I Wish Bree was My Accountant Ch. 05

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On the morning after Brian’s approval of her getting 400-cc implants, Bree called to schedule her surgery. Scheduling was easy but the earliest available date was about four weeks off. The nurse explained that the doctor limited how many procedures he did each week so he could focus better on each patient.

Before her surgery Bree would have to undergo some medical tests to confirm her good health. She also needed to schedule a pre-surgical consultation with the surgeon and anesthesiologist. The nurse told her It wasn’t required but for those receiving large implants the doctor urged each enhancement patient to meet with a psychologist before the surgery. This was to assure the patient wasn’t looking to the surgery to solve complex life issues that larger breasts wouldn’t help. It also established a relationship the patient could go to if she had trouble adjusting to the changes in her life.

The nurse gave Bree a link to website giving a “what to expect” discussion of the post-surgical period, stages of recovery and the like. She agreed to send the pre surgical payment forms, list of required health screenings and psychological referral to Bree by email. Some other forms would be filled out at the pre surgical meeting with the doctor. When the call was done, Bree felt excited. It was going to be a long wait for the surgery and recovery but she was on her way.

Bree’s corset fitting appointment was set for just a few days after the scheduling call. Bree and Brian were both excited about having the surgery scheduled and having the fitting. Her mood fully revealed itself after work on the day after she’d gotten the date for the surgery.

Brian came home to find Bree in the kitchen- wearing only her gel filled bra, sexy panties, and four-inch heels. Her hair was down as was her new norm. She looked incredibly sexy to Brian and he told her so as he grasped her hips from behind. Bree welcomed his attention- turning so they could hug and kiss. His hands found her ass as they stood almost fused together. They kissed passionately for at least a minute.

When the kiss ended Bree took one of his hands off of her ass and pulled him into the living room. She directed him toward the couch and told him to lose his suit jacket and tie. At the couch Bree turned him to have his back to the couch and reached for his belt buckle. Brian smiled broadly as she unzipped his pants and pushed them along with his briefs down to his ankles. She told him to sit down as her hands pushed on him gently.

Bree dropped to her knees and ran her hands up the inside of his thighs. His pants were keeping his legs too close together so Bree had to break from what she’d started to remove his shoes, socks and pants. As she performed these annoying tasks her eyes locked on his. She smiled demurely and then ran her tongue over her lips in a more blatant sexual gesture. While her eyes remained on his face her peripheral vision saw his cock reaching full stature and twitching in the air.

With the constraint of his pants gone she spread his legs and moved closer on her knees. Never losing their eye contact she slowly traced her way up each leg with her fingers. She couldn’t see his cock from her new position but knew it must be hardening nicely. It probably wasn’t aching yet but she’d get it that way soon enough.

As her hands approached his groin she reversed direction and concentrated her touch on his inner thighs from his knees to his groin. She teased him by asking if he liked her hands and fingers on his legs. He didn’t respond so she stopped touching him and questioned why he didn’t like her touch. Of course, he said he had been enjoying her hands and asked her to return.

After paying some attention to the soft skin on his inner thighs she brought her right hand up under his balls and fondled him lovingly. She dropped her eyes to his cock for the first time and was pleased to see it was straining in the air-seeking contact with anything soft. She held off giving it any touch and returned her eyes to Brian’s face that radiated his arousal.

Bree surprised him by saying, “I was thinking that I should get some sexy boots to accent my new look. Tall leather boots with high heels. What do you think?”

Brian’s cock was throbbing and feeling very neglected. He really didn’t want to talk about boots but he also didn’t want to risk disrupting Bree’s mood. The best course seemed to be agreement so he said, “Absolutely. Sexy boots would be great.”

She added, “I was also doing some web surfing on waist training. I think as a practical matter I’ll spend more time in “waist trainers” than corsets. That seems to be the term they use now for “waist cinchers”; they’re the same thing. Anyway, I’ll want to get some very high-end bras and panties to wear with the trainers.”

She knew she was driving him crazy and started talking about some boots she’d found on the Internet. While she spoke she moved her hand from his thigh to tease his cock with the lightest of fingertip touches. Brian’s hips rose as his cock sought more friction but Bree’s fingers pulled away. When he relaxed his hips, she brought bakırköy escort her fingers back- giving him just slightly more contact.

Bree started to speak again. Brian groaned silently as he assumed he’d again have to hear about boots or some other shopping item. She surprised him but dropping her voice and seductively saying, “You’ve been very patient with my teasing. I’m going to give you the sloppiest blow job I can and if you’re not satisfied with my effort, you can punish me. I’d say you could fuck me but your cock is going to be too limp after my mouth finishes with you.”

“I might be limp for the moment but instead of punishment maybe your task will be to work to get me hard again. Then I’ll fuck you and last longer than usual.”

Bree said that was a great idea but better still with the right attention from her, he wouldn’t be allowed to go soft. With that said, she brought her mouth up to his cockhead and dribbled a mouthful of saliva over it. She used her tongue to distribute it which caused Brian to shutter with arousal as the sensations were overwhelming. Bree pulled her mouth back just an inch or two-delighted by his reaction. Two of her fingers grasped his cock at its base and held the jerking shaft still. In a few seconds she accumulated a bit more saliva and ran her parted lips up one side of his cock depositing saliva as she went.

Returning to his corona her mouth enveloped him. Her tongue assaulted his most sensitive crown and she did what she could to add more saliva. Brian seemed to love everything she was doing. As his hips tried to grind upward into her mouth Bree had to abandon his balls and use that hand on his hip to help hold her position on his cock.

When she thought he’d calmed his body gyrations she returned her fingers to the underside of his balls – gently raking her fingernails across the sensitive skin. With her mouth sucking on his cock and her tongue playing on the saliva covered corona it was too much for him. Brian’s body seemed to go rigid and his breath stopped as his balls sent his cum rushing though his cock. He made a loud unintelligible noise as Bree’s mouth accepted his load. She swallowed as much as she could but some leaked out of her mouth.

Bree held still with his cock still buried in her mouth. She knew he was too sensitive for her to continue with any teasing. Bree didn’t know how long she should wait but took a chance after perhaps thirty seconds. Deciding the extra friction provided by her hand might be more effective to keep him hard Bree carefully removed her mouth from his cock deliberately leaving as much new saliva as she could and clamped her hand around his cock. She tried not to move it too much but squeezed more firmly.

Pulling her face back a bit further, she looked up at his face and licked lewdly around her lips twice. She didn’t know if there was any cum actually there or not but did her best to mimic cleaning her lips. She said, “You gave me a little more than my mouth could handle. I’ll have to practice swallowing faster. Are you going to stay hard for me? I really need you to fuck me.”

“Did you like my blowjob technique? I was reading some porn and tried to pick up hints. There was a scene where a sexy call girl was blowing a corporate executive. She tried to always have a hand teasing his balls so I tried to add that to what I usually do. Shall I keep doing that when I’m your big-titted sex toy giving you blow jobs whenever you want?”

She stopped speaking and started to gently stroke his cock with her fingers. Initially he seemed to recoil as being too sensitive but within seconds he was very content and smiled. Bree taunted him, “Are you enjoying my fingers or the thought that when I’m your bimbo I’ll blow you anytime? Or- perhaps it’s both.”

“It’s definitely both,” he panted as her fingers became more aggressive.

Sensing that some dirty talk would help get his cock ready, Bree said, “When we get up in the morning I’d love for you to play with my nipples. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my nipples buried behind the big pads and strong bra. They feel very neglected. Will you suck on them- a lot? I’d like you to tease them with your tongue just like I played with the head of your cock. My nipples have always loved being in your mouth. You know how big and swollen they get. My pussy just clenched as I thought about your teeth scraping over my nipples.”

Brian had mixed feelings about having Bree stop the teasing but he felt he was hard enough to fuck her and had a nagging fear that his erection might fade. He said, “I think it’s time to use this cock that you’ve kept hard. Lie down here across the couch and let me fuck you.”

Bree moved onto the couch with one leg hanging off to better spread her legs. Brian moved over her and slid easily into her welcoming pussy. Since the edge had been sucked off of his horniness, he moved more slowly than usual. He drove into her deliberately- savoring the tight wet sleeve. When he hit bottom he withdrew at the same measured pace. He repeated his in and out movements sometimes a bit faster but always beşiktaş escort under control. Bree squirmed under him and moaned- partially because his cock felt good but also in the hope it might spur him to fuck her hard and fast. She rolled her hips and pushed up against him saying, “Fuck me, Brian. Harder and faster.”

He was like a machine. Bree liked his staying power- it was what she’d wanted but she missed the out of control fucking he normally gave her when horny. She certainly couldn’t say anything. It did feel very good to get fucked without his popping off too soon. She ground up into his inward strokes and wondered if there was a way to ramp up his excitement.

After some thought, she said, “I’ve been horny all day thinking about how my big tits are going to make you horny. I was thinking that every morning I might rub your face with my tits and invite you to feast on my nipples. They’re going to be sticking out- displayed by my tits for you. I’ve also be day dreaming about getting new clothes that tease you with my new cleavage. I know how you can’t help but stare at other women’s cleavage. Now I’ll be the one you stare at. In fact, I’ve also been thinking about how other men will be checking me out. They’ll get horny and fuck their wives much harder than usual that night- while they fantasize about me.”

Brian’s cock lurched into her with extra passion. His pace increased and he seemed to be reaching new depths with many strokes. Feeling this Bree continued, “You like that idea, don’t you? You like thinking about how my new body is going to be lusted after by other men, don’t you? You’re really such a pervert.”

Brian’s pace picked up and he plunged into Bree trying to get just a little deeper on each stroke. He was still something like a machine. He was in control- though she sensed he was getting a little desperate to cum. His body seemed to be working harder- really trying to get that extra little bit of friction that might start his balls boiling. She loved his new vigor and that she’d drawn it out of him.

“Have you been thinking about me in the corsets we’re buying? I have. I got wet this morning as I thought about being corseted in black leather for you. I think of the leather corset – or corsets- as a special occasion thing. I don’t know which styles you plan to buy but the one in my fantasy was one that was very soft leather. It didn’t have any buckles or rings and was just soft smooth leather that smelled great and could be worn under nice clothing. I imagined going out to dinner with you wearing a black dress with the black leather underneath. During dinner I’d be smelling the leather and thinking about stripping the dress off as soon as we’re home. I’ve been fantasizing a lot.”

That seemed to redouble Brian’s passion. He increased the speed and power of his thrusts and said, “You’re talking and my own fantasies are going to force my balls to give you what cum I have left.” He strained and started fucking her much harder. He was losing control and she loved it. She was being fucked just like you see in a porn movie. Finally, when she started thinking about whether his heart could take this new found staying power. He made grunting sounds and his breath all but stopped as his cock exploded into her. He essentially collapsed onto her as his muscles turned to mush. Bree beamed with her new found power. She never realized how some dirty talk would excite him.

Finally, the day for the corset fitting arrived. Bree didn’t know what to expect at the corset maker’s salon but had images in her head. The website had portrayed the salon as the regional exclusive US representative for several high-end European corset makers. You could review a wide range of styles which would be custom-fitted to your body. At the US end of the process there would be a fitter but all of the manufacturing and custom work was done in England or Germany depending on the manufacturer.

The US salon also offered some ready to wear corsets from the same makers so Bree knew there must be a retail inventory and sales area in addition to the fitter. She had selected one of these in her web search and would be buying it and wearing it home from her appointment.

She envisioned the whole operation to be in a classical English style of dark wood and soft lighting but knew she had no reason to assume that. She guessed it was just based books and movies in which corsetry seemed so formal and Victorian. She visualized the fitter as being an older woman- probably a retired dress maker from some European city.

After getting up and paying special attention to shaving her legs and applying her make-up Bree dressed with the ambiance of the salon in her mind. She thought it was important to make a good impression. She also thought about wearing the corset after their visit to the salon and felt a skirt and blouse were appropriate. Her outfit should be classy; something she might wear to the office on a day she’d be seeing clients. She picked out a nice above the knee skirt and silky blouse along with three-inch heels.

The salon was about an hour’s beylikdüzü escort drive from where Bree and Brian lived. On the drive there Brian told her that he’d called the salon on the previous day and spoken to the fitter. “Her name is Marie. She seemed very knowledgeable.” He surprised Bree by saying, “I told her about your gel padded bra, upcoming surgery and our Agreement and that I was in charge of the corsetry. Marie understood and said it was not uncommon for a man to bring his woman into the salon to be fitted with the male making all of the decisions. I’m telling you this because I expect Marie will treat you with respect but won’t interact with you as the customer. I am the customer. She’s there to satisfy my wishes- not yours. In keeping with our Agreement, I am in charge. You should reflect that during our time at the salon.”

Bree was taken aback by his little speech. After an awkward silence she said that was unnerving. She hesitated but that added it also perhaps a bit hot. She was quiet as her mind raced through various images of being treated like Brian’s property. It was a far cry from her life as a successful and well-respected accountant. She remained more quiet than usual for the rest of the drive. Brian couldn’t tell how his statements had been received but he suspected- and hoped, Bree was turned on.

His approach was totally consistent with Bree’s submissive desires as outlined in the sexual pre-nup agreement. This salon visit would reveal if she could actually enjoy her fantasies in real life or run away from them in fear. He guessed it was a defining day for himself, too. Was he ready to have a big-titled, sexy life partner or did he want the staid accountant he’d been dating?

They arrived a few minutes before her scheduled fitting. It was a bit shocking to realize that the address housed a large retail sex shop in an older strip mall. It looked clean but very far from the proper English boutique Bree had in her head. It was definitely a retail store- not a ‘shop’ and clearly not a boutique. It radiated a very American sex for sale attitude rather than English class.

On entering Bree was further disappointed at the bright lights and overwhelming colors of packaged sex toys filling several aisles of retail shelving. Several men were milling about. They weren’t too creepy in the setting of the store conveyed a less than classy air. They certainly checked Bree out as the only woman in their domain.

Rather than the subtle sexuality she had expected the store was the place to buy lube to go with your dildo or more likely to buy several flavors of lube to go with your multiple dildos and anal plugs. The contrast to her imaginary English boutique was jarring. She had always thought of corsetry as sexy but this store was about sex toys. To her, corsets were not sex toys. They were classy intimates that could enhance a woman’s posture and figure- setting off her assets in a classical way.

She felt better when she noted an interior door in the side wall with a sign on which the names she recognized as two European corset makers appeared. Next to the door was a smaller sign that said, “By appointment only” and listed a phone number. Bree’s mood lightened. The couple headed for the door which was closed but offered a glimpse beyond through a two-foot square glass panel.

Bree was pleased to see a different world through the glass. It wasn’t her Victorian boutique but it did exude taste. Aside from the glass in the door it would offer separation from the horny guys visiting the sex store.

Passing through the door, it was clear there were at least two or three rooms. One room to the right was lined with upper body mannequins attired in a wide range of corsetry. A second smaller niche area displayed leather corsetry along with leather bondage items. There were no packaged items in sight giving the impression that everything was made to order or only brought out from a back area by a fitter who would be fully involved.

Bree’s visual survey was interrupted by a woman’s accented voice welcoming the couple. It took a few seconds to categorize the accent as a mature but not elderly English person speaking in a formal tone. In another second Bree realized the woman was addressing Brian and all but ignoring her.

“Good morning, sir. I am Marie. We spoke on the phone, yes? It will be my pleasure to serve you this morning. Would you like coffee or tea?” With appropriate hand gestures she continued, “Please come in to my office for a consultation. We’ll let the young lady wait over there.”

In the few seconds she had to appraise Marie, Bree saw a tall thin woman- perhaps 50 but fit enough to pass as in her 40s. She was tall- perhaps 5 foot ten. The most striking thing about her was her ramrod straight posture. While not busty, her chest seemed to project. Bree thought of the conical or bullet shaped bras she read about as being popular in the mid twentieth century. Bree immediately visualized a strict corset under Marie’s tasteful dress and couldn’t shake the image. Flashes of Marie wearing a military uniform and carrying a riding crop made Bree smile but she quickly disciplined herself to stop. Marie’s persona seemed to deserve respect. An image of Marie as the principal of a private girl’s academy jumped into Bree’s head. She dismissed it as best she could and tried to get her mind focused on her presence in the ‘salon’.

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