Hot for Teacher

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Tierney sat in her desk during class staring at her professor as he gave his weekly lecture. She wondered what he looked like naked. The professor was at least six foot tall with dark wavy hair cut short. He was a big guy and probably played football in his college days. He had great eyes and an amazing smile. She stared at him every class with a silly smile on her face and he smiled at her when he caught her.

One day after class, the professor asked Tierney to stay after class so he could have a word with her about her grades. Tierney couldn’t keep her mind on the day’s lesson with the thought of being alone with Dr. Simmons. He called on her a few times and she was unable to answer his questions. Clearly her mind was on something else.

The class cleared out and Tierney followed the Professor to his office. They talked on the way about where she was from and how she liked school. He told her he was from Southern California and that he missed L.A. a lot, especially his favorite chili cheeseburger place. She told him she missed her family but that she was going home at the end of the term for the summer and that she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend because it’s been a while.

They reached the office and he told Tierney that he thought she could do a lot better in class if she’d stop staring into space and paid more attention. She told him that her mind was on other things when she was in his class and that maybe if he answered her questions, she’d be able to concentrate more.

“Doctor Simmons, I can’t help it. bursa escort I get in your class and all I can think about is what you look like naked.” Said Tierney.

“Miss McLain is that all it is? I think I can help you with that.” He said. He got up and locked the door to the office. He loosened his tie and took off his jacket. Tierney wiggled in her chair and tried not to giggle. He stood in front of her and leaned down and kissed her. She stood up and kissed him back. He tasted like coffee and smelled like cheap cologne. The kind Great Aunts gave to guys and they only wore it on special occasions. The stuff that really smelled bad. They kept kissing. His hands slid up her shirt and freed her breasts from the thin bra she wore. She unbuttoned his shirt and helped him out of it. They tossed each other’s clothes on the floor as they moved on to the next piece of clothing. Soon he was in his boxers and she stood there in a baby pink lace and silk bra and thong set. The silk threads, if you will for the lack of a better term, were showing just how wet he was making her. He slid her breast from its lace and silk prison and gently ran his tongue around her nipple. It stiffened upon his touch and he began to suckle lightly on her as she rubbed her hands on his well-formed chest. She mewed like a kitten as his hand found the wetness beneath the silk. Tierney felt a wave of warmth rise from between her thighs as her Professor rolled her clit between his fingers and sent her on the way to heaven.

“Doctor Simmons, I’ve never felt like this with bursa escort bayan any of the boys I date. This only happens when I rub myself”, said Tierney.

“That’s what happens when you date boys and not men Tierney. Please call me Jake. It sounds so wrong to have you call me Doctor Simmons while I make love to you.”

“OK Jake”, Tierney moaned. She was getting close to cumming for him and he could tell. He slid two fingers into her wet hot pussy and began to slowly slide them in and out. He found her g-spot and began to massage it. Rockets went off in Tierney like the Fourth of July, as she came hard. Jake laughed at her and she bit her arm trying not to scream. Her muffled screams subsided and she removed her arm from her mouth. A large red mark appeared on her arm and Jake kissed it to make it better for her.

She stopped panting. Jake scooped her up in his arms and placed her bare ass on the top of his office desk, pushing stuff to the floor to make room for her. She laughed at him and he kissed her hard on the mouth. She kissed him back with as much passion. He kneeled down on the industrial grade carpeting and gently spread her legs apart. Jake spread her lips apart and licked her clit, making circles with his tongue over her love button. She gasped for air as he showed her how men make love to a woman. He lapped at her juices like a thirsty man in the desert. His tongue danced over her clit as she grasped at the desk like a madwoman. Tierney couldn’t help but moan.

Jake slipped a pair of fingers in her sopping escort bursa wet hole as he sucked on her clit. Tierney’s orgasms hit her like a roller coaster, hitting her one right after another. No one had ever made her feel like this before, let alone a college boy.

Jake was hard and Tierney was ready to be fucked. He grabbed his rod and rubbed it up and down her slicked slit. She was hot and wet for him and he knew he would shoot his load quickly if he wasn’t in control. He slid into her slowly and she gasped as he shoved his entire length in. He felt his tip hit her cervix and try to make it’s way deeper. Jake slowly pulled out until his tip was barely in her. Quickly he slammed into her then pulled out as slow as he could without completely pulling out. She begged him to fuck her hard as he continued to tease her hot pussy. He laughed at her and began to thrust at a faster pace. Her pussy grabbed him tightly as she came again and it was driving Jake nuts. He pumped into her faster as he felt his own release build up.

Jake blew his load into Tierney as she begged him to fuck her harder. They both grunted and moaned with ecstasy as they both found release at the same time. Jake’s pulsing cock went limp and slid out of Tierney with a loud slurping sound. She laughed like a schoolgirl at the noise it made. Jake kissed her on the forehead and she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. He hugged her back and laughed.

“Imagine if my class knew the real reason you come sit in once in a while?” said Jake.

“I don’t think they want to think about their professor having sex with his wife dear,” laughed Tierney. Jake kissed her again and grabbed his boxers from the floor. They both got dressed and Tierney went home to make dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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