Holly and Mark Ch. 03

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6:30 AM is when I usually wake up, even without an alarm. I turned my head toward the clock and thought to myself, “Right on time.”

I looked over at Holly. She was lying on her back with her arms stretched over her head. She seemed deep in sleep and had a contented look on her face.

Slipping quietly out of bed, I went into the bathroom and relieved myself. Then, as quietly as possible, I started the in-room coffee maker. While it was percolating, I sat softly on Holly’s side of the bed. Gently moving her hair from her face, I began tenderly stroking her forehead and cheeks.

She stirred, groaned, and opened her eyes.

“Good Morning,” I said.

“Morning to you,” she replied with a sleepy smile.

I continued stroking her face.

She stretched her arms and legs and asked, “What time is it anyway?”

“About 6:40.”

“In the morning?”

“Well … yes.”

“Why are you up so early? Neither one of us has to work today.”

“Habit, I guess. I’ve been getting up at 6:30 for years. Besides, it’s really hard to sleep with a gorgeous, sexy woman beside me.”

She leaned up on her elbows and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. Feeling her nipples against my chest, I got a familiar tingle in my crotch.

“You make me feel like a horny teenager again,” I told her.

Speaking softly in my ear, she said, “And you make me feel ways that I never thought possible.”

I kissed her on the cheek again. She moved her head toward me and put her lips on mine. We shared a deeply passionate kiss. It wasn’t a kiss of lust or sexual need, but one of affection and appreciation.

Breaking our kiss, I said, “I made some coffee. Would you like me to serve it to you in bed?”

“Yes,” she said with a sigh, “I could use some right now.”

I brought her coffee then sat in the chair beside the bed with my own cup.

Holly took a sip, smiled, and said, “Just what I need.”

After a she had taken a few sips, she said, I’ve got an idea. I need to take my suitcase and work things home. Let’s go out for breakfast. We can drop them off after we eat and I can show you around Nashville.”

“I’d like that. Let me go do the shower thing and get dressed. What time do you want me back?”

“Give me forty-five minutes or so, say 7:30 or so.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I replied.

I downed my coffee, put my clothes on and, taking her by the hand, pulled her up. Admiring her body as she stood naked in front of me, I said, “Holly, you really are a lovely woman.”

She smiled her thanks. At the door, we held each other for a moment, shared a quick kiss, and I was on my way.


I knocked on Holly’s door just after 7:30. She opened the door, pulled me in and gave me a quick kiss.

“Let’s not start something we can’t finish,” I warned.

With a false frown, she said, “Maybe later today I can interest you.”

“Oh, I’m already interested, but you’ve used up all my energy the last couple of days. I need some food in my stomach to give me more strength.”

“Well then, help me with my things and let’s go eat.”

She turned to the bed and picked up her briefcase and purse.

“Mind getting my suitcase for me?”

Walking out the door behind her, I said, “I like the way you fill out your jeans.”

Smiling over her shoulder she said, “You’ve got a cute little butt yourself.”


After checking out, Holly led me to her car. It was a dark blue Malibu.

“I know, it’s nothing fancy but I get great gas mileage.”

She drove out of the parking lot and took the parkway toward downtown Nashville. We stopped at a small diner where she tol me she eats often.

As we walked in, I whispered, “Don’t eat too much. bursa escort You’re going to get a lot of exercise after while.”

“That goes for you too,” she said with a wink.

After seating ourselves, a waitress appeared. Holly ordered a blueberry bagel, a fruit cup, and coffee. I ordered an omelet, orange juice, and coffee. Holly told me a little about Nashville while we were ate.

As we were finishing up, Holly looked at me and said, “Do you think you’ve eaten enough to build up your energy?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because when we get to my place, you’re going to need all the energy you can get.”

She hesitated, then said, “I don’t believe myself. I’ve never talked this way before. I’m usually reserved and easily embarrassed. I always try to watch what I say.”

Looking at me with a smile, she asked, “What have you done to me?”

“Well, let’s go find out,”

I left a tip, paid for breakfast, and we headed for her car.


I expected her to be living in an apartment complex. I was surprised when she pulled in the driveway of an attractive Cape Cod style home. It was directly across the street from a city park.

“This is it, my dream house,” she said. “If you’ll get my suitcase, I’ll carry the rest of my things inside.

No sooner were we inside her door, than we dropped everything, and pulled ourselves hungrily into each other’s arms. We dropped onto the couch, kissing and impatiently groping every body part we could reach. I pulled her shirt out of her jeans then up and over her head. I unsnapped her bra, pulled it aside, and sucked on her right nipple. I ran my tongue around it and licked across to the other. She grabbed my head and pressed it onto each breast as I went back and forth from one erect nipple to the other. Grabbing my hand, she placed it between her legs. Pulling my face toward her, she kissed me passionately. I unfastened her jeans and, with our lips still firmly together, she helped me remove her jeans and her panties. She took my hand and touched it to her swelling sex lips. My fingers were instantly covered with her wetness. She moved my hand to her clitoris while holding my face against her breasts. Massaging her clit with a finger, I licked and sucked on her nipples. She held me tight. I continued my pressure on her clitoris, rubbing it with my fingers until her body trembled and she came with a groan. I continued teasing her clit and brought her to several more orgasms, stopping only when she begged. I held her close until her breathing returned to normal.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said with a playful grin.

She pushed me down on the floor, unbuckled my belt, undid the zipper, and pulled off my pants. Unbuttoning my shirt, she caressed my chest. She leaned over, and a jolt of sensation flashed through my body when I felt her tongue lick a nipple. She moved to the other nipple while I moaned with pleasure. She ran her fingertips across my abdomen, never taking her lips from my nipples. Swirling her tongue around them made me moan. Moving her fingers to my legs, she stroked up and down the insides of my thighs. She spread my legs, moved between them, and pushed my knees up so that the soles of my feet were on the floor. Then, with the fingers of one hand tickling my testicles with, she stroked my erect penis with the other. Leaning down, she licked the head of my penis. My body jerked and a groan escaped my lips. She took my penis in both hands and began moving them up and down and back and forth between her palms. As my passion swelled, my body shuddered. Knowing I was about to come, she took my rock-hard shaft deeply into her mouth. As she pushed her fingers between my scrotum and anus, I felt my body arch uncontrollably. As I exploded down her throat, I could feel her swallowing. The bursa escort bayan sensation of her throat muscles squeezing my penis drove me wild. Saving some of my come, she placed it on the tip of my penis. She rubbed it around the head of my penis with her fingers, causing almost unbearable sensations. I had to ask her to stop.

“I’ve never come so hard in my life,” I said breathlessly.

She gave my penis a lick. “And I’ve never swallowed come before. I hope you didn’t mind. It just seemed like the thing to do. Did you like it?”

“Oh yes, I liked it,” I replied.

She lay next to me and I pulled her into my arms. With a sigh of contentment, she fondled my penis while it softened in her hand.


After we recovered, Holly took me on a tour of her home, ending in the kitchen. She took a pitcher of iced tea out of the refrigerator, poured two glasses, and led me to her back porch.

“I really like it out here. In the mornings I can watch the sunrise and, in the evenings, I can sit on the front porch and watch the sunset over the park. It’s a quiet and peaceful neighborhood.”

We sat quietly, enjoying each other’s company.

After a while, she stood up and asked, “Ready to go exploring?”

“You’re in charge.” I answered.


Holly drove us around Nashville, pointing out some of the sights; her office building, the golden dome of the state capital, the original site of the Grand Old Opry, and the “General Jackson” showboat.

Over a light lunch, Holly asked if I was interested in an adventure. When I nodded my head yes, she suggested that we go for a late afternoon picnic.

“There is a little park I know of just outside of Nashville. It’s never crowded.

We can go there and picnic by the river. Sound OK to you?”

“Anything I can do with you sounds like fun.”

Holly spent the afternoon showing me more of Nashville. On the way back to her home she stopped at a store to pick up items for our picnic.

On the way inside she asked, “What are some things you like to have for a picnic?”

“I really don’t have any preferences.” I said. Hesitating, I smiled and added, “As long as you’re my main course.”

She laughed. “Then you can be my dessert.”

After stocking up for our picnic, we returned to her home, packed everything into a large picnic basket, and set out for our adventure.


We arrived and explored the woods and paths for the perfect place. We ended up searching well off the paths and found a secluded clearing next to the river. I went back to the car and got the basket while Holly spread out a blanket. We quickly set up the picnic. After eating, we sat for a while watching ducks floating lazily in the current.

I put my arm around her, and she rested her head on my shoulder. We began kissing. At first, they were soft and gentle. Our kisses became more passionate, and we explored each other’s mouths and sucked on probing tongues. I had her lie on her back, her head in my lap. Leaning over to continue my kisses, I began fondling her breasts through her shirt with one hand while running the fingers of the other from her calves to her thighs. As she started to become aroused, I loosened her jeans, pulled them down, and moved my hands under her panties. She opened her legs, giving me access to the center of her pleasure. I circled her clitoris with a finger, She groaned in protest when I removed my hands from beneath her pants. Wanting to return to her breasts, I pulled her shirt off and, leaning down, I ran my tongue around the base of each nipple. She took my head, moved it over a nipple, and urged me to suck on it. I took it into my mouth, sucked gently, my tongue on its tip. I moved to the other. I could feel the heat from her rising passion as I escort bursa went back and forth from nipple to nipple. She took my hand and placed it between her legs, pressing it on her mound. I began fingering the slit of her opening through her panties. She rotated her hips, pushing herself against my fingers. With both hands, I removed her panties. Instead of caressing her with my fingers, I licked the inside of one thigh. I looked up for her reaction, and she gave me a nod.

“Now,” I said, “It’s time for my main course.”

I moved so that my mouth could easily reach her sex lips while my hands could still give attention to her breasts. I began running my tongue up one thigh and down the other while pulling on her hardened nipples. Occasionally, I would brush my tongue across her protruding outer lips causing her to moan and arch her back.

After several minutes of this, she lifted my chin and said, “Please.”

I smiled and, reached behind her knees, and pushed her legs up and apart. I licked my way up a thigh again. When I reached her outer lips, I opened them with my tongue. A squeal of pleasure escaped her mouth.

“Oh, Mark, make me come like this. Suck me hard,” she begged.

Licking her opening, I could taste her juices as they began to flow. I found her clitoris and ran my tongue around it until it began to swell. I drew it into my mouth and sucked firmly. I softened my grip and touched it with my tongue before forcefully drawing it in again. Her body began to stiffen. I could sense her nearing orgasm. Suddenly, she grabbed my head, pushing my face against her clit. I pulled on her clit as strongly as I could with my lips, and she came with a shout. Neither of us would let go. With her hands clutching my head and her clit in my mouth, she came again. As she relaxed, I licked her dry.

Lying beside her, I heard a sigh, and gently caressed her inner thighs. She wasn’t finished, her body responding to my touch once more. I began fingering her sex lips. Tentatively, I inserted a finger into her opening. Her hips began moving against it. I inserted another finger, and began slowly moving them in and out of her inner lips. The pace of her hips quickened. I began rubbing her clit with my thumb. She pushed hard against my fingers and thumb, held herself there, and, with a groan, came again. My fingers continued gently stroking inside as she recovered.

After a few moments, she leaned on an elbow, looked into my eyes, and asked, “May I have my dessert now?”

“Please …” I answered.

She helped me pull off my jeans and briefs

“I hope you never forget this moment,” she said.

She ordered me to lay back and close my eyes. I happily did as she said. Her fingers began caressing my legs. Up and down, and, every so often, brushing against my anus and testicles. Suddenly I felt her tongue flicking the top of my penis. My body nearly jumped off the blanket. She teased me by rolling her tongue around its head. I arched my back toward her mouth. She pushed me back and continued licking around the whole length of my shaft. Just when I felt that I could bear no more, her lips pulled my penis into her mouth. She took in its head, sucked strongly, and pulled it off. She took me in again, this time a little farther, sucked even more strongly, and pulled me slowly out of her mouth. Each time I was taken farther and farther into her mouth until I could feel the back of her throat. Suddenly, she was moving my penis in and out of her mouth as quickly as she could. I began to arch my back at every down stroke and moan uncontrollably as she pulled back. When she knew I was about to come, she pushed her finger against my anus. My come immediately burst from my penis, filling her mouth to overflowing. I didn’t think I would ever stop coming. When I opened my eyes and looked at her, I saw come dripping from her lips. She leaned down and kissed me, sharing my come with me.

We looked into each other’s eyes with desire, passion, satisfaction, and most of all, wonder.

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