Holiday in Africa

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With a serious effort I stepped on my suitcase to close it. Thanks to my weight I finally got the zipper closed. I probably had too much with me again, but better too much than too little, I reasoned.

I was so happy to finally go on holiday again. It was already a few years ago. My husband, John, was always so busy that he only took one week off a year and he travelled so much professionally that he preferred to spend his free time at home. I understood that of course, but the other way around I was mostly at home taking care of our daughter Sarah and I craved a holiday that pulled me out of the daily grind.

However, this time John had to go to Bulagandra for a week for his work and we had decided that I would join him after his work and that we would add a week’s holiday. My mother would move in with us to look after our daughter Sarah.

I had never been to Africa before and was really looking forward to it. I was already dreaming about the holidays: the tropical climate, the beautiful landscapes, the exotic food and drink and the blissfully doing nothing, away from the daily grind.

Within an hour a taxi would pick me up to take me to the airport. In the meantime, my mother had arrived too. I still had time to take a shower.

While standing naked in front of the mirror I judged my body. For my 45 years I still looked good: long blond hair, a slim figure with a firm C-cup and an unshaven pussy. I had never had the guts to shave it and John had never made a remark about it although he did have pubic hair in his mouth from time to time when he licked my pussy.

My pussy got wet when I thought about the sex we were going to have. For some reason sex was more passionate on holiday than at home and happened more often.

It had been a few weeks since we’d had sex. John was so busy and was, according to him, often too tired. I often tried to seduce him with sexual lingerie but even this didn’t excite him. When I was hot myself, I dived my head under the blankets to find his dick and slowly suck it, but half the time it had no effect and he blamed it on the stress and work pressure. Disappointed I then turned back to my side of the bed and played with my clit until I silently came to orgasm.

But on holiday everything was different, we had much more time for each other; the stress and pressure was gone.

Last holiday John even took the initiative in bed on a regular basis. His hands slipped over my breasts, he kissed in my neck and his tongue slowly slipped to my mouth and lips to end in a long and passionate tongue kiss. I felt his member grow at the same time. Depending on how hot I was, I let myself be banged and fingered until I finished or took the initiative to give him a blowjob.

He is a very good cunt licker, I had to admit. His tongue slipped around the outer lips of my pussy lips and touched the inside of my vagina. Then he slid one and then several fingers completely inside me while passionately sucking on my clitoris. He brought me into ecstasy. He regularly changed the position of his tongue and fingers so that I wriggled wildly under him and ended up having an incredible orgasm. Gasping I lay in bed and heard the gulping sound of John absorbing my juices.

Then it was my turn to spoil him. I brought my hands to his now rock-hard cock. He wasn’t incredibly big and fat, but I considered him an average size. Sometimes when I looked at porn movies or sex photos, I wondered what it would be like to feel a giant dick in my pussy or mouth. Would it hurt or would my pussy adjust to that size? I was also curious if the story was true that niggers’ dicks were so big. Maybe I got a chance to verify this in Bulagandra?! Not that I wanted to cheat, but who knows, maybe I could catch a glimpse of a dick by the pool somewhere.

I’m a good at giving head. All my former boyfriends had already complimented me on it. I can play with my tongue and lips with any part of a dick.

I sucked on his cockhead and slid my lips down to his balls, sucking all over the shaft. As I looked up, I could see he was enjoying it. I teased him by bringing him close to an ejaculation, then stopping and then, after his supplications, moving on again.

I like to give blowjobs, but I don’t like to swallow sperm. It has a terrible taste. I always try to get him to spray on my breasts or body but often he strains his hands into my hair and pulls my head even closer to his balls, so I don’t have a chance to pull my mouth away when he comes. Again, this scenario happened and he sprayed his sperm into my mouth and throat. So much cum exploded halfway down my esophagus that I had to gag and cough. Although I hated it, I had learned to live with it and accept it because I saw how much he enjoyed it and because I was afraid that otherwise he might go to whores or other women who wanted to offer him that service.

After he had pumped his semen in my mouth, we kept lying happily together for a while.

However, I wasn’t satisfied yet and tried to bring back his dick alive by slowly using my hands. This usually worked out pretty well, especially when I started using my lips and tongue as well. He was quickly back on full strength and ready to really fuck me. I crawled on his chest and slowly lowered my pussy over his dick. This was easy because I was still soaking wet from my previous orgasm. I started to ride him, he took my buttocks, pushed me up until only his cockhead still touched my pussy wall and then dropped me to his balls. This was delicious. Meanwhile he sucked and nibbled my nipples gently. I slowly came into ecstasy, but before I came, he pushed me off, turned me on my back, bent over my pussy, rammed his cock into my pussy with full force and took my knee hollows over his shoulders. That way he could penetrate me very deeply. Now he pounded into me at full force. I knew that after a few punches he would now inject his sperm deep inside me and I also felt that I was close to an orgasm. Almost crying, we both came and dropped exhausted on the bed. We cuddled up against each other and fell asleep happy and content.


The flight went smoothly and boring. It was a night flight. I soon fell into a light sleep and woke up all the time because of the uncomfortable sleeping position in the far too small seats. Before landing I was woken up by a hostess. I was still tired because of the bad sleep and wished to be in the hotel as soon as possible. John would come to pick me up. He had already told me that I first had to pass customs for passport control and then pick up my luggage. Once we got out of the plane, we had to stand in a long queue for passport control. When it was finally my turn, the customs officer placed uninterested some stamps in my passport,

While I was waiting for my luggage, I saw 2 policemen with a more than normal interest looking at me. They grinned at each other while staring at me. One of them had a drug dog on a leash. They came in my direction and in the meantime letting the dog sniff at all the luggage. When they got to my height, he quickly but abruptly pulled on the leash of the dog so that he started barking. All the people were looking in my direction. The other policeman came up to me and asked if I was carrying drugs.

Frightened, I nodded no.

“We’ll have to inspect your luggage anyway,” he said. He added that this was the normal procedure when a drug dog barked at a certain person or piece of luggage.

I tried to protest but quickly realized that there was no escape. I agreed, assuming it was only a routine check that would soon be over.

“Come along”, he ordered me.

We walked through several corridors, further and further away from the hustle and bustle of the airport. I began to feel discomfort.

“Is it still far?” I asked.

“Down here in the elevator”, he said, “and then we’re there”.

The elevator was very small so that we were kind of glued together. His face was only a few inches away from my face. He grinned at me and I smelled his rancid breath. I shivered. We descended to floor -3. He pushed me out of the elevator through a gray corridor to a small office with a musty smell. He locked the door behind us.

“Passport”, he snarls at me.

I gave him my passport.

“If you’re carrying drugs, you better admit it now,” he said, “otherwise I’ll have to search your luggage and search you and at the end I’ll find it anyway.”

“And you know that there is a death penalty on the possession of drugs in this country,” he added.

I assured him that I knew that and that therefore I certainly didn’t have any drugs with me.

He nodded and started to open my suitcase. He took everything out and chuckled while holding up my panties and bras. When my suitcase was empty and he had found nothing he turned back to me. “Now I have to search you,” he said. “Turn around against the wall, hands up and legs apart.

I reluctantly obeyed. He pressed himself against me, his hands slipped from my hands, down my armpits over my shirt, stopping at my breasts up to my waist, back up again and kneading my breasts. While protesting I tried to turn around but he held me firmly pressed against the wall.

“You’d better cooperate,” he hissed, “or we’ll keep you here even longer.”

With great reluctance showing in my body language, I put myself back against the wall.

He now slipped his hands over my hips and buttocks between my legs. He rubbed my labia for quite some time.

“Lucky I’m wearing jeans and no skirt,” I thought.

He took a step back and said I could turn around.

“Get undressed behind that screen and give me your clothes. You can keep your panties and bra on,” he ordered.

Again, I wanted to resist, but he looked at me so threateningly that I reluctantly obeyed. Behind the screen I took off my shirt and jeans and gave them to him. He searched all my trouser pockets and when he found nothing, he threw them in my suitcase with the rest of my clothes. Suddenly he took away the screen, so I was standing in front of him with just my panties and bra on. He looked at me chuckling.

“Bra off,” he ordered.

“What!” I stammered. “Forget it. Let me go now.” I yelled at him.

With one pass, he stood by me and grabbed my chin with one hand. I tried with all my strength, using both my hands, to get out of his grip. But as I tried to free myself, his other hand went around my waist and with one move he loosened my bra which now fell to the ground in front of my feet.

I struck a cry of horror and covered my breasts as well as I could with my arms. Suddenly, before I realized it, he pulled my panties down to my ankles.

Again, I hit a loud scream and now I tried desperately to cover my breasts and pussy, which of course didn’t work out.

He found my posture particularly funny and laughed adorably.

I broke out in tears.

“Please, let me go. You see I’ don`t possess any drugs,” I moaned.

“Very izmir escort bayan sure I’m not yet,” he said, “you’ve got 2 more cavities I haven’t examined yet,” he chuckled.

I looked at him terrified and started crying even louder.

“No, please, don’t do that, let me go” I begged again.

He walked up to me and pulled my arms along my body so that I now stood completely naked in front of him. My thick breasts were hanging there in front of his nose.

I felt his eyes devouring me as I stood there before him in full frontal nudity.

“Now… keep your hands where there are…and turn around…slowly.” His voice was firm and menacing.

A long hesitation followed.

“Now!” he snarled.

With great reluctance showing in my body language, I did as he commanded until I faced him again.

When I stood in front of him again, he said it was time to check that I wasn’t transporting any drugs into my vagina. He put a foot between my knees and squeezed my legs apart. At the same time, he roughly pushed his middle finger into my pussy. I had lost all resistance and stood there sobbing in front of him while he was twisting his finger in my pussy. It was extremely painful because I was bone dry and he hadn’t used any lubricant at all. He was now finger fucking me while he was constantly touching my clitoris with his other finger. This had nothing more to do with searching. I felt totally humiliated.

He pulled out his finger and smelled it.

“It looks to me like you haven’t washed this part of your body in a while” he laughed.

Ashamed I bowed my head.

“Now I still need to investigate your ass, and if there’s nothing in there either, you can go,” he said.

He ordered me to stand with my face against the wall again, slightly bent over. He put on a latex glove, added some lubricant on it, pulled my buttocks apart and pushed his finger up my ass without excuse. Because of the lubricant it didn’t hurt as much as in my pussy. Also here he kept pushing his finger as deep as possible.

“This hole hasn’t been used much,” he joked.

I had never felt so humiliated.

When he got tired of it, he pulled out his finger and threw the glove in the bin.

“Get dressed, pack your luggage and get out of here,” he said, unlocking the door.

Still sobbing loudly, I got dressed, threw everything back in my suitcase and quickly walked outside. As fast as I could I walked to the exit of the airport to the arrivals hall. I immediately saw John standing there. Sobbing I flew into his arms.

“What happened?” he asked. Sobbing I told him the whole story.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart”, he whispered.

“There’s no point in making a complaint, I’m afraid,” he said. “Come, let’s forget this as soon as possible and go to the hotel.”

I was so looking forward to the first night with John here in Bulagandra, but I didn’t feel like sex at all, I didn’t even like him touching me. In bed John tried to touch me, but I pushed him away. He asked me if I wouldn’t suck his cock, but I refused as well. Disappointed he turned around and I fell asleep crying softly.


The next morning, the alarm clock rang early. John had to work today.

I heard him take a shower and shave. Before leaving the hotel room he came to give me kiss on my mouth. I stayed in bed for a while thinking about yesterday’s events.

I had nothing planned for today. I just wanted to lie lazily by the pool, enjoying the sun and cool water until John would come back.

When John came back from work, he told me they had organized a party to celebrate the successful completion of the project. Everyone was invited with partner in a chic country estate outside the city with food, drinks and dance.

The local CEO, Kawese, family of the president, would also be present. John immediately warned me about his dubious reputation regarding women, drink and violence.

“If only half the stories are true, it’s bad enough,” John said.

I didn’t feel like going, partly because of Kawese’s reputation and partly because I knew that John often crushed himself at such parties until he couldn’t stand or walk anymore. It wouldn’t be the first time I had to push him drunk in a taxi and drag him out of the car and carry him around the house with the help of the taxi driver. The next day he wouldn’t know what had just happened.

However, he assured me that he would only drink a few pints so that we could have great sex before bedtime. He looked at me so horny that I believed him. Half-assured, I gave in and promised to go with him.

At 6:00 p.m., a cab would pick us up. I showered and got ready for the party. I chose the sexiest dress I had brought with buttons on the front and an open décolleté that reflected my breasts and figure. The dress came right under my buttocks and left little to the imagination. I chose not to wear heels that were too high so that I could still walk on the dance floor.

John whistled approvingly when he saw me coming out of the bathroom and tried to place his hands on my buttocks. I chatted on his fingers and rejected him with the words that he had to wait until this evening after the party. Growling, he dripped off.

A little later the phone rang and the receptionist said the taxi was there.

The driver of the taxi was a somewhat older man who looked at me horny through the rear-view mirror during the whole ride. I was about to tell him it would be safer if he was watching the road instead of staring at me all the time when John showed me the estate.

It was beautiful. A beautiful architecture and situated against a mountainside surrounded by a beautiful garden. A footman opened the door and guided me to the red carpet. The party was in a courtyard that was festively decorated and where there was a dozen or so perfectly set tables. A live band played music. Some people were already dancing on the dance floor. Most of the guests were already there. Most of them were black but I saw some white colleagues of John. He knew most of the people and introduced me to them.

Suddenly a sturdy nigger, flanked by some bodyguards, came up to us. He was dressed in a costume that was perfectly made to measure. Around his neck hung a golden chain and around his wrist a Rolex watch. He radiated authority, opulence and good taste.

I immediately suspected it was Kawese. He walked up to me and before John could introduce me, he grabbed my hand and kissed him softly. He had soft hands but a firm grip. He introduced himself as Kawese. Meanwhile he undressed me completely with his eyes. He complimented me with my looks and my sexy dress, so it made me blush. On the one hand he had an attraction to me but on the other hand he also frightened me.

He kept staring at me until a woman, his wife or mistress I suspected, intervened and guided him to the other guests.

We sat at the table with a mixed couple: he was a white older man and she was a beautiful negress. He was much older than she was. I asked in John’s ear, whispering, who they were. He told me that George was an old colleague who had moved to Buraganda and after a few years was married to the woman next to him.

“She would have been a whore,” he whispered.

“Why did he move to Buraganda?” I asked.

“There were problems with the court, so he had to flee the country,” John told me. “He would have seriously mistreated and beaten somebody,” he added.

I talked to her and found out her name was Nakira. At first, we just had the usual small talk. I first talked about what happened last night at the airport.

“Yes”, she replied, “police corruption is a big problem in Bulagandra”. “You’re lucky he didn’t rape you,” she added.

Then Nakira started to tell her life story. Before she met George, she worked in a massage parlor. At first George was just one of many clients, but he came almost every day and only wanted to be massaged by her. In the end he invited her for a night out and from one came the other.

Meanwhile we both drank different glasses of wine and our conversations became more animated. Somehow it clicked well between the two of us. At one point I couldn’t help but ask what kind of massage she actually gave.

She looked at me amused.

“Do you want to know if I also gave sex massages?” she asked

Embarrassed, I looked at her.

“No, of course not,” I said.

She looked at me with a crooked face.

“OK”, I admitted “that might have been the ulterior motive”.

She bowed to me.

“Of course,” she said. “What else do you think all these massage parlors here have to offer? “.

I was perplexed and there was a silence. She shed a tear.

“I hope you don’t judge me for this,” she said.

“Of course not,” I stammered and hugged her.

The rest of the table, including John, was too drunk to see our hug and ask questions about it.

“There won’t be much more of sex in the house tonight,” I thought to myself, when I saw John sitting there drunk.

Sobbing, Nakira started telling me that when her father died, she had to take care of her 3 brothers and sisters. She had been trained in massage and could start working in a massage parlor in the center. She soon found out that she earned the most money when she did something extra with the clients. In the beginning she struggled with it, but she made so much money that she quickly threw all her hesitation and guilt overboard.

Suddenly I became curious, I asked if it was true that niggers dicks are bigger than whites.

She looked at me and nodded.

“Indeed,” she said, “there’s a big difference. When I first saw George’s dick, I was ashamed. When he fucked me I didn’t feel anything in me. I thought he wasn’t even in it when I suddenly felt sperm.”

“Also his blowjob is nothing: I like deepthroats, but I didn’t feel anything in my throat even when I was already with my lips up to his balls. No, there’s nothing like being taken by a nigger dick. Then you feel you’re being penetrated and that brings you into ecstasy. I never want to leave George but if I really want to be taken, I’ll pick me a nigger to have a good time”.

I looked at her in amazement. A stranger here told me she was cheating just to feel a fat dick in her. I couldn’t believe my ears.

Suddenly Kawese stood next to us and asked me to dance. I always found it rude to say no at such an invitation and nodded affirmative. As I got up, Nakira whispered in my ear that Kawese was very big and that it was one of the few cocks in her life she could not have deepthroated because of its size and thickness. I looked at her bewildered as Kawese accompanied me to the dance floor. He was a good dancer. He also smelled good for perfume. I felt good in his arms. When the song was over, the live band started to play a quiet song. He took my hand in his and pressed his other hand on my hips. I put my hand on his buca escort back. He swung me right over the dance floor. He pressed me against him and I felt his breath in my face. He smelled nice. His hand slid down over my robe to my buttocks. I tried to stop his hand but he held me too tightly. I started to feel uncomfortable. His hand now slid over my buttocks towards my panties. I worked against him but I felt his hand penetrate my panties and turn into my buttock. I squeezed my legs together so he certainly couldn’t move in the direction of my slit. However, he unbalanced me while dancing so I had to separate my legs to keep my balance. Quickly he pushed one finger into my pussy. He did it brutally and because I was dry it hurt. I wanted to shout but when I opened my mouth his tongue slid into it and turned around in my mouth. In the meanwhile he constantly fingered my pussy and lips, which, although I didn’t like it at all, got wet.

I couldn’t believe it, I was barely a day in Bulagandra and there had already been 2 strange fingers in my pussy.

Now I defended myself with all my strength and finally I could tear myself loose. He grinned at me while I stood there in front of him, half in shock with tears in my eyes. In a reflex I gave him a slap in the face. I myself was shocked by my reaction. He hadn’t seen it coming either and bewildered he swept over his face.

“You’ll be sorry”, he hissed threateningly.

I quickly turned around and wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible. I was looking for John, but I couldn’t find him. He was probably puking in a corner after all the alcohol he’d already drunk. I decided to go to the toilet to cool down, refresh myself and find a way to get out of here as soon as possible. The ladies’ toilet was a bit remote in a corner of the building. I went into the toilet and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was faded and my makeup had run out of my face with tears. Next to me a woman was painting her lips with lipstick. I let water run into the sink and made my face a little wet. I heard the door of the toilet opening behind me. Suddenly I stiffened because I didn’t hear the expected click of women’s heels but typical men’s steps. Terrified I looked back and looked into Kawese’s grinning face. Behind him, at the door, stood one of his bodyguards. Kawese ordered the woman standing next to me to leave. Frightened she turned around and walked out as fast as she could. I looked at her beggingly, but she avoided my gaze and rushed out through the door. Kawese slowly came towards me. My heart was pounding in my throat and I became terribly frightened. I walked back until I had my back against the sink and couldn’t go any further back. He stood in front of me now and he took my chin in his hand. I started shouting that he had to leave me alone. Suddenly he hit me in the face with his flat hand so that I was flying on the ground. He bent over and pulled me back up by my hair.

I started begging now. “Please leave me alone, don’t hurt me, I’m sorry about the slap I gave when we danced.”

He ignored me completely. With one hand he pinned both arms on my back and with his other hand he started to undo the buttons of my dress. I tried to resist, but he was too strong for me. Sobbing I stood there while he unbuttoned my dress. He now looked at my breasts. With a jerk he pulled my B&H over my breasts. Laughing he started to play with my nipples. He twisted them, pulled them and pitched in them.

It hurt like hell. I felt so humiliated and helpless. He started licking one nipple. Then his lips moved to my mouth to tongue me, but I held my lips together stiff. However, he twisted my nipples so that I opened my mouth with a scream and his tongue entered me. My resistance diminished and I took his tongue. He kept kissing my tongue for a few minutes.

Then suddenly he stopped, went 2 steps back and said “now the fun is only going to start”.

Anxious and questioning I looked at him. Slowly his hands went to his belt and even slower he took off his pants. In a trance I looked at the thick lump in his underpants. When he took them off as well, I looked out for the thickest penis I had ever seen. He was standing straight, bulged with ugly veins and sported a thick head and even pre-cum was on it. In panic I wormed my way past him towards the exit. However, the bodyguard simply stopped me and dragged me back to the sink. Now I knew there was no way out. The bodyguard bent me over the sink and pushed my head under water. I panicked and worked against, but I didn’t have a chance. After about ten seconds he pulled me out, I spitted and coughed but before I recovered he pushed me under water again. This repeated itself a couple of times until I ran out of energy to defend myself. Meanwhile Kawese had broken my panties and I felt his cock pressing against my pussy lips. He pressed softly, but his prick was too thick and he couldn’t get any further.

“You’re really narrow,” he whispered in my ear, “but we’ll change that soon.”

As he said this, he smashed his dick into my pussy with all his might. He shot half in it. My back bent completely, and I shouted it out in pain. I had never felt this before. It was like I was split in two. He slowly pulled his dick back until he was completely out. I sighed with relief but the next second he bashed into me again. Now he came a lot deeper. He had to repeat it 2 more times before his dick was completely in my pussy. Triumphant he stayed that way for some time. It looked like I was speared at his dick. I could barely move and even breathing was difficult. Then he started fucking me, first slowly after that faster and ever rougher. With every bump of his hips he pulled my head upwards by pulling my hair roughly so that in the mirror I saw my feral and Kawese`s triumphant face in front of me. I closed my eyes and didn’t want to see anything of the surroundings anymore. I hoped he would come as soon as possible so it would be over. However, he kept ramming for maybe 5 minutes before I finally felt his dick drain. He screamed out with pleasure. He stuck inside me for a while before he pulled out. His dick was full of sperm, my juices and a little blood. I fell to the ground exhausted. He wiped his dick clean on my panties and gave me another kiss on my crown. “Welcome to Bulagandra”, he whispered in my ear before he left.

I stood up half numb and thought the ordeal was finally over. However, when I looked up, I looked straight into the horny eyes of the bodyguard. He had already taken his dick out of his pants and was stroking his thickening cock. He moved his fist up and down his shaft. His dick was probably a bit smaller than Kawese’s but at least a lot bigger than John`s. Without saying a word, he bent me back over the sink and pointed his cock in front of my still dripping pussy. I thought he wanted to ram him in my pussy too, but in reality, he just wanted to moisten his prick. Suddenly he moved his penis to my asshole. Without hesitation he forced his rock hard erection into my anus and shoved it into my rectum with anger and delight. Of course, I had never been taken in my ass before and this was so terribly painful that I fainted. I regained consciousness when I felt water splashing in my face. He sparkled water in my face while he was fucking me in my ass. I was only experiencing everything from a trance. It looked like my intestines were being ripped apart. Meanwhile he milked both my breasts, squeezed my nipples and gasped continuously in my neck. He turned my head and forced his tongue into my mouth. I almost had to gag because of his horrible mouth smell. I bit his tongue. With a cry of pain, he pulled his tongue out of my mouth. In response he bit my right nipple. I felt his teeth go through the soft tissue of my nipple as he pulled it. For a moment I thought he would pull the nipple off my chest, but fortunately he stopped. I screamed it out in pain. Meanwhile, he kept fucking me in the ass. I barely even noticed when he came and pulled his dick out. Half unconscious I fell to the ground. The blood was dripping out of my ass.

The ordeal was still not over yet.

He turned me on my back and squeezed my nose shut so I had to keep my mouth open to breathe. Then he took his dick in his hand and started whining in my mouth. I vomited when all of his piss landed in my mouth and further in my throat. Since I didn’t manage to swallow it all in time, a large part of his lukewarm urine ran down my lips over my chin. A mixture of vomit and urine covered my face. Then I lost consciousness.

I slowly regained consciousness when I heard a familiar voice. It was Nakira who held and supported me. She cleansed my face with a wet cloth. “Welcome to Bulagandra,” she whispered, too. I began to cry. She helped me up and tried to cheer me up by whispering meaningless sweet words in my ear. It worked and I stopped crying. My bra and panties were broken so I only had my dress on.

“Where’s John” I asked?

“He’s lying drunk in the garden,” Nakira said.

I sighed defeated.

“No problem,” said Nakira, “I’ll take you home. I’ll tell George an excuse to come with you. I’ll call a taxi.”

When the taxi arrived, Nakira and George helped carry John in the car and Nakira drove with us to our hotel. The porter helped carry John to the room, where he fell asleep like a bag on the bed.

I sat softly weeping on the sofa while Nakira held me. She kissed me on my forehead and then on my lips. She tasted good, she offered her tongue, and I opened my mouth. I had never kissed a woman before, but I needed tenderness. After a long tongue kiss, she looked at me tenderly.

“How did you know he had such a huge dick?” I asked her.

“He came to visit me regularly in the massage parlor”, she whispered.

“He fucked me into all my openings several times. Occasionally he also took his bodyguards with him and then all 3 of them fucked me at the same time. He usually in my pussy, the bodyguard, who also fucked you, fucked me in my ass and the third in my mouth. This was hell. I had to go to the hospital several times for internal injuries. But somehow my body adapted to those thick objects. After a few times I almost didn’t feel it anymore.”

I caressed her affectionately on the forehead and now I moved my tongue towards her mouth. Again, we sunk into a great French kiss.

“Shouldn’t I go to the hospital?” I asked her. “My pussy hurts and blood came out of my anus”.

“Doesn’t mean anything”, she reassured me. “I’ve got some ointment you can put in your pussy and ass. It soothes the pain and promotes healing. In a few days you won’t feel a thing. Take a bath first. When you’ve washed your pussy and anus, I’ll apply the ointment.”

The bath did wonders. I gently but carefully washed my pussy and ass and immediately felt a lot better. In bathrobe I lay back on the sofa next to Nakira.

“Open your legs,” she ordered, “then I’ll rub your pussy and ass.”

I willingly opened my legs and showed my crotch izmir escort in all its glory. She took the ointment, but before opening the tube, she put her head on my crotch and began to gently lick my pussy lips. Strangely enough, I made no attempt to stop her. Although everything was still painful from the rape, it felt good and I started to get wet. I started to groan softly. Her tongue went back and forth: over my clit, in my pussy and over and along my labia.

Man, could she eat pussy! Her tongue was all over the place. It didn’t take long before I came shockingly to an orgasm.

“You see,” Nakira laughed, “everything still works for you and there are no permanent injuries.”

Now she took the ointment and smeared a thick flake on her finger. Carefully she slipped her finger into my pussy and twisted her finger so that the ointment spread well. She did the same in my ass.

As thanks I gave her another kiss. I felt a bit guilty that she had taken such good care of me and made me come. So I decided to spoil her too. Gently I pushed her on her back, rolled her skirt up and her panties down. She had a shaved pussy. Uncomfortably I started licking her. From her moaning I could hear that I was doing well. I became more impertinent and started to chew a little wilder on her labia and lips. She got soaked and squirmed under me. I slipped 1 and 2 fingers into her pussy and started fucking her with it.

“Bang your whole arm in it”, she almost screamed.

I made a fist and pushed it in. What a stretched pussy she had! No wonder she didn’t feel George’s cock. And this was all Kawese’s fault I remembered. Meanwhile, I made spinning movements and pushed my arm deeper and deeper. When I managed to unfold my hand and move my fingers towards her cervix, she came screaming.

She screamed so loud that John half mumbled in his sleep asking what was going on.

I pulled my arm, soaking wet from her pussy juices, out of her pussy and quickly placed my mouth on hers to muffle her screams. This way we stayed tongue kissing for a few minutes.

“Thank you,” she whispered, “it’s been a long time since I’ve had such an orgasm.”

I asked her if her pussy was so stretched from Kawese’s dick.

She looked at me and started sobbing.

“No,” she said. “You should know what they’ve been pushing in my pussy.”

I looked at her scared.

“What then?”, I asked in bewilderment.

She hesitated for a moment, but then continued: “tennis balls, champagne bottles with and without cork, baseball sticks, billiard sticks, etc.”

I looked at her in horror and shuddered at the thought.

“Yes”, she nodded, “men can be real bastards. Especially tourists think they can do anything they want with a nigger woman”.

“They’re often only interested in causing as much pain as possible. They used nipple clamps and pushed all kinds of objects up my ass or pussy until I fainted from the pain. Sometimes they emptied a champagne bottle with cork into my pussy” sobbed Nakira.

“Kawese did that too?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

“He was always correct and only obsessed with sex and beautiful women.”

“Look,” Nakira said, and she showed her breasts.

Her breasts were quite small but nicely shaped. Her left nipple, however, was mutilated and seemed burned.

“What happened?” I asked.

“A tourist pushed out several cigarette butts on my nipple,” she whispered.

“Just like that?” I asked.

“I was giving him a blowjob, but he was so drunk he didn’t come” Nakira said. “I tried all my tricks, but he was just too drunk. Then, out of frustration, he put out his cigarette on my nipple. I then shouted so loudly that Kawese stormed into the room. When Kawese had seen what the tourist had done to me, he beat him half to death.

The next morning the newspapers printed: “Tourist severely mutilated and perpetrators unknown” said Nakira.

With tears in my eyes I looked at her.

“Wow, what a terrible life you must have had,” I whispered.

“Yes,” she said, “and I’m infinitely grateful to George for taking me out. He’s a klutz in bed, but he treats me well and I have a good life now. At first the owner of the massage parlor wouldn’t let me go because without me he would suffer a serious loss of income but fortunately Kawese stood up for me and decided I was free to go. As thanks, I still fuck and suck Kawese regularly”.

“Kawese isn’t a bad person,” said Nakira, “but you shouldn’t have hit him publicly. In Bulagandra the woman is often in charge at home but in public the man does not tolerate any contradiction and it is considered a disgrace, weakness and humiliation if a woman contradicts him or in your case even beats him. He was obliged to avenge himself on you in order to regain his prestige”.

“But no one saw the rape,” I refuted.

“Every guest present has seen Kawese go to the ladies’ room, have seen him triumphantly come out again and have seen you stumble out of the toilet,” Nakira said.

I sighed loudly.

Holding on to each other we fell asleep.


The next morning, I woke up and found that Nakira had already left.

I wondered if I’d dreamed it all, but my aching pussy and ass reminded me of the horrible evening. Slowly John also woke up with a huge hangover. He didn’t know anything of course and I wasn’t going to tell him what had happened. It had happened and it could not be reversed. Besides, Kawese was untouchable and he seemed to be above the law.

John asked if I had had a good time. I said it was not so bad.

We checked out and with a rental car we would now travel around Bulagandra. First John had to go to the office for another hour to finish some things. We drove the rental car to his office and I would wait so long in the lounge. I uninterestedly browsed through some of the magazines that were there. Suddenly my heart almost stopped and I became pale as soon as I saw Kawese coming in.

He smiled at me and slowly came towards me.

“We have to finish last night’s dance,” he whispered in my ear.

I started sobbing.

“Have no fear,” he said, “I won’t hurt you anymore.”

He grabbed me like he did during last night’s dance.

“I hope you don’t make a scene like last night”, he smiled.

To fictional music he accompanied me with one hand on my buttock and the other on my chest. I ran out of energy to resist and let everything go over me. His hand now slipped under my panties in my groove. He gently and tenderly rubbed my clit and pushed a finger into my pussy. I let everything go.

Lovingly he let his finger circle over my clit, along my labia and then back into my pussy. I slowly got wet and the only sound was the soaking of his finger in my wet pussy. The atmosphere was completely different than yesterday. This time he didn’t mean to hurt or humiliate me. He wanted me to enjoy it. I was even sure he would stop and leave when I asked for it, but I didn’t do it and let everything go. He pulled his finger out of my pussy and pushed it into my mouth and let me lick it. I tasted my own juices. Then he pushed it back into my pussy and squeezed a second finger into it. Slowly he started fucking me. I felt his cock grow and push against me through his pants.

“I’m sorry about last night” he said.

I could only nod.

He pressed his tongue in my mouth and started to tongue me. I let him do it and even cooperated. Suddenly he stopped, took me by my hair and pushed me gently down on my knees. He led my hands to his belt and while he looked into my eye, he said I knew what to do.

I nodded and slowly opened his belt and lowered his pants down to his ankles. He stepped out of his pants. His dick pressed against his underpants and screamed to be set free. I took him out and looked at him in full length. So close he seemed even bigger than yesterday. No wonder my pussy still hurt.

He pulsed already great. I stroked his cock a few times milking a drop of precum to it’s tip.

He immediately ordered me to use only my lips and tongue.

Obediently I put his cock in my mouth. With difficulty I got my mouth open far enough. I started licking it from the top of his head, as deep as possible. He started moaning.

Then all of a sudden, I remembered Nakira had said she couldn’t deepthroat him. Maybe I could try. I took him as deep in my mouth as I could into my throat.

But he was only halfway in. This will never work, I thought. I tried to relax my throat and, in doing so, I felt his cock slide a little deeper.

He gently pushed it deeper down my throat and esophagus until I had to gag.

Then he pulled him back. Then he pushed him back in. He repeated this a few times until he was completely inside me. I came up to his balls with my lips. My eyes were tearing. This was a great feeling.

As my spit began to build up and mix with his salty precum, he began to pump long strokes between my lips and teeth and deep into my mouth and throat.

He started to face-fuck me now. I had to gag and vomit but he kept his dick in my mouth. Meanwhile, the vomit was coming out of my nose and mouth. I started making circular movements with my tongue and then he exploded in my throat. I had never felt such a load of sperm. I pulled my head off his cock and was happy to breathe freely again. My shirt was full of my own vomit.

Kawese looked at me with admiration. “You’re great,” he said.

I thought it would be over now, but I had underestimated him. He took me by the waist, lifted me up and shoved my pussy on his stiff cock. My nipples pressed against his chest and we kissed each other passionately while he kept fucking me standing up. Alternately he sucked on my nipples and my tongue. I fell into ecstasy, no one had ever fucked me like that before. I came first and he came a little later. He lowered me back to the ground and I could hardly stand on my legs from exhaustion. While I was panting, he got dressed again, wished me a nice holiday and left the room.

When John came to pick me up, he asked me what had happened, pointing at my puked under shirt. I said I didn’t like the local food after all.


We had a nice vacation. Kawese’s influence was felt all over the country. In every hotel where we stayed, we got an upgrade and the champagne was ready in our room. With greetings from Kawese was always written on the card. My sex drive had now become ractically insatiable. Even if John had fucked me and then fell asleep, I remained unsatisfied. I often went back to the bar. Soon the local men came to sit around my table. It didn’t take long before they were groping me intimately from all sides. I let everything go and immediately got soaked. I then went with them to their room and it often happened that 5 or more men fucked me in a row and at the same time in all my cavities. I sucked, swallowed and received their sperm in my pussy, ass and mouth. I came countless times. I could never have imaginedp that there was so much pleasure in my body. It was an unforgettable holiday in every way.

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