Hotel Passion

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Amanda had come away for a weekend, one night in this city. She’d arranged to meet an old friend for a drink while she was here. On the train she wondered whether he would comment on the change in her appearance, whether she would still secretly think he was fit, and whether they’d have enough to talk about. Pushing these thoughts to the back of her mind she focussed on her music, although the cold train carriage meant she had goosebumps, her nipples pushed against her soft bra, and the odd shiver forcing her to wrap her shawl around her shoulders.

Soon this was the last thing on her mind, rushing into the bustling city to reach her hotel and check in. Grabbing some dinner from a stall on the way and collapsing on her huge bed she realised she was going to be late, they were meant to be meeting at 7! She puts the TV onto a music channel and jumped in the shower, tying her hair into a bun, using her favourite shower gel, which matched her perfume, dancing in the shower to the music from the TV.

Still rushing she hurriedly dressed, laying her outfit on her bed quickly to assess it. She wanted to impress, it’d been a long time since they’d last met, so she’d chosen a fitting pencil skirt, hold up stockings with backseams, and a low cut cowl top, coupled with some killer heels. As she dropped her towel and fastened her bra behind her over her pert breasts her phone flashed up with his name: ‘Gareth’. His text said it was pouring and he’d meet her at her hotel to get a cab.

This was plenty of time to get dressed in, so she relaxed, sliding her matching thong over her trimmed mound, and then took her time pulling her stockings up her legs, ensuring the seam was straight, adjusting the lace tops. Once fully dressed and accessorized the finishing touches were a few spritz of perfume, and she made her way to the hotel lifts. Walking in front of her was a well dressed, well built man, she couldn’t help but check him out, judging his bum and strong, broad shoulders.

As she fiddled on her phone waiting for the lifts the man turned to look at her, and exclaimed ‘Amanda!’. It was Gareth…presumably staying in her hotel. She’d mentioned which she’d booked before but didn’t know he’d booked the same one! They shared a warm, strong hug, he inhaled deeply and his senses were filled with her perfume. They pulled apart and smiled at each other, she noted that one of his hands remained around her waist until she took a step backwards. As the lift arrived and they travelled downstairs they discussed the best plan for the evening,

Gareth suggested a cocktail bar which was close by, the rain had stopped now so they were brave and walked. Amanda waited a while before complaining that she couldn’t keep up walking in her fabulous shoes, at which point she was teased, but Gareth offered her his arm. Holding onto his strong bicep she tottered beside him, wondering if they looked like a couple to the casual observer, giggling to herself at that thought.

Once at the bar drinks were queued for, and bought, and a booth secured so they could catch up. A couple of drinks later the awkwardness was gone, which Amanda had spent some time worrying about, and it was as though they had seen each other only last week. She knew she became quite tactile when she’d been drinking, and found herself touching his arms a lot, pushing him away when he made bad jokes, only to find him sitting closer and closer. After a while his arm had worked its way around her back, then rested on her shoulder, fiddling with her bra strap. She made a joke about this:

“Trying to get me naked already eh?!”

He looked at her hard for a split second, his hand moved to her waist and he kissed her, taking her totally by surprise. She pushed back away from his kiss, but he was easily stronger, took one of her hands in his, intertwining his fingers, and kissed her again, this time she didn’t resist. They melted into one another, and he pulled her legs pendik escort over his, so she was sitting sideways and he could get both hands around her waist.

Neither of them were drunk, and became quite conscious that they were very much in public, as their kisses became more passionate. He kissed her neck gently and whispered in her ear “Lets go back to the hotel”. Amanda nodded, she was getting hotter and wetter by the minute and her thong would soon be soaked through, Gareth’s hands stroking up and down her stockinged legs was not helping her growing desire.

Gareth finished his drink quickly, as Amanda downed hers, pulling her jacket on and standing up unsteadily. Gareth was there in a shot, his hands around her waist, somehow moving a hand to her bottom to steady her and keep her upright. He gave her a quick squeeze and took her arm, walking back to the hotel with purpose.

Amanda was losing her nerve on the walk back, he could sense it, so suggested they walk back to their rooms. They were on the same floor, his room came first, and he asked her if she wanted to come in for a drink. She hesitated, but agreed, suddenly nervous, her confidence in herself fading. His door opened and taking her hand he led her inside. The room was dimly lit, just the lamps by the side of the bed were on, but she didn’t have time to assess the whole space before she was against the wall, his weight pushing against her, his lips on her neck. She couldn’t help moaning his name aloud.

His erection was growing harder and harder against her. One of his hands moved up her neck to hold her head as he kissed her again, pushing her lips apart with his tongue, she welcomed him into her mouth. His other hand found its way inside her top, groping her breast over her bra, extracting more moans from her. As she moaned into his mouth she grappled with the fly on his trousers, she wanted to release him, to see if he was really as big as they had joked earlier in the night. Her hands were forced above her head and he lifted her top from her, discarding it into what would become a pile of clothes.

Quickly her tight pencil skirt was unzipped, “You looked great in this” Gareth told her, throwing it aside. Feeling very exposed in just her bra, thong, stockings and heels Amanda tried to unbutton his shirt, wanting him to match her in nakedness. He resisted and spun her around, now pushing her against the wall front first. Her bra was unfastened with one hand, his other holding her hands together above her head. He pulled her bra from her, over her arms and leant into her, the cold wall on her nipples felt like torture. Warm hands running up and down her body made her moan, she wanted his touch to move lower, but his kisses showering her neck and shoulders made the slightest interaction feel incredible.

It was quite obvious to Amanda that she was not going to be in control of this experience now, she was pinned against a wall in her friends hotel room, almost naked. This turned her on more than she expected, she could even smell her own arousal she was so wet.

“Gareth please…” escaped her lips.

“Please what?”, he spun her back around and took both her breasts in his hands, her hard nipples pushing out into him.

She once again tried to undress him but was again denied. He moved closer to her, his lips brushing hers but not kissing her.

“Please what?!”

“Please touch me…”

“Touch you where Amanda?”

Was he serious?! Was he going to make her beg? His cheeky smile was no longer charming, but annoyed her. He removed one hand from her breast and began unbuttoning his shirt, then his trousers. Her other breast was released and he stripped. Now he was entirely naked in front of her, a throbbing cock standing out from his body. She gasped and slid down the wall, onto her knees, examining it closely. It was just as big as he had described earlier, as she stuck her tongue out, running it up escort pendik the length of him and was rewarded with his first moan, she took his head inside her mouth and worked back and forth, wondering if she could fit all of him in her mouth.

“Mmm Amanda…”

Now he was the one moaning she began feeling much more confident, enjoying the feeling of him stretching her mouth. He was so big, thinking about him pushing inside of her pushed her from wet to dripping. As she sucked, licked and nibbled on him she moaned, the deeper she could get him in her throat the stronger her moans, and the louder he would moan. One hand moved to her pussy, her finger dipping inside ready to start rubbing her clit. This did not go unnoticed by Gareth and he took her arm, pulling it away from her pussy, and pulling her off her knees to her feet.

He scolded her, and sucked the finger she had coated with her juices, before kissing her deeply and passionately. Once again against the wall, arching her back at the cold, he positioned himself to enter her. Running his cock along her hot slit, watching her lips encase his head as he did, her legs parted, looking extremely long still in black nylon and heels, he grinned wickedly. He knew he had her so would tease her as much as he could.

Trying to force him inside her, desperate to be filled, Amanda tried to thrust onto him but again was denied. She felt as though her frustration was becoming unbearable, but she had no idea what was to come.

Now being led to the bed and pushed backwards her heels were removed, and kisses showered up the inside of her legs. Squirming around, Gareth decided he couldn’t have this, and went to his travel bag, pulling out some ribbons. Amanda sat up on her elbows, totally shocked, this must have been planned in his head all along! Deftly he tied her hands above her and tethered her to the bed, preventing much movement. Moving back down her body he kissed all the way around her breasts, finding underneath them to be extra sensitive. Blowing on her nipples seeing them grow even further he avoided them, moving down her body more.

This was becoming too much for her…every kiss felt like electricity running through her body. When he eventually came to her pussy, peeled her thong off and pulled apart her lips to see all of her, and see how wet he had made her. Using two fingers he ran up and down from her cunt to her clit, her moans were no longer quiet; she was arching her back, pushing her bum into the bed. Those two fingers were then rubbed around her nipples, coating them in her juice. His mouth enveloped her clit suddenly, along with his fingers pushing inside her. He felt like he was pushing them into a fire, she was so hot for him, and she almost screamed when his tongue hit her clit, thrashing on the bed.

Her orgasm followed shortly after, working her clit with his tongue drove her over the edge, and the flicking, lapping and taunting with his teeth forced shock waves down her spine. He removed his fingers from her spasming pussy, and licked them clean, before once again pulling her lips apart and blowing on her clit. It was swollen, bigger than any he’d seen before, due to her exceptional state of arousal. Kissing up her stomach, back to her breasts, she could feel his cock pushing into her leg. He was so hard it was almost becoming painful for him, but he wanted to clean her nipples thoroughly after smearing her nectar on them.

Pushing his luck he bit her nipples lightly, seeing how much she could take. Gareth smiled onto her breast as she jumped slightly, but didn’t express any pain, moving further up, kissing her neck and his cock found its way to her cunt, the head just beginning to push inside. She was still bound at her wrists, at his mercy, and he knew she might struggle to accommodate his huge prick, so started slowly, pushing and pulling out until eventually his entire member was inside her, her breathing really very short pendik escort bayan as she tried to get used to feeling so full.

Amanda’s moans increased further, getting louder and stronger, calling his name more and more. Hearing her cries for him encouraged him to thrust harder and faster, he was overcome with lust for his friend by this point, and wanted to make her cum again. Leaning back onto his knees he pulled her up to him and thrust into her as hard as he could from this angle, causing her to scream. He pulled on her nipples with one hand, and rubbed her clit with his thumb. She was getting closer and closer to orgasm, but didn’t want to cum again yet, she wanted him to call her name.

“Let me go on top baby” she moaned. She was hoping to be released so she could regain some control but this did not turn out the way she wanted. He pulled out of her, untied her from the bed, but left her hands bound together, then lay down and let her sink onto his upright cock. With her hands remaining together he could still determine the pace and rhythm and she felt as though his cock was almost tearing her in two. They reached a mutual rhythm which suited them both, and she could grind onto his cock hard.

“Amanda… yes….” She had got what she wanted, him calling her name. He moved her hands to her clit and told her to please herself, so he could watch her on top of him while she played with herself. Her pace became varied as she worked herself towards another orgasm, clamping onto his cock inside her, then falling forward onto him, they shared a delicious and passionate kiss.

Expecting to now be released so they could embrace during sex she presented her wrists to him, but he laughed at her and kissed her, telling her “not yet”.

Her legs were weak from the orgasms, but she wanted more of his cock.

“Gareth, fill me” she moaned, they were laying side by side, she needed to feel him pump his seed inside her. He grinned and told her how he wanted her. She smiled, this was one of her favourite positions, and she got onto her knees. Her hair had unravelled, so as he moved behind her he removed her hair ties, then feeling his still enormous cock behind her, nestling in her arse crack, and her breasts being squeezed quite roughly, she was pushed forward so she was on all fours.

He looked down at her, stroking her back, sliding his cock up and down her sopping slit, telling her how he’s needed this for so long. This was perfect, he had her, she was all his. He was ready to force himself back inside her, when she took him by surprise and pushed backwards, fucking his cock. He spanked her quite lightly, enjoying how much she needed him, smiling at how he could make her far naughtier than she already was. She continued to push back onto his prick, and he matched her thrusts. Her whispers of “harder” turned him on even more, and he reached around to tweak her clit, feeling what he hoped would become a familiar shudder run through her. She was slumping forward as another orgasm threatened to wrack her body, so he pulled her back by her hair.

She couldn’t believe how he was treating her, or how much it turned her on, but their mutual trust made it the most erotic experience. On all fours, her hands tied, his hand pulling her hair, she felt so hot. He was tensing up, ready to cum inside her, and she begged him to shoot his sticky seed deep into her. One last hard spank sent them both reeling into orgasm, he thrust deeper than he had before and she tumbled forward, her head buried in pillows as she screamed in ecstasy.

Pulling her back up to be on all fours, cock still buried inside her, he then pulled her up to be on her knees. He released her hands from behind her, and her hands moved to her pussy, feeling around the base of the cock stretching her. He moaned gently at her touch there, and pulled out of her, watching as his cum trickled down her thighs to the tops of her stockings, which were somewhat dishevelled. They both collapsed onto his bed, his hand draped across her breasts, giving her nipple a tug as they drifted off into a land of sleep… each dreaming of what they might experience when they wake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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