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“I am deeply sorry you two, the only room we have left is a honey moon suite.” The desk clerk tells us. After driving all day trying to get my new car across the country we were tired and decided a meal and some sleep was in order. The food was easy but tracking down a place to sleep was much more difficult, as we are just friends a double room was what we aimed for.

Eventually we found that even a single room with a cot was impossible. Three hotels and the only room available turns out to be a honeymoon suite, but at least we get the rate of a double and there is a couch in the room so I can sleep on that while you take the king size bed.

We make our way up to the room weary but happy to finally have a place to lay down. You slide the keycard into the door and push open as I trail behind you with our overnight bags, my eyes rising up and down your long toned legs and silently scold myself for looking. You gasp at the size of our room and immediately notice the Jacuzzi. “Hmm we should take a soak.” I suggest immediately.

“Mmm that would be nice, but I didn’t pack my bathing suit.” You reply sounding slightly disappointed.

“Bahh we can just use our underwear it will be fine.” I reply, curious to see more of you but also looking forward to the hot soak.

In no time at all the water is warmed and bubbling, “Turn and face the wall.” you demand of me so you can get undressed.

I obey willingly and as you painstakingly slowly undress and fold your clothes in a neat pile I fight the constant urges to turn even slightly to see you. I hear the slight splash of you entering the water and a sigh as the heat and water jets begin to take affect instantly.

“Okay, it is your turn now.” I hear you say and immediately I turn around only to see the back of your head in the tub, I quickly undress not worrying about my clothes being in a neat pile or not.

I step into the water and notice your eyes are even closed, it looks to me as if you are blushing slightly but I dismiss it as my imagination. The water is wonderful and warm, my boxers shrink and cling due to being wet and because of the heat. Once I am submerged, sitting facing you but offset so we may both stretch out, I tell you it is fine to open your eyes. You do and you smile saying how nice the water feels, we chat idly about the trip ahead, the views and the scenery gone by.

During our conversations you pause for a moment and say “I don’t know about you but my bra and panties feel like they are shrinking a bit.” I obligingly close my eyes as you remove these final bits of clothing and you in turn do the same for me as I drape my boxers over the side of the tub next to your panties.

The mood for the night changes abruptly with a single off topic question.

“This is something I’ve never understood about you.” You say as your right foot ascends from the water, your French pedicured toes pointing at me and anklet shimmering in the light. “What is it you find so special about these?”

My jaw drops as your question is so far from expected. “Umm may I?” I ask as my hands breach the water and move towards your foot.

“Of course you can.” You reply to me.

I place the ball of your heel into the palm of my left hand so you don’t have to put much effort into having your foot so high up. I caress the top of your foot with each finger tracing a line ending at the tip of a toe.

“Hmm that is a difficult one, I think some of it is how smooth and even toned the skin usually is.” I run my fingers along the gaps between your toes. “Much of it has to do with these, how dainty and cute they look when they are painted up and when little rings are put on them.” I take each of your toes and rub the pads of them for a moment, this makes you smile a bit.

I run my hand along the underside of your foot, taking care to put enough pressure as to not tickle you, my thumb runs along the arch.

“Mm part of it may have to do with how these are shaped as well.” I say as I run my palm across the arch. “For the most part it is just an over all shape thing I guess, how much care a person takes in their looks can be seen in such often neglected areas. Accessories don’t hurt either.” I half chuckle as I toy with your anklet.

I have been examining your foot so closely I unconsciously kiss the top of it once just above the toes. I sit upright and release your foot. You thrust it forward nearly catching my chin with your big toe. I look down and stare at your foot as your big toe traces down the center of my chest, eventually ending up under the water.

You gasp as your heel presses into my erect cock. “Where did this come from?” You inquire as you begin probing my arousal with the rest of your foot.

“MMmmh.” I groan as the sensations of you pressing against me become too much for me to ignore.

“That’s mostly because you are sitting so close to me naked and a little bit has to do with me having just played with your foot.” I feel your foot leave me and you sit up in the tub a bit, the very bursa escort tops of your small breasts becoming visible out of the water.

“ I see it?” You ask nervously.

“Umm yeah, you can if you want…” I say with much confusion. “I have to ask a personal question before I do though.”

“Go ahead.” You reply.

“You aren’t a virgin or anything are you? I was under the impression that you were a bit more experienced than to be as nervous as you are.”

“No I’m not a virgin, but my first wasn’t exactly what I would have hoped for. He was very insecure about himself, he wouldn’t allow the lights on or for me to touch it. I only felt it inside me, and it didn’t seem to be as big as yours.” You pause before continuing. “He came quickly… I think, and he was embarrassed and left quickly and broke up with me not long after.”

You rub from my knees to my thighs and drag your nails lightly back to my knees. “Please, I want to see it.”

With that said I slowly sit up on the edge of the tub, revealing my fully erect penis to you. You pause, sitting motionless as you gape at the sight of your first cock. Eventually I watch your hands creep up my thighs again, I spread my legs a bit for you to allow those hands to explore me.

Your hands glide over my pubis, noticing the hair to be trimmed very closely. One hand sinks lower and four of your fingers caress the top of my penis moving towards the head. Your finger tips reach the head of my penis and you swirl them around it, once they reach the underside you grasp the shaft in one smooth motion. You pump it a few times rather gently, not quite sure of yourself but doing what comes naturally.

I reach down and raise your chin, taking your eyes off of what you are doing. My head lowers and our lips meet for a simple kiss, in turn your grip tightens around me bordering on uncomfortable. I remove your hand from me and I slide back into the tub, I pull you over to me so you are sitting sideways on my lap.

You grip my cock in between your slender thighs, you are so tiny that looking down you can see my head poking up between them. One of my arms goes behind your back to support you, my other travels around your waist to the small of your back each arm working to hold you close as we kiss.

Our bare wet chests press together, your pert tits mashing against me, I even feel your rock hard pebble sized nipples poking into me. You grow bolder with our kisses by thrusting your tongue forward seeking mine, you also reach down and rub the portion of my penis rising out from between your thighs.

You break our kiss and gasp for air, I take this chance to begin kissing your neck. My mouth works its way down to your chest where I begin licking and sucking the water off of your breasts, taking care to lick up every droplet of water and much of the skin around each drop. Your hand slides up the back of my neck, your fingers run through my hair and grip it, holding my face against your body.

“MMM just one moment.” I say as I stand up grab a towel and step out of the tub. You rise as well facing me completely naked for the first time.

As I hurriedly dry myself off I take in your naked figure, noticing you aren’t shaved but trimmed close enough to wear the skimpiest of bikinis. I discard my towel and pick up another only to wrap you in it, I pull you in close enough to kiss you once more and sweep you off your feet. You cry out with surprise as you suddenly end up in my arms from standing in the tub.

I easily carry you over to the bed, laying you down so that the end of the towel is even with the edge of the bed, letting half of your thighs and the rest of your legs dangle. Quickly I retrieve yet another towel and begin to pat each of your legs dry, kissing all around where there still is moisture. I toss the towel away and pull the one wrapped around you open, beginning to lick and kiss all over your still damp upper thighs.

I kiss around the barely there hairline, and up along your taunt moist stomach. I pause only to trace my tongue along the rim of your belly button before moving upwards. I reach your tits, small but deliciously perky, coating them in kisses before twirling my tongue around the nipples.

Once I kiss up along your neck and our lips meet once more, with me holding my body above yours our lips are the only thing connecting our two bodies.

“What would you like me to do to you first?” I ask wanting to make this experience far more memorable for you than your last.

You run your hands up along my arms that are bracing myself above you, I feel you grip my shoulders and you pull them down and sideways as if to roll me onto my back.

“I want to explore you right now, so you can just lay back and take it.” I allow myself to be rolled onto my back and pull myself upwards so my head is on the pillows.

I watch you roll over and begin crawling to my side, my eyes glued to the motions of your hips as you move. You stop and sit back on your knees once you are bursa escort bayan up to my chest. My hands are taken by the wrists and put under the pillow and behind my head, you only let go after I have promised not to move them.

I feel your hands move down along my arms squeezing and rubbing my shoulders before continuing down my chest. Your small hands caress my chest, you pause your exploration and play with my nipples after I moaned and squirmed a bit as the palms of your hands passed over them. Gradually you explore the rest of my chest, finding the ticklish spots on my sides and touching every where else at least once. You return to kiss me and begin the same exploring process with your lips, starting at my neck this time. I feel your teeth drag lightly across my bicep and your lips graciously close around the nipple, pulling at it.

I moan and you quickly go to the other nipple running your tongue over it before sucking at it. You stay at my nipples until I’m squirming so much I begin to take my hands from under the pillow, you immediately stop and kiss me deeply. All too quickly the kiss ends and those lovely lips wander elsewhere on my body. You kiss and nip gently all over my abs and sides.

I close my eyes as you sit back on your legs, I feel your fingers brush through my very short pubic hairs and both hands wrap around the base of my shaft. You point the tip of my cock towards the ceiling and I feel your hands begin to pump me ever so slowly. My eyes are still closed but I feel you lean forward so I smile in anticipation of your lips brushing over my cock.

Your hands release me and move to either side of my hips to support yourself, I feel some strands of your hair brushing up against my hips as your head moves slowly towards my crotch. Finally after many agonizing moments your lips make contact, you give me a tongue filled kiss right along the ridge of my shaft, this flawlessly turns into a lick all the way down to the base of my erection. Your mouth leaves me and I next feel it as your tongue runs along the V on the bottom of my head all the way down my length.

You begin kissing and licking all over my cock, making as much of it as you can wet, the sensations quickly become far too much as I begin to arch my back and I begin digging my heels into the bed thrusting my hips slightly upwards towards your mouth before my legs slide down flat to the bed again.

Your lips finally wrap around my head, taking me inside your hot mouth as deep as you dare, you shift your balance to one hand as the other wraps around my saliva soaked shaft. Simultaneously both hand and mouth rise and fall over me, I cry out in pleasure as I hadn’t been touched like this in months and it all felt so wonderful. Every few plunges you would stop at my head to run your tongue over it causing my back to arch. I let you suck for many minutes with out making any voluntary movements, but I quickly give into my urges to send pleasure your way.

I hurriedly reach over and grab your hips and pull them towards my head, you let your self be pivoted around on my cock as I place your knees on either side of my neck. The scent of your arousal entices me to raise my head from the pillow and give you one long lick along your lips, they immediately part to allow my tongue greater access to you. The moan you let out as my tongue runs over your most intimate of places is muffled by the mouth full of cock you are eagerly sucking on.

My next lick is long, slow and runs from your clit down to the entrance of your juicy pussy. I plunge my tongue inside of you, swirling it around and exploring your depths, drinking in your sweet taste. My hands drift to your back running from leisurely from your shoulders down to your firm feminine ass. I squeeze your ass as my tongue flicks over your clit as fast as it will go, you moan and pause your own motions leaving only my head in your mouth.

Once I slow my tongue your mouth quickly sinks back down along my shaft. One hand drops from your ass and slides along your thigh it soon glides to the lips of your pussy, as my finger tips make contact you jump slightly and I feel a tremble of excitement run through your body. I allow the tips of two fingers to circle your entrance ensuring that they become soaked with your juices, I stop tonguing your clit and lower my head back to the pillow so I can watch these fingers sink into your body. A loud moan escapes your mouth from around my cock and you do all you can to not slow your pace.

I allow my mouth to return to your clit once my fingers are half way in. I probe you with my fingers seeking out the spots that make you shake and moan the most, I concentrate heavily on this as to stave off my own orgasm. Suddenly you release me from your mouth your hand unwraps itself from around my shaft, my cock makes a wet slap against my stomach. You grab handfuls of sheets and you rest your head on my thigh, I can feel your hot breath across my skin and you are breathing pretty heavily.

“Ahhh, Ahhhh, ooooohhhhh.” I hear you escort bursa cry out as you have your first orgasm, my fingers being soaked with a flood of excess juices. Your knees give out and you rest your full weight on my body, slowly I remove my fingers from you and clean them off, I continue to lick at your thighs and around your pussy as you come around from your intense orgasm. Unstably you rise to your hands and knees so you can spin yourself around to lie next to me face to face.

“I think you should fuck me now.” I hear you say just before you kiss me.

Careful not to break the kiss I roll myself onto my hands and knees, positioning myself above you. Finally after many long lingering moments I break the kiss and move to the end of the bed, standing up on the floor I wrap my hands around your thighs and pull you down so your ass is flush with the edge of the bed. I place the tip of my cock just over your entrance, nudging it forward just enough to part your lips. You grind back towards me trying to get me to enter but I avoid by running my moistened head over your clit.

To tease you I run my head back and forth over your slit, circling your clit and running down to your entrance. Fed up you wrap your legs around my waist and pull me towards you, I get about half way in before you stop to allow yourself to stretch to accommodate me. I pull out until just my head is in you then I push back inside again, you put a hand on my stomach preventing me from pushing any further in than you are ready to take. Finally after many pleasurable partial thrusts I sink all the way in, your legs go back around my hips and you hold me there.

We kiss hard as you let your legs fall away from around my waist letting me take my first full stroke. Our kiss lasts through many long drawn out thrusts eventually I break it to stand upright. You frown as our lips part but your mouth gapes open and you moan softly as I drive into you from this position reaching deeper than I had previously.

Standing as I am allows me to thrust not only very far into you but very quickly as well. You pull your legs up to your chest resting your feet on my biceps you clench your toes around my nipples drawing a moan from me. My hands wander down to your hips holding you still as I begin to thrust harder.

I feel you continue to pull at my sensitive nipples with those cute painted toes of yours, the pleasure makes my thrusts become erratic and mildly more forceful. My hands caress their way up your legs until each of your feet are grasped with in a hand. I stop thrusting and bring one of your feet close to my mouth and kiss the tips of each toe, causing you to giggle, squirm and buck your hips back against mine. Once I have finished with your toes I slide you up the bed far enough that I too can kneel on it.

I lean down to plant several kisses on your neck and whisper to you, “Wrap your arms around me and hold on.”

Complying to my words you wrap your arms around my neck far enough that you can grab your elbows. I hook my elbows around your knees and slowly lift you off of the bed. Your arms tense as you realize what I am doing, you lower your head to my shoulder and kiss it. Once I have gained my balance holding the pair of us upright I begin to raise you up and lower you back down onto my shaft. The feeling of your rock hard nipples dragging up and down along my chest is exquisite, you keep this close contact with me even while moving so we can kiss once more. Our tongues dance together in this embrace of passion, it is such an intense kiss that I stop moving your body.

Gasping and breathing shakily our kiss is broken, you look deep into my eyes and say “As hot as this is I want it faster.”

“Okay.” I reply, raising you up one last time until your breasts are even with my face. My mouth targets one of your nipples surrounding it with my lips and swirling my tongue around it, gently I kiss over to the other after I have you moaning from the first.

“Let yourself fall back to the bed.” I tell you as I release your other nipple from my lips.

You do let go and gently fall back to the bed, my arms do not release your legs but put them up over my shoulders and my hands travel along your slender thighs to your ass. Holding onto your ass I keep your hips in the air allowing my cock to remain deep with in you, I spread my knees apart bringing your hips closer to the bed but not quite touching it. My first thrust is long and hard, the sound of my stomach smacking against your thighs echoes through the room and I break out into rapid thrusts so soon all that is heard in our room are your cries of pleasure and our bodies slapping wetly together.

A hand of yours darts for your clit, the other drags its nails lightly down my chest causing me to moan softly. I free one hand and pull your hand away from your clit, your free hand quickly replaces it as I suck on your fingers licking all of your juices off of them.

Looking up at me, your whole body rocking back and forth with the speed of my thrusting you tell me something very important. “I want to taste it, I want you to cum in my mouth.” I nod in agreement breathing too heavily and not wanting to take a moment of concentration away from relentlessly pounding into you to speak.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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