Hung Farmboy Gets a Roll in the Hay

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Would you like some lemonade?

You accept the glass and look me up and down. I smile at you, lower my shawl around my shoulders to reveal the rising swell of my breasts in the light chemise I wore out into the field.

“You’re so strong.” I feel your arm when I tell you this, the muscle under your shirt, the sweat clinging to your skin. You chuckle and tell me you’re strong enough to lift me. My eyes flash at your words, search your eyes for the answer to a question you think you understand.

“May I?” you ask me and I nod, setting down my basket. You scoop me up and twirl me around and I laugh as you set me down in a pile of hay that you’ve been toiling over.

It’s been a hot day. The lemonade is cold, but your body is still too warm, too agitated as you look at me lying in the hay, giggling. My dress has risen up to my thighs. Your cock twitches.

I look up at you with my brown eyes, hopeful, seemingly waiting for something.

“Do you want me?” you ask, plainly. You aren’t going to pressure anybody; you want to know I’m willing, want to know what I’m doing in your field with a glass of lemonade.

I look down for a moment, blushing. You see me bite my lip, thinking, then I look back up and nod. “I want you.”

You unbutton, pull your lengthening cock out for me to see. My eyes widen and I watch as you come closer, lower the thick handful of your cock that you’re presenting to me toward my mouth.

“What do I do with it?” I ask. I lick the head a little, sending shivers over your skin.

“You put it in your mouth and kiss it as softly as you can,” you tell me. I begin, licking and sucking, kissing and playing with it in my mouth. You can tell I’m enjoying myself, getting lost in the new experience. My huge tits are still confined by my corset, my dress. You watch them jiggle a little as I try to take all of you in my soft mouth.

“You can suck it, like a straw.” you tell me. I look around at czech experiment porno the straw all around us, comprehension dawning. This time when my lips affix around you, there’s suction. Your knees tremble a little as I suck, hard, maybe a little too hard, then get back into a rhythm.

“You taste so good,” I say, gasping. “What happens now?”

“Lie back.”

I obey, resting in the hay as though it were the most comfortable mattress. You love fucking country girls. Horny, with no cocks to fuck for miles, they always satisfy your desire to feel like a real man when they ask to play with your cock.

You’re happy to oblige them, you think as you kneel between my legs. You pull my dress up around my hips and see my pussy is waiting for you, my bare ass soft as rising dough and round as a watermelon.

You bend and kiss my pussy, sucking on my clit. You guess that’s a new one for me and my whimpering moans confirm it. Most of these guys out here will just pump once or twice, push girls around. You don’t like to think about that kind of behavior as you slide your thumb into me, feel me shudder.

“How big is your cock?” I ask you, eyeing it as you line it up with my pussy.

“You tell me,” you say as you slowly inch forward, parting my pussy lips with the soft head of it.

I writhe, pinned under the thickness and heaviness of you. You fill my pussy so completely that I squirm and gasp, my little clit stretched so that it rubs against the shaft as you slowly push in.

“It’s big,” I whimper. You press your lips to mine, soothe my urgent longing with your tongue. I kiss you back frantically, my small hips wiggling as you slowly pin me to the earth.

“You like that?” you ask. “Ever had one this big?”

I whimper, thinking about it.

“Some of the boys have big cocks, but they just poke them in you once or twice,” I gasp as you begin to pull out, slowly fucking czech first porno video me.

“But this cock?” you prompt me, enjoying the look on my face as I try to remember, to think as I am so thoroughly fucked.

“Its big, it’s so-thick.” I whisper, as though suddenly worried somebody might hear us. But I cry out as you speed up and there’s nobody around to hear us but trees and horses.

I cry out louder, remembering I don’t have to be quiet and thrust my breasts into your face, back arching as I come, squeezing and pulsing around you.

You don’t stop and I whimper, clinging to your chest as you drive me deeper into the hay.

“Did you like that?” you ask.


I want more, I try to pull you closer and you chuckle, changing the angle a little so you can fill me up even more, drive your cock even deeper.

I pant, taken over by your attention, not thinking, just holding on.

“Untie your corset,” you tell me and I moan. Using both hands, I begin to untie the laces on the front, popping the first few clasps open so my heavy breasts spill out.

You take one of my nipples in your mouth and suck, bury your face in the pillowy softness of my chest. You pull your cock out and straddle me, then slip your cock between my tits.

I wriggle and gasp, surprised by the longing still throbbing in my empty cunt as you slide your big cock between my breasts. I can feel its heat against my skin, feel it slide over my breasts as they spill over my corset, exposed to the sky.

You feel yourself getting closer looking down at my face. My mouth is open in surprise, my eyes half-lidded with desire as you slide in-between my tits.

“You want me to fill up that pussy, don’t you?” I nod, gasp.

“Please. Please fill my pussy. “

You chuckle again, the words sweet in your ears, sending shivers down your spine as you disengage from my sticky tits and pull czech game porno me up onto your cock, holding me in your arms as I sink all the way onto it.

I cry out as you begin to fuck me, something wordless and bright as your cock comes to rest with my pussy lips wrapped firmly around the base, my ass kissing your balls as I sink onto you, clinging and desperate for you to fuck me.

You do, my breasts bouncing in your face as you hold me up and thrust into me.

“Tell me how much you want your pussy filled up with my cum,” you tell me and I look quizzically back.

“Your come?” I ask.

“My semen,” you explain. “I’m going to fill you up like a stallion fills a filly.”

I moan at the thought of being bred, of being filled by you.

“Please,” I whisper. “Please…come…in me.”

You slide deeper, feeling your shaft grind on my g spot, feeling your cock pulse as you come, shooting deep into my pussy, your cock feeling so big in me that I shout when I come too, long and low, echoing across the field.

My pussy milks at you and you leave your cock in me, squeezing the root with your hand, making sure you get every last drop into my pussy. When you finally pull out, your milk oozes from between my puffy lips.

“Thanks for the lemonade,” you say, kissing me–your lips still taste of sugar and lemon. You lay down beside me and put away your big cock. I sigh a little, clearly wanting more.

“Come back tomorrow,” you promise. “Maybe I’ll bring some of my friends along. How would you like that?”

I shiver but the look of determined desire in my eyes is clear.

“Are they all hung like you?”

You slap my ass playfully and send me on my way. I wobble a little bit over the uneven field, shaky on my legs. My corset is still undone and you can see the deep V of my cleavage as I wave goodbye from the gate. You like to think of me walking all the way home with your semen slowly slipping over my thighs, still leaking from the deep place you unloaded in me.

You hope I take you up on your offer, you think as you get back to your work. Your cock is still thick between your legs but pleasantly spent. The summer sun shines down and you fork more hay, daydreaming of heavy breasts and soft, sweet pussies.

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