Houseguest Heather

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Special thanks to my editor; and to Mayberrygirl, who’s contributions were paramount to the satisfactory completion of the work.


The sun was low in the sky and Jason was nearly finished with the installation of the drainage pipes in the field. Runoff from the house and nearby driveway created a marsh behind the house, and he had worked all day to alleviate the problem. It was a dirty job, and he was covered in dried mud. Just as he thought about taking a break, the sound of an approaching car caught his attention. The house was set back from the road, but traffic was clearly visible from his vantage point.

That car looks familiar, he thought as it slowed and turned into his driveway. He recognized it as Heather’s car, the same car that was stuck in the ditch several weeks ago. I’d better get her attention, he quickly decided, as she will never see me back here.

Jason walked the short distance to the gravel road that followed the creek along the property line and waved to the car. Heather drove to the end of the driveway, onto the gravel surface, and then alongside him. She gave him a sweet smile and a little wave as she approached.

“Heather, what a wonderful surprise to see you again,” Jason greeted her with a huge smile on his face. “It’s so nice of you to stop by. Are you heading out of town and taking the scenic route?”

“Actually no,” she sheepishly replied. “I came to see you, and to ask a favor.”

“Really? You came to see me?” Jason asked somewhat surprised. “What’s the occasion?”

Heather paused to collect her thoughts, and then began. “Honestly, I seek sanctuary. I have tons of schoolwork, plus my senior project is due next month. Normally I would retreat to my folk’s place, but they have out of town guests. And my apartment is too noisy and too busy to concentrate.” Then she looked up at him with hopeful eyes and continued, “I’d really appreciate it if I could stay here with you this weekend. I have my suitcase and my study materials in the car. And you said I was always welcome here… anytime.”

Jason smiled a comforting smile as he replied, “And I meant it. You’re always welcome here. I’ve a couple of errands to run this weekend, but it shouldn’t disturb your studies.”

“Thank you Jason, that’s a huge relief for me.”

“Why don’t you park your car behind the house and grab what you need to start studying? The back door is unlocked. Spread your stuff out on the dining room table. You remember the layout of the house?”

“I do remember, and thanks again. You’re such a gentleman,” she replied as her blue eyes sparkled and she flashed him a grin.

“I’m here to please,” he responded. “I’ve a bit more work to do before it gets dark. Then I’ll shower, grab your suitcase for you, and get dinner started. Do you like Chinese? If you’d care to join me, I’m having stir-fry chicken and vegetables from the garden.”

“Sounds delicious, and healthy too. College doesn’t allow for much in the way of healthy eating,” she replied as she put the car in reverse. She slowly backed up and parked behind the house. She quickly gathered her backpack and laptop, and then headed inside his house.

It is so nice to see Heather again, Jason thought as he made his way back to finish up his project. The last time she had been a guest in his home the circumstances that heralded her arrival were so different. A storm had knocked out the power and blew the tree across the road. She put her car in the ditch to avoid it. By the time Heather managed to find her way to his door she was soaking wet. Of course, Jason reminisced, I was happy to take her in and take care of her. But why is she here now? He pondered. The excuses about her apartment and her folks, those are pretty flimsy. After all, she could just camp out at the library for the weekend. I wonder what is really going on. Well, I suppose time will tell the story, he concluded.

Jason maneuvered the last drainage pipe and buried it to complete his task. Covered in mud, he made his way back toward the house, stopping by the shed to put away the shovel along the way. Once in the mudroom, he took off his boots and peeled off his soiled clothes. Then walking naked through the back hallway he made his way to the master bedroom, and a much needed shower.


Jason’s thoughts again turned to Heather as the hot, pounding water of the shower soothed his sore muscles and washed away the dirt and sweat he had earned from his labors that day. I remember so well that first night on the couch, I warmed her feet by rubbing them and tucking them under my thighs, and wow, she really warmed up. As the candles flickered, she was all over me. I’ll never forget it. He grinned and his cock began to stir from the recollection. Closing his eyes, he began to lather and scrub his hair.

After just a few moments and in quick succession, he heard the shower door open, felt a hand on his dick, and then heard Heather’s voice, “Is this a present for me?”

Jason opened his eyes and saw Heather naked in front pendik escort of him. She was smiling up at him as she began to gently stroke is now fully engorged, twitching cock. “I was just thinking about you, about your last visit,” he said softly, sheepishly smiling back.

She put her free hand around his neck and looked into his eyes as she spoke, “I’m glad that thoughts of me are so uplifting.” She pulled Jason’s face to hers and kissed him deeply.

Coming up for air, Heather noticed the puzzled look on his face. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Well, you are certainly more than welcome in here with me. It is just that you gave me the impression that you came here to study.”

“I could use a break, and honestly when I heard the shower, I couldn’t resist joining you.”

A break? She just got here, he surmised, smirking inwardly at the thought. Not that I would kick her out of the shower anyway.

“Here, let me help you,” Heather said. She released her deliciously hot grip on his cock and began to soap up her hands. Jason enjoyed the feeling of her slippery treatment first on his shoulders, then on his arms. She washed and massaged each of his hands in turn, and then ran her hands up to his chest. He drew her close for another deep kiss.

She gently pushed to separate their bodies and murmured, “Turn around. Let me do your back.” Jason obliged her, and she repeated her soft, soapy caresses up and down and all around his back. Squatting down and working upward, she washed his feet and legs, finally arriving at his butt. She applied more soap to her hands, and then fondled his ass cheeks. Sliding both hands between his legs, she giggled as she cupped his balls.

“Oh that feels good!” he responded when she reached further up between his legs and using one hand began stroking his rigid cock. She gently massaged his butt hole with the index finger of her other hand. “Oh, you are gonna make me squirt on the shower wall.”

“Well, we don’t want that,” she replied. “Rinse off so I don’t have to taste soap.”

After helping him rinse, Heather meticulously wetted Jason’s shaft with her tongue and returned stoking his member with her delicate hand. Her tongue swirled around his cockhead before she took him into her mouth sucking gently on his helmet.

“Oh, your tongue feels so good. Your mouth is so hot,” he moaned. Heather responded by taking in more of his slick hardness. She began slowly bobbing her head in rhythm to her stroking hand.

After only a brief moment, Jason ran his hands through her hair and gently coaxed her off his rod. “Baby, there is no way I am going to last with that treatment. It feels too good. Please let me do you.”

Heather smiled as she licked her lips. She quickly grabbed the bar of soap, and handed it to him. “I’ll need that later,” he chuckled as he put the bar in the holder. “Let’s start with your hair. Turn around, baby.”

Heather turned as Jason applied shampoo to his hands and generated a liberal amount of lather.

“Now, back up to me.”

She steadied herself against him, his cock poking and prodding between her butt cheeks as he massaged the shampoo into her scalp. Heather felt as if she were melting under his ministrations. She closed her eyes and groaned in pleasure. He reached for the bar soap and keeping it palmed, he slowly lathered her shoulders, down her arms, up her belly then around to her back. He soaped her tight buttocks, kneading the flesh with his free hand. He lowered himself and continued down her thighs, her firm calves and ended at her delicate ankles and feet. His eyes feasted hungrily upon her young, lovely body all the while.

“Turn around. I want to do your front.”

Jason stood and wrapped her in his arms as she turned to face him. He looked into her eyes as he lowered his head and began to kiss her. Their mouths met with a fierce longing. His soapy hands kneaded her ass and he gently probed her rosebud with a finger. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as they kissed. He withdrew his hands from her butt and brought them to her chest. He caressed her breasts and lightly twirled her already erect nipples. With one hand he continued to tug and twirl her nipples, the other hand moved lower down over her mound. He found her slit, slick with hot, slippery juice. When his probing fingers found her hard clit, she responded with a slight jerk. He heard an “oh my” quietly escape her lips.

“Rinse off. I want to rub that juicy clit of yours with my tongue.”

Heather held on to his arm as the water cascaded down her curves and carried the suds away. Jason dropped to his knees, reached around and grabbed both ass cheeks. She opened her legs for him and as he forcefully buried is face in her pussy, Heather had to put a hand on the wall to steady herself. He sucked her lips into his mouth as his tongue darted in and up. The taste of her sweet nectar drove him to probe deeper and suck harder.

“Oh Jason, my gawd that feels so good. I don’t want to come on your tongue, I want your cock. I want to feel escort pendik you inside me.”

Jason reluctantly broke the suction on her pussy lips, withdrew his tongue, and rose from the shower floor. “Turn around, brace yourself against the wall.” he told her. She will eventually feel my cock inside her, he thought, but I am not done pleasuring her with my tongue.

Jason parted her ass cheeks and drove his tongue into her wet slit from behind. He licked up her crack to her rosebud, paused with his tongue at her rear entrance, then drove his tongue into her. He began to tongue fuck her brown hole.

“Oh, oh, oh, Jason. Oh that feels amazing. Oh, oh.”

He slid two fingers into her pussy and began to alternatively finger fuck her pussy and tongue fuck her ass in rhythm. He did not dare touch her clit, as the stimulation would have been too much. He wanted to arouse and tease, he wanted to enjoy her, and for her to enjoy his treatment unto her for as long as she desired.

“Jason, you’re gonna make me come! Please, I want you to come with me. I want to feel your cock inside me.”

With some trepidation, he relented. Standing behind her, he grabbed his throbbing cock and slowly, gently pushed passed her slippery lips to her hot, tight inner folds. “Gawd baby… you’re so wet…so hot. I won’t be able to last… being inside you feels so good,” he said between labored breaths as he clenched his teeth and struggled to control his lust.

Heather reached between her legs and began to rub her swollen, sensitive clit. “Jason, I’m really close. Please baby, I want you to come inside me.”

He quickened his pace, pushing into her, deeper and deeper. He felt the head of his cock repeatedly jam against her cervix. Heather began to tremble, as the air was expelled from her lungs with each of his thrusts. Jason felt her pussy convulsing, and the sensation of his cock drenched with her orgasmic juices, took him to the edge. Heather shuddered and cried out his name. He ground his hips into her ass as he peaked, his entire being lost in the sensation. He shot his load deep inside her. When his euphoria began to subside, he feared falling in shower from the intensity of their orgasms. They held each other steady until their ecstasy subsided, then Jason gently turned her around for a kiss. “Wow Baby!” he said as he smiled broadly.

“Wow is right!” She looked at him smiling, her eyes sparkling with laughter and her face still flushed. They rinsed one more time, and then Jason reached for the towels hanging on the rack. He handed Heather one and they slowly toweled one another dry in the steam filled bathroom. No words were necessary, as each knew how the other felt.

“Will you snuggle with me in the bed?” Heather asked him. “I want to feel your warmth.”

“I would love for you to feel my warmth.”


Jason turned down the bed and slid in. Heather crawled in beside him and rested her head on the inside of his shoulder. She put her hand on his chest and gently ran her fingers through his chest hair. He caressed her back and shoulder with his warm hands. They both enjoyed the afterglow of their lovemaking.

“It feels so good being next to you. You are such a gentle lover,” she said in a quiet voice. “And your tongue is amazing. No one had ever tossed my salad before.”

“I did what?”

“I’d only read about it on line,” she said giggling. “When you tongued my butt. It is called tossing my salad.”

“Oh, is that was it is called? That is something I have always enjoyed doing in the shower. It takes away some of the stigma.”

“Well, I’ll take that pleasure any time,” she said as she rose up and kissed him on the cheek. “It was fantastic.”

“Baby, I’m happy to be of service,” he replied with a wink.

Maybe that’s it, he pondered. She is sex starved, and came up for the weekend to have me service her. I might have to have the doctor call in an emergency prescription of Cialis. I know one thing though, his thoughts continued, I certainly enjoy her being here, and this is going to be great weekend.

They cuddled together in bed, each in their own thoughts, both motionless and satisfied.

“Is that your stomach making all that noise?” Heather asked as a gurgling sound invaded the silence of the room.

“Yeah, I haven’t eaten much today, and it is reminding me of that.”

“Well, I suppose I really should get back to my studies. You can work on dinner. That empty, grumbling stomach needs to be filled soon from the sound of it. She yawned and leaned up on her elbow. “Jason, do you happen to have a hair dryer? I am guessing that you don’t and mine is in my bag in the car.”

“No, I don’t have one but no problem baby… I’m on it. One overnight bag coming up!” He kissed her nose, gave her bottom a fond smack and then crawled over her to get out of bed. He dressed quickly, throwing on a tee-shirt and faded jeans. In less than a minute he had returned from her car with the bag in hand. He found her standing naked beside the bed.

“You are pendik escort bayan such a gentleman,” she said softly.

“I am at your service lovely lady,” he said grinning at her. “And if you need anything else, I’ll be in the kitchen,” he replied and turn to leave.

“Jason, may I use your robe? The one that you loaned me before?”

“Of course. No problem.” He reached into the closet for the robe.

“And boxer shorts like last time?” she asked.

“Sure,” Jason replied smiling. He went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of silk boxer shorts from the drawer. “You really like to be comfortable, don’t you?”

“Yes I do. That’s part of it,” she said quietly with a winsome smile at him. She slipped the shorts on beneath the robe and turned to her bag to rummage for her hair dryer.

Jason gazed at her thoughtfully for a short moment and then he turned away and left the room. On his way down the hallway, he once again contemplated the reason for her appearance. “This is going to drive me crazy!” he said to himself. It is feasible that she may be here to study, he thought, and while she is here she is just taking full advantage of the amenities provided. As the proprietor of this establishment, his thoughts continued, I am obligated to satisfy her every need. I just happen to benefit as well from my duties, he reasoned.

Jason strode into the kitchen and began preparations for dinner. He washed his hands and then rinsed off the veggies. After a quick perusal through his knife block, he plucked out his weapon of choice and began chopping and dicing. He developed the sniffles and shed a few tears from chopping a particularly potent onion when Heather appeared in the kitchen.

“Just passing through,” she announced lightheartedly, then suddenly her tone changed. “Oh Jason, are you ok? What has upset you? What’s wrong?” She queried with concern in her voice. She quickly walked over and placed her hand on his arm.

“I’ll be alright. These are tears of joy over your visit,” he replied, wiping a tear away with the back of his hand.


“Actually dear it is just the onion.” He chuckled then added “But thanks for your concern. I’m happy to see you though Heather. I am happy that you are here.”

“You really had me for a minute. I didn’t know what to think!” Heather replied. She playfully squeezed his arm and smiled back. “I’m glad to be here Jason and very happy that I am a welcome guest. You have been so kind to me.”

“Heather, it’s my pleasure! Now dinner will be in about 15 minutes. I’ll call you when it is ready.”

“That sounds great!” She replied on her way out of the room.

Jason finished his chopping duty and then retrieved the chicken from the refrigerator. He had sliced a boneless, skinless breast and marinated it in teriyaki sauce with sliced ginger and garlic. The pungent smell of the marinade filled his nostrils and his belly rumbled in reply. He heated and oiled his pan and added the chicken. As it began to sizzle and pop he again became lost in his musings. The onion trick was pretty mean of me, I probably should apologize, he thought.

“Wow, that smells good!” Heather announced from the next room.

“Just a few more minutes. I have a Savannah Blanc and a Chardonnay. You are old enough to drink, right?”

“Of course, you know that I’m 23, and I’ll have the Chardonnay,” she said as she entered the room. “I can’t wait to eat. How’d you become such a good cook?”

“Well, by living alone for a while, and eating many mistakes,” he replied. He took their plates out of the cabinet and retrieved cutlery, napkins and their wine glasses. “We can eat right here at the counter so we don’t have to disturb your workspace.” Heather settled onto her barstool and Jason uncorked the wine. After filling her glass he poured some for himself. “A toast… to stir fried chicken, good company, great showers, and very hungry stomachs!”

They both laughed and sipped their wine. Jason filled their plates and gallantly placed Heather’s in front of her adding a “I hope you enjoy it” comment. He sat next to her and after her “Bon Appétit!” both dug in right away.

“This is really good Jason. I liked the omelet from my last visit too.”

“Your last visit,” Jason reiterated, thinking back. “You showed up at my door looking like a drowned rat.” He had a vivid mental picture of the young girl soaked to the skin standing on his front porch.

“That storm was horrible,” she recounted. “I was so scared and wet and cold… and you took me in, no questions asked.”

“You needed help, and I certainly was not going to leave you out in the rain.”

“I know. You were so kind, such a gentleman. I never get to experience that…” she said, her gaze returning to her plate and her voice trailing off.

Ahh, maybe that is why she is here, he thought. The young guys in college don’t know how to be gentleman or how to treat a young lady with respect… that is a very good possibility as well…

“Jason, that was a great meal,” Heather said with a smile. “Can I help with the dishes?”

“Thank you my dear, I am pleased you enjoyed it and no you may not. Heather, you are my guest. I’ll clean up the kitchen so you can get back to your studies.”

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