Hot Cold Sticky White

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The phone rang at 8 in the morning, playing my favorite song. I knew it was you as I had set up that song to ring when you called in.

“We haven’t met in a while. I hope you remember what today is. I have made all the preparations. I have bought two bottles of our favorite Old Monk. But my mum is still in the house. Is your car working or is it scrapped”, you said.

“We can drink in the car. It works well and all, but not enough petrol to drive around. Can you take a cab here? I will keep everything prepared”, I replied and the call ends.

It is raining wildly at 7 pm. Everywhere around is drenched and drowned in rain. Where there used to be a pavement is now a river riddled with the rain.

Five minutes from my place in the middle of the highway, your auto’s back tire bursts out. Knowing that nothing can be done, stepping out thinking you’d reach me without anything to cover you, you finally decide to call me.




“It’s raining. I’m near that garden. Please come and get me”, you said.

“I’m near the garden right by the gate. I have a joint ready for you to take”, I said.

I honk the horn twice, and you get in. I passed you the lit joint, gave you a glass, and a towel to wipe yourself. I look at your clothes all wet to the toe, our eyes connect, and I forget how to start the car.

Fiddling around all nervous for another a minute or two, you reached in and kiss me, bit into my lower lip, and got me back to my senses. The key easily fell into the keyhole, and the engine rose to life. We began driving back home.

I passed you the bottle of rum and coke from the back seat saying, “Babe. Can you pour us a round of drinks..”

While pouring the rum in the glasses you say, “Umm. I’ve already had three LIITs by the way”.

By the time we reached our basement, we both end up being tipsy from the raining and sloshing around.

I shut the engine and it all falls silent. I look at you, wearing tight blue leggings, a black loose pendik escort top, and a visible red lace bra. You notice me wearing a black vest, green denim jeans, and soaked up shoes. I reach out for the door put one leg into your seat space and open the car door. You hold my face and pull me in, kiss me hard, and bite my lip, drawing blood with every kiss. Licking your teeth I fall on you, feeling your wet clothes, sinking deeper into your tender body.

All the rain dripping off of you and through your clothes instantly put me in a trance that I couldn’t hold anymore and I drew in for more. My tongue began to dig into and beyond your teeth, deeper into your mouth with every kiss.

As I began to remove pants trying to stand a bit, you said, “I think I need a change of clothes.”

Then I said, “They’re in the back with a towel. I’ll go outside and make us a drink”

After making our drink I begin to proceed towards the car, holding our drinks, wearing nothing but my boxers and my top. I notice you lying in the back seat with your legs out of the door, wearing only your black panties. I thought you had passed out. So I kiss you softly on your soft sexy legs moving closer to your wet pussy. You get out of the car and reach out for my hard cock with your hand, and pulling it out of my pants. You pulled my boxers down and shoved me back in the car.

You push me back deeper inside the car. With your back facing me, you sit on my cock. Rubbing hard and slow, you begin to remove your panties. I could feel my cock rubbing on and slowly out of your panties, and slowly and easily rubbing up against your pussy. You turn forward to remove them, pushing your butt into my pelvis, pushing my cock further up your pussy.

I spread my legs and with that your legs apart making you jump up. My dick stood upright and dug his way into your wet juicy tender pussy in one go. You fall so hard onto my hard throbbing cock, that your legs spread further apart, tearing your panties apart.

We strung our way up and down for a couple of minutes or two. You begin escort pendik to turn around trying to face me, all the while twisted my cock in your vagina, making me so feel weak that I couldn’t hold in any longer.

Twisted. Pulsating. Filled to the top. I came deep in you making you squirm and tighten your legs around me. You come in to kiss my neck and bite in near my nape, digging deeper in every kiss, forcing me to get hard right back in a minute. I felt your tongue enter my left ear licking around, exploring every corner and curve, and every crevice inside, eating every part of my ear. Then slowly taking your tongue out, I hear you softly whisper in my ear, “Now wasn’t that Juicy”

You begin to ride my cock. My cum swirling in your vagina, smashing into your walls while I pound deeper with every stroke. Hot and sticky cum smashes on my cock every time I draw away, and I keep banging and smashing that cum deeper and deeper into you.

We bang around deeper and more. I squeeze you tight with every blow, our lips locked on to never let each other go. I ram around all your favorite spots plenty and many times more. I push deeper and further into you and cum at the deepest point possible. My hot cum sprays all over and into your walls, breathing life into your tight vaginal walls, forcing you to cum all over my cock. Hot. Cold. Sticky. White.

Passion and pleasure prevent us from stopping, we keep on running us through with every hit. I held your ass with all my might and say, “I am going to cum inside you once more”.

Pushing my chest into the seat you say, “I have an idea. Let me get my bag”. In it were a pair of clothes that were quite drenched. You took out a grey pajama that seemed a bit too oversized. You leaned in to reach for my right ear this time, licking and exploring your way in, having me reach even closer to cumming.

And then, with your soft brown voice, I hear you whisper in my ear, “Are you ready..? Then let’s begin..”

Upon saying this, I feel you once again spin your thighs around me, trapping my dick deep inside your pendik escort bayan vagina, rubbing and twisting my cock while in so deep. We both go crazy with pleasure passion and pain. You fumble forward, pushing yourself deeper into me, forcing us both into this trance of ecstasy, making us cum one after the other.

In this trance of hallelujah, we hold onto each other, and both lose our senses and we pass out. The only ones left seemingly alive was my tired dick buried deep inside your sweet wet stretched out pussy, and our cum splashing in and around everywhere, dripping and spilling down through my shaft. Hot. Cold. Sticky. White.

20 minutes out cold, we finally wake up and take a sip of our drinks. You get up and align my hand, barely holding onto my glass, up to your pussy and begin to drip out drop every last drop of our white into my glass.

Then you took my dick in your mouth and began to suck and lick my dick up, sucking every last drop of our white, blowing life back into me, getting me hard again. Then you sat right back on it with your back facing me taking my cock back into your vagina.

While pulling up those wet drenched pajamas onto our legs together, you end up making us wear that pajama that was indefinitely tight for the both of us combined, binding our legs and our waists within the boundaries of the cloth and my cock inside the boundaries of your vaginal walls.

You jerk me up and push back the seat, readying the bed for another play. I grab onto your belly and fling around so that now you are facing our makeshift bed, and I begin pounding my newfound life into you one more time, moving in for your mouth from the side.

I raise my glass to my mouth, pouring in the remainder of the rum and coke mixed with all our dripped off white, and kiss you hard and tight filling our mouths with rum coke and white.

Pounding and ramming forevermore, in our final moments of hallelujah for one last time, catching breath after breath from every kiss, we came again. This time to the point when we could move no more.

Our naked bodies fall into the back seat. The grey pajama had now turned black, drenched in rain, and wondrous white. Dripping down into the car seat. Our taste. Our smell. In it forever contained. Hot. Cold. Sticky. White.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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