Hotel Fun.

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Occasionally we go away for a weekend to some town or city and stay in a hotel. There is something about being away from home and staying in a different place that allows you to let yourself go a bit and that’s when sometimes it can turn into a dirty weekend, and this is one such instance.

We were staying in a hotel on the southern coast at a popular seaside resort. The hotel was a grand looking place from the outside but it was a little less impressive inside. Our room was large with high ceilings, but the décor was rather old fashioned and out of date, certainly not your usual sterile modern hotel room. The decoration was very fancy, sort of baroque with lots of pattern and frills everywhere. There was a bow fronted dressing table with a framed mirror and a plush cushion seat in front of it. (I think that this was also the place with the amusing bubble bath contraption that blew air from nozzles in the bottom. It was fun to be in and we took a bath together in it, but made a noise like and outboard motor when it was running!)

We had spent the day out shopping and sight seeing and had come back to the hotel. We got changed into some smart clothes and had gone out for a meal. After the meal we went for a short walk along the sea front before going back to our hotel as I believe it was not a particularly nice evening. We had some booze back at the hotel so we started in on that when we got back, we were getting in the mood for some fun.

Now Jane had either bought some sexy underwear along with her, or we’d bought some during the day when we were out at the shops, either way she disappeared into the bathroom with some to get changed into while I stripped to my pants and T-shirt and lay on the bed watching the TV with a glass of wine in hand, relaxing and waiting. The lock on the bathroom door was thrown, it opened and Jane came out wearing a red silk gown knotted with a sash. I was lying on the bed and when she came over to me I handed her a glass of wine too, smiling she took it and joined me.

We kissed and cuddled on the bed for a while, my hands exploring her body through the smooth silk. Jane sat up and pulled loose the knot of the sash and the gown fell open to reveal what she had on underneath. Jane was wearing a tight lacy white bodice that pushed her tits up into a sexy cleavage. This was complemented with a white suspender belt and silky white knickers and finished off with white fishnet stockings to complete the outfit. She looked very sexy, I liked tuzla escort it and I told her so.

I kissed her and my hand slowly slid up and down her stockinged leg. She parted her thighs a little and I slipped my hand up between them to feel the bulge of her mound beneath the smooth material of her knickers. I gently rubbed my fingers up and down, pushing the material into the groove up the middle. Jane rested her head on my shoulder and breathed her pleasure in my ear as I continued to tease her through her panties.

Then Jane pushed herself away from my arms and got up and walked over to the dressing table to sit on the cushioned stool seat in front of it. She picked up her hair brush and began to slowly brush her lovely long brown hair, watching herself in the mirror. I looked at her admiringly in her sexy outfit. I could see her back and also her reflection in the mirror from where I lay. Jane put the brush down and sat back, she parted her legs wide, then still looking at herself in the mirror she reached down and slowly rubbed at her pussy through the material of her panties. She lifted her legs up onto the dressing table top, her thighs spread wide and continued to rub at herself through the thin material, watching her reflection in the glass. The look on her face showed how much she was enjoying her own touch. I was too, because now I had my stiff cock in my hand and was slowly stroking it up and down enjoying the show which was only going to get better.

Jane opened her eyes and glanced in the mirror, making sure that I was paying attention. She pulled aside the material of her knickers to expose her beautiful trimmed pussy and then watching herself in the mirror, she parted the sweet lips to reveal its inner secrets. She ran her fingers up and down her slit, between the narrow inner lips and then circled around her clitoris before rubbing again. Her fingers rubbed over the lips and then pushed between them to sink first one, and then two fingers into her pussy up to the knuckles. She leaned back and spread her legs even wider. We were both getting off on this! Slowly she worked her fingers in and out of her cunt hole, a look of pleasure spread across her face. Jane withdrew her fingers and used the wetness on them to lubricate her clitoris and then as her other hand went to work on it she slipped those fingers back inside – pushing them in even deeper. Jane finger fucked herself, her hips working against her thrusting fingers. Then she withdrew them from her pussy and tuzla escort bayan put them to her face, slowly and sexily she took them into her mouth, tasting herself on them.

Then she picked up her hair brush from the table and reaching down she spread open her pussy and slowly slipped the rounded handle up into her cunt hole. Holding the brush head she worked the handle in and out fucking her pussy with it and gently rubbing at her clit using her other fingers. She began to breathe more heavily.

I really needed to get a closer look at this! So I went over to where she was sat and knelt on the floor beside her. Jane took her legs off of the dressing table and swiveled around to face me, sitting with her legs spread wide open for me to see. I gazed at her crotch as she continued to sensually masturbate herself, pushing the rounded handle in and out of her love-hole while teasing her clit. She was really turned on and was leaking pussy juice out all over the seat. We looked at each other and smiled

I watched for a while until it was about all I could take! I decided to get in on the act. I moved between her thighs and leaned forward towards her crotch. I poked out my tongue and licked at her fingers as they were circling the top of her pussy and she got the message and stopped their motion using them instead to pull back the little hood that covered her clitoris. I gently lapped around the exposed tiny pink bud with the tip of my tongue and Jane gasped. She withdrew the hairbrush and allowed me full access to her pussy. While she pulled back her clit hood I spread her inner lips open to gaze at its hidden beauty. She was soaking wet with her juices and I lapped at them with pleasure, running my tongue up and down the pink flesh. Then I circled the tip of my tongue around the puckered ring of the entrance to her vagina before pushing it inside to work it around the inner walls, thrusting it in and out, tasting her depths. I withdrew and switched my attention to her clitoris, flickering my tongue over it and then taking the little nub into my mouth to suck on it. This was driving Jane wild. She reached down and pulled my head away.

‘Put your cock inside me.’ She breathed insistently.

I stood up and slipped out of my pants while Jane went over to lie back on the bed. I looked at her lustily in her sexy white undies with her stockinged legs spread wide waiting for me to join her. I positioned my cock at her crotch and then slipped easily into her soaking wet escort tuzla pussy, gradually giving her my full length. After a few strokes Jane pushed me away and taking hold of my glistening cock she leaned forward to lick at it, pulling the foreskin forward into a ruffle, she flicked her tongue tip over it and then inserted it into the little purse she had made. It felt wonderful! The she enclosed the end in her hot mouth and sucked and licked, tasting her own juices mingled with mine. I love it when she does this, it is the sexiest thing and it really turns me on. I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous as I wish that I could suck my cock after it had been inside her lovely cunt.

I pull my cock from her mouth and dip it into her hot pussy again and we repeat the process. Not wanting to cum yet I decide that it is time to give Jane some more attention so I move down her body, kissing my way to between her thighs. Again I spread her open and lick at her pussy, she is drenched with the combination of our juices. I concentrate my tongue around her clitoris and at the same time slip two fingers below into her vagina and slowly work them in and out. Then I add a third finger and Jane is moaning with pleasure. She is so wet that I decide to try something that I haven’t done to her before.

I form all of my fingers into a tight bunch and spreading her inner lips wide with my other hand I carefully begin to insert them into her pussy. I slowly push deeper and deeper watching as my hand disappears into her cunt. A warm wet cave envelops my hand, it is a very erotic feeling. Jane moans, eyes closed, a combination of pleasure and pain? As I stretch her walls to their limit. I lean forward and run my tongue over her clitoris. It doesn’t take long for this to send her over the edge and I get the experience of feeling her cunt muscles as they spasm with her orgasm and contract strongly around my hand.

I have to withdraw my hand carefully afterwards as Jane is now feeling very sensitive down there. We cuddle for a short while and then Jane moves down my body to take my cock into her mouth. I lay back and feel her long hair tickle my stomach as she slides her hot mouth up and down my hard shaft. She takes the end into her mouth and slowly works her hand up and down the shaft, sensually drawing me closer to the edge. I slip a hand down her body to insert two fingers into her wet cunt, I love to have my fingers in her when she sucks me off. My balls tighten and the feeling builds until there is no return and my cock jerks hard and fast as it pumps my spunk into her mouth. Jane lustily takes it in and swallows it down. She kisses my cock and then comes up into an embrace, we kiss sharing each others taste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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