Hideaway Lover

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Double Penetration

Well here she was, she still couldn’t believe that she was doing this. She really wasn’t the type of girl to drop everything and go to meet a man she barely new and had never seen in person. Yet here she was standing at the bus station waiting for him to pick her up. She ran a hand through her hair feeling nervous and just a bit shy. She prayed silently that this wasn’t going to be a mistake; however deep down she knew this was what she wanted.

A taxi pulled up to the curb and she watched apprehensively as the door opened and a man stepped out. The man she had been waiting for, and he was definitely worth the wait she thought silently to herself. Her gaze traveled from the top of his head down his chest and lower doing her best not to linger on certain areas lest he catch her staring. She realized he was doing the same thing his gaze leaving a heated trail in its wake. A smile curved his lips and she blushed at his perusal.

“I’m glad you came.” he said his voice sliding over her like warm velvet. He really did have a sinfully sexy voice.

“So am I.” she said returning his smile. He opened the door to the taxi for her. Chivalrous as always she thought silently to herself and she climbed into the taxi. He climbed in the other side reaching for her hand as he a sat next to her. She didn’t protest as he threaded his fingers through hers and gave the taxi driver directions. She was extremely aware of his hand against hers and the heat his body gave off.

“You look beautiful by the way.” he said and she once against savored his voice, it was always like that when he spoke to her.

“Thanks, you’re not looking half bad yourself.” she said smiling at him.

“I wasn’t sure you would come.” he said returning her smile.

“I wasn’t sure I would either but I don’t think I could have stayed away.” she said honestly.

“Well like I said I’m glad you came, I hope I can make it worth your while.” he said his meaning quite clear in his eyes. She blushed again running her gaze over his body again.

“I don’t think that will be a problem.” She replied images of ways he could make it worth her while running through her head.

After that they lapsed into a comfortable silence both of them thinking of what the night would hold. They arrived at their destination, a nice little out of the way cabin that was quite secluded. After paying the taxi he led her to the front door unlocked it quickly then opened it stepping back so she could enter.

She cautiously stepped over the threshold her gaze moving around the room.

She heard him close the door and heard him set her bag on the floor by the door. She was about to turn around and ask him a question when she suddenly felt him behind her, so close she could feel the heat emanating off of him.

She wanted to say something, anything to break the tension but nothing came out. Her mind had gone strangely blank. She jumped slightly when she felt his hands start to slide up and down her arms slowly. She felt him move a bit closer and could feel his arousal now against her behind.

A strange thrill went through her along with a little shyness. She had been with men before of course but had never felt such a mix of arousal and nervousness. It just turned her on all the more.

His right hand slipped from her arm to her waist and she could feel pendik escort the heat of his hand through her shirt and felt a small shudder run through her. She felt paralyzed waiting with bated breath for his next move. Unable and pretty much unwilling to stop it. His left hand skimmed her arm upwards continuing over her should and gently caressing her neck. She felt her breathing deepen.

Her head titled ever so slightly giving him easier access to such a sensitive spot. His right hand moved to her stomache rubbing the area just below her breasts. She felt her nipples harden as they silently begged for his touch. Even if she was unsure her body was determined to enjoy this. Meanwhile his left hand brushed the hair gently off of her neck leaving it bare to his gaze.

There was a moment of expectation then she was suppressing a small moan as she felt his lips gently skimming the area just below her ear. His hand on her stomach tightened around her waist pulling her back against him gently but firmly. She leaned against him not even sure she could stand on her own when her legs felt like rubber.

His lips continued to trail a path up and down her neck in a sensual leisurely pace. His hand on her stomach moved down to her hip pulling her lower body tight against his making his arousal obvious. A small groan escaped his throat as he pressed against her. She felt an answering moan well up as the sound right in her ear sent shivers down her spine making her arch against him.

His other hand that had returned to her arm moved to her waist, then stomach moving upwards to an area that begged for his touch. She wanted to grab his hand and force him to pick up the pace. Yet when she tried he stopped her “No, I want to savor you first. You smell so good.” his words rolled over her, his voice almost a caress more potent then his hands. She almost wanted to shout the corny ‘take me I’m yours’ line. Wisely she didn’t say a word just leaned into him showing him her surrender to his ministrations.

He chuckled softly his teeth nipping gently at her neck as his hand finally moved to cup her breast. She bit her lip feeling the sensation spread from her breast lower. His hand that had been on her hip slipped to her thigh the heat from his hand spreading to other areas that began to ache.

By now she was rubbing her body against his creating a delicious friction against his arousal. His hand moved from her thigh and began to trace along the edges of the one place that practically wept for him. His hand that had cupped her breast began to move in a massaging motion. His thumb and forefinger pinched her nipple slightly sending a shock through her body making her gasp ever so slightly. She was lost, everything narrowed down to this man and this moment. She tilted her head back resting it on his shoulder feeling his lips kissing her neck as the hand that was currently teasing her gave her what she wanted cupping her boldly through the jeans she wore. She arched into his hand a small whimper escaping her throat as the ach increased.

He rubbed his hips against her from behind as his lips traveled up her neck, over her cheek to her lips where he skimmed them with his teasing her. Her lips parted as she waited impatiently for him to kiss her. Finally taking pity on her his lips claimed hers.

The kiss started out sensual but maltepe escort soon turned hungry as she eagerly took all he had to give and gave a lot more back. His hands left their ministrations and grabbed her waist spinning her around so that she faced him. His lips took hers again this time more passionately as his hands ran down her back and cupped her ass pulling her against him tightly. They both moaned at the sensations it caused. She threaded her fingers in his hair pressing against him.

Suddenly he swept his arm under her picking her up easily in his arms. His lips returned to hers as if he couldn’t get enough of her. Personally she could kiss him forever and be happy. He walked swiftly to the bed room coming to a stop at the bed. Smiling he set her on her feet and she had to hold on to him to keep her balance. She felt lightheaded, and just a bit overheated. He pulled her shirt over her head tossing it somewhere in the room.

He reached around to her back caressing her for a moment before unhooking her bra in one swift motion. Determined to not be the only one getting undressed she grabbed the base of his shirt not even giving him a chance to stop her as she yanked it over his head. Almost immediately her hands found his chest. It felt as if all that standing still while he had teased her unmercifully was built up. She wanted to touch every part of him.

He groaned as she cupped him through his pants. Swiftly he pulled her hands away his own going to the button of her jeans. Quickly he grabbed each side of her pants hooking his thumb in the waist band along with her thongs and yanked them off in one smooth movement. Before she knew it she was laying on the bed naked from head to toe and staring up expectantly as he unbuttoned his own pants and took them off along with his boxers.

Her gaze found his erection her eyes appreciative and a bit hungry as she took all of him in. He really was delicious. He blanketed her body with his. His lips took hers once more hungrily as his hands ran down the sides of her body demandingly.

The feeling of skin on skin was causing her to feel restless and aroused beyond belief. Her legs spread with a mind of their own allowing him to settle in between her thighs. She felt his impressive erection pressing intimately against her. She felt the dampness between her thighs increase and moaned his name rubbing against him. His lips left hers traveling down her neck and lower. She arched expectantly her body begging for him to continue. He didn’t make her wait long; his tongue flicked her nipple then began tracing circles around it making her arch into his mouth.

Taking the hint he sucked sharply on the nipple nipping ever so slightly with his teeth.

She moaned with pleasure her body now undulating against him. His lips left her breast coming back to her lips.

“Please.” she moaned softly arching her hips in blatant invitation. His hand slipping over her hip slipping between her legs. She nearly jerked when his finger first touched her.

His fingers delved into the folds a smile forming on his lips when he felt how soaking she truly was. She was beyond ready. He teased her a bit more with his hand before slipping that hand behind her and cupping her ass. He tilted her pelvis a bit to give him easier access then positioned his erection at her entrance. kartal escort

Her hands ran down his chest boldly wrapping around his cock. He groaned his eyes darkening and his hips thrusting forward of their own accord. She guided him up and down her slit moaning softly any time he touched her clit. Unable to take it any longer he removed her hands with a growl positioning himself and with one hard thrust he sank to the hilt. Her back arched and a deep moan slipped out as her hands came to rest on his buttocks trying to pull him even deeper inside of her.

Sensations raced through her as he pulled out almost to the tip and she felt her body convulse slightly with pleasure. She wasn’t the only one affected however; he trembled above her his face twisted with pleasure. Then with a groan he thrust all the way back in again both of them moaning with the pleasure. He set up a slow pace at first just savoring the feeling. Her hands roamed all over his back and buttocks, her nails digging in ever so slightly when he thrust in. The pace did not stay slow for to long.

Soon his thrusting increased her legs came up and wrapped around his waist moaning in time with his thrusting. Soon her moaning became louder and she arched against him an orgasm tearing through her. He slowed his thrusts a bit his breathing harsh, both of their bodies covered in a fine sheen of sweat. She didn’t say a word just clung to him as aftershocks ran through her body.

“We are just getting started baby.” he said his mouth close to her ear. She felt another ripple just at those words. Sitting up he removed her legs from around his waist and placed them on his shoulders pushing himself even deeper into her. She moaned at the feeling her eyes closing against the sensations that threatened to overwhelm her.

He leaned over her bracing himself on his arms her ankles still resting on his shoulders. He felt so deep it almost hurt but it was a pain she never wanted to end. Then he began to thrust, but too slowly for her. She wanted more.

“Harder, please.” she murmured brokenly not even recognizing her own voice.

“My pleasure.” he rumbled and proceeded to give her what she wanted. His thrusting became faster and harder. She met him thrust for thrust her nails raking down his back just hard enough to make him groan but it only seemed to turn him on more.

His thrusting became desperate, her moaning increasing along with the noises that emerged from his throat. Sensations escalated, their breathing became erratic. Her lungs felt ready to burst and her whole body was on fire. She couldn’t take any more….Her orgasm ripped through her unexpectedly causing her to cry out arching violently upwards towards his thrusts. Seeing her orgasm sent him over the edge. His body stiffened and a groan escaped him as he shuddered. Wave after wave ran through him as he held him self deep within her feeling her contract around him.

His breathing slowed as he felt himself come down. Her eyes fluttered open meeting his. Neither said anything they both knew what was going through the others mind. He leaned down and kissed her

“See I told you I would make it worth your while babe.” She felt the urge to giggle and actually blushed despite what they had just shared.

“Well it wasn’t bad I suppose.” she said teasingly.

“Not bad?” he frowned at her “well I guess we’ll have to keep practicing. I’m sure we will get better at it.” He said his eyes darkening suggestively. She smiled finally convinced this was a good idea. She wasn’t the type of girl who did this but damn change was good.

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