House Hunting

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You had been gone for two months. You had been stationed in the desert, serving time. Well that is what you called it. You were actually there to defend our country. You said your accommodations resembled jail. But I am sure they were adequate. You weren’t in a tent but a converted trailer house. There was a gym. Seventy satellite stations and a fine dining hall. Yet you were restricted to the base. And you had a roommate. And not a female one. Okay maybe it was a little like jail. Ah well, you would soon be disembarking from flight 695 and be home.

I waited for you as close to the gate as I could. Security, of course, was tight so I waited by Cheers. The flight had been in 10 minutes ago. Where were you. I looked down the hallway, scanning the arriving passengers. But no Christopher. I was about the leave, thinking you had missed your plane or they put you on a charter at the last minute when there you were. A little haggard looking, but an oh so welcome sight. I smiled big and ran as close as I could. As soon as you passed through the security doors, I threw my arms around your neck and gave you a kiss on the lips. Then grabbed your hand and practically dragged you to the stairs so we could get your luggage.

“Hi,” I said. “Hurry up, soldier.” You laughed and followed me. You had enough luggage. And it took forever. I just stood there a little exasperated as bag after bag seemed to be yours.

“Dang boy, what did you do, bring everyone’s bags back with you?” I helped you load it all into the back of my jeep. I could tell you were a little tired. Heck I would be too if I had traveled for over 20 hours just to get home. As I shut the tailgate and turned, you pushed me up against the tailgate and kissed me hard, deep. You ran your hands under my sweater, groped my bare breasts (you had demanded I not wear a bra when I picked you up), pinched my right nipple. At that I screamed into your mouth and you took even further advantage by tangling with my tongue. I am sure we stood, kissing for at least ten minutes. I was getting weak and aroused. Your hand wandered to the waistband of my jeans and when you started to unzip them, I pushed against your chest, telling you to slow down a little. You broke the kiss, looking at me with desire laden eyes. You smiled and ground your hard cock against me.

I smiled at you, “And here I thought you would be tired and not up … too much that is.” You grabbed the keys from my hands, opened the passenger door and with a sweep of your hand, indicating I should be seated, I got in. Before I could reach for the seat belt you were already pulling it around me and snapping it in place. Then you kissed me hard and shut the door. You jogged around to the driver’s side and got in.

“Ah it feels good to be behind the wheel again.”

“Of my car no less.” I muttered under my breath.

“Hush, woman. Let me drive.”

You drove out of the parking garage and headed for your house. We unloaded all your desert gear. I hadn’t planned to stay at your house since I thought you would be too tired to catch up. As I was waiting for you in the family room at the breakfast bar, you snuck up on me. Before I knew it I was trapped against the bar, your hands were unzipping my jeans and yanking them down. You spread my thighs and your hand was checking to see if I was wet.

“I knew it,” you whispered in my ear. I was still wet from all the kissing and groping we had done in the parking garage.

I groaned. “What did you know?”

And the next thing I knew your hard cock was sliding into me from behind. Oh god you felt so good. Your hands reached around and grabbed my breasts, massaging them roughly. You fucked me hard, rough and fast. You didn’t last long. Maybe sixty seconds. And then you were shooting your cum in me. When you were done you reached around and fingered my clit til I came. Not that it took long. You knew I would cum quickly. I always did with you. You leaned against me from behind. “God I missed this.” Then kissed my neck and backed away. You sounded tired. I turned and looked at you.

“You, sir, should go to bed.” I said.

“Yeah, I know but it had been two and half months and I needed that.”

“I know. So did I.”

You glanced at me. “What … you didn’t see anyone while I was gone? You didn’t suck any cock?”

I pendik escort looked at you. “What do you think? Never mind,” I said with a light laugh. “You know I don’t suck and tell. Go to bed. If you feel up to it tomorrow, you can come house hunting with me. There are some new houses on hillside that I want to look at.” I said that as I pulled my pants up, zipped them and snapped them shut. “So give me a call.” I then walked out of your house and went home.

The next day around 10 am someone was whispering in my ear, “Wakie wakie, blondie.” The bum had broken into my house and woken me up.

“What time is it?” I mumbled into the pillow.

“Time to get moving, blondie,” and you swatted me on the ass and yanked the covers off. I was not pleased. I rolled over and reached for the blankets, intent on catching at least 5 more minutes of sleep. But instead of blankets I found you yanking me off the bed and pushing me toward the bathroom.

At that I stopped still. Turned to you and glared or tried to look a little put out. Once I could focus, I noticed you were dressed in jeans and your leather bomber jacket. Around your neck was the scarf I had given you for Christmas. A white silk aviator scarf. It was long and I am sure would come in handy. I smiled at the thought. I pushed against your chest and said, “Go make coffee. Be useful. I will take a shower and get dressed.”

You laughed and asked, “Need some help?” fully intending to follow me into the bathroom.

I arched an eyebrow and said, “No I can handle this myself. Now go … do as you are told.”

You coughed, “Uh, Susan, who are you telling what to do? You do know who I am don’t you?”

I smiled and backed away a step and curtsied. “Yes Master. I know who you are.” Then turn and ran for the bathroom, shut the door and locked it.

“Hey blondie, skip the panties, will ya?” I could hear you laughing as you went to the kitchen.

About 20 minutes later I joined you. You handed me a cup of coffee. “Ah … so, Hollis, you going with me to look at these houses or did you just come by to torture me? And did you ever think for a minute that you could be prince charming and awaken me with a kiss? Something remotely nice?”


I laughed. There was some raisin toast on a plate. I picked up a piece and bit into it. Chewed a bit thoughtfully. I was thinking of retributable ways.

“Come on Hollis, I want to check out these open houses.” I took a last sip of the coffee and headed to the foyer for my shoes and coat.

You had put on your bomber jacket and were twining the scarf around your neck. Hmmmm I thought. Yes that is it.

The houses were typical for the hillside. I wasn’t looking for typical. I did notice a couple who seemed to be following our trail from house to house. He was very good looking. Tall, black, bald. She was very beautiful blonde woman. They were an interesting contrast of dark and light.

I could tell you weren’t that interested in house hunting because all you did was paw me, kiss me or make lewd comments in the bedrooms. But that was okay. I was having fun, making you wait. I knew you just wanted to go back to my house and fuck. How did I know? You kept whispering it in my ear, between gropes, of course. Sometimes you are nothing but subtle.

By the time we got to the last one on my list, a furnished model home, it was late in the afternoon. It was strange that the realtor wasn’t there. But we looked around anyway. In the master bedroom, there was a king size brass bed. We went from there to the bathroom.

“I wonder where the realtor is?” I was a little interested in the house. We checked the kitchen area and there was a note that she had had an emergency but to feel free to look around and take a card if we had questions.

“Ya know I like this place. Let’s take another look.” I said and headed back upstairs. You groaned but followed.

In the master bedroom, I stared at the bed. When you got there, I turned and walked up to you. I put my arms around your neck, and looked up. I said, “This room is very big. I like that. like that bed too. What do you think? Care to help me test out that bed” I then turned to look at it again and slid my hands down your scarf. I grabbed the ends and pulled you toward the bed. “Come on.” I pushed escort pendik you so you were seated on the edge of the bed and started to kiss you. Deep kisses. They got faster and wilder as we kissed. You shoved off my jacket and then ran your hands under my shirt. I forced your jacket off too. I stepped back and took off my sweater. You reached up and unclasped the front clasp of my black bra. And immediately began sucking on my left nipple. You roughly massaged the other one but within seconds you were giving it equal treatment.

Oh god. You kissed your way up my chest to my neck. When you got to my ear you whispered, “Cum, Susan” and I did. You always had that magic voice that over time had the power to make me cum so easily. It was powerful. I stiffened and gave a small cry. I wanted you so bad. I stepped back and removed my shoes, skirt, and tights (I hadn’t worn any panties, again per your demand before we left the house but the tights did throw you didn’t they?). You stood and took off the rest of your clothes. With one hand on your chest I forced you back on the bed. I straddled your chest …. I could tell you wanted to lick me but I wanted to ride you hard. So I grasped your hard cock and teased my clit with the tip. Then I slowly took your hard cock in my pussy. When I had it all I sat there a moment savoring your hard cock in me. Then when your hands reached up for my tits, I began to move up and down on your cock. I put my hands around your wrists and rode your cock hard. Fast. I knew you would cum fast. You had that look. You kept murmuring “Fuck me, Susan.” Then when you gasped and I felt your cock shooting off in my cunt.

When you relaxed I took your wrists and raised them above your head as I leaned down on you to kiss you. Your cock still in me, my breasts teasing your chest. We laid like that, me on your chest, for a few minutes, catching our breathes. I think you may have even dozed off for a moment. I took advantage of that and took the scarf and tied your wrists to the brass head board. I wasn’t sure what to use on your feet. I guess it was the tights. I could make you buy me a new pair. After all it was because of you that they were ruined.

I quickly found them, ripped them apart and tied your ankles to the foot of the bed. Hmmmmm standing back, I did admire your tied-up self on the bed. Oh you did look good. I reached for your cock, sticky with our cums and began to clean it up. I licked it all over. I do so love the taste of us. I was bent over the side licking and sucking your cock when I heard something behind me. You were waking up too so I didn’t think much about the noise. I think you also realized you couldn’t move. You, I am sure, wanted to put your hand on my head and force me to suck you. And you eyes popped open and you pulled on your wrists. Then your legs. You found out you were bound.

“SUSAN!” You said. Uh, I could tell by that tone of voice you may not have been exactly happy with your current situation. But did I care? No, I sucked all the harder and looked up at you. I had a wee bit of a smile about my lips that were encircling your cock.

I removed my lips, continued to stroke your hardening cock and answered with an innocent, “Yes, Master?”

Your eyes shifted to something over my shoulder. You smiled. Before I could even turn around and look, someone was behind me shoving a very hard and very large cock in my pussy. He had gripped my waist, holding me in place and then shoved his cock in me. He was bigger than I had ever taken. I felt so full. I grunted with each stroke. I looked at you for some help but you were just smiling.

Then across the bed appeared the beautiful blonde woman who had seemingly been following us from open house to open house. She was naked. She leaned across the bed and kissed me, licking up some of your cum that was still on my lips. She had large breasts, with large, hard nipples. I wanted to taste one so bad. She started to kiss and lick you hard cock. I didn’t want her to have all of you so I helped. I would lick one side, her the other. We would kiss as the tip of your cock. We repeated this ritual for a few minutes. You were begging one of us to suck you but I think we were more into one another than paying much attention to your needs. Besides, I liked hearing you beg and you couldn’t do one thing about pendik escort bayan it, now could you?

The man fucking me must have enjoyed watching us because he slowed his pace, reached around for my breasts and began to tweak my hard nipples. One hand slipped down to my clit and began to massage it.

You knew I was close and commanded, “Cum, Susan.” I did. My pussy clutched his cock and he could tell I was cumming hard. When I was done, he pulled out and turned me around and shoved his cock in my mouth. He grasped my head between his big black hands and fucked my mouth. When he came, he pulled out and sprayed his hot cum all over my face and chest. The woman crawled over you and began to lick up all the cum. Soon we were kissing hungrily and she was begging me to eat her. We went into a sixty-nine on the floor, her on top, me on the bottom, as the black man stood near. You could see what was happening because there was a large mirrored closet that displayed us quite well for you. I had never eaten a woman before. She had a unique taste that I enjoyed. I licked her clit, tonging it fast and tasting her wetness. I figured if I enjoyed it when you did it then surely she would enjoy it. Besides she was doing the same to me. Although she was getting the benefits of your cum. She came fairly quickly.

He was hard again and took her from behind. It was fascinating watching his very dark black cock sliding in and out of her very white and pink pussy. I was licking his balls and tonguing her too. She gave up on licking me because he was so forceful in his attack. I looked into the mirror and saw you watching us. I smiled. I am sure you hadn’t expected to be the voyeur today after such a long abstinence. But you were intent on the show on the floor and didn’t seem too upset. Your cock was hard. I bet you wished you could stroke it.

I reached down and played with her breasts. They were beautiful in their largess. Her nipples large and hard. I sucked one and rolled the other one between my fingers. Something I had always secretly wanted to do to a woman. She moaned. I think the combination of someone playing with her breasts and fucking her was driving her over the top. She came. She cried out loudly. He wasn’t done though. He wanted to fuck me doggy style again. He told me to get up on all fours. I did and he slid right into me I was still so wet from all the cumming.

Meanwhile she got up and untied you. Much to my dismay. She was kissing you and fondling your cock. But you were too intent on watching me being fucked by the black man. You wanted a part of me too. Perhaps to punish me for tying you up. You stood in front of me and grabbed me by the back of the hair. You raised my face to you and shoved your hard cock in my mouth. You rammed it in and out. Hard and fast. I could barely take you. I was choking you were so far down my throat.

All of sudden she crawled between your legs and started to lick my clit. It was too much. I came so hard … him fucking me, her tonguing me, you shoving your cock in me. You then shoved your cock down my throat and came. I nearly did choke then. I couldn’t take it and struggled against your hand holding me still as your cock spurted in my mouth.

You felt sorry for me and lifted me to the bed. She finished sucking him til he came in her mouth. We all lay back on the bed. Catching our breaths. The room smelled of sex. The bed clothes were a mess. It was dark outside so that meant it was prolly early evening by now. We heard someone come in downstairs. We all started and hurried to get dressed. I was in the worst shape. My tights missing, and nothing to comb my hair with. I am sure there was cum stains on my chin and cheeks and I know there were some on my thighs. But I hurried and dressed anyway. You quickly made the bed, looked around to see that everything was in order and grabbed my hand with a grin. I looked back once, saw the scarf still attached to the headboard. I ran back for it and then put it around your neck. The tights were still attached to the footboard but I left them.

“This scarf comes in handy. Don’t ever forget it, okay?” Then I smiled and kissed your lips quickly. We left, leaving the realtor no doubt wondering why we all left so quickly without a word to her.

Outside as we were about to get in your explorer, we smiled at the other couple. In a way I wanted to ask their names but then … that might ruin the mystery of the coupling. So we just got in your SUV and went home.

“By the way Hollis, you owe me a pair of tights.”

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