In Her Daughter’s Room

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Stephanie’s heart started racing and she felt herself beginning to get wet as she read the text.

“Take your clothes off and go into Amanda’s room.”

A month ago, she never would’ve dreamed that she would get this turned on by such a taboo act, but all that changed the night she met Matt. It had started innocently enough with some flirting at the bar but a couple of drinks and a few amazing kisses later she had brought him back to her home. She tried resisting when he pulled her into her daughter’s bedroom, but the sheer naughtiness of allowing herself to be taken on her teenage daughter’s bed overwhelmed her and she had submitted. Since then, each time they would meet, she would get more and more taboo. She realized that Matt got off on pushing her boundaries, but she had never expected that she would get off on it too.

She nervously eyed the clock as she walked through the house naked. “Stop worrying,” she told herself. Her daughter Amanda was spending the weekend at a friend’s house. “No one will ever know what a kinky slut you are. No one except Matt.”

Her cell phone rang just as she reached Amanda’s bedroom door. She answered and heard Matt’s voice. “Hello my sexy little slut. Are you in her room yet?”

“I’m just walking in,” she replies. She opens the door and walks into her 18 year old daughter’s bedroom. It’s almost a teenage girl cliché. A few boy band posters on the wall. Pink everywhere.

Steph could almost hear the grin in Matt’s voice as he said, “Good. I let myself in earlier today and put something on her bed for you. Put it on and I’ll be back there in 10 minutes,” then hung up.

At first she was confused. The only things on the bed were some of Amanda’s clothes. Then she realized that they weren’t just random clothes, it was an outfit. Midriff baring T-shirt, miniskirt, panties and knee high socks. “Is he high?” she thought. Sure Amanda had gotten to the point where she actually czech taxi porno was borrowing some of her mom’s clothes, but Steph didn’t believe that she could fit in her daughter’s. Or could she? Everything else she had tried with Matt had been so hot, what could it hurt to try them on.

She walked over to the bed and recognized the shirt as the one Amanda had been wearing a couple of days ago. Had he pulled them out of the hamper? Then she noticed the panties and it clicked. Matt rummaging through her daughter’s dirty clothes, touching her underwear and picking out a pair of dirty panties for her mom to wear. “Did he sniff them?” she wondered. She picked them up. Innocent white cotton bikini briefs. Almost unconsciously, she brings them up to her face and inhales, smelling her daughter’s sweat and pussy juices in them even after a few days. A brief sense of shame washes over her, but is quickly replaced by lust as she feels how wet her pussy is getting. It’s so wrong but it’s making her feel so good.

She bends over, steps into her daughter’s panties and pulls them up. They’re a little snug but they fit. She immediately becomes aware of her juices making the fabric moist. The thought of her pussy rubbing against the same fabric that her daughter’s had also rubbed against causing her to become even wetter.

Next she slips on the t-shirt. Matt hadn’t left out a bra. She quickly realizes why he wants her braless, as the feel of the tight fabric rubbing against her nipples sends electric tingles throughout her body.

She just finishes putting on the skirt and rolling up the knee high socks when she hears the front door open and someone coming up the steps. She takes a quick look in the mirror to check herself out when the door opens.

“Amanda, what have I told you about dressing like such a slut?” Matt says as he walks into the room.

Stephanie is stunned to hear him call her defloration porno by her daughter’s name. “Um…Uh…” she stammers.

“Answer me young lady,” he interrupts her. He crosses his arms and stares at her sternly, his lips curling into a wicked grin.

That same awkward mix of shame and lust wash over her as she can’t believe she’s about to play along with this. “Y…you told me that I need to dress appropriately. Like a proper young lady.”

“That’s right,” he replied. She could see the satisfaction on his face that she was submitting to his game. “But here you are again, dressed like that. Why? Do you like the way it gets boys to look at you?”

“Yes sir,” she answers.

“But you don’t just do it for the boys in your school, do you?” he pushes. “You’re getting a lot of attention from their dads and your teachers too, aren’t you? You like the way they look at you, don’t you?”

She barely realizes that she says “Yes sir,” as she visualizes what he’s saying. Imagining her teacher’s lingering glances at her legs trying to get a glimpse up her skirt in class. Or a classmate’s father ogling her tight teenaged ass.

“You like showing off around the house too. Running around the house in just a t-shirt and panties. Teasing daddy. Don’t you?” He stepped closer to her.

Her answer comes out in barely a whisper, “Yes, daddy.”

His erection, barely contained by the thin fabric of his slacks, rubs against her hip as he stands next to her. She feels his breath on her neck. “Do you feel what your teasing is doing to daddy?” he asks.

“I’m sorry, daddy,” she replies as her hand reaches out and rubs his cock. “Don’t be mad. Please, let me make it up to you.”

He leans in and kisses her roughly. Hands reaching under her skirt, grabbing her ass and pulling her against his body. His fingers find her soaking wet pussy. He moans into her mouth, “If you’re going fake agents porno to dress like a little slut, maybe daddy needs to start treating you like one.” Then turns her around and bends her over the bed.

She feels him lift up her skirt and pull Amanda’s panties to the side exposing her aching pussy. “Please daddy. I need you so badly,” she giggles as she hears his pants unzipping. He enters her roughly. She’s so wet that his thick shaft slides into her effortlessly. “Fuck me daddy! Oh God yes!!”

His hands grab her hips and pull her to meet his every thrust. His cock sliding in and out. In and out. She moans loudly and pulls at her daughter’s bedsheets as waves of ecstasy radiate through her body. Seeing her daughter’s pictures on the wall causes her to feel guilty again but that is quickly overcome though as her orgasm builds and she climaxes loudly. “FuckMeFuckMeFuckMe!! GodYesDaddy!! FuckYourLittleGirl!!”

He pulls out and flips her over on her back. She sees her juices glistening on him as his cock bounces in the air briefly before he re-enters her. He kisses her neck and ear and whispers, “I forgot to mention. Amanda called earlier when I was setting everything up. Her friend has the flu so she’ll be home after school like normal.” He sees the panic in her eyes as she realizes that her daughter will be home any minute now. Her mind screaming at her to stop and clean up but he feels too good inside her. Another orgasm is building, driven by the added risk and the feel of his thick cock thrusting inside her. She cums again even harder this time and he thrusts as deeply into her as he can and moans loudly. She feels him explode inside her.

Panting, she can’t catch her breath as he rolls off of her. His cum dripping out of her pussy and soaking her daughter’s sheets. He leans over to her and kisses her. His hands pull her panties back into place, catching his cum and holding it against her freshly fucked pussy.

He gets up, tucks his cock back into his pants and walks to the door. “Amanda should be getting off the bus any second now. I’d better go,” he says. “When you take these panties off, make sure you put them in with Amanda’s clean underwear so she accidentally can wear them.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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