In for a Penny

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I got a bit of a surprise the first time that I met Penny. She and Gayle worked together. And Gayle often spoke about her. ‘Penny and I did this. Penny and I did that.’ And, in my mind, I had this picture of Penny as a tallish, willowy woman with shoulder-length dark hair. I guess it may have had something to do with Penny Barton, a girl I had known when I was growing up.

‘Penny is going to drop some stuff off later,’ Gayle said. ‘I’ve suggested she stay for a drink. I’ve put some wine in the fridge. I was thinking that it might be nice to have it outside, out on the terrace. Now that it’s daylight saving, we should make the most of it.’

‘Makes sense,’ I said.

And, in due course, Penny arrived. My mind’s eye picture of her had been partly right. She was tall. Five-ten? Something like that. And she had shoulder-length dark hair. But there was nothing willowy about her. Penny was a sturdy oak. But a very attractive sturdy oak. She was a full-on BBW.

I think that some people use the term BBW when what the really mean is that a woman is a bit on the fat side. Big? Tick. Woman? Tick. But beautiful? Mmm… maybe not so much. At least, not in the conventional sense. However, Penny really was beautiful. She really was a BBW. Trust me.

‘Mike, meet Penny,’ Gayle said.

‘I’ve heard so much about you,’ Penny said, as she held out a carefully-manicured hand.

‘Hmm… well, in my defence, fifty percent of what you’ve probably heard is just a case of mistaken identity,’ I told her. ‘And the other half, I simply deny.’

Penny laughed. ‘Oh, not all of it has been bad.’

‘Really? Well, in that case, perhaps you could email me a list of the ones I should own up to,’ I suggested. And Penny laughed again.

* * *

‘So, that was Penny,’ I said, as Gayle and I tidied up after Penny had disappeared into the night.


‘She’s nice,’ I said. ‘Very nice.’

‘She is. Why? What were you expecting?’ Gayle asked.

‘I’m not sure. I think, in my mind, I was expecting someone a bit like Penny Barton.’

‘Who’s Penny Barton?’

‘A girl who used to live along the road from us when I was growing up. Tall. Dark hair. And built like a bean pole.’

Gayle laughed. ‘Not the same Penny then.’

‘No. Definitely not.’

* * *

It may have been my imagination, but I thought that, once I had met Penny, Gayle seemed to mention her rather more often. And then Gayle announced that she and Penny were going to go and check out the new Bar None. Would I like to join them? I would have. Yes. But I had a meeting at the yacht club. A group of boat-owners were lobbying for a change in the classification rules. They reckoned that the rules as they stood favoured the newer boats. And those who thought this way did sort of have a point. ‘Have fun though,’ I said.

‘We will. We’re going to see if we can find Penny a man,’ Gayle said.

‘Oh? Does she fly solo? I didn’t realise.’

‘She had a chap. But he took a job up north. Now she’s on her own.’

‘Well… good luck,’ I said.

As things turned out, the girls didn’t find a chap for Penny. But they did rather enjoy Bar None. ‘We’ll have to make a return visit,’ Gayle said when she was telling me about it. ‘Perhaps one night when you’re available.’

‘I’d like that,’ I said.

Later that night, when I had Gayle naked on the bed and I was ‘giving the dog a bone’ (so to speak), I wondered about Penny. Gayle was slim, trim, and fit (in both senses of the word). Penny was neither slim nor trim. And yet there was definitely something very sexy about her.

* * *

A few nights after Gayle and Penny’s unsuccessful trip to Bar None, I had a dream about Penny.

I was in the bar at the yacht club. Reading the draft version of the new classification rules. The rules ankara duşta veren escortlar started out quite sensibly, and then they wandered off into pizza recipes and the need to carry lawn mowers on all boats with a waterline length exceeding eight metres. Weird. And then Penny arrived.

‘Hello,’ she said. ‘Gayle said that I would find you here.’

‘Oh, hello. How are you?’

‘I’ve come to be measured,’ Penny said.


‘Yes. It says here that I need to have my waterline, my boobs, and my mainsail measured by a certified measurer.’ And she waved some kind of form.

‘Am I a certified measurer?’ I asked.

‘Gayle said that you were.’

‘Oh. Well, we had better go up to the billiard room then,’ I said.

The funny thing was, by the time that I got up to the billiard room, Penny was already there. She had her skirt hitched up around her waist and her knickers were down around her knees. ‘Which bit do you need to measure?’ she asked. ‘The front? Or the back?’ And then I woke up.

‘Do you ever have dreams about things that you have never actually seen?’ I asked Gayle.

‘I don’t know. I never remember my dreams,’ she said. ‘Why?’

I was about to tell her about the yacht club, and Penny, and Penny lifting her skirt and dropping her knickers and proudly showing off her plump slot, but I thought that Gayle would just think that it was weird. Or that I was weird. So I didn’t say anything.

* * *

Fast forward a few days. Gayle and I had spent the evening in our tiny back garden. Mowing. Weeding. Trimming. Watering. All the usual stuff. And then I had gone for a shower. And Gayle had joined me. Officially, we were there to rinse off the sweat and the dust. Unofficially, we were there to fondle the flesh that was in front of us. And then it was off to bed for more ‘hands on’ experiences.

We were in what I believe is known as ‘the leapfrog position’. Gayle was kneeling with her pert arse in the air, her head and shoulders down on her pillow. I was astern of her, my cock in her cunt, my thumb working her delightfully-slicked arsehole.

‘How’s your friend Penny?’ I asked.

‘She’s OK. Why?’

‘Still flying solo?’

‘Unfortunately,’ Gayle said. ‘Why do you ask?’

‘We should see if she would like to join us,’ I suggested.

‘Supper? Yes. A good idea.’

‘Well… supper. Yes. But I was thinking more about having her join us for afters.’ And, even as I said it, I felt my cock twitch deep inside Gayle’s hot hole.

Gayle laughed. But then she said: ‘Are you serious?’

‘Just a thought,’ I said. ‘But a serious thought. Well… a bit serious, anyway.’

Gayle laughed again. ‘Do you fancy her?’

‘Who? Penny?’


‘Don’t you?’ I said.

Gayle didn’t say anything, but I could tell by the way that she wriggled her arse that she was thinking about it.

* * *

And it seems that Gayle must have done more that just think about it, because when I got home from work the following evening, Gayle announced that Penny was going to be joining us for supper on Saturday night.

‘Nice,’ I said. ‘And did you… umm…?’

‘Did I?’ Gayle said.

‘Yes. Did you… umm… you know… did you canvass her feelings on the possibility of joining us for afters?’

Gayle laughed. ‘You still like that idea, do you?’

‘Well… you know… just a thought.’

Gayle nodded. ‘It’s a thought,’ she said. ‘But, no. I didn’t exactly put it on that possibility on the table. I thought we’d just see how things went. She might not… well… you know.’

‘But you think it’s a good idea?’

Gayle laughed again. ‘You clearly do. But let’s just see how things work out, shall we?’

It wasn’t quite everything that I had hoped for. But it was a start. It elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar was definitely a start.

* * *

When Penny arrived on Saturday evening she was looking especially attractive. Or maybe I was just projecting my hopes for what, with any sort of luck, might take place later.

We began the evening with a round of Buck’s Fizz — two parts méthode Champenoise sparkler and one part orange juice. Always a great party-starter. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the sparkling wine contains about the same amount of alcohol as still white wine but, thanks to the bubbles of carbon dioxide, the alcohol gets into the bloodstream so much quicker. A sort of turbo charger for the libido.

‘Cheers,’ I said. ‘And may I say that you two ladies are looking exceptionally lovely this evening.’ And they were. They were both dressed in soft, summery dresses. They were both wearing casual-yet-elegant sandals.

‘Thank you,’ Penny said. ‘And thank you for inviting me over.’

* * *

Neither Gayle nor I is much into complicated cooking. We both like good food. But we tend to like it prepared simply. For supper with Penny, we barbequed a spatchcocked chicken and served it with garlic bread and a simple chopped salad. Before barbequing the chicken, we marinated it in a concoction of soy sauce, olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, and smoked paprika. It was delicious.

‘Your house is very private, isn’t it?’ Penny said, as we sat in our small dining room with the French doors open out onto the small terrace and back garden. ‘You’d never know that you were in central London.’

‘It’s only small,’ Gayle said. ‘But, yes. We did think about getting a bigger place. But now we’re thinking of doing away with this dining room, extending the kitchen, and then putting in a spa pool. Outside but under cover. Probably at the end of the terrace.’

Penny nodded.

‘Do you like a spa pool?’ Gayle asked.

‘I don’t really have a lot of experience,’ Penny said. ‘Of spa pools, I mean.’ And she laughed. ‘Although Edward and I rented a place up in the Lake District once. For a holiday. That had a spa pool. Quite a spacious one. Room for several people. We seemed to go from supper to the pool to the bedroom — if you see what I mean.’ And she laughed again.

‘I do indeed,’ Gayle said with a broad smile.

Oh, good, I thought, as I topped up the wine glasses, Gayle has finally got the conversation moving in the right direction.

‘We will, of course, have a no-suits policy,’ I said, adding my smile to Gayle’s.

‘No suits?’ Penny said.

‘Naked only. In the pool.’

Penny giggled.

‘In fact… we could have naked supper policy,’ I said. ‘A naked supper followed by a naked soak. What do you think?’

Penny giggled again and looked across at Gayle who smiled and nodded. ‘Yes. That’s a thought,’ Gayle said. ‘Certainly on a night like this. Although I’m not sure about the depths of winter.’

‘Just crank up the heating,’ I said.

Gayle smiled again. ‘I suppose so,’ she said.

‘What do you think, Penny?’ I asked.

Penny laughed and nodded. ‘Yes. I suppose so. Clothes can sometimes be a bit over-rated, can’t they?’

‘They can be,’ I said. ‘Yes.’ And, bingo! we had reached the point in the conversation for Gayle to ‘lay it on the table’, so to speak. But perhaps not in my presence. ‘If you ladies will excuse me, I think I may need to make a pit stop,’ I said.

* * *

When I took my cock out to pee, it was clear that my cock had been following the conversation. It wasn’t by any means upstanding. But it wasn’t exactly drooping either.

I wondered how Gayle had broached the subject. And I wondered how Penny had reacted. Penny had certainly seemed relaxed etimesgut iranlı escort with the direction of the conversation. There was definitely a naughty glint in her eye. And then I thought: Oh, fuck it! Fortune favours the brave. And, on my way back to the dining room, I stopped off in the bedroom and removed my clothes. Every last stitch.

* * *

‘So… how are we?’ I said, when I re-joined the ladies

Gayle laughed. ‘Well, you are naked,’ she said.

‘Oh, gosh. So I am. And may I say that it feels very nice. Very nice indeed. We may not have a spa pool — at least not yet — but still…. We can pretend. Are you ladies going to join me?’

Gayle looked across at Penny. ‘We might,’ Gayle said. ‘What do you think, Penny?’

For a moment, Penny seemed to hesitate. And then she smiled — a little nervously — and she nodded.

‘Perhaps in the bedroom?’ Gayle suggested.

* * *

I let the girls undress each other as I watched on from ‘the bedroom chair’, arranging and rearranging my growing cock. If they presented a contrast when dressed, they presented even more of a contrast as the layers were removed. Not that there were many layers to be removed.

As I have already mentioned, both women were wearing soft, summery dresses. Beneath her dress, Gayle was wearing just a skimpy pair of bikini-style knickers. Her apple-sized boobs had no need for a bra. Penny, on the other hand, was wearing a matching bra and knickers set. Her bra was an elegant feat of engineering. And she needed it. Each of her breasts was considerably bigger than her head.

And when Gayle lowered Penny’s knickers, there was another surprise. When Penny had presented herself for measuring, in the billiard room at the yacht club, her mound had been clean shaven. Almost cleaner-than-clean shaven. But, as Gayle made the grand reveal, Penny had somehow acquired a beautiful silky snatch thatch. Yes, beautiful.

‘You’re beautiful,’ Gayle said. ‘Beautiful.’ And I could see that she meant it.

As I watched, Gayle guided naked Penny onto our king-sized bed and began covering her melon-sized boobs with little kisses.

Penny giggled lightly, and then squirmed and lifted her left knee. Then she let her knee fall. Outwards. Exposing her beautiful crotch. From where I was sitting, I could see it all. Her rounded belly. Her broad hips. Her plump thighs. And, yes, her equally-plump, fur-covered valley of sex. At least I could see her valley of sex until she half covered it with her elegant hand.

Her hand was not there to protect her modesty. It was there to delve, deeply, between her puffy outer lips. Watching her was almost as exciting as it might have been if it had been my own hand in there.

And then Gayle ‘encouraged’ Penny to turn over onto her tummy. From there, Gayle gently pushed Penny’s hair aside and began putting little kisses on the back of Penny’s neck while massaging her shoulders. And then her back. Gradually working her way lower and lower, until she reached the smooth mountains of Penny’s beautiful buttocks.

‘Oh, yes,’ Penny moaned.

And then Gayle’s hand slipped down between the mountains and Penny spread her thighs slightly. At that point, I couldn’t actually see what Gayle’s fingers were up to, but I could imagine.

Penny moaned again and gradually raised her big voluptuous arse off the bed.

‘Time for some cock?’ Gayle said softly.

‘Oh, yes,’ came the reply. And Penny raised her arse still higher.

‘Let’s get you up onto your knees, then,’ Gayle said. And then, turning to me, she said: ‘I think your services may be required.’

I didn’t need a second invitation. In two ticks — maybe less — I was out of my chair and positioning myself astern of BBW Penny. For a moment or two, Gayle continued to work Penny’s slippery slot, and then she withdrew her now-slippery fingers and coated the head of my cock. And then it was time to lead my cock to its destination.

As Gayle took my cock in one hand and used her other hand to part Penny’s beautiful plump labia, I knew that we were about to set off on a whole new erotic adventure.

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