I’m Never Alone

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I used to find living alone to be boring and lonely at times, my nights in bed, cold and empty and my days passing and that’s all, no purpose visible. It seems I was just here for no apparent reason and with no feeling. It’s a lonely and empty life when there is no one to love or to love you.

Then I met him. It started out innocent, just as friends and without realising; it grew to be more. I felt as though I had a reason to be here and really missed him when he wasn’t around, the friendship became more involved, sharing things between each other that were only our secrets.

Not long after, the flutters started at words or phrases he might say, then the tingles and it still amazes me that they are real. The shivers and the warm glow in the pit of my stomach. I don’t think he even realised what he was doing to me. It was like being made love to but with words instead of touches. I almost died the first time it happened; I didn’t know it was possible. My first orgasm with no physical contact at all, just words, his words.

The first time it happened we were playing a game of pool together, it happened in other places too and the more it happened the more intense they got. He would say a few words, they didn’t even have to be sexual, just words, my body would shiver and become warm, muscles contracting and releasing in certain areas that had not been touched for so long. I would feel a blush creeping up from my neck to my face and although I couldn’t see myself, I knew I was glowing. For a long time, those feelings that youporn porno he gave me satisfied me totally. There was no need for physical touch because I had him.

Our relationship, to me, became more real and stronger, the love grew deeper and the dreams more vivid.

The dreams! Early on I really didn’t remember them except that he was there and the traces that he left on my body when I woke. I even started to wonder if someone had been in my bed. But in my heart I knew it was he and only he. I woke one night to the touch of his hand on my face and the smell of roses, I wasn’t scared or worried, it was the gentlest caress and full of love. I was safe.

My dreams would leave me in a state of total satisfaction and bliss; I looked forward to going to bed at night because I knew he would visit me in my sleep. My imagination was working so well that I could feel his arms around me even while I was awake. I could feel the kisses on the back of my neck and his fingers touching my arms or my face, running down my body to explore all the places saved only for him. He is the only person that can reach the most intimate places in me. I would fall asleep in his arms with his hot, light breath on my skin and the dreams would begin again. Always different, never the same. The only thing that remained constant was that he was always there, is always there and I hope forever will be.

I go to bed now looking forward to just laying beside him, to feel him close, sometimes he touches me in ways that will make zenci porno me shiver. I can feel his lips leaving traces of feather light kisses over my body, touching every part imaginable. I can’t help but respond now, he urges me to. I feel his lips on my neck and his tongue rolling over my collar bone slowly his mouth wonders over to my ear nibbling, bitting and licking them, his hands roaming all over me, my breasts, my arms, my stomach, my hair, everywhere. His lips and teeth on my breasts, biting and gently sucking them. My own hands start a journey of their own. They wander over my body; the thoughts and feelings overtake my mind until I have no control over what I’m doing. He never leaves me or moves away from me but he settles to watch me explore myself.

As my hands move over me with a mind of their own, brush over my nipples and pinch and roll them between their fingers, gently massaging them just as he would, but there is another sensation like air being blown onto them, he is closer again. The hands continue to roam over my body and I imagine that they are his moving down my belly to where the heat begins. Fingers massaging lips that have become so wet with his attention. Fingers brushing over my clit now hard and prominent, it sends shock waves through me and makes me shiver, those fingers pinching, circles and strokes while the other hand explores deep within me. It wasn’t long before those fingers, in my imagination; his fingers bought me to my first tingling warm orgasm. Being greedy as I am I wanted xhamster porno more, I wasn’t ready to stop yet, it felt too good and I knew the next one to come would be mind blowing.

I reached to my bedside drawer to get my toy, which I named “Ohh Baby” I turn the clit tickler on and move it over my breasts and down to my still tingling, pulsating wet pussy, coating Ohh Baby with my flowing juices, bringing the tickler back to my bud, the first touch is electrifying and my body responds immediately as does my imagination as he moves down and takes over my hands, controlling the toy. He teases me with it and moves it around and although it feels wonderful he knows where I want it, I can feel his grin rather than see it, as he probes and touches areas that are sending me to the highest of heights. Finally very lightly brushing my clit and I cry out, he massages until my body goes calm at first (the calm before the storm), total bliss and then he inserts the shaft, turning it on vibrate and rotate while the assault on my bud continues. My imagination allows me to feel his mouth and hot tongue flickering over my clit. The thought alone drives me wild, but the feeling is pure. I start to shake and shiver, gyrate and spasm and orgasm has finally come, he pushes deeper and my muscles contract around the shaft, I cant help but call his name as a wave of heat and another indescribable feeling washes over me, starting at my pussy and spreading to the tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes.

He holds me close and gentle as the shudders subside and the waves of ecstasy pass. My breathing settles and I feel him hold me closer as I whisper “I love you” and fall into the most peaceful sleep, feeling safe and very much loved, knowing he’s there and so close. And the dreams begin again.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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