I Never Thought

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“Hey stranger what’s up?” Startled, I look up to see a very familiar face. Standing there oh-so-casually in his jeans and a black t-shirt, with his hands in his pockets, chatting and laughing with my friend Mark, no doubt catching up on everything that had gone on since we had been away. David. One of the few men I have met to be taller than me. I remember those broad shoulders, that full bottom lip, and those beautiful blue eyes. I can’t help marveling again how I managed to be so attracted to a red head of all things, when I had always swooned for the dark haired muscle men in the past. They keep chatting and making plans while I stand dumbly behind the counter as all my fellow employees push past me to handle the rush.

“So it looks like you’re busy here why don’t you meet us upstairs when you are off work.”

I give a brief nod with wide eyes, willing myself to be more confident and act natural. David’s eyes dance as his casual smile lights up his face. He looks one last time at me over his shoulder still smiling at a hidden joke. Maybe not so hidden as I realize I stood transfixed the whole time without saying a word to either Mark or David.

I can’t believe we’re back. Not just back, but both single and with the same friends. I thought I didn’t have a chance in hell last year. He was with his girlfriend of three years, and only knew me as the little sister of Mark’s room mate. I was so awkward. I know I must have giggled too much. I was always saying stupid things, like I couldn’t control my mouth anymore. When his relationship started having problems and falling apart, I couldn’t help myself from snooping around and hoping silently that they would break up. Then Mark, the traitor, telling him how I had been checking and wondering what was going on, embarrassing me like that. I finally gave up, embarrassed to be revealed and thinking that their relationship would drag on forever.

I spent most of the summer and a bit of the first month of this new semester with Nate. He was nice you know? Well maybe not nice. But we had fun. Well not really much of that either. We fucked a lot. I think we really didn’t have anything else in common, and masaj porno after failed conversations and failed attempts to do things together, there was always sex to fall back on. It was nice while it lasted but it didn’t take me long to realize we weren’t really dating and it wasn’t going anywhere. Then to my surprise I found comfort at the end to this confusing half-a-relationship in David. We started out chit-chatting in messenger and before I knew it I was pouring my heart out about my failed relationships and my thoughts and views on all sorts of things. It’s much easier to be brave across the internet.

*ring* *flip*


“Hey, did you just get off work?”

“Uh, ye-ah. I was just clocking out.”

“Well I was just about to take off from here, so instead of meeting up here in Mark’s room, how about I walk you back to your place? It’s on my way.”

“Oh okay. That’s alright with me.”

“Great meet you out front in a bit.”


Man it’s such a nice night out. There’s a nice breeze and the stars are so pretty. It’s so peaceful. Maybe too peaceful, I haven’t said a word this whole time. God, I bet he’s bored. I wish I could think of something to say. Oh jeeze. I’ve been staring at him this whole time. I hope he didn’t notice and think I am wierd.

“Is this you?”

“Huh!? Oh yeah this is my place.”

“Mind if I walk you up and check it out? I’ve never been to this dorm before.”

“Su-ure, it’s not too exciting though.”

“I don’t mind.”

I make my way up the stairs with him walking calmly behind me, letting me lead the way to my room. I honestly can’t wait for him to take a peek inside and then head home so I can let out the breath I have been holding since we started our walk. With him walking in behind me my room seems so much tinier. I never noticed how cramped it feels with two people standing in my small lifeless dorm room. Shit, he must think I am a slob. Oh my God! Are those my panties on the floor? What was I thinking letting him come up here!

“So this is it.”

I hear the door close softly behind me, while a second later hearing the light meet suck and fuck porno switch flip down as the room goes dark and my eyes adjust.

“Hey what’s..”

I don’t get a chance to ask my question; as I turn to see what he is up to, he wraps his arm around my back pulling me against him tightly, while dropping his lips down onto mine. How many times have I imagined kissing these lips? I have stared longingly at that bottom lip of his so many times wishing I could suck on it. Remembering that thought and drifting out of my momentary surprise at what was going on, I suck his soft full lower lip in between my lips, running my tongue lightly over it as I do so. I’ve got to be dreaming.

I start to melt into his one armed embraced as his free hand traces slowly along my side. Just as I raise my arms to wrap around his neck and melt even more into this deep dreamy kiss, he pushes me back solidly. My knees are forced to buckle as they bump into the side of the bed, leaving me sitting there slightly stunned. I stare wide-eyed wondering what happened to my suddenly-burst-bubble, foggily realizing that he is stripping his t-shirt off over his head, revealing those pale wide shoulders I have only fantasized over. Just as he undoes his jeans and starts to reach his hand into the newly unearthed boxers peeking out, he must have realized I was about to ask questions or get up, because faster than I could blink he had me lying back on the bed with a knee in between my legs kissing me again.

He was slowly grinding his knee against my pussy through my jeans as he pulled back from this stolen kiss with a soft “shhh”. With that he stood back out of my line of sight, which was fuzzily fixed on the ceiling above me with my eyes half lidded. I recognize somewhere in my head as I get jostled around gently, that my jeans are sliding down my hips and my work shirt is being unbuttoned and pulled aside. The cool air on my wet panties and across the thin bra covering my nipples wakes me up enough to widen my eyes. I start to roll to the side only to have his hand grip my inner thigh firmly and hold me there with fearful strength. milf porno I turn my head in time to see him lift my leg into the air and over his shoulder, leaving me awkwardly laying on my side with my legs spread wide as one lies on the bed and the other is stretched up and over his shoulder.

I look into those blue eyes I was falling in love with just as I felt his hand pull my panties to the side, while his other hand rubs the head of his cock up and down my slick lips.

“You’re a little slut aren’t you honey? I feel how wet your naughty little pussy is.”

Surprised at the words said in such a loving way I gasp at the moment he thrusts himself forward into me. Forgetting whatever verbal onslaught I had for him as he thrusts harder and faster into my waiting pussy, my legs straining wide in this position while his cock goes in terribly deep. His hand leaves its job of holding my panties back to snake softly over my belly and onto my breast. He starts to pull and tug at my nipple as he pounds his thick cock in and out of my pleased slit. I half close my eyes with my mouth open and gasping as he keeps asking softly.

“You’re a little dirty slut aren’t you Violet?”

“You like getting fucked don’t you?”

I manage to nod my head yes while I half moan and half scream.

“Oh God David. Oh God. Please fuck me. Just fuck me.”

He rolls me over onto my stomach never letting his cock slip out and only pausing briefly as he pulls my hips high into the air letting my knees fall naturally underneath me onto the bed to hold me up. My arms lay numbly underneath me with the side of my face is pressed against the bed as his thrusts rock me back and forth on the bed. He reaches one hand down to pinch my nipple while keeping his other hand on my hip to pull me back roughly onto his pounding cock. Tears run out of my closed eyes as my mouth is open in silent gasps while wave after wave of orgasm hits me. My inner walls grasp his cock so tightly that I can feel his length twitch and tighten as he pumps thick strings of cum deep inside of me.

We collapse on to my bed with his body tucked around mine, spooning my back to his chest with my butt tucked against his now spent cock. He slides his free arm up to slide two of his fingers into my mouth. I close my lips around them and suck contently as I drift off to sleep. Distantly, I feel lips press against my temple as I hear David’s voice saying softly. “You’re mine now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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