High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 09

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It’s really strange when you are newly divorced the small things you got so used to while married that you miss the most. One thing my ex always did was get up before me and start a pot of coffee. Since I’ve been on my own I haven’t awakened to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

I smiled when the aroma of hot coffee woke me this morning. Kay was missing from my side having slipped out of bed to start the java.

I got up and pulled on a pair of boxers and walked toward the kitchen.

“Morning babe the coffee smells excellent.” I said.

I stepped into the doorway of the kitchen expecting to see my hot mature minx taking care of business.

All I found was a pot of coffee and a hand written note folded perfectly with “Allen” written on the front.

I poured myself a cup of black coffee and walked across the living room and out onto my balcony.

Opening Kay’s note I read.

“Allen thank you for making me feel alive again. I didn’t believe I would ever feel like a woman again until I met you baby. Making love with you is so awesome. I think I may be falling for you Allen. I truly hope you are feeling the same thing. Love Kay.”

I took a sip of coffee and read the note a second time. Everything was fine until she admitted she thought she was falling for me.

I had just gotten out of a horrible marriage and was looking forward to a lot more than a relationship with only one woman. I thought Kay understood that but I suppose she didn’t

I’d have to nip this in the bud even if I risked losing such a hot mature tart. I wanted to play the field so to speak and I’d hoped that Kay would be a willing central player. I’d have to talk to her about this when I got home from work that night.

I showered and got dressed for work and headed for the elevator. The car door slid open and I stepped into an empty elevator. Glancing at my watch it was seven forty. The elevator glided to a stop at the ninth floor. As the door slid open I was very happy to see Staci standing there.

Staci was wearing a black pants suit and a pale blue silk blouse. She clearly was headed for the office.

“Good Morning Allen.” She said as she stepped in and stood beside me.

“Morning Staci we really have to stop meeting like this.” I said referring to the other day when we rode the elevator together.

Staci smiled widely and in what I suspected was a weak moment she said. “Well you could invite me to your place Allen.”

“I’ll have to do that Staci.” I answered almost certain that Gina had told her about the incredible fuck we’d shared two nights ago.

As the car slowed approaching the lobby Staci reached into her purse and handed me her business card. “When you’re ready to extend that invitation give me a call on my cell Allen.” She said.

“I sure will Staci.” I replied.

As the door slid open Staci said. “I have to stop at the office and drop off our rent check Allen. I hope to talk to you again soon.”

I smiled and replied. “Count on it.”

As I walked toward my car I looked at Staci’s card a rather simple design. In bold lettering it read “Wallmeyer Associates” beneath was Staci’s name “Staci VanHolden” and her title Account Representative. At the bottom it listed her phone number. It didn’t indicate if the number was office or cellular so I assumed it was her cell since she asked me to call her cell to invite her over. It seemed kind of strange to me that the card didn’t list an office location. I turned the card over and printed very lightly was what appeared to be the gender symbol for a male, a circle with an arrow pointing up and to the right and the female symbol, a circle with a cross extending from the bottom. They shared the same circle. I found this to be extremely intriguing and knew I’d have to explore the meaning next time I spoke with Staci.

My day at the office was rather mundane with the exception that a few of the office gossips have been paying a little more attention to me since my divorce was finalized. I make a fairly good living managing the sales force of our company and I had to figure some of the office staff would be looking to move up the social ladder by latching onto my coat tails.

I was having none of that keeping the old adage that you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure.

I worked late leaving the office about six thirty that evening. Driving home I thought about stopping to see Kay but decided I’d do better trying to explain my concerns about the note she’d left over the phone. Not having her exquisite body as a distraction would help me get my point across.

I stopped and picked up Chinese takeout on the way home and settled into a lounge chair on my balcony with a cold brew and my dinner. About eight the light in Kay’s living room went on signifying that she was home from the shop.

I waited until eight thirty to call her wanting to give her time to grab a bite to eat and relax after spending eleven hours in the shop.

“Hi baby!” Kay said answering her phone knowing it was me.

“Evening Kay. How pendik escort was your day?” I asked.

“It was fabulous Allen thanks to you.” Kay replied.

“Sure was an amazing night.” I said.

Kay giggled and said. “Amazing is putting it mildly Allen.”

“Thanks for making coffee babe. I wish you could have stuck around to have a cup with me though.” I said. “Me too Allen but I had an early appointment to show a lady a full living room set she’s been looking at for some time. I’d have much rather stayed snuggled next to you this morning baby.” Kay offered.

I laughed and said. “And I’d have been late for work if you had Kay.”

“And I wouldn’t have made the big sale I did.” Kay added. “But it would have been worth it Allen.”

I didn’t know how to bring up her note and was hopping Kay would mention it first.

A long pause in our conversation must have prompted her to ask.

“Did you get my note baby?” Kay asked.

I replied. “Yes Kay I did.”

Another pause as I struggled with starting to tell her of my concerns.

“Kay I don’t want to get involved in a one man one woman relationship right now.” I almost blurted out.

“Oh I see.” Kay replied.

“I do have feelings for you Kay but having just gotten out of a messy marriage I just think it’s better if I go it alone for a little while.” I tried to explain.

“Allen.” Kay said her voice sounding a little disappointed. “Are you breaking it off with me?”

“Oh my god no Kay.” I instantly replied adding. “I just think it would be best if I didn’t see one person exclusively.”

Her tone changed from disappointment to anger. “So you want to be able to keep fucking me while you find other woman to fuck?”

“I…I….I….” I stuttered trying to think of how to answer that question without her hanging up on me. Kay’s voice grew even angrier and louder as she said. “You think I’m gonna sit here waiting for you to call me to stop by and throw a quick fuck into me Allen.”

“No Kay.” I said. But before I could continue she said.

“Your god damn right I’m not Allen.” Kay answered.

I tried to calm her down saying. “But Kay your note said you thought you’re falling for me.”

“Yeah so?” Kay replied adding. “I didn’t mean I want to get married. I just wanted you to know that I’m willing to try anything you want me to try Allen.”

“Really?” I asked.

Kay laughed before she continued. “Allen the last thing I need in my life now is a husband. I had one of those remember? He was a wonderful man and kept me happy all my life but like any man he had his idiosyncrasies and I’m sure you do also.”

“You have no idea baby.” I answered thinking of some of my own little quirks.

Kay continued. “I think we both know that sex together is amazing and I especially love doing my exhibitionist shows for you baby.”

“I do too Kay.” I said.

“I suppose I could have worded my note so it would have been more clearly that I’d love to explore everything we can come up with sexually Allen.” Kay said.

“Okay.” I answered then added. “What kind of things were you thinking of babe?”

“Well Allen my husband, bless his soul, only liked one on one sex. Even though he sometimes would enjoy being a little kinky he never would agree to have someone else in the bed room with us.” Kay explained. “Hmm mmm you mean a ménage à trios’?” I asked.

“Exactly baby and not just two women and a man, but the other way around two men and me.” Kay said.

“I’ve never had either Kay.” I admitted.

“So we’d be exploring new territory for us both. I like that Allen.” Kay remarked.

“I think I like the idea too.” I answered.

I was feeling really relieved knowing now that Kay wasn’t talking about a monogamist relationship. I certainly read way too much into the meaning of her note and in fact misunderstood completely.

“Allen let me ask you something baby.” Kay said.

“Sure Kay ask me anything.” I answered

She continued. “You know how much I enjoy having you watch me from your balcony. I was wondering if you’d mind if I watched you sometime Allen.”

I thought for a moment and assumed my pause caused Kay some concern because before I could answer she said. “That’s okay baby I was just wondering.”

“No Kay I’d love to have you watch me but it’d be a little hard since my balcony is above yours.” I offered.

“Who said anything about the balconies? I want the close up view Allen.” Kay answered with a devilish giggle following.

“I see.” I replied.

“What about you Allen do you have any ideas on what we could explore together?” Kay asked.

I answered. “As a matter of fact I do Kay. I’ve always had a fantasy about spontaneous casual sex with a total stranger.”

Kay laughed and said. “Well we’re hardly total strangers Allen but I suppose we could try that as a role play fantasy.”

“That’d work for me Kay.” I answered.

“Sounds like we are in for a lot of fun Allen.” Kay said then added. “So when do we maltepe escort get started?”

“The sooner the better Kay.” I replied.

Kay giggled and said. “I like the sound of that Allen.”

Just then my doorbell rang. “Kay I’m gonna have to go someone’s at my door.” I said.

“Okay baby give me a call tomorrow if you like. Bye Allen.” Kay said.

“Nite Kay.” I said before flipping my cell closed.

The door bell rang again just before I got there and looked through the peep hole. It was the maintenance man.

I opened the door and said. “Hey what’s up?”

“I just wanted to let you know that the parts for your fireplace arrived today. If it’s ok with you I’ll install them tomorrow during the day.” He said.

“That’d be great thanks.” I answered.

He turned and headed down the hall toward the elevator.

As I closed the door I thought this is the perfect opportunity to invite Staci over. I would tell her that we can try out my fireplace.

I dialed the number on her card.

“Hi this is Staci. Sorry I can’t take your call right now but if you’ll leave your name and number I’ll be sure to call you back as soon as I can.” Her voice mail message played.

“Staci this is Allen from apartment 1215. I know this is very soon but I thought I’d give you a call. The building super is going to fix my fireplace tomorrow. I thought maybe you’d like to stop by for a drink. We can talk and get to know each other better. Give me a call. My cell number is 801-532-9645. Hope to hear from you Staci.” I recorded on her voice mail.

I was very interested in getting to know Staci better and especially wanted to find out exactly what kind of business she was in.

As I lounged around the rest of the evening I thought how cool it would be to have Kay and Staci at the same time. A mix of mature and younger vixens was just the ticket. If Staci would be only half the woman in the dream I had about her I’m sure both Kay and I would be very happy with the outcome.

I decided to turn in about ten thirty figuring Staci wasn’t going to call me back tonight. I had just gotten into bed when my cell rang. Reaching toward my night stand where I charge my phone I picked it up and looked at the caller ID.

It was Kay calling.

“Hey baby.” I said answering her call.

“Hi Allen.” Kay replied.

“What’s up Kay?” I asked.

“I just wanted to call you quick to thank you.” Kay said.

“For?” I asked knowing she would be telling me why she felt I needed thanking.

I hear her giggle a little before she continued. “I just had the most incredible orgasm Allen.” Kay said.

“Oh really.” I said. “Really.” Kay replied then continued. “I have this thick dildo that reminded me of your cock baby and I just used it to masturbate before I go to sleep.”

I laughed out loud and said. “Well the next time you use it I’d like to be sitting at the bottom of your bed so I can watch Kay.”

Kay moaned before asking. “And would you jerk off while watching me Allen.”

“Absolutely babe.” I answered.

“Good then I’d be able to enjoy the only thing missing tonight.” Kay said.

“What’s that Kay?” I asked.

Her instant reply was. “The sweet taste of your cum baby.”

“Oh yeah!” I said.

Kay knew the mental image that would leave me with and quickly said. “Night Allen.” Hanging up before I could answer.

As I plugged in my cell charger again I got the exact mental image Kay wanted. That was of her thrashing around hammering herself with a thick dildo while I stood over her shooting my cum all over her full ripe tits and luscious mouth.

I kept that image vivid in my mind while I myself jacked off before falling asleep.

The next day I arrived at work hoping that Staci wouldn’t wait till after office hours to return my call if in fact she was going to call me back.

I was hanging out at the water cooler chatting with Francine Phillips who had been flirting with me for weeks to take her to lunch when my cell rang. I looked at the caller ID and didn’t immediately recognize the number.

“Excuse me Francine.” I said as I flipped my phone open and said. “Hello this is Allen how can I help you.”

Francine turned and started back to her desk and as I watched her ass and legs the caller said. “Hi Allen this is Staci Van Holden is this a bad time?” Staci said.

“Staci there is no bad time for you to call me.” I replied. “Thanks for calling me back.” I added.

“Thanks Allen. So your fireplace is getting fixed today?” Staci asked.

“Yep.” I answered.

“Well I’d love to come by for a drink this evening Allen.” Staci said causing me to pump my fist as I walked back toward my desk.

“That’d be great Staci. What time do you get off work?” I asked.

“I’m on call twenty four seven Allen but I usually try to end my work day around six or six thirty. How’s seven.” She asked.

“Perfect Staci. What kind of cocktail do you like?” I asked.

“Rum and coke usually kartal escort Allen.” Staci said then added. “But you can surprise me if you like.”

I replied. “I’ll stop by the wine and spirits shop on my way home Staci.”

“Oh don’t make a special trip for me Allen.” Staci suggested.

“No problem Staci.” I answered. “We can have a few drinks and get to know each other better.” I continued.

That’s fine Allen but I want you to know that Gina told me about what happened the other night and I don’t want you to expect the same from me.” Staci said.

“Of course not Staci.” I said.

“I don’t sleep with first dates Allen.” Staci said.

“I’m glad you told me Staci. We’ll be able to just relax and enjoy some good conversation then.” I said.

“Yes Allen we will.” Staci answered then added. “So I’ll see you around seven then.”

“Looking forward to it Staci.” I replied before she disconnected.

The afternoon couldn’t go by quick enough and I finally finished up the stack of paperwork on my desk and headed out about five thirty. Traffic was heavy and it took me nearly thirty five minutes to make it to the liquor store.

I’m not usually a rum drinker so I asked one of the clerks for some advice on what brand to buy.

She suggested Bacardi 8 which comes from Puerto Rico and has a very mild barely sweet taste and slightly lower alcohol content then some other brands. I took her advice and purchased a fifth.

The only mixer I knew of for rum was coke so I stopped at Wawa and grabbed a three liter bottle of cola.

It was almost six forty five when I pulled into the lot and parked my car next to Gina’s coupe.

I hoped Staci wasn’t early and would be waiting outside my apartment when I got there.

I was rushing around like a high school boy preparing for his first date straightening up the place and checking to make sure I had ice. All that rushing around was for naught because Staci was twenty minutes late.

“Hi Allen.” Staci said as I opened the door.

I smiled and said. “Come on in Staci.”

Staci stepped inside and I closed the door. Staci walked into the living room and as I always seem to do I checked out her ass as she walked.

She was wearing a pair of white slacks and a white blouse under a navy blue blazer. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail with the exception of the short bangs which covered most of her forehead.

She wore a very interesting perfume which wafted into my sinus as she walked by.

“You look very nice Staci.” I said complementing her outfit. “And I love that perfume.” I quickly added.

“Thank you Allen.” Staci replied. Her warm smile and sparkling eyes were enough to melt any man.

“Can I take you blazer?” I asked.

“I think I’ll keep it on for now.” She said.

“So show me around Allen.” Staci asked.

“Okay, well this is the living room obviously. My office is down the hall to the left.” I said as I lead Staci toward my bed room.

“Your place is a mirror image of our apartment Allen.” Staci mentioned.

As we passed the open door to the room that will be my office Staci looked in and laughed. “Not much of an office Allen.” She said.

“Well sometime soon it’ll be my office.” I replied.

“It’s my bed room.” Staci said.

“And this is mine.” I said as I pushed the door open.

Staci only looked through the doorway and then said. “Looks cozy Allen.”

I just smiled figuring she thought it would be better not to go in the room just yet.

“How about that drink Staci?” I asked.

“That sounds great Allen. After the day I just had I could use a drink.” Staci said.

Staci followed me to the kitchen and leaned against the counter as I grabbed two glasses a tray of ice and the two liter of cola.

“Hope rum and coke is okay Staci?” I asked.

“That sounds wonderful Allen.” She replied then added. “You can make mine nice and strong please.”

I grinned at her with raised eyebrows as I poured us both a double shot of Bacardi 8 over ice then topped it off with coke.

“Here ya are Staci.” I said handing her the drink.

“Thanks Allen.” Staci said before lifting the glass to her lips and taking a small sip.

“Hmmmmmm that tastes good.” Staci said

“Let’s go relax in the living room Staci.” I suggested.

“Great Allen.” Staci replied.

I motioned for Staci to sit on the sofa and I took a seat a safe distance from her. The remote for my fireplace was on the coffee table on top of a hand written note from the maintenance man telling me the fireplace works perfectly.

I pointed the remote at the fireplace and hit the ignite button and instantly a warm fire appeared around the ceramic logs behind the glass doors.

“Wow that’s so nice.” Staci remarked.

“Yes it was one of the reasons I signed the lease for this place.” I said.

Staci looked toward me and said. “If we turned off the lights it would be more romantic Allen.”

Her eyes sparkled and the warm glow of the fire gave her complexion a soft sensual appearance.

“I’m not sure we should turn the lights off Staci.” I said thinking about her statement earlier that she didn’t sleep with first dates.

“Okay Allen.” Staci said grinning at me.

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