I Love Rebecca Moore and Her Bush

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After twenty minutes, her head suddenly leaned off my chest, and she kissed me. “That’s enough; I think I’m ready to go home. Are you ready to come with me?”

“I’ve never been more ready, Rebecca.”

She smirked at me and lazily got off me.

Although, she did grab her bra and panties, though, as I leaned up with her. “Well, flattery did get you everywhere, but I want to give you something else,” she mentioned, before bringing both of them to my hands. “Just as a memento of this day where you decided to get a look at the most popular woman in school. Even if it just lasted for a second, you went for it, but you got a lot more than you bargained for indeed. Would you like to keep them?”

I took them both and brought them to my face too. “And I promise, I will never ever wash your bra or panties.”

“Well, you don’t have to do that. We won’t be having sex every single day, so you’ll still masturbate into them. If it comes to where you can’t sniff my tits or pussy anymore, then wash them, and I’ll wear them again for you. I’ll get them dirty for you again, but without your seed. We should go now; we don’t want to get locked in the school.”

“Sounds good, how about I give you a ride to my house? I can always give you a lift to your car later.”

I stayed silent for a few seconds. “I actually don’t have a car.”

“Oh, that’s too bad, but on the other hand, your new girlfriend has one, and I can give you lifts if you need them.”

“Thank you,” I added, before I kissed her. “Wow, you’re beautiful and have perfect lips too.”

“Hey, it’s all part of the package when you land the most popular woman in school.”

“Okay, it’s starting to sound like you resent me for thinking of you like that.”

“No, I just like reminding you, that’s all,” she stated, wrapping her arms around my neck. “I might be a bit ‘crazy’ by now, do you think tonight when you deliver your dick into my snatch, you can also hand over the ‘y’ too?”

“I’ll do my best,” I replied, before we put our clothes on.

Well, she still didn’t put on her bra and panties, and I just carried them out with me. I didn’t just let them hang out and kept them hidden behind my palms. She escorted me to her car, and we were off.

“You’re a little messy, Rebecca.”

“Yes, but great men and women are, Vince.”

“True,” I added, before I smooched her cheek. “And this is a nice car too? Is it brand new?”

“Yep, about three months old. My parents just called it an early graduation present because I got a basketball scholarship to Stanford. I’m gonna kick ass in college too, but you’ll follow me there and cheer me on, won’t you? Even if you don’t get in there?”

“I’ll do anything for you, dream woman.”

“Good answer,” she mentioned, placing her right hand on my lap. “I’m dead serious, Vince, stay sweet.”

“I will,” I added, covering her hand with both of mine.

We kept eye contact for a few seconds before she needed to put her eyes back on the road. We arrived at her house just as the sun set, and neither of us said a word after I touched her hand, not even about my huge boner.

I surely thought I was dreaming, but of course, I pinched myself and debunked that theory. I also couldn’t part my eyes from Rebecca, so it seemed more and more like a dream by the second as I just thought back to all the times, I checked her out without either of us saying a word.

I slathered my lips numerous times and tried my best to keep my cool. It seemed next to impossible, but on the other hand, the sight of her smiling and me feeling her hand did do its part in calming me down somewhat.

As we arrived at her house, she turned off the car and looked at me. We looked at each other, but said nothing. I wasn’t even going to say a word, but her right pointer finger came onto my lips, and she shook her head no.

Nevertheless, she smooched my cheek and undid her seatbelt. I swiftly followed her out of the car, and we both made our way to the house. There were things I could have or would like to have said, but I just wanted to please her.

As we both entered the house, I looked around as we took off our shoes. ‘Nice digs, well, she is well off,’ I thought, before she took my hand and escorted me to her bedroom.

With each passing step towards her room, I felt myself vibrate a bit more. I nearly thought everything was just too good to be true, but I surely knew it was going to happen. She smiled at me so much; I almost thought she fell in love with me.

‘Holy shit, this is going to happen. I can’t imagine this is going to end a Carrie like way, but shit, this woman has to be at least a little crazy. She did yell at me in the stall, but then all that other stuff went down. I can’t be completely sure one way or another, but I’m not about to leave for fear.’

As we went into her room, she shut the door. “If you want to call this me getting over an ex, you may,” she stated, before wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me. “Although, even though you may not care, it is important to me olgun porno that you know that I do have every intention to show you off first thing Monday morning. I know you know where my locker is, so maybe we can meet there in the morning, or maybe you’d fancy me picking you up? Either way, I am serious about you.”

“I never doubted you for a minute,” I added, placing my hands on her butt.

“Liar, but it is still sweet of you to say that.”

“Thank you, and we do have World History class together first thing Monday too.”

“No shit?” she giggled for a few seconds. “Where do you sit?”

“The back right side, and no fucking shit, Rebecca.”

She leaned back and shot me a weird look. “Are there any other classes we have together right now, Vince?”

“English and Biology, dream woman.”

“Well, dream of me no more,” she suggested, before kissing me. “Because the real thing is so much better,” she mentioned, prior to going to her dresser.

I shook around in anticipation as I glared at her butt. Needless to say, my hard-on went nuts.

After a moment, she turned back to me. “Were you sweating this much thirty seconds ago?” she pondered, before she undid my shorts.

“No, but now I’m sweating bullets.”

“Well, don’t be nervous, you have your hot new girlfriend to take the edge off,” she reminded me, wrapping her right hand around my cock. “I see the way you look at me now, anyway. You do have a giant thing for me, and I’m not talking about what my hand is on at the moment,” she put on the record, stroking it. “I have this condom here, so is there any doubt in your mind about me. Anything at all, Vince? I mean, you could just brag that you got some action off me in the locker room, but it would end there,” she explained, before letting go of my schlong.

Then she undid her shorts and pushed them down too.

She stepped out of them and brought up the condom. “Shall I rip this open, Vince?”

“You shall, Rebecca.”

She smirked and blindly ripped it open. Then she took the condom out and placed it right onto the head of my dick. She grabbed onto the base and pushed the condom back without breaking eye contact for even a second.

Then she placed her hands at the bottom of her top and took it off herself. “I know you’ve been enjoying touching my bra and panties, but it’s time to let go,” she let me know, gently taking them both from me.

She dropped them and took off my shirt as well. “Now that we’re both naked, why don’t you join me on the bed?” she questioned, letting her hand out.

I took it, and she took me right to her bed.

“I feel like I’m about to lose my virginity all over again.”

“Well, fucking the most popular woman in school can make you feel like that,” she added, lying down on her bed. “Do you think you’re going to love me by the time we’re done legitimately?”

I scanned her body for a moment in silence as she smiled at me. I certainly felt as great as possible at that moment, just as when I did lose my virginity.

“Don’t you want to fuck me, Vince?”

“Yes, I’m just savoring the moment. I’m never ever going to be able to experience this again.”

“Why, do you think I’m just going to break up with you after we’re done?” she inquired, raising her eyebrows.

“No, that’s not what I mean, Rebecca. I mean, I’ll never get to have this moment come again where I haven’t screwed you before. This means everything to me, and I know I’m going to love it with you. Maybe I have it built-up sky-high right now, but I know I’m about to have the time of my life.”

“Aren’t you a sweet piece of white chocolate?” she pondered, leaning up with me. “I’ve fucked a few guys before, but with you, it is different. Each guy certainly just jumped on me and stuck their cocks inside me, but you want to appreciate the moment and soak in my beauty, too,” she mentioned, before kissing me. “I might just walk out of this room loving you too, Vince. May I make one request?”

“I won’t break the condom, Rebecca.”

“Well, that and, just be good to me. I don’t want you to fuck me and suddenly lose interest in me. Don’t climb the big mountain and say ‘BFD.’ That’s happened before, and I didn’t like it all. They didn’t want to do much with me, and it really hurt me. Chris and I did less and less as our relationship progressed. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so focused on basketball, but now I have a guy who loves to watch me play. Now, I want you to play with me, and I don’t mean with a basketball,” she explained, before she lay back down.

I waited another thirty seconds, but then I calmly got on top of her and kept my eyes on her. I breathed ever so heavily the whole time, but kept my cool. She just smiled at me as if she was my best friend in the world, and she certainly did love me.

Neither of us said a word, and then I reached down to my wood. I left a gap again before I pushed the head gently on her slit. Even through the condom, I felt her lips perfectly, and I jerked around a little bit in response.

Although, playboy porno we still didn’t talk, but she did bring her hands over onto my lower back. She caressed it slowly for a moment as I massaged her pussy somewhat just with the head. I licked my lips incessantly as she cheesed at me.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to check out her knockers once again. Whether I wanted to or not, I let them catch my attention at least for a few seconds. Even as I was in a position to let my schlong into her twat, I just pictured myself having fun with her melons.

“Well, just like most guys, you are a boobs guy, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry, Rebecca,” I apologized, looking back at her face.

“Don’t be sorry, maybe to me they are just big pieces of flesh on my chest, but I sure know they are so much more to guys that aren’t gay anyway. There is nothing to be ashamed of, Vince, but you still do have my cherry waiting, so make love to me.”

“What if I can’t please you, though, Rebecca?”

“If you don’t, I’ll give you another chance, and a few more after that if you need them. You already flattered me beyond demand, so you definitely have some wiggle room. I’ll tell you this, though: kissing me will work to your advantage.”

“Okay, Rebecca,” I muttered, before glancing back at her snatch.

I slathered my lips numerous times for another minute as she just waited for me, which made her even more perfect. I felt gitty, to say the least, but yet, I still couldn’t just pull the trigger.

“Are you scared?”

“You’re just the queen of my universe, and now this is happening.”

“You just have a conflict with yourself; it’s nothing to be ashamed of, Vince. Just stick the head in, if you wish, or shove the whole thing in there. Do it because you want me, horndog.”

I nodded and kissed her once again. “I love you, Rebecca,” I whispered, before I pushed the head of my schlong into her pussy.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of, now let me feel the whole thing inside me, Vince,” she implored me, placing her palms on my shoulders. “Make sweet love to your dream woman, and fill up that condom; just don’t break it.”

We looked at each other for a few seconds in silence, but then I did indeed push the whole thing into her snatch. ‘Holy shit, I’m fucking Rebecca Moore,’ I thought, leaning my head back and opening my mouth widely.

“Oh, I feel you twitching already, Vince, you’re not cumming, are you?”

“No,” I responded, peeking back at her. “I do love you, though, Rebecca.”

“Well, start thrusting your dick, and maybe I’ll start feeling the same way,” she suggested, before kissing me. “Lean up, grab onto my thighs and let my pussy walls feel the veins in your wood, Vince. Even though the condom, let me feel it.”

“And you promise we can do it again?”

“Yes, Vince,” she assured me, before kissing me yet again. “I told you that you could fuck me all night long, so fuck me, Vince. Fuck me like the naughty woman I am. You need to hurt my vagina with your nice cock, which is bigger than Chris’s.”

“Is it really?”

She nodded, before lying flat on her back. Then I brought my hands down to her thighs and grabbed onto them somewhat tightly. The whole time, I made sure to keep my eyes on her, but more precisely, the prize of keeping her legitimately happy.

“Oh, there you go, my well-hung superfan. So, is it fair to say that you noticed me not wearing a bra at a lot of my practices, Vince?”

“Yes, but I made sure not to stare because I at least wanted to be somewhat respectful. Although, I’m a horny guy and I had to check you at least out, and holy shit, you’re dynamite.”

“Thank you, but go easy on me to start with pretty, please. I want to experience you first.”

“I understand.”

I felt my dick rumbling nonstop, but I managed to keep a lid on my load for the time being. I kept my eyes on her, and she returned the favor, adding intimacy to the whole thing. I couldn’t believe it was happening, but it was, in fact.

I made love to her so slowly that her tits didn’t even move. It didn’t matter too much because then her twat stole my attention, so to speak. I didn’t look at it, but felt it quite vividly indeed. The condom nearly felt like it wasn’t there, probably due to the magic of being with her.

We both breathed calmly and just enjoyed the sweet feelings of feeling one another. I also gently rubbed Rebecca’s thighs, as I didn’t need to hold her down. I jiggled a bit more as I felt the tingles going throughout my body from that as well.

“Do you bathe in lotion? Your skin is incredibly smooth and soft too.”

“No, I was just born lucky, I guess, but that means that you love how my body feels too, not just how it looks. That’s going to earn you some points too. So, as you’re feeling my breasts right now, that’s why you’re going nuts.”

“And the whole fucking you thing, too. Now can we please quit talking, Rebecca? I’m finally having sex with you, and I just want it to be as sexy as possible.”

“And pornhub porno there’s nothing wrong with that, but give me another kiss.”

I fulfilled her request, but got right back to making incredibly sweet love to her. With every passing thrust of my cock, I felt a little more respect for her. I definitely knew it was more than a possibility and even likely that I’d be loving her long before I could also fill up the condom.

She caressed my back, and even my butt a bit as well. Needless to say, she knew just how to make it intimate and meaningful in the process. I couldn’t possibly believe just how much I loved it, but yet, I knew the potential was limitless.

Even at my slow-pace, I still heard some slight sounds coming from her lubed-up twat, but it failed to make me want to go faster. Although, I still couldn’t suppress the temptation to give her bosoms several looks over.

‘Shit, every single inch of her body is flawless. Maybe that’s the emotional spike from the sex talk, but it’s still true. She is superb and seemingly more than eager to please. Holy shit, going into that locker room is now considered the best choice I ever made in my life. It landed me Rebecca, and she is perfect. Damn, I even feel her juice coming onto my pubes, so she is washing them in that juice, so they’ll always have that scent,’ I thought, smiling.

Even as Rebecca saw me smirking at her, she didn’t let any words drop, but did express some emotion as she began scrubbing my butt, rather than just caressing it. Even as we both began breathing heavily and began getting very sweaty too, we locked eye contact.

She added lighter fluid to the love mix as she blew quite a few kisses to me. As if she needed to be, she made herself to be more perfect by appealing to my romantic side. I certainly loved being intimate without having sex and just being a couple.

Needless to say, I could only truly believe that she was an ‘X’ factor, meaning that she could literally do no wrong, and she was just perfect in my eyes. So, I accepted the fact that I, in fact, had ‘Rebecca’ goggles on, and only made sweet love to her.

She gladly accepted the pleasure as well, both physically and emotionally. At that moment, I couldn’t help, but start thrusting a bit harder. I couldn’t resist, but to make her bundles of joy move a bit after checking them out numerous times.

“My breasts are starting to flop now; I hope that gets your load boiling, stud. I want to feel you shoot all of it in there, but don’t break it.”

“What if I get you pregnant, though?”

She failed to respond to that, but blew me another kiss. I absolutely wanted some kind of answer to that, but I couldn’t push it right then. At the same time, I found myself tingling at the thought of having a baby with her because then she would truly be mine.

Even if I knocked her up, right on that day, I’d still have her, so I couldn’t feel weird at the moment, even though I didn’t think either of us would actually be ready for kids then. The only thing that mattered right then was being with her. I knew we’d go through thick and thin, but it’d be worth it.

Although, after a full minute, she licked her lips for a few seconds and cheesed. “Well, you’re a stud, and I’m a dazzling goddess in your eyes, so we’d make great babies together.”

I had to lean right back to her. “You really think so?”

“Fuck yes, I look at myself naked all the time, but don’t you? I can certainly see that you’d still add your genes to make one cute baby with me, I know it.”

“I won’t argue with that,” I mentioned, before kissing her once more and putting a small gap back between us.

My wood began thrusting yet again, and our eye contact became locked.

I surely thought we’d both be quiet, but then she spoke. “Vince?”

“Yes, Rebecca?”

“I love you.”

I heard the words, and my speed decreased slightly, but I didn’t stop.

“That got you to cheese, so you’re not going to run now?”


After that, we both failed to speak for over five minutes. We both decided to unlock our eyes and look at each other numerous times. With those emotional words out there, she did get my load boiling over the edges.

I moaned, jerked around, and evidently felt the thrills going throughout my body, but yet, I fought like hell to not cum. That condom didn’t ensure as complete protection, and at that moment, that surely did freak me out about the baby thing.

“Shit, I have to cum now, Rebecca,” I moaned, pulling out.

I got onto my knees and ripped off the condom. “I may shoot on you, right?”

“Yes, but…” she said, sighing. “Give it to me.”

I couldn’t read between the lines right then, but I stroked my rod as quickly as possible as I had it aimed directly at her stomach and melons.

From one second to the next, the anticipation ended, and my load came bolting out. “Fuck yes, Rebecca,” I let out, closing my eyes and leaning my head back.

I failed to move my schlong, and just let it shower her in that exact position. Not that it mattered, but in the end, it all splashed down onto the most beautiful woman in the world, at least to me.

“Son of a bitch, I doused you,” I moaned, before taking a deep breath and looking at her after a moment. “I love you too, Rebecca.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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