Hotel Tryst

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The hotel room was anonymous … the cheap drapes were shut, the bed was still made and only the lamp on by the side of the bed was on. He stood a foot away from the bottom of the bed and watched her approach. His only movement was the breath he drew and the occasional flick of his tongue over his lips.

He was a statue as she stripped him, occasionally licking a patch of skin or taking a nibble here or there. Each time her lips or tongue touched him, his cock twitched. The blindfold seemed to come from nowhere and was quickly fastened behind his head, blocking out the light. He felt the press of her tits against his chest, her nipples hard with her excitement. With the loss of his sight, all he could do was hear and feel, and if he was lucky he might taste too.

The air wasn’t cool, but he felt goose bumps breakout across his naked flesh. Then he felt her warm hands stroking his flesh, and the brush of her nipples as she moved around him. All the stroking was leading downwards to his erect cock. As her wet mouth closed around his shaft, he realized he could see a tiny bit out the bottom of the blindfold. He saw and expanse of pale white skin, and the top of his lover’s head as she sucked on him.

Her mouth was wet and warm while he enjoyed the site of her curves kneeling before him. He could see the slope of her back where her hips widen out, her legs splayed open to help her balance. Past her hips, a glimpse of the white skin rounding over her ass makes his mouth water.

Her tongue is moving around his cock, one hand gently massaging his balls. Her other hand reaches between his legs to grab his ass, digging in her nails to mark him. pendik escort Her moan vibrates along his cock and it twitches in response. In the next instant her arms are around his hips, hands digging into his ass to bring him closer to her mouth as she sucks him to the back of her throat.

Her mouth is gone now, as are her hands. For a moment he stands there alone in the dark with blood pounding through his body, in his ears, and engorging his cock. Then hands are back, gently guiding him backwards to the bed before pushing him down on the cover. She keeps pushing until he is in the middle of the bed. He feels the dip as she climbs on the bed and over to him.

First one hand, then the other — he doesn’t resist as she secures his hands to the posts. His legs she leaves free, at least for now. He feels her get off the bed, but cannot see where she’s gone. What will she come back with? He can hardly wait to find out.

He feels her hands again, down by his ankles. They feel different. Instead of her warm bare skin, he feels cool silky material. She is wearing satin gloves as he begins stoking up his legs. Every now and again she pauses and gently massages an area before moving on, the full massage will come later.

The gloves warm with the combined body heat. His legs fall open at her advance, and she moves between them on her climb up his body. He is hers to do with what she will.

Up over his thighs and around his hips, she bypasses what he wants so badly for her to touch. She strokes his chest not just with her hands, but also with her body. He has never felt anything like this before – his skin is so alive. Her breasts rub against his escort pendik chest and he moans wanting to suckle on her. She has other plans

She moves downward again, fascinated with his erect cock waiting so patiently for her attention. She grips it tightly in her warm satin encased hand eliciting another moan from him. The satin slides easily against his hot flesh. He wants her to fuck him.

His hips buck against her hand. She squeezes hard one more time before once again shifting. For a moment he can’t feel her touching him, but then he does. The tip of his sensitive cock feels the wet warmth of her pussy — and he tries to buck again.

She pushes down on his chest and whispers, “No. I’m doing it … I’m fucking you.”

He lays there helpless as she slowly lowers herself onto his shaft. When it is all the way in, she sits still for a moment savoring the feeling. The he feels it — her inner pussy muscles flex, grabbing his cock as if to milk it. She raises herself up, her inner muscles still contracted, and it’s heaven!

She releases her muscles then slides down again slowly. She starts to rock on top of him and begins to rub her clit. She tells him what she is doing, but he can see a little bit through the bottom of the blindfold. He can see where he’s entered her, and he can see her hand rubbing. She leans forward and takes his mouth in an open tongue-flicking kiss.

She sucks his lower lip in and bites down gently. She licks the inside of his mouth, the sensitive areas inside the lip, and her hips move a little faster. Her pussy muscles are contracting again, every time her hips move.

He wonders — where will she let pendik escort bayan me come? Her pussy? Her mouth? He knows both would be heaven, but his desire was for that luscious mouth.

She moves her mouth to his ear and bites the lobe, then give the injury a little lick. “You’re so bad,” she says. “What a naughty boy you are.” Her warm chuckle makes him shiver. He can feel her body clenching his shaft, he can feel the contractions as she comes groaning his name. But he hasn’t had release yet, and she wants him to come.

She climbs off his stiff cock and moves down his body until her mouth is over his cock once again. Her legs straddle one of his, and when he bends his knee he can feel the wet warmth of her juicy pussy. As she takes his cock back in her mouth, she tastes herself on him. She pulls back a moment to share that with him & lick her lips.

Then her mouth is back on his cock, and her hand strokes keeping time with her mouth. Her wet pussy rubs against his leg and she hopes to come again from the friction while he comes in her mouth. Her hand holds his shaft as she licks around the head of his dick. She licks the little slit there and again his hips are bucking, straining to maintain contact.

She pulls him all the way into her mouth, beginning to mouth fuck him in earnest. He can feel the wetness of her pussy spreading over his leg allowing for more and more friction. Her head is moving up and down, bobbing over his cock. Every now and then she flicks her tongue until she tastes his pre-come, then she knows he’s close. Within minutes he explodes in her mouth and she swallows it down. She comes again, this time against his leg as she hoped.

When she can move, she climbs over him once again for a final kiss before stripping off her gloves. Her only decision now is — does she untie him while she showers, or leave him prepped for the next round?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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