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Shortly after my release from the hospital, but still needing some direct nursing care, I was scheduled for a series of “home nurse care” visits. Not sure what to expect, but eager to take full advantage of our overpriced medical insurance, I arranged for the house calls.

First visit was uneventful, mostly background info and a review of what the visiting nurse would do. It all sounded good to me, as some of the intensive dressing changes on the parts still healing were a bit hard to do on my own. The work was all finished and the nurse, Shelia, and I were chatting as she finished her notes on her tablet. We were close to the same age (mid 50’s) and found we’d actually grown up within 20 miles of each other in a nearby state. She had noticed the Harley’s under the car port where they live and asked if they were all mine.

I had to tell her that technically they were but since both my wife and I ride four bikes are not excessive. Turned out her husband had just bought his first big Harley and she wanted to learn to ride too. She told me she might not be out for my next visit as she was the department manager and she was just filling in in the field.

The day and time for my next visit came and it was Shelia who knocked on the door. A quick description of her may be in order. Standing about 5’2 with blonde hair, showing a touch of grey here and there, she had an impressive chest looking to me to be about a 40D and tipped the scale at, by my estimate, of 180 of soft sexy curves.

She was wearing her normal attire of a lab jacket over a set of pink scrubs that seemed to be form fitted to her boobs. We went thru the usual routine as she’d explained it before, plus the ‘standard’ questions…pain level, fevers/chills, yata yata and then the one that threw me. Shed asked if my meds list was up to date and when was the last time I’d taken each one…no big deal until she got to Cialis. I stuttered and said I’d taken one last night. She asked about the results (now that seemed a bit over the edge) and if there were any side effects. I chuckled and admitted everything had worked as needed and no side effects. Her smile gave her away and I knew she’d asked more than she should!She got done with the official part of her visit and again we chatted as she wrapped up her notes.

She fairly bluntly asked me if I liked the results of the Cialis and did I take the daily type or the 36 hour version. I’m sure I blushed and told her the 36 hour kind, telling her it was more convenient when planning a busy weekend! We both laughed at that and she asked if I would mind if we had an ‘off the record’ conversation.

Not sure where she was headed I agreed, thinking to myself I could always stop if I wanted. She told me she had always been curious about the ED meds but never had a chance to have an open conversation about them with any one who had used them. Hearing that I felt comfortable about where this was heading.

“So, Wayne, how long have you been using the Cialis?” Shelia asked.

“I’ve had a ‘scrip for them for several years, usually have a back stock in the cabinet, just in case, you know.”

“Why…I mean…did you get them because you needed them or just to see what they were about?”

“A little of both I guess. I’ve got a couple conditions that cab effect the way things work and it seemed to be a good idea to have some handy.”

“Do they make a difference? I mean…well I guess I mean can you tell me how they work for you?”

“Sure, the one I’ve got now makes me able to be ready to go quicker, and makes me able to go more often I think. I know it doesn’t ‘say that in the info in the pack but it works like that on me. For a while a few years agon I thought the equipment was not going to work again but I think it may have been semi-psychological as much as physical.”

It really did seem that way to me. After losing my wife of 20 years it seemed like the only time I had an erection was my morning wood. And at 48 years old I didn’t like the prospect of years of not getting any. My first couple of encounters were, at best, semi-successful but not successful enough for penetration! Eventually, and with the aid of a pill, a lovely soft, round and fluffy latino nurse got me back in th saddle. And since meeting Marie (aka mrsbiker) things are much more reliable.She continued by asking “Do you take one every time you expect to have sex, or just take one every couple days and hope?””Sort of both, I almost always take one on Friday night or Saturday morning, but if we’ve got the time Marie can get what we need without chemical aid.”This conversation was getting a little weird and even though I’d gotten some the night before, there was a growing bulge in my boxers. I shifted in my seat attempting to rearrange it and Shelia must have noticed and guessed why. She had slipped off her lab coat and I could clearly see two peaks pressed into the fabric of her top, either it was cold or she was getting a little warmed up, too.

“Wayne…errr…Mr. tuzla escort Mathis…is this chat giving you ideas or maybe even a little stimulation?”

“Well, Shelia…I mean… nurse Bryant, it certainly is, and from the look of you scrub top I’d say it’s giving you some, too?”

She blushed, well I guess we both did, and she nodded her head agreeing with me. At this point I was more than half hard and knew I’d be working it out as soon as possible after our visit. What I didn’t quite expect was for her to run he hand under and across her mounds and slowly massage her nipples thru the fabric. That took me from half mast to full in .9 milliseconds and I openly rearranged the bulge to allow the head to stretch down my leg nearly peeking out. I didn’t care if she saw the movement, or for that matter the head of my dick, since we sensed we were headed down the same path. With a swift, smooth motion she pulled her top off and at once un clasped her bra letting a pair of round full womanly boobs be exposed to me. Not to leave her feeling alone I pulled my shirt off and then my shorts followed. Leaving us both with a good view of the other. She wriggled out of her bottoms and panties and stood before me with her hands on hips and her very furry blonde muff inches from my face.

“So, here we are. Looks like you like what you see or is that just the pills doing the talking?”

“Nope, Shelia, I definitely like what I’m seeing! I don’t think I’d be leaking like this if I didn’t!”

She looked down at the drop of precum sliding off the head of my dick and swiped it up with a finger and licked it clean “Nice flavor, tasted like you must eat a lot of fruit? Would you care for a taste of me?”

And she slid the same finger between her puffy outer lips and came up with a wet slick finger for me to lick clean as well. It had it’s own sweet flavor, as I’ve noticed most women had a unique taste, and I hoped I’d get to taste more of it soon.

“Let’s make some rules or guidelines before we get too far along here” Shelia stated as she kneeled next to me holding my cock in one hand and her other hand idly swirling between her lower lips. “No penetration, I save that for my husband, and only oral if we both get some. I like to watch a man jerk his cock and play with my pussy while he does it and watches me. Will that be OK?”

“Sure, sounds like the best way to spend some time here. I have to ask, can I have another taste now? As you can tell I’ve got another one for you if you want it.”

She gave me a couple quick strokes, adding to the bubble, before using two fingers to bring it to her tongue. Removing her other had from her wet pussy she wiped those fingers across my lips and tongue as me both moaned. I relaxed back onto my recliner and Shelia slipped past me to recline on the couch that faced it and allowed both of us an excellent view. I wrapped my left hand around the shaft of my dick and eagerly watched her cup her tits with both hands and massaged them together to create an amazing view of her cleavedge. I was slowly sliding a hand up and down with the intent of taking a long time to cum, my wife Marie and I had had a nice long session the night before so I was sure this would last a while. One of her hands lowered to her pussy again and I saw her slip a finger between her lips bringing back a taste for her own tongue, the other hand was squeezing one boob at a time and pulling on her strawberry colored nipples.

“I love my own taste, yummmm, do you ever taste yourself Wayne?”

Not the question I was expecting, but I answered honestly. “Well, usually I only taste mine after its been mixed with some pussy cream after I cum in it, but yes I have tasted it before that, too.”

She pulled a finger out of her lips that were now shining with juice and used those fingers to wipe the drop from the head of my cock before licking them clean. And then she repeated the process and offered me the fingers. Not my favorite way to taste pussy but she looked so hot doing it i lapped it up and sucked her fingers dry as she dropped her free hand to her lips to spread them wide and expose a clit that was already standing out and in need of attention.

“I’m sorry we’ll only be able to mix ourselves together that way, I made a promise to myself that I’d never let anyone but my husband inside me to cum.” She said this with a sad sort of grin on her face that gave me renewed hope.

“No worries, this is so hot and I wouldn’t want to bypass your comfort zone anyway.”

We lay back watching each other, she used one hand on her boobs and usually had her clit trapped between two fingers unless she was dipping inside to offer one of us a taste. My cock was leaking in a pretty steady stream of precum and I began to feed her tastes as well when not using it to keep my hand slick as I stroked at a varying pace.

“I’m almost ready for my first one, are you close too?”

“Ready when you are, do you want more than one or will we pendik escort stop after the first time?”

“I can go several times, but I want to watch you cum when I do. Or did you mean you can cum more than once, too?” Shelia asked with a smile.

“I’m usually good for two or sometimes more if I’m careful and have the right motivation to keep going.”

“Oh! I’ve heard of some men being able to do that but wasn’t sure it was real. Try to show me, please.”

We’d both slowed a bit during that discussion but now she attacked her pussy using both hands. Using one to strum her clit and the fingers of the other to reach inside in search of her g-spot I was sure. I was stroking and then squeezing the base of my dick, knowing that was the best way to maintain my hard-on after the first controlled eruption Her moans became louder and I was amazed at the amount of wetness flowing around her hand.

“Are you ready, really ready, Wayne…I’m there! squirt some cum on me NOW!”

Eager to keep this going I stood between her legs and let go on her hands working her pussy and was rewarded with a soaking stream coming from between them. Her eyes darted from my cock to look into my eyes as we both came at once. We both convulsed with our joint orgasms and then lay back again watching each other. She pulled one hand free from inside her tunnel and wiped it across my face giving me a taste of both our fluids. Her other hand was now only idly stroking her lips as they closed around her clit. I had kept one hand squeezing the base of my shaft and the other cupping my balls and massaging them as well. I’d lost a little of my erection but experience told me I had mare left if she wanted it. Her eyes fell to my cock and she gave a surprised gasp as she saw I was still hard and oozing cum from the slit.

“WOW, you’re still hard and it’s still leaking out.”

“Yep, but if you’ll notice it’s thicker stuff now, too. I’ll probably take longer next time.”

And then she said “It looks like you’re still cumming, do you do that every time?”

It sounded as if her medical mind was kicking in like she was doing research. If I was going to be a test subject I couldn’t have found a more pleasant way to contribute to the cause of science. I pumped a couple slow strokes and then held my cock firmly at the base as my cum ceased flowing. I knew I was going to cum again and wanted to see what else Shelia had in mind.

“Not exactly like that, sometimes it doesn’t keep flowing like this, it feels amazing sort of like it just will never stop. If I can keep working it, or if someone else does I stay pretty hard and can get started again.”

She now had one hand cupping her very round breasts and with the other she was slipping a finger into the mess we’d made in her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She gasped again and her hips thrust forward as she came again this time I was less preoccupied and saw that while she didn’t quite ‘squirt’ she did release a large amount of clear fluid when her orgasm started. That made my dick jump in my grasp and made we sure we’d be spending a while longer playing.

“Oh crap, I don’t usually cum again that quick; but seeing what your cock does got me really ready again. I need little time to let my clit recover could i get a direct taste of you now?”

Since I could think of no reason to object I nodded and watched Shelia lower herself to her knees in front of me and enclose the head of my dick with her eager lips. I moaned my appreciation as she swirled her tongue around causing me to thrust my hips toward her face. She took it all and held me deep in her mouth as I wrapped my hands in her short blonde hair to keep her in place. Wanting to keep amazing feelings she was giving me going, I released my grip after a short time and she pulled cock free.

“You’re ridiculously good at that” I managed to say “Hope I can stand it long enough for your pussy to recover so I can get my tasting, too.”

“Oh yes, I’ll make sure you get your taste and make sure you cum some more, too!”

With that she raised herself up and placed my dick in the valley between her soft round boobs and squeezed them around it giving me both an awesome view and a different feeling. Placing my hands atop hers she encouraged my thrusts and leaned her head forward to lick the head of my dick as it peeked from her cleavedge. We kept at this for a bit before i felt her hands release their guiding pressure on mine and return to her lower lips that had dripped a puddle beneath her.

“Hey, no fair, I’m still waiting to get my face down in that fountain!”

She winked at me and said “Don’t worry you’ll be able to have some as soon as you cum for me again. I like a good titty fuck and I want to feel you in nmy mouth when you cum next time.”

Who could argue with that. She had squeezed her thighs together now and was using a middle finger to stroke her lips and clit as I continued to use her tits on my cock. Her focus seemed to shift to her aydınlı escort own actions as we both used her body to satisfy ourselves. I love watching a woman please herself as Shelia was doing and slowed my own pace a little to enjoy the show. Her breathe was coming in short almost gasps and she alternately squeezed her eyes shut or opened them to look at my cock sliding across and between her globes. With a final last gasp she leaned away from me and furiously worked her clit as another orgasm rocked her entire body. More juice flowed from her pussy around her fingers and soaked the floor. With a deep sigh she opened her eyes and looked at my hand slowly stroking my dick that had begun to seep again

“Damn, that was as good as the other ones. But I guess I’d better finish this before I get one from your tongue?”

She leaned forward again and licked the head of my cock clean before swiftly dropping her lips all the way to the base where her hand was squeezing firmly. Repeating this action she pumped me as she went up and squeezed as she went down the shaft. After the display she’d given me it took little time before I was gasping and moaning much as she had been moments before. I could feel my orgasm building but the combination of her pumping and squeezing had me climbing that slope at a stop and go pace. Soon enough I could tell it was time.

“Right there, just like that, pump my cum Shelia, I’m cumming!”

She knew exactly what to do. Pumping with one hand her other held my balls firmly as she kept her lips sealed around my head. AS my cock convulsed and twitched, releasing my load into her mouth, she squeezed my balls matching the rythem of my orgasm. I felt as though she was milking every drop of cum I had out of my dick! It was my turn to fall back in post-orgasmic haze and catch my breath. She kept her grip on my shaft as I recovered, offering a gentle lick from time to time.

“Holy crap, you really know how to get it all out, don’t you?”

“I like a dick cumming in my mouth,Wayne. And soon as you’re ready I want to ride your face so I can cum again.”

“Ok, ok, just a little more for my head and I want to have you soak my face!”

She made a few more slurping licks on my cock, the action a lot like eating a melting ice cream cone, before she lay back on the floor and spread her thighs to expose my goal. The abundance of blonde curls before me and her puffy wet lips were a treat I had no intention of resisting! I knelt next to her first and used one hand to stroke the fur, and surrounding bits, with one hand and teased the hard pink nipples I found on her round tits. But it was time to get my taste.

I cupped her ass with both hands and inhaled deeeply taking in the scent of her over aroused pussy. Slowly drawing my tongue up one side of her engorged lips and down the other I avoided her clit for a short time. Her hips rocked as she helped direct me to the spots that needed my attentions. Her juices flowed freely, soaking my face with a sweet slightly musky flavor. I continued to tease her with only slight contact with her clit while dipping my tongue inside her pussy to savor as much taste as possible. She rocked her hip and rolled gently from side to side to chasing my lips and tongue. As she moaned and gasped more frequently she eventually found a grip on my hair and ground her pussy onto my tongue.

“Damn, damn, damndamndamn…right there here I cum!”

Her hips stopped rocking as Shelia forced my face to stay in contact with her clit as she shook convulsively as her orgasm hit. I was rewarded with a gush that soaked my face with enough juice to lap up like a kitten with a bowl of milk. As she calmed from her peak I raised up a bit and lapped at the entire area and entertained myself by keeping my hands full of her boobs. She lay still and I raised up to my knees between her wet thighs. Taking what was left of my semi-stiff cock in hand I gave it a couple pulls and realized that going down on Shelia had made me want to cum again. I responded with more stiffness and she watched me with interest as I looked at her sweaty body before me. Stoking a little faster I knew I did have one more to go (or cum)!

“Shelia, sweaty, spread your liops for me I’m gonna shoot this load all over them!”

That was all I needed to reach the peak and what little amount of cum I had left flowed more that spurted across her blonde curls. I fell atop her and we looked at each other with silly, satisfied grins. We rolled over and I felt her moist lips contact my now softening shaft for the first time.

“Wow, it’s a good thing I don’t have any more calls to make this afternoon, I don’t think I could concentrate to get thru them now. You’re just incredible I would have never believed that if I hadn’t been part of it.”

“Yep, me too. And you’re just as amazing, maybe this is the kind of visit I need.”

We both laughed at our little jokes and we began to find our clothes and get dressed again. She found her laptop and finally finished her report, ending by having me put a digital signature to acknowledge the visit.

“Next visit is set for day after tomorrow, do you think you can handle things until then?” She asked with an impish grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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