How it All Began for Us

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I just about opened my eyes when I noticed that my husband of thirty plus years was naked and had his arms all over a woman I barely recognized.

Then, I opened my eyes wider and looked around and saw naked bodies all over. I looked at myself and saw I was covered in cum and a guy nestled against my naked body.

I then somewhat remembered what happened. And, as I laid in bed, I thought of how it got to this point in our lives…

Some thirty years ago, I met my pre- husband and we dated for awhile. He had always said that he loved sex. I, on the other hand, never had the opportunity to enjoy it first hand.

During our dating, we felt each other up and I let him play with my tits but we never fucked.

We had mutual friends that we hung out with, before and after we were married.

Before I go any further, let me tell you something about ourselves.

My name is Alice and my husband’s name is Ted.

I am 55, about 5’5″, 115, brown hair, brown eyes, 36c tits that sag a bit and an ok ass.

Ted is 56, 5’8″, about 168, s/p hair, hazel eyes and a 7″ cock.

I work part time in a plastic surgeons office and Ted is a community affairs expert.

We used to live in Westchester, NY but now live in Florida.

Anyway, before we were married, we used to go to our married friend’s ( Dom & Marilyn) house and, on occasion, played adult games. Now, I guess I was the stuck in the mud during the game because I never did any of the risque stuff.

On the other hand, Ted and our friends played the game, if you know what I mean.

On more than one occasion, Ted and our friends played with each other in front of me. They even got naked and one time, Ted and Dom fucked his wife in front of me.

Many a times Ted asked me to join in but I refused. However, one time we played the game and I had a bit too much to drink and I gave in when playing the game.

During the game, I lost in my turn and had to agree to do a request of Dom. He told me to remove my top and bra and go topless for the rest of the game.

They all laughed and then I surprised them and got altyazılı porno topless. It was the first time I ever did that.

The game got interesting after that. Before too long, I was naked with my hairy pussy visible to all of them.

After a few more drinks, Ted won his turn and told me to fuck Dom. I looked at him and told him he was crazy. Then Dom leaned over and gave my nipple a suck and that was it for me.

I took him by his hand and got him on his bed and spread my legs and told him to fuck me.

Marilyn and Ted watched as Dom sunk his big cock into my cunt and started fucking me. It didn’t take long before he said he was going to cum.

Ted yelled out for him to cum on my tits and soon, a ton of Dom’s cum was shooting out his cock all over me.

Marilyn and Ted laughed and Marilyn got something to clean me up. I don’t remember too much the rest of the night after that though.

I guess that was when and how it all started for me and Ted.

Ever since that night, we have done many things; mfm threesome, fmf threesome, swapping, nudist resorts, home pornos and more. Ted even pimped me out a few times in the guise of role playing.

There are a few moments or events in particular that I remember though.

A few years after we were married, we regularly went over to Dom & Marilyn’s for an evening of fun. By this time, I was up for anything when we played.

This one night, we played and Ted told me to make love to Marilyn. Now, I was never into women but I took the challenge.

Let me describe Marilyn. She was about ten years my junior at this time, making her around 25. She had long black hair, tits much bigger than mine and loved sex.

I went over to her and bent over to kiss her, our tits touching. As soon as our lips met, our hands touched each other’s tits.

She got up and led me to her bedroom as Ted & Dom followed.

There, it was the first, but not the last time, I had sex with a woman.

Many a night after that, when Ted was traveling for work and away, I was over our friends house having the best sex amatör porno of my life.

And, yes, I told Ted all about it. And, Dom had filmed some of it to show Ted.

After that, Ted introduced me to becoming a nudist, which I quickly learned to love. I never realized it, but I was always an exhibitionist and a tease but now I really enjoy putting my naked self on display.

At one of the resorts, we made friends with a couple around our age. I don’t remember their names but the guy had a cock bigger than Teds. And, the woman had a smooth pussy and smaller tits but big nipples.

Anyway, at dinner one night, there were a lot of innuendos and hints tossed around. After dinner, we took a naked walk around the resort. By this time, I was so horny that I told Ted that I wanted to walk with the guy, so we switched partners on the walk.

Well, it didn’t take me long before I had the guy’s cock in my mouth as I sucked it for all it was worth. Soon, I felt his cock pulsating and was ready for his cum. And sure enough, he flooded my mouth so much, I couldn’t swallow it all as it leaked out from my mouth.

Ted and the women gave us a round of applause. It was then that Ted asked them if they wanted to spend the night with us. offer they readily accepted.

That was the first time I ever did a mfm threesome and loved it.

Ted and I did some role-playing but on a couple of times, the role-playing wasn’t acting. Ted had pimped me out without me knowing. I actually got fucked by strangers who paid Ted for my services.

When I found out, I wasn’t a happy wife, for sure.

Somehow, Ted always managed to find out where the action was when it came to sex.

He heard about a swapping club and said he wanted to know if I was willing to try it. I told him I would try it.

Well, one day he tells me he set it all up and we would be going tomorrow night.

That day, I got ready and trimmed my pussy, put on some nipple jewelry and put out my outfit for the evening, a short black mini dress with no bra or panties.

When we went there, we saw at least arap porno fifteen couples milling around and having drinks.

We walked around and introduced ourselves, looking for a compatible couple to swap with. We finally found one and asked if they would be interested in swapping. They didn’t hesitate and soon we were paired with strangers.

The four of us found an empty bedroom and immediately removed our clothes.

I quickly got on the bed an told the guy to join me. Ted did the same to his fuckmate.

It didn’t take the four of us to start fucking. Ted and I watched each other as our fucking got serious.

The guy fucking me said he was ready to cum. I heard Ted tell him to shoot his load in my cunt and as soon as Ted said it, the guy came a ton in me.

Then I watched as Ted shot his load in his new fuckmate.

We all enjoyed another round after we rested.

Now, that brings us to now…

I still didn’t remember…wait, yes I do remember now. I know how I wound up like this.

Ted said he found this place where just about anything went, from threesomes, to full swap and to gang bangs.

I remember going to this place and having a few drinks and getting frisky. I remember some guy removing my clothes. I even saw Ted naked with a woman. I think she was blowing him.

Anyway, I remember after I was naked, being led into a bedroom. I was told to get on the bed, which I did. I seem to remember seeing a lot of guys coming into the room, circling the bed.

I saw Ted come in. Then I heard him say, “Gentleman, I give you my wife, Alice. She is yours to do with what you please for the next few hours.”

What I remember next was my legs spread wide and guys, one after another slipping their cocks in me and cumming in me.

On more than one occasion, guys came in my ass as well. I only knew that happened as cum flowed out of my ass.

Before they were through with me, I think about twenty guys fucked my cunt and at least a dozen filled my ass with their cum.

Now, the more I think about it, the more I remember.

Ted finally awoke and took me to get cleaned up so we could go home.

On the way home he asked how it was. I told him, “I am ok but the next time, I want to remember it all so I won’t drink too much.” Laughing.

We laughed and kissed, telling each other that we loved each other.

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