brought her mouth away from his penis. He could see the look of uncertainty in her. The General moved backwards and then brought himself to stand. He continued to stroke his cock while he spoke to Malin. “Take that off.”

Malin did as she was instructed. Untying it from the back, the black silks fell away exposing her breasts taut and round in front of him. She untied the silks from her midriff too. The General smiled as he noted she was completely shaven.

Standing over, cock in hand, the General watched Malin. Instinctively she moved her arms back, palms flat in the floor and arched her spine. This pushed her breasts up towards him. He gripped his penis now and began to jerk it violently, pulling the skin back and forth. His groan precipitated the hot, white fluid spurting out of him all over Malin. The spunk covered her tits, some on her face and in her hair. So much frustration burst and then faded from the General as he greedily watched Malin let herself be defiled in this way. Malin brought one hand up from the floor and rubbed the spunk into her breasts, making them glisten in the candlelight.

“That’s right,” said the General. “You belong to me now.”

Malin smiled as the General returned to lying on the cushions. She brought one hand from caressing her breasts down between her legs. The General watched as Malin stood up, naked save for her sandals, and walk over to the post she had been tied to. She turned her back on the General and stretched out one arm to the post to steady herself. Malin then stood with her legs apart, bent over. She reached down and touched herself. The General’s pace quickened as she rubbed and teased. Malin then expertly turned around. Thrusting her back against the post, she bent her knees slightly. The General’s prick began to rise again as he watched her rub and circle her clit. Malin’s other hand would pinch and caress her nipples. The General watched fascinated as she gasped. He massaged his cock as she delicately moved her slender fingers around her labia. He had to have her.

The General stood and strode over to Malin. Grabbing her he forcefully moved her hand away from her vagina and looped his other arm around her back. He spun her on to the floor of the tent. She lezbiyen porno collided with the cushions, Malin almost looked shocked. Almost. Slowly Malin turned and this time its was she who layed back. The General’s eyes widened like a child as she opened her legs for him and beckoned him over. He knelt down in front of her slid his hands up her thighs and body and, in one swift movement, penetrated her.

Malin felt both her arms pinned to the floor abover her head as his hand pressed down on hers. The other fumbled and groped at her tit. No gentle caressing now. Malin tried to slide her body down and made herself wider. His rhythmic movement was increasing, pumping harder with every passing second. He sensed Malin knew this, knew that he had no need of teasing or resistence now. She moved her legs further up. The General saw this and siezed the opportunity he’d been given. Leaning back slightly he hooked her legs over both of his shoulders. Malin was almost bent in two, but she did nothing except increase her moaning as the General got deeper inside her. He quickened his pace yet further and Malin’s cries got louder. As her body convulsed the General suddenly slowed, sliding in his prick in and out gently. Her fingernails dug into the General’s back as she unhooked her legs from his shoulders and stretched.

He felt her push him off. The General’s first thought was to retaliate, but the look on her eyes made him do as she said. As the General pulled up on to his knees Malin turned over on to her front and put her self up on all fours. Her beautiful arse loomed in front of him and he placed his hands on both cheeks. He wasted no time and drove his cock in to her pussy. However, Malin brought her thighs close together and shook her head violently. He withdrew and stared at the gorgeous woman in front of him confused. She wiggled her backside at him and smiled.

The General never understood why she let him do this on their first night together, but he did not wait to ask questions. Taking his fingers from her cunt, he smeared the wetness all around the tight, little hole of her arse. Slowly, but forcefully he inched his prick inside it. The feeling of tightness was incredible, the constriction around his cock made every movement feel like rapture. Malin slowly moved with him, ocassionally squeezing her bum hole, making the General gasp. His pushing became more rapid and the spunk shot out of him as Malin milked every lost drop of cum from his penis.

The General kept Malin warm that night, but did not and could not sleep. His eyes darted with every movement outside, every tiny sound, ready to react if need be. She was his now and no one was going to take her away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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