How I Met Your Mother

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Vera was part of my American History 101 study group. A very sturdy girl, she grew up on a farm in Iowa where her family raised beef. She wasn’t the least bit bashful and seemed to love to talk about life on the farm. Eventually she’d go into great detail about how rabbits or chickens or cattle mate. She was so candid it made most of the guys uncomfortable but the girls loved to get her started just to tease the guys. At 5’10” she was one inch shorter than me but she out weighed me by thirty pounds. Her hips were broad, her thighs powerful her buttocks were full and firm. The term “big ass” definitely applied but on her it was strangely attractive. Her bra carried her massive breasts high and tight. For a large girl her waist was surprisingly small with a belly mound that was unexpectedly sexy. Her round face was framed by short cropped blond hair. She may have been large but she was fit and she would have been the perfect farmer’s wife in the eighteen hundreds. Just the thought of her plowing behind a team of oxen made me hard. I was a scrawny freshman, she was a junior. We were alone in the basement of her sorority for our study group but no one else had shown up yet.

We were sitting on an old couch, waiting for the others to arrive. I tried to make small talk, asking about her major. She replied, “Animal Husbandry.”

“Interesting.” I said, reflexively, not knowing what else to say. “What are they teaching you this quarter.”

“Artificial Insemination.” She announce bluntly. Her eyes seemed to twinkle as she studied me, sensing that I was uncomfortable. There was no one else there to amuse but she seized the opportunity to tease me anyway. “We’re learning how to collect the semen from bulls so that it can be used to impregnate a number of cows instead of just one.” I squirmed nervously as she described the procedure and wondered what she would think of a normal human penis after handling a bull’s monster cock. She seemed to enjoy watching me squirm as she went into great detail demonstrating the techniques she was being taught. “Some people think that we masturbate the bull.” She concluded. “But if the cow weren’t in season I doubt that he would let us near him.”

“I suppose not.” I agreed.

“Do you want to feel me up?” She asked without warning. “You’ve been looking at my breasts all quarter. I see you staring at them when you think I’m not looking. Why don’t you just hold them now and satisfy your curiosity?”

I was stunned, I blushed and balked, embarrassed to be found out and confronted. Of course I wanted to feel her up, of course I wanted to know what such big jugs felt like. Hell, I wanted to find out what they tasted like. I wanted to know if more than a mouthful was a waste! She knew I coveted her love pillows and had called me out about it.

“Don’t be shy.” She whispered as she picked up my hand and put it on her breast. It was full and firm, better than I could imagine. I squeezed it gently, shyly, once, twice, three times as I looked into her eyes. “Don’t stop.” She murmured as she licked her lips. I want you to play with them!” I reached for the other one and squeezed them both. I squeezed harder and I felt her respond in seconds as her nipples doubled in size and became rock hard. It was awkward, she was leaning towards me and I was holding her breasts in both hands like I was comparing melons at the supermarket. I was squeezing them and staring like a fool. I hope I wasn’t drooling. They were big enough that it seemed like I was trying to palm two volley balls “I like a man to play with them, it’s more fun than playing with them by myself.” She giggled.

I must have looked shocked because she giggled again. “Girls play with their tits silly, just like boys play with themselves and I know you do so don’t act so surprised.” She leaned back and held her breasts with both hands, fingering her tits and watching me. “Sometimes I lie in bed and play with them until I fall asleep or …you know.”

I didn’t know really, I suspected maybe but I didn’t know anything about how girls masturbate. “I’m not surprised; it’s just that I don’t know any other girls who talk about it.”

“We talk about it all the time, just not with boys. But we prefer to talk about what boys do for us. Do you like squeezing my tits?”

“Like it? I love it, they’re….”

“They’re what? The softest, most squeezable, biggest. Tell me what they are?” She kept playing with her own tits while I confessed.

“They’re the biggest, most wonderful tits I can imagine, I loved playing with them! I want to kiss them.” I blurted.

“Kiss them or suck on them?” Was she really going to let me suck her tits? Was she just teasing me while we waited?

“Both!” I stammered.

“Let me see how good you are at playing with them, if you know what you’re doing you might get more.” She stared straight at my crotch and I realized that my cock was hard as a rock. I blushed, knowing that she knew she was turning me on and I couldn’t illegal bahis hide it.

She leaned towards me again and offered tits once again. As I massaged her overstuffed bra she pulled my lips to hers and kissed me, lips open and her tongue parting my lips. My jeans were getting uncomfortable as her tongue brushed against my teeth and I began to feel dizzy. I nuzzled her neck just to catch my breath. Her breathing became shallow and rapid. She leaned back and I loosened the first button of her blouse. While I kissed her neck, shoulders and the tops of her breasts I stroked her belly. She moaned softly and whispered, “That’s nice. Take it slow, I don’t like being rushed.” She shifted so that she was lying on the couch and my right arm was trapped under her. I continued to nibble on her neck and shoulders while my free hand roamed from her belly to her breast, teasing her tit and then retreating, waiting for the moment when she would signal she wanted more. She held my face against her chest as my hand made another trip down her rib gage to her belly. I felt her ass clench slightly as her belly tightened. I squeezed gently against each rib as my hand began to stalk her nipple once more. When I reached her breast I covered her rock hard nubbin with my whole hand, and then massaged it and pinched it gently through the fabric of her bra and blouse. I became bolder and loosened the second button and buried my face in her cleavage, trying to push her out of her bra to my waiting lips. She stroked my hair and whispered, “Tease my nipples, I want you to make them hard.”

She arched her back as if to offer them to me. I pulled her blouse from her waist band and loosened the remaining buttons. Her hands continued to stroke my head, neck and shoulders as I pulled a bra strap off her shoulder and revealed a nipple. She guided my mouth as she encouraged, “lick me…, kiss me…, suck my nipple!”

I was only too happy to comply. No girl, let alone one as well endowed as she had ever let me near her clothed breasts and this goddess was giving me, my mouth, access to her bare breast! I did my best to please her as I orally worshipped it, licking, sucking, nibbling. Soon she pleaded breathlessly, “Do the other one.”

I opened her blouse and pulled the other strap off her shoulder. I gazed in awe at my first live set of naked knockers and couldn’t believe I wasn’t dreaming. She pulled me on top of her and guided me into her neglected breast and whispered, “Suck it…, please… suck it and nibble on my tit. Lick me, suck me, bite my nipple!”

I felt like a jockey riding a thoroughbred. My skinny legs were astride her ample thighs. I did my best to please her, sucking gently…nibbling…licking and then sucking again. . My face was darting between her breasts, kissing and licking from one to the other, sucking and nibbling, biting gently and pulling on her tits. I put my arms under her and supported myself so I could more easily work on pleasing her. First one tit then the other, all the while massaging one and then the other, starting at her rib cage and squeezing as I pushed out to my lips as if to milk them. She began rubbing my back and squeezing my ass, pulling my cock into the valley formed by her thighs and using it to stroke her pussy mound while I worked on her tits. My cock ached as she squeezed my ass and pulled my cock into her swollen vulva. Her hand found its way between my legs and squeezed. I thought I would come. She had me by the balls and she wasn’t especially gentle.

“Don’t.” I groaned and pleaded, “Not yet.”

She squeezed again and then loosened my belt. She slipped her fingers under the waistband of my jockey shorts and played with my short hairs, curling them in her fingers, twisting and pulling, and then stroking down to the base of my cock.

My cock pleaded for attention, straining against its fabric prison, begging for more as she turned her attention to my chest. She pushed my shirt up and using her remarkably strong arms held me over her face and kissed my tiny nipples. “Do you like that?” She hissed, licking and nibbling, catching my tiny tit with her teeth and pulling, then releasing it and sucking on it. I felt like a rag doll in her grip. My cock was rubbing against her belly while she focused on my chest.

“I love it!” I groaned and she continued to lick and nibble as she rolled me to the back of the couch and cupped my balls and squeezed. My poor cock ached for her touch but she ignored it and tortured only my balls. First mashing them against my crotch, then rubbing them with the heal of her hand. She forced her way into my boxers and made a collar with her thumb and index finger and pulled my nuts away from my crotch. I couldn’t concentrate; I could only suckle her breast as she took control. My cock ached for attention but my balls could not believe their luck. I sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as possible and tongued it for all I was worth. She squeezed and pulled, mashed and rubbed. I clinched illegal bahis siteleri my asshole and spread my legs as wide as I could, letting her do whatever she wanted. When I began to thrust at her hand she pushed me onto my back and straddled my hips, grinding her pussy against my aching cock. She pinned me to the couch as I tried in vain to find some kind of relief. As her heavy breasts swayed and bounced she continued to slowly torture my crotch with her grinding pussy. She mauled my chest as she bounced her pussy on my cock over and over, keeping me hard but imprisoned in my jeans and boxers. Soon she pulled my shirt over my head and stroked my bare chest. I followed her lead, gently squeezing and then teasing her nipples. My hands were full of firm female flesh, I used my thumbs to tease her nipples as we massaged each other.

I felt her weight shift forward slightly as she offered her tits again. “Kiss them…, suck them…, make them hard.” Her words were urgent, almost a command. She brushed first one tit and then the other against my lips and I sucked eagerly. Her hand slid down my chest and into my shorts again, her fingers running through the hair above my cock. She was so close to my cock but she wouldn’t touch it and still I was afraid she would make me cum.

She pushed my jeans down, I instinctively raised my hips like a slut in heat and my jeans were around my knees. Her nails raked my thighs and she lightly brushed my cock as she brought her hand up to my neck and pulled our lips together. She devoured my tongue as she rode my hip, her calf and ankle making my cock swell as never before. “Kick off your jeans.” She whispered.

I struggled to get out of my jeans without loosing my hold of her tit. When I finally kicked them off she hooked the waistband of my shorts with a toe and slid them down to my ankles so skillfully that I suspected she had had plenty of practice. “Take off your shorts.” She commanded. “And while you’re at it take off your shoes and socks too.” Her tone changed from excited to businesslike as she rolled off me and sat on the edge of the couch.

“Why?” I asked, suddenly unsure of what was happening

“Because a naked man looks silly with his shoes and socks on.” She replied simply, her tone letting me know she was in charge. She wanted obedience and I didn’t argue with her as I kicked off my shoes and shorts. I was eager to get naked with her

“Socks too.” She chided. “I want you wearing only a smile while I examine you.”

“What about you?” I asked as I rolled my socks off my feet.

“What about me?” She teased, her blouse was still open, sleeves and bra straps off her shoulders, bra girdling her waist, she arched her back thrusting her mammoth tits in the air while she twisted her nipples.

“Aren’t you going to get comfy too?”

“Comfy? You mean naked and, no, I’m not getting naked. Besides I’m very ‘comfy’ just like this and, from what I can see you enjoy being completely naked in front of women.”

“I’ve never done this before.” I objected. “And besides I don’t think naked men are allowed here.” Suddenly aware that we might be found in an indelicate situation.

“But you are naked… and I am a woman… and from what I can see you enjoy it! You’re what I call perfect CFNM material, you’re naked already and I’m still dressed.” Her logic was unassailable. “Your cock is so hard it almost stands straight up! It’s a lie detector and it’s telling me you want me to enjoy your cock, to look at your naked body, you want me to play with your cock like you’ve been playing with my tits.”

“I can’t deny that you have me very excited and I’ll be even more excited if I could see more of you.” Somehow the both of us being naked would be better if someone did interrupt us.

“Are you saying that my tits are not enough for you tonight?” She said as she continued to cup her breasts with both hands holding them up, squeezing them and twisting her nipples. “Do you want to quit and get dressed, we could play cards.”

“No, I’m just saying that I’d like to see you naked too.”

“What if you don’t?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you stand up while you think about it?”


“Stand up so I can look at you.” She ordered, knowing that I would obey.

She gave me a little push and sat up. She left her blouse open, still on her shoulders but displaying her gorgeous tits, full and firm, and nipples hard as rocks. I stood up.

“Step back.” She instructed, her eyes were glued to my crotch.

I obeyed. “Turn around; I want to see your ass.” My cock was jutting upwards, still hard and throbbing as I slowly turned. She reached out and slapped my ass, I jumped. “Bend over and spread your cheeks, I want to see how your balls hang.” I was embarrassed but I did it any way. She pushed my hands off my ass and started kneading both cheeks like I had kneaded her breasts. “Put your hands on your knees and spread your legs.” She ordered as canlı bahis siteleri she gripped my ass cheeks with both hands and kneaded them like bread dough. Her thumbs teasing my anus. “Your balls hang very nicely but I can’t see your dick. Is it still hard?” I blushed knowing not even my doctor spent this much time looking at my butt.

“Are you enjoying your full buttocks massage?” I groaned again, she didn’t wait for my answer. “Should I rub your balls some more?” Her right hand covered my scrotum, two fingers teased the base of my penis and her thumb was pressing close to my anus. I felt like she would make me her sock puppet at any moment and part of me wanted to know what it would feel like to have her thumb invade my ass.

“It looks like you enjoy showing me you body.” She observed. “Stand up and put your hands behind your head and keep turning.” She released my nuts and when I was in profile with my cock sticking nearly straight up she ordered me to stop. “Now show me some humping action, I want to see your cock bounce up and down a little.”

I blushed as I fucked the air for her, knowing we could be caught at any moment. I humped for her, my hands behind my head, sucking in my gut and clinching my ass as my prick waved up and down for her.

“Your balls look awfully tight again.” She observed. “Move closer, step between my feet and I’ll help you keep them loose.”

She was seated on the edge of the couch with her legs spread in a most unladylike display. Even with her shorts on I could see her swollen pussy. I wondered how she could maintain her self-control.

I moved sideways between her legs, her face was just inches from my cock. With one hand on my ass she used the other to pull my leg into her pussy, “Spread your legs for me.” She whispered. “Squat a little and keep humping.” I spread my legs enough so that I was squatting slightly, her thighs were holding my calf against her pussy. I was giving her unlimited access to my crotch, nothing was hidden. She squeezed my ass in rhythm with my fucking motion, her other hand was stroking my thigh, lightly brushing against my balls. She brought her hand up to my pubic mound and ran her fingers through the hair as my cock bounced against the back of her hand. “That’s sexy,” she purred, “slap my hand with your cock.” I humped a little harder, trying to ht her hand every time.

“I love watching a nice hard cock bounce around, and you like showing me your cock, don’t you?” She teased. I didn’t answer, I just closed my eyes and began to pant, my tongue licking my lips as I took short, quick breaths through my nose. “I think you do.” She continued, not waiting for my answer. “I bet you want me to keep rubbing your balls, don’t you? Ask me to rub your balls

“Please Vera, rub my balls.” I pleaded, no longer worried about being discovered.

I groaned as her hand went from my ass and reached between my legs. She massaged my balls with one hand while the other played in my bushy short hairs. Once again she made a collar around my nut sack and pulled, first gently, then harder and harder. Her free hand went to my chest and began twisting my tiny tits as she pulled on my balls. I was standing between her legs, completely in her power, hands behind my head, humping lewdly for her as she played roughly with my balls and tits. “I’ll bet you didn’t know your tender little balls were so sturdy.”

Drops of precum formed and fell from the tip of my cock. “You’re starting to leak you bad little boy.” She slapped my ass again. “Are you going to cum for me now? Are you going to shoot your wad without my even touching your cock? She squeezed my balls with her right hand and with her free hand she raked her fingernails from my chest to my short hairs.

My mind was unable to sort out the sensations. Her thighs trapped my leg against her crotch, her pussy enjoying the ride as I waved my cock for her amusement. She kept rubbing my balls, more and more insistently. “Cum for me.” She whispered. “Cum for me now.” She ordered.

My cock responded and cum arced as if in slow motion from my throbbing member. Before I could shoot again her lips encased the tip of my cock and drained my tender, wilting prick as I gasped for air. I marveled at the intensity of my orgasm as I collapsed beside her on the couch.

She pulled my face to her breast and offered them. “Would you like to suck my tits some more?”

I was exhausted but sucking her tit took no effort at all and I gladly began nursing like a baby. She stroked my cheek as I gently nibbled and sucked. “Thank-you.” She whispered. “I loved watching your cock explode, and you were amazing!”

“Thank-you.” I mumbled as she played with my semi-soft cock.

I would have gladly let her play with my cock and let me suck her tits for the rest of the night but she interrupted my dream. “Can you do it again?” She whispered as she stroked my cheek.

“I don’t think so.” I murmured into her breast. “You took a lot out of me.”

“Will you try?” She pleaded. “Will you do it for me? Make yourself hard. Let me watch you make yourself cum. I want to watch you jack off.”

She pushed my hand down to my crotch. “Show me how you play with your dick when you are alone.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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