I’m with the Band [Part 1]

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This is my first erotic story and I’ve read quite a few. I’m sorry if this doesn’t live up to high standards, but it is my first, so only helpful or nice comments, please.

I stepped off the stage, adrenaline surged through me as my makeup artist immediately began to fuss around my face. “No matter how many times,” I laughed, “it’s still amazing when I go up there.” I said to Elijah.
He turned around, his electric guitar hanging off the straps that were wound over his shoulders. “One last song and then we’re done,” he said, “it’s kinda sad though, right Becky?” He said over the roar of the fans outside. He ran a hand through his dark hair, “You ready?”
I nodded and quickly ran back out onto the stage, taking hold of the mic. “You guys enjoying the show so far?” I yelled, the scream of the fans answered my question. “Awesome!” I grinned, “We’ve had just as much fun as you guys have. Touring the world to perform for you guys has been extraordinary,” I beamed, “This is our last song for the whole tour and we hope you guys enjoy it.” I said, unhooking the mic from it’s stand. Janelle, our keyboard player began the first notes as Elijah joined in with the guitar and Max began to play the drums, and soon enough, I was pouring my heart out into the mic.

I awoke with a groan, my head pounded, no thanks to the massive hangover I had from the small after party we had all had after we got back to the motel. Soon enough, I could hear the sound of a bed creaking and banging against the wall coming from the room across from my room in our motel suite.
Curious, I slowly got up and pulled a silk dressing gown over my naked body (I had a tendency to sleep naked at times), I carefully opened my door and soon enough, words from the room hit my ears.
“Oh, yes! Yes, fuck me, Max!” It was undoubtedly Janelle, her voice was breathless and I heard a grunt coming from who could none other be Max.
I crept towards Janelle’s bedroom door, which was open a crack. I could feel my pussy tingling slightly as I looked through the crack, surprised to see Janelle leaning over the bed on all fours, her smooth, round ass was in the air and I could see the side of Max’s body as he pounded into her asshole. His thick, long cock glistened with her juices, pushing her forward whenever he slammed into her.
“Oh my god,” Janelle breathed, “I’m gonna cum! Baby, I’m gonna cum!” She squealed slightly, her strawberry blonde hair fell over izmir escort bayan her shoulders as she writhed against his cock, “Fuuuuuck,” she moaned as Max pulled out of her. She turned around, breathing heavily before taking Max’s hard cock into her small hand and began to pump furiously. She licked the tip which was glistening with her juices. “Yes,” Max grunted, “yeah, suck that cock, baby.”
Janelle did as she was told, placing her plump lips on the tip before taking it all in her throat in a flash. Max threw his head back and moaned, tightening his grip on the back of her head. He took his cock and pumped it furiously and soon enough, hot jets of white, fresh cum hit Janelle’s nose and lips. She licked eagerly and began to suck his cock, swallowing the white seed before Max leant down and kissed her full on the lips. “You’re so fucking good,” Max grunted, pushing her down on the bed.
I decided to creep away from the door, backing into my own room. I could feel my pussy beginning to produce it’s own juices. I collapsed onto my bed, trying to figure out what I just saw. I had no idea Janelle and Max had a thing, sure, they usually flirted with each other, but I never thought they were fuck buddies, or maybe even in a serious realtionship.
I wondered if Elijah had heard, which led me to think of him in his bed, next to my room. Maybe he was even pumping his own cock. I had never seen it before, hell, I wasn’t a virgin, I had my fair share of sex, but the thought of Elijah naked and in bed had my tweaking at my rock hard nipples.
I pulled open my dressed drawer and retrieved the cotton candy pink dildo I had stashed in there. I laid back on the pillows and slowly stroked the cold rubber over my wanting pussy lips. I slowly pushed it in until the rubber balls were pressed against the skin of my ass. “Mmmm,” my lips parted as I let out a soft moan, the thoughts of Janelle and Max swirled in my mind before they were replaced with thoughts of Elijah doing naughty things to me. My pussy muscles clenched against the dildo as a rush of pleasure surged through me. I imagined Elijah’s cock pushing into my pussy, how it would feel. It had to be big, Elijah came off as such a bad boy, it had to be big. I found myself pulling the dildo out, the surface glistened with my own juices before I pushed it back in, moaning a little louder at the pleasure it gave me. Soon enough, I was fucking myself with a rubber dick on all fours like a horny buca escort teenager. “Oh, yes, Elijah,” I whispered breathlessly, pounding myself with the dildo which forced pleasure through me, my thumb glided over my clit, pinching and pulling as I fucked myself silly. “Fuck me, Elijah.” I moaned loudly before biting my lip. I didn’t want anyone hearing, but the thought of Elijah walking in and seeing me like his drove me a climax that went through the roof. I shuddered as I came, my fingers were slick with juices as I collapsed onto the silk sheets.

After I had showered, I walked out for breakfast, not surprised that Janelle and Max were nowhere in sight. Elijah was there though, shirtless and tanned whilst he sipped a cup of coffee. “Morning,” he nodded, sitting down on the couch.
I gave a fake yawn, as if I just got up, “Morning,” I smiled, pouring myself some left over coffee. “Sleep alright?” I asked.
“No.” Elijah gave the coffee a cold, hard stare, his grey eyes annoyed. “Janelle and Max were fucking like dogs all night. Or worse, horny teenagers.”
I pretended to be surprised, “What?” I blinked.
Elijah rolled his eyes, “You don’t know? They’ve been together for a week now. Geez, I thought you and Jan were friends.”
“We are,” I said quickly, “I guess that’s what I heard this morning.” I shrugged.
“Yeah,” he barked, “that’s what I heard all night.” He put on a high pitched voice, “’Fuck me, Max, oh baby, fuck me!’” He rolled his eyes.
I laughed, taking a sip of my own coffee, “Don’t act like you’re any better. We’ve all heard you and whatever delirious fan you had preyed on after a concert.”
“Japanese girls are the best,” Elijah teased, “tight little pussies and even tighter assholes.”
“Gross!” I scoffed, “No one needs to hear about your reckless endeavors.”
Elijah rose his mug, “That’s a good name for a song, write that down.”
I frowned, “Tight pussies and even tighter assholes?”
“No, you dud,” he smirked, “Reckless Endeavors. Good tour name too. Maybe next year.”
I sat down on the couch next to him, his elbow brushed against mine as we watched the morning news, which was mostly about our last performance of our world tour, ‘Diamond in the Rough’. Our band name was The Delirious, but our album, ‘Diamond in the Rough’ was the album that made us famous three years ago, it only seemed right to name our first world tour after the album that got us famous.
“Listening to Janelle and izmir escort Max go at it does have you thinking though,” Elijah said out of nowhere.
I rose an eyebrow, “Oh? About what?”
Elijah shrugged, “Maybe she has a nice pussy, that’s all I’m saying.”
I nudged him in the ribs with my elbow, “You and your vulgar language.”
Elijah scoffed, “Says you! ‘Fuck me, Elijah!’” He mimicked.
I felt the color drain from my cheeks, “You heard that?”
Elijah took both our mugs and ran a hand up my thigh, stopping at my shorts, “Everyone in New York probably heard it,” he whispered huskily, slowly pushing me down onto the couch. “And I admit, I’ve wanted to have my go at you for a long time.”
I found myself breathing heavily before his lips crashed onto mine in a rough, passionate kiss. His lips were soft and longing as I ran my fingers through his dark brown hair.
His fingers fumbled with my short buttons as he pulled my pants down to my knees, revealing my soaked, pink panties. Elijah pulled me onto his lap and cupped my pussy, running his fingers over the sheer fabric, sending waves of pulsing pleasure through me. I stifled a soft moan, gripping his shoulders as I straddled him, kicking off my pants but supporting myself with my knees on the couch, giving him access to my pussy. He pulled my panties down slowly, revealing my clean shaven, slick with juices pussy.
“God, Becky,” he whispered, cupping my bare pussy before parting the lips slightly. His thumb rolled over my clit, sending tremors through my body. His thumb came back glistening with juices and he licked it clean before reaching behind me, he ran his thumb down the crack of my ass, soon coming to my pussy, his thumb brushed over my opening which had my knees shaking as I struggled to support myself. He wrapped his free arm around my waist, steadying me before he pushed two of his fingers into me. “Oh, fuck,” I moaned as he took one of my boobs in his mouth. “Elijah,” I moaned, digging my nails into his bare shoulders. His fingers pumped into me, sending wave after wave of lust through me as his thumb pressed against my clit. I find myself grinding into his fingers as I reached my climax. “Fuck, Elijaaaaaah,” I moaned loudly, shuddering against his fingers, I collapsed onto his lap, my pussy throbbed from cumming as he released my nipple from his mouth and sliding his fingers out of, he sucked them clean before looking up.
“Looks like we have an audience.”
I turned around, still breathing heavily. I was very surprised when I saw Janelle and Max standing just mere meters from us.

Should I continue this?

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