I’ll Do Anything Pt. 02

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(Author’s note: This section is best read after I’ll Do Anything Pt. 01. My thanks to BrokenBrumbyGirl for her work as a volunteer editor.)


Charlie continued to bite and kiss her neck, sometimes lightly, sometimes harder with more urgency. As he did, he started squeezing her breasts once more, purposely moving his fingers away from her nipples. Lucy put her head back, tilting it away from him, giving him access to her neck. Her hands reached up to clutch his, trying to steer them towards her nipples. But Charlie wouldn’t allow it. He kept away from them; sometimes getting so close, he could hear her take in a deep breath, then sigh as he moved away. Lucy reached behind her with her right hand to rub his cock, but he stopped her.

“It’s your turn,” was all he said.

He went back to bite, nibble and kiss her neck. He tilted her head to the opposite side and clamped down on the nape of her neck quickly biting just hard enough to cause a little pain, but not enough to really hurt her. Charlie reached quickly for both her nipples at the same time. He pinched them and tugged them firmly. He then pressed them back in and started the small circles as he did before. Charlie loved the way Lucy reacted, how her breath would gasp then submit to the pleasure that followed. Her breath was becoming deeper now, the fire down below starting to build.

Charlie quickly turned her around and covered her mouth with his. He kissed her deeply with his eyes closed. Just his lips upon hers. The Sergeant loved to just kiss a woman. Too many women seemed to immediately want to French kiss right away, to start their tongues on a sword dance. He held Lucy close, using his left hand on the small of her back to pull her towards him with an urgency. His right hand rubbed and kneaded her left breast firmly. He broke the kiss, slowly moving away, his eyes locked onto hers as he stood. His hands still held her as he turned her positioning her so her back was to the desk. He lifted her easily and helped her sit on its surface. Charlie moved back, but his pants around his ankles caused him to almost stumble. He had forgotten about them while Lucy was going down on him. She giggled as he grabbed her to steady himself. He looked down, smirked and knelt down to remove his boots.

Charlie had zippers tied in with shoelaces at the opening of his combat boots. It was an easy and quick maneuver to unzip them and kick them off his feet. As he stood, he xvideos porno stepped out of his pants and underwear, kicking them to the side out of the way. He smiled at Lucy as she watched him with amusement, then he reached for her tits again. She leaned back a little teasing him, causing him to stretch a little to reach them. He enjoyed playing with her tits for a minute or so, looking at the beauty of them, their weight, the way they sagged just slightly. Then he moved his right hand down and took her left nipple in her mouth, tasting her skin, sucking her nipple. A shock ran down Lucy to her clit, she gasped as he kneaded her other breast and started rolling the nipple back and forth with his forefinger and thumb. Charlie began to flick her nipple in his mouth with his tongue then making circles around it only to catch it with his teeth and bite down putting just enough pressure for her to take in a deep breath. Then he switched to the other side, holding it, and started the same motions with that nipple.

After a couple of minutes, the Sergeant moved up to kiss the Senior Airman on the mouth deeply once again, this time pushing his tongue gently in to her mouth. Lucy open her mouth and accepted it, first rubbing it with her own tongue, then closing her lips around it and sucking it like she did his cock earlier. As Charlie pulled away from the kiss, he bent his head down and brought both her breasts together so he could take both nipples in his mouth at the same time. Then he pulled them away from her body and let them snap back into place, watching them bounce slightly. Leaning down he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth gently, sliding his lips off, ending the move in a slight kiss on the tip of it. Repeating the same with the other.

Charlie backed away from Lucy dropping his hand to the underside of her thigh. He walked carefully backward dragging his hand under her leg. As he got to the underside of her knee he reached down, moved back, pulling her leg up by the calf to rest it on his stomach so he could untie her combat boots. He took his time untying her boots, pulling each one off slowly tossing them to the corner where her weapon was. He lowered her legs back to the dangling position they were in before and slid his hands up each side of her legs. Not in a hurry and casually he reached for her belt, undoing the clasp in front, undoing the buttons on the fly of her BDU’s (battle dress uniform, camouflaged). yerli porno Charlie reached for the top of her trousers and started working them down under her butt. She lifted her ass off the desk just a little to accommodate him. He slid the pants down her legs, catching her musky scent as they went past her pussy, then looking up at her eyes to see if she noticed. She had her left arm behind her head and was watching him, her eyes glassy with lust, a look of wonder on her face.

The Sergeant pulled her pants off her legs and feet tossing them into the corner with her boots. He ran his hands up the outside of her legs and reached for her granny white underwear. Shame he thought to himself, I would love to see what she wears off duty. Lucy raised up again to accommodate him, as he pulled them in one motion all the way and tossed them where he had kicked his pants. He slowly spread her legs stepping up between them, reaching down to rub the outer lips of her pussy, purposely missing her clit. He watched her face as she adjusted herself, waiting on him to continue. Charlie stepped back and knelt down, his face now just the right height, he took his first good look at her sex. Beautiful, he thought, the inner lips not hanging down, the outer lips keeping them contained inside, the hood over her clitoris visible at the very top of the slit.

He started on her right leg, just above the knee on the inside of her leg, planting small tiny kisses and moving maybe half inch by half inch, then kissing again. He laid his hand flatly on her pussy, feeling her moisture, but still not contacting her clit. The Sergeant still kissed up her leg, about halfway, then bit gently into her leg. She jumped not expecting it, Charlie let go just as quickly and started kissing again. This time all the way up her leg, he placed a quick small kiss on her vagina, then moved away. She spread her legs as far as she could to allow him access.

But Charlie didn’t dive it right then, instead he changed hands rubbing her pussy, quickly moving to her left knee kissing and biting his way towards her pussy once again. Still biting once in a while to make her jump and letting go waiting for her to settle down again. Charlie moved towards her pussy, his rub becoming a bit harder, once in a while letting his finger lightly rub over her clit. He could her hear breath becoming deeper, he could sense her feeling of urgency, her wanting him to devour her. When youjizz porno Charlie reached her pussy, this time he moved over her pussy to the spot where the leg met her pussy and bit down.

Lucy groaned, both in surprise and disappointment. She expected him to start licking her, but he didn’t. He must enjoy teasing, prolonging the waiting. Charlie moved back, Lucy’s hands went to his head trying to urge him towards her, but he resisted. He did start rubbing her more, spreading her outer lips and feeling the inner, spreading her wetness around the lips, pushing a little at the opening without entering inside. Then with her hands on his head he moved his mouth forward, stuck out his tongue and licked up the slit. As his tongue neared the top, he flattened it out over her clit and flicked the little nub with his tongue. Lucy arched her back, pulled in with her hands to try and guide him to stay there.

Charlie slipped his middle finger slowly into her opening, but only to the second knuckle. His tongue then started dancing over her clit, watching her reaction, finding out what she liked the most. Pressing in hard with the tip, then running it around it in a circle, flattening his tongue over it, then closing his lips on it, pulling his tongue away and sucking. Lucy was beside herself, it felt wonderful. Charlie started moving his finger in and out of her, as far in as he could go, then turning his hand over rubbing the front wall looking for the spot. He could tell when he hit it, Lucy tighten, arched her back, Charlie started flicking his tongue quickly and lightly over her clit, rubbing firmly on her g spot till she came. Her legs tightened around his head, her pussy becoming soaked. Her hands holding him in place. Her back still rigid, she moaned but held it in. She wanted to scream, but she didn’t dare. Charlie stopped rubbing her spot and just slowly moved his finger in and out of her pussy. He let her clit go so she could come down. Slowly she relaxed, mumbling, “damn,” so quietly he almost didn’t hear her.

Charlie stood, turning his hand up so he still rubbed,, this time slipping a second finger inside her. He pushed deep, as if he could see if he could hit bottom. Lucy laid there, her arms behind her head to give her something to rest on. Charlie’s hard on began returning.

Charlie pulled his fingers out of her, putting them in his mouth, closing his lips over them and pulling them out so he could taste her. He held his hands out, she reached out and took his, he pulled her into a sitting position, his lips once again seeking hers. He kissed her hard, his lust once again showing through his kiss. Lucy reached down, wrapped her fingers around his cock and slowly started jerking him.

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