I Can Explain… Pt. 01

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Hello friends, so this if the first piece that I have ever written, and I really hope you folks enjoy it. It involves m/f, fairly vanilla sex with both guy on girl and girl on guy oral. I hope to make this a running series but will of course base it on reader response. If you like my work or want to criticize it then you can contact me at the contact on my profile. Happy reading and rubbing!

Disclaimer: Any characters or events depicted in my stories are purely fictional, and any likeness to real-life people or events is pure coincidence. This all came from my mind, plagiarism free.


There are a lot of things that don’t feel right about secretly dating your best friend’s sister. The only thing that does feel right is the sex. Passionate, intense love-making that makes the guilt feel less real. Of course I didn’t do it with Suzie 24/7, and so the guilt was quite palatable on a regular basis.

But I suppose I’ve gotten ahead of myself. I’m Jack, and this is the story of how I ended up marrying my wife. If all the crazy shit that happened in the meanwhile hadn’t occurred, maybe I would consider this a “happy” story, but at least the ending is nice. I think every ending should involve the protagonist getting loving blowjobs, but I digress…

My story begins in the early 00’s with my now-brother-in-law’s party in the residence we shared in University back when we were 20. Mike was (and still is) a built guy, worked out often, and was studying history as his major. I’d known Mike for most of my life and he and I always got along great. We liked the same games, played the same sports (Go Habs!) and loved the same nerdy stuff. I’ve easily watched Empire Strikes Back 40 times with that ass-hat. But that particular party wasn’t about Star Wars. That party was about picking up girls, and I was doing terribly.

To be clear, I’m not a shy guy, but I also don’t like small talk. Getting to know a bunch of scantily-dressed girls when music is blaring over a speaker is not as easy as it looks. But there was one saving grace to my consecutive strike outs, and that was Suzie. Mike’s little sister Suzie was just a couple of years younger, still in high-school, and a bombshell. She had the curves of a goddess, brown hair with blonde highlights, and an ass that I currently bounce coins off of for funsies (she doesn’t like it). She also has double C’s that made two of her girlfriends confess gay feelings during her undergrad. But most importantly, she was a cool person who made me feel comfortable in a sea of awkward. I guess that’s why I gravitated toward her that night.

So we talked, and as time went on I forgot about all the rejections of the night and began focusing on how my best friend’s sister was incredibly smart, funny, and attractive. Granted I was also drunk, which is why her being completely off-limits never crossed my mind until much later. Her smile and that perfect butt were all too enticing for me to care that my best friend would rip me to shreds if I touched his sister. I kept talking to her anyway, and will likely spend the rest of my life wondering if this story would have happened at all had I backed off.

I’ve asked her what she saw in me that night, and she’s said that it was the first time she had ever seen me without her brother. Suzie had come to the party because her brother had asked her to bring alcohol from their parents’ house, which was about a 30 minute walk from campus. She noticed me talking to some girl and when I showed off my abs to try to win a stranger’s admiration, she unconsciously bit her lip. Apparently that’s a good sign because her night became all about me the second I came up to her, dejected, seeking sweet-talking and booze.

I told her she looked great, and she did. Her black czech super models porno/ tank top was cut just low enough to let her cleavage show. Her nice tan from her family trip to Hawaii gave her young body perfect tan lines that helped accentuate her bikini area. The short jeans that were working their hardest to keep in the voluptuous treasures beneath them were working their magic on me. I was wearing the college guy’s uniform of a t-shirt and jeans. Jeans that I will admit were just as tight as hers, but only as flattering if you enjoy seeing the clear outline of an erection. A hard-on that was inevitable given this party’s attendees, I might add, giving credence to the idea that certain men should not dress themselves.

Looking at the time, I realized that she would have to be home in the next hour, so I offered to walk her. I wish I could say I hadn’t had ulterior motives, but I was also genuinely concerned about her brother getting shit for keeping his sister out so late. She happily agreed and as I took her home, she asked me a question I’ll never forget. “Jack…” she whispered, having gotten noticeably closer to me to make sure she had my attention. I could smell her mango shampoo coming off her beautiful hair. “Jack, do you think I’m pretty?” she asked me. I resolutely told her “I think you’re very pretty” with my gaze half on the sidewalk ahead, and half on her face, which lit up with my response. She grinned and asked “and you don’t think I’m a kid?” I hesitated. I had known the answer to that question that morning and every morning prior since I had met her, and it was a resounding yes. But after that night, I felt that clear-cut distinction between a kid-sister and a woman was being blurred by an amazing body, an amazing time, and a fair amount of alcohol.

She noticed my hesitation and went on her tippy-toes to reach her mouth to my ear, and asked “do you need convincing?” I stammered and stumbled backwards, “Suzie, you’re like family… besides, Mike would probably try to murder me” as my mind flashed back to our repeated arguments about gun-control. She stopped me and said “you’re probably right…I mean it isn’t like you’re at all interested in an uggo like me.” Suzie, the evil genius that she was, knew I would never want to suggest to a girl as pretty as her that she wasn’t worth my time, regardless of our relationship. I argued “no, it’s not that, you were the prettiest girl in a room full of pretty girls tonight”. She blushed, clearly not expecting such as compliment from her baiting. I continued “you’ve always been an amazing person, but recently you’ve become so attractive that I can’t believe you’re single.” I struck a nerve. She looked down, turned, and kept walking.

We walked in silence until we reached her house. The door was never locked when the Snow’s were expecting one of their kids to come home, even though they always went to bed around 10. I walked her in. Despite being stupid enough to have said what I said, I was smart enough to know when I should apologize. Before I could really get the words out, I felt her soft lips on mine. The taste of her cherry lip-gloss (good call, Ms. Perry) and her warmth enveloped my tongue. What surprised me most was how natural it felt, like I had done it before. Without much thought, my hands started climbing the outside of her shift, and my touch caused her to bite my lip. Her hands lifted up to my shoulder and squeezed in response to my tongue wrapping around hers. My hands then slowly drifted downwards, and she moaned as I squeezed her ass.

This was the moment I could have bailed, like Mike and any other best friend throughout all of history would have wanted me to. I could have said “goodnight”, and walked out the door. czech tax porno I, of course, did the exact opposite and followed through the kind of physical contact that is unsuitable for younger audiences. Her tongue enveloped mine and as I move forward and sat her on the back of the living room couch, she wrapped her legs around me to bring me in closer. I held her tight and wrapped my underserving hands around her amazing ass. We pulled away long enough for her to ask me to carry her to her room, which I had passed by thousands of times before, on the way to Mike’s.

I was a reasonably fit man, mostly due to Mike’s constant requests that I join him at the gym. I was pretty proud of my arms and legs, which were jacked up due to my naturally large frame. Carrying this 5″4 girl up a flight of stairs was no problem, even if I was tipsy. It was getting past her parents room without making a sound which tested my physique. We somehow managed to make it into her room and onto her bed, resuming our kissing.

She pulled off my shirt and threw it across the room. I unbuttoned her jeans and they quickly joined my shirt. It seems like we both knew what we wanted to fondle. I slipped one of my fingers in between her legs as she started to kiss and lick my biceps. I slowly teased my index finger into her slit, pushing into her wetness and familiarizing myself with her landscape. Her breasts were pushing on my torso as she pressed against my arm to muffle the moans that she couldn’t hold back. I licked my fingers and went back in, this time slowly teasing her clit to make sure she would get to fully utilize my arm’s muffling capabilities.

She moved up to my face, gave me a quick kiss, and slid down my chest to my pants. Taking them off, she peeled back my underwear to reveal her prize. Any sort of fear one might have with this moment of reveal was removed due to the years of my old, loose swim trunks allowing quick peaks to Suzie and her friends. She knew what she was getting, and what she was getting was the better part of 7 inches disappearing into her wet, waiting mouth. The wonder that had encircled my tongue minutes prior wrapped itself around the head of my dick and I felt my entire body stiffen. Girls in my high-school should have taken a class where Suzie could demonstrate how to properly blow a guy. She made every part of my shaft feel loved as she flicked her tongue up and down the length of my cock. She then licked the tip while stroking my now well-lubricated cock and balls, now covered in a dribble of spit that had been skillfully placed just above it.

Suzie went on for 4 or 5 minutes, letting me slide all the way to the back of her mouth, dip down into her throat, and then sliding me back out. I felt a mix of awe and utmost pleasure, accompanied by both our moans. When the pleasure won out I warned her as noticeably as possible without being too loud that I was going to cum. She flashed me a knowing smile and then deep throated me, using her tongue to caress my dick’s underside and her hands to stroke my balls. I can’t quite pinpoint when I fell in love with my wife, but I like to think I took a first step as I came the hardest I ever had into her mouth. The audible, diligent gulps she made while trying to keep up may have given me a tinge of pride, were I not working so hard not to black out from the climax. She then licked me off, and climbed up to the head of the bed, and rested on my chest, proud of herself and her skills.

We lay there for 10 minutes. I was slowly started to come back to reality when Suzie whispered in my ear again, a tactic she will later claim “never fails”. She asked “Jack, do you want to know what I feel like… inside?” as she reached her hand to my dick. I closed my eyes and defloration porno began to wonder just how that warm, wet hole my fingers had previously enjoyed would feel if I fucked it. My dick sprang into action as soon as my speculations became vivid and I knew that there was only way to find out how accurate they were.

I flipped Suzie on her back, she giggled at how well her plan worked. I kissed her tenderly and ran my fingers through her hair. While kissing down her neck, I caught the scent of subtle Chanel perfume. This only made me hornier and I quickly peeled off her top and bra. Her tits were as perfect as ever, as I started flicking her nipples with my tongue to get them wet and hard. I then slid down her naked body, past her toned stomach, past those curvy hips, to the place I would one day consider a second home. I licked her pussy lips and tasted dwindling, but still plentiful juices that I had helped tease out before Suzie had started her handy-work. I sent my tongue up and down her slit as I lifted one hand to flick her nipple and the other to expose her clit. Breathing down on her clit and running my tongue in circles on and around it, Suzie began missing my arm. She pulled a pillow to muffle her moans as I darted my tongue in and out of her of her pussy hole. She was so wet that I had plenty to lap up, and knew that any necessary prep work had been completed long ago, and I was just indulging at this point.

I lifted up, and placed my hips between her thighs, and aimed my now rock-hard cock at her soaked lady parts. She looked longingly at me as I pushed in, and then reached for me to come closer so I could replace her pillow. She gasped and took me in, each inch sliding deeper into her. I could tell she felt full from how her breathing became slow and deep. I felt like any bad thing that could ever happen to me in my lifetime would not equate to how good she felt wrapped tightly around me.

I loved how wet and tight she felt as we lay there wrapped around each other, but knew that my hips were waiting to start their part, and so I pulled out slightly, and slammed back in, making her clamp down hard on me. “I need you Jack” she moaned. I began thrusting more steadily and as my pace sped up, I began to feel that familiar breath on my ear. “Fuck me Jack, put that giant cock inside me and fuck me hard until I cum all over you!” she begged. I figured she was close from when I ate her out, and I was excited to finish the job with my dick slamming into her. She lifter her hips to match my thrusting as I pushed past her wet walls to hit her cervix, and then pulled back to hastily repeat the process.

She gave me puppy dog eyes when I pulled completely out, but got very excited when I flipped her over once more, this time onto her tummy, and then lifted her hips. I position my dick and then worked my way into her again, this time grabbing on to her hips for support. I pulled back and began to slam my cock inside of her. She responded audibly, “take me Jack, it feels so good, I need this”. I was happy to grant such a polite request and ripped into her with everything I had. Her pussy earnestly engulfed my throbbing dick with every bit of space it could spare. She grabbed the headboard of her bed to have something to hold onto and I gave her no time to catch her breath. Ramming into her from behind, her tits bouncing back and forth in rhythm with my thrusts, I began to feel a familiar sensation.

I told her that I was getting close, not bothering to lower my voice anymore, and she breathlessly said “let’s cum together then… fill me up with your jizz… I want to feel you inside me even more…” She sent me over the edge with that, and as her pussy squeezed and convulsed around my cock, I shot my load deep into her, obliging her request. We collapsed upon the bed in tandem, exhausted yet satisfied, at no point considering the consequences of what we had done. The glow of the amazing experience we had shared did not leave time for second-thoughts, and as we cuddled and drifted off, we had no idea what laid in store for us the next morning…

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