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Asa Akira

For the next couple of months I’d sneak into my son’s room every chance I could while he and his girlfriend were out to see if there were any new additions to their hidden sex tape. It was always the Same; it seemed that they had decided to stop filming themselves – which disappointed me greatly.

Then one day I got home a little early and as I was walking thru the dining room I noticed a new Sony camcorder sitting on the dining room table. I had seen all the commercials, but the old VHS camera we had still worked fine and never say a reason to buy one of the new models.

About that time my son came walking in from the kitchen with a sandwich in one hand and a can of soda in the other. “Hi pop,” he said, “You’re home early.”

I told him that I had finished a project and decided to quit early rather than try to start something else. “Hay, whose camera is this?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s ours,” he replied as he picked it up. “We bought it a couple months ago, didn’t mom tell you? I got tired of lugging around that big piece of shit to my filmography class and mom bought this new one. Pretty slick isn’t it!”

I had to admit it was pretty slick. I also thought that this was probably the reason their VHS tape hadn’t changed in months. We talked about the camera for a few minutes. My son gave me a demo on how it worked. When he popped out the little film cassette I asked how the hell you were supposed to show it on our VCR. He laughed, walked over to the bookcase where we keep all of our tapes and pulled out a VCR tape – that opened up to hold the little cassette. He also told me that he hooked the camera up to his PC and transferred the images that way.

Eight days later, on a Saturday, I was home alone. The kids had headed downtown to some type of on-line gaming conference and my wife had headed to the mall bright and early to take advantage of the sales at her favorite stores.

In no time at all I had my sons computer powered up and was searching the hard drive for any pictures or video clips. I was amazed at the number of videos he had on the computer. There were dozens of them, all seemed to be related to his class though. I was about to give bursa escort up when I saw a couple labeled “I-O 1” and “I-O- 2. This was different than the format he used on most of the rest of the files and was several times larger in size. I selected the first one and hit the enter key.

The image on the screen went black for a few seconds. Then I heard Amy giggling in the background as an image began to materialize on the screen. It was a shot of Amy, on her knees looking up into the camera as she sucked a cock. She winked, and then deep throated the thing, jamming her nose into the owner’s pubic hair. That’s when it struck me – the cock she was sucking so well didn’t belong to my son. The pubic hair was black with some gray.

Amy continued to give a first class blowjob as the camera panned back and away from the two. Obviously there was a third person involved. Finally the face of the owner of the cock came into view – it was my next door neighbor George! Shit, I thought, he’s 2 years older than I am!!

On the monitor George grabbed two handfuls of Amy’s hair and began to fuck her face hard as he obviously was about to cum. With a loud groan he shoved his cock down her throat, jamming her face into his groin and shot his load into her belly.

George finally let go of Amy’s hair and she slid her mouth off his rapidly deflating cock. She looked over at the camera, giggling again, and said “That was fun, but I want more.”

The camera jiggled around as it appeared to be attached to a tripod. Then my son came into the picture. He too was naked and his sizable cock waved back and forth as he approached the couple.

“Suck on this for a while.” Stan said as he shoved his cock toward her waiting mouth. “Suck me better than you did him.” He tried to shove his cock into her mouth, but Amy grabbed his cock and held it an inch from her mouth. She snaked out her tongue and began circling the head of Stan’s cock as her other hand fell to her pussy where she began fingering her clit.

By now my cock was rock hard. I’d pulled it out of my shorts and was stroking it furiously as Amy licked and sucked my sons cock. Apparently George was enjoying the bursa escort bayan view as well as he was pounding away at his cock trying to get it stiff again.

Stan had established a rhythm as more and more of his cock disappeared between Amy’s lips. “That’s it baby, suck on my big cock – take it all.” He hissed as he fucked her face. “Shove your fingers in your hot cunt. Are you ready for me to fuck you yet?”

Amy groaned and in one quick move spit out Stan’s cock, dropped onto her back and her legs spread wide. “Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me with your big fat cock. Shove that thing into me p l e a s e.”

My son was on his knees in an instant, burying his cock into Amy’s waiting cunt. Two strokes later he was bouncing his balls off her ass as he fucked her. As Amy began to moan George dropped to his knees next to her head and roughly pulled her mouth onto his cock.

“God I haven’t had such great sex in years.” he groaned “Your girlfriend sucks like a pro Stan.”

Stan looked at George and smiled and said “She fucks like a pro too.” With that he grabbed Amy’s legs and pulling them to his shoulders started fucking her harder and faster. Amy let out a muffles cry as Stan’s cock began bumping against her womb.

I felt my balls begin to tighten up as my own orgasm grew near. On the screen George was pulling and twisting Amy’s nipples as he jammed his cock into her mouth faster and faster. Amy squirmed under the double assault of the two men.

George was the first to cum. Freezing in mid stroke he fell back onto his knees, popping his cock out of Amy’s hungry mouth; he shot rope after rope of slimy cum all over Amy’s face and tits.

Amy was next. Grabbing her own tits she twisted her nipples then let out a loud scream as her body shook, seized by her huge orgasm. This set both Stan and I off. He froze with his cock buried deep in her cunt. His eyes rolled back as he pumped his load into his girlfriend. I erupted, shooting cum all over my son’s computer monitor and keyboard. I became dizzy and had to grab the computer table.

As I recovered I watched the three of them on the screen lying on the floor doing the same. I also escort bursa watched as my cum slowly ran down the monitor screen. If George hadn’t been breathing so hard I would have thought he was dead. Old fart like that should have died, I thought.

Amy sat up whit a huge grin on her face. “That was unfucking believable.” She said. “You fuck pretty good for an old man.” Turning toward George who was still flat on his back, sucking in air for all he was worth.

“And you my love – – I thought you were going to ram your cock all the way up to my throat.” She leaned over and gave Stan a lingering kiss.

“I sure as hell tried.” He laughed, returning her kiss and reaching over to pinch one of her nipples. “I’m glad you talked me into a threesome.”

George finally showed some life. “And I’m glad I happened to be out in the yard when you got home and asked if I could help you out with something. Otherwise you wouldn’t have had a third person and I wouldn’t have gotten two fantastic blowjobs.”

“I don’t know” Amy shrugged, “we probably could have gotten Stan’s did to join us.”

George laughed. “That old fart. I bet he can’t even get it up any more.”

Amy giggled, “I don’t know. If he’s got as big a cock as his son it might be fun.”

I was stunned by what I just heard. First by George’s comment – the sorry stubby dicked SOB! I’m going to his place tomorrow and take back all the stuff he had borrowed over the years – and secondly by what Amy had said. As her words sunk in my cock began to get hard again and I began to daydream about what it would be like to slide my dick down her throat and into her wet cunt. Especially since I knew my cock was a good inch or two longer than my son’s and at least three inches longer than George’s!

Glancing at the wall clock I was brought back to reality. The kids were due back in thirty minutes! I cut off the computer and monitor. Then pulled off my shirt and used it to wipe up as much cum as I could find off the computer and keyboard. I had just walked into my bedroom and was just pulling on a clean shirt when I heard the door slam on my son’s car. I made up my mind that the next time they were gone I’d copy both of those video files to my computer so I could lock myself in my office and not having to worry about being caught. I also vowed to do my best to encourage Amy to follow thru on her thought and include me next time she was horny.

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