Her Name is….

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Her name is Payton Brock…

The most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on, or will ever lay eyes on. She stands about 5’6, dark hair past her shoulders, eyes that sparkle when she smiles, and C Cup breasts that jiggle when she laughs. As much as my heart skips a beat when she walks towards me, it jumps a beat when she walks away, because her ass is flawless, and with the slightest little strut as she walks, she can drive any man, or woman, for that matter, wild.

Her life, on the surface appeared to be perfect, from the vantage point of the many friends and acquaintances that are in her life. She was a cheerleader, but was also athletic. She is actually one of those rare girls that both cheers from the sidelines during the football game, and gets cheered on while she’s sweating it out on the soccer field. That perfect combination of athleticism and sensuality…

I am one of those people that know Payton. I know her well enough that she’s told me to call her by her nickname “Toni”, but I just can’t. She’ll always be Payton, to me.

My name is Maxwell Stone, but I usually go by Max. I’m 6′ 1″ tall, 180lbs. I’m athletic, good looking with dark blue eyes, and studying to become an architect at Penn State University.

How do I know Payton so well? Well, our parents have been best friends with each other for years. Our houses were three doors down from each other as I was growing up. I am 3 years older than Payton, so I was graduating high school just as she was starting to sport the short skirts of the private school she attended. Whenever she was over with her parents for supper, or to watch the game, I was generally too pre-occupied with texting my friends, training for a run, or drawing some random building design as I prepared myself for taking architecture in university. I wasn’t made of stone, though…She was drop dead beautiful even then! Of course I noticed the potential, but she was always just so young to me at the time that I just never thought of her as anything more than the bratty girl next door who thought it was fun to cheer for the team I wasn’t cheering for.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I first started seeing her as a real, sexual being.

I was 22 and was coming home from my 3rd year of university. It was a Tuesday, and I was driving down our street in my gun metal grey Nissan Titan truck. I saw a young couple walking down the road towards me. I didn’t recognize the guy, but the girl walking hand in hand with him…I could recognize that hair anywhere!

As I approached, I took time to look at what 3 years had done for this beauty. On the warm April afternoon, she was dressed in light pink capri pants with a contrast color matching shirt on, and one of those fashionable scarves around her necks… I smiled to myself and thought about how beautiful she had become. As I was smiling, she saw that it was me driving the truck, and got this huge smile on her face! (Oh that smile melts me just to think about it)

As I passed, she gave a big wave, and I could see her start to excitedly say something to the “boy” she was walking with.

I looked in the rearview mirror and see that Payton had now let go of the boy’s hand, left him standing there, and was running back to my place to come see me; for whatever reason, I didn’t know, but I was going to enjoy the view 😉

I pull into my parent’s driveway, and see that they have not yet gotten back from work. Since I was surprising them anyway with my visit, I smirked to myself, thinking how much better a surprise it’s going to be when they arrive!

I get out of the car, and see Payton still running, and smiling, so I wave, get my bags out of the back, and turn back to her, just in time for her to jump up into my arms, and squeal “Maaaaaaaaaaxxx… It’s so great to see you back!!” in the sweetest voice I have ever heard.

She was only in my arms for a quick second before she composed herself and let her feet fall back to the ground and step back. My mind was racing. What did I relish the most… The sound of her sweet voice, the softness of her cheek as she hugged me close, the feeling of her tits pressed up so closely to my chest, or the way she instinctively wrapped her legs around me as she jumped into my arms. Ohhhh, that last thought was what was racing through my mind when she stepped back, and I could feel my cock stirring in my loose shorts and spring to life… I could’ve sworn I saw Payton’s eyes pause on my groin if only briefly, while she was about to continue gushing about her excitement. If she had seen my stirring erection, she pretended not to.

“How was school this year?!” she said to me, still bubbly and giddy that I was there.

“School wasn’t too bad! I have one more year left before I get to go away and really start doing what I want to do.”

“Awesome! How long are you home for?” she asked, with a hint of anxious curiosity.

“Well, my summer research job with the university doesn’t start until May, so I thought I’d come home and spend a few weeks with the family. Do you guys all still escort ataşehir have those dinner parties?”

“We sure do!! In fact, our next one is planned for this weekend. What are you doing Saturday Max? Will you be around?” she asked.

“Saturday night is wide open as far as I can see! I’m a single guy, and all my friends are still up at University, so my time here is just going to be quiet and relaxing.”

I don’t know why I even mentioned the fact that I was single, but there was a definite sparkle in her eyes when she heard that, and our eyes met for a moment longer than they normally should have. The hug had shifted her scarf to the side and I was drawn to her chest, where the deep, yet perky cleavage greeted me…she giggled a bit and those tits jiggled wonderfully…I lift my head and see that she’s caught me looking… She’s smiling though, which relieved me from the embarrassment! Her eyes drifted briefly down to my crotch again and returned to my face…Did she just lick her lips??!

“Hey Toni!!” I hear from the road, which somewhat broke us both out of our reverie. “What the Fuck, babe! Let’s go to my house, so you can watch me play Black Ops”…The voice was coming from the boy on the street that Payton had been walking with.

The look on her face told the whole story… She hated this guy, but she was dating him anyway for some reason. As quickly as the spark left her eyes hearing his voice, her face glowed again when she looked at me and said “It’s amazing that you’re home Max! I hope I see you again really soon” As she finished, she started down the driveway. I reached out, stopped her, and brought her close for another hug. “You can do so much better than him, Payton” I whispered. To which she raised her face to look at me and said softly “I know”. We finished the hug quietly and she walked down the driveway with that subtle strut to her boy…

My mind was racing as I stood there, watching her walk away. I picked up my bags, and went into the house. I threw my stuff in the spare bedroom and changed into my trunks to loosen up in the hot tub after the drive. It felt great that afternoon! I texted my Dad, still pretending I was at school and not actually home. He told me that both he and Mom were away for work until Friday, but were always a Skype away if I needed anything. I made some more small talk with him, and then we said our farewells… Now finding that I had the house to myself for a few days, I got out of the hot tub, made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a few beers. After the stress of the school year, I was looking forward to relaxing, whether they were here or not! I returned to the tub, looked out on the semi-private back yard, and took my trunks off before getting back in.

A few hours passed, I was in my boxers, and I had just finished doing chin-ups on my bar. My three beer, turned into 6, and my thoughts were returning squarely back to my encounter with Payton. “Fuck she is hot!” I thought to myself. “How old is she?” I started doing the math in my head, and realized that she must be 19 because I’m 3 years older than her depending on when her birthday was. I remembered she was one of my friends on Facebook so I quickly grabbed my iPad to check it out. I looked her up and to my relief, there it was… Payton Brock, Birthdate: March 31st. Happy Birthday Payton!! You just turned 19! On her FB page, I couldn’t help but notice some newly added pictures from a trip her and some friends were on to the Dominican Republic. What a body!! They had all gone to a beach to spend a day, and were obviously desperate to have no tan lines because one of the pics is of her sitting down on a lounge chair with her bikini straps undone, smiling at the camera… Her sexy smile, matched with her barely covered chest brought that stirring feeling back to my balls, and my mind was lost… I brought my hand to my stiffening cock, and stood right in the kitchen slowly stroking my cock. I scrolled through the 157 pictures in her “D. Repub” album and my stroking became more and more intense. The multi-colored skimpy bikinis covering her simply toned, tanned body, her perfect smile, and the faint outline of her nipples poking through the fabric was more than I could handle standing up. I dropped my boxers, and made my way to the back den, to get a little more comfortable and since it only looked out into the backyard, I could look after my intense arousal in privacy!

I normally look at porn when I jerk off, but today, my attention was on one girl…Payton ;). Each picture I scrolled through brought me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. My stroke rhythm, somewhat perfected over the years, was getting the job done in record time this evening. In fact, one time I pulled the foreskin down over the head of my 7.5 inch cock, the intensity was so amazing, I nearly exploded hot cum all over myself right then and there… Something stopped me though, and I only let a small amount of pre-cum escape…I propped the iPad up against a pillow on the coffee table so I could view the pics, and lay back and enjoy at the kadıköy escort same time. She was getting me SO hot!! More pre-cum escaped from my cock, which I took my free hand, put it on my finger and tasted it, pretending it was Payton’s pussy juice…Mmmm she tasted sweet…My eyes were closed, I was nearing the peak of my orgasm, my balls were tightening, my toes were curling, the smell of Payton’s body was fresh in my mind, and I was in a perfect dream land, when …

“Wouldn’t you rather the real thing, Max?” said a sweet bubbly voice from the den window.

SHIT!! I jumped, scared right out of my trance, and it took me a second or two to realize I’d been caught!!

“What are you…? How the…? How long have you…?” So many thoughts running through my head, but not one coherent sentence came out!

Finally, I regain my composure…grab a pillow to cover some of my body and say

“Payton?! What the hell are you doing here?!”

Giggling to herself she replied “your parents asked me to do some spring raking for them while they are away. I need some money for shopping and stuff, so I said yes! I was just coming around to find the rakes…” “Nice Cock :)” she added

That last comment broke the ice and so began the best night of my life!

“Ha! Thanks, I think…” I said sheepishly, but gaining confidence. 6 beers and a raging hard-on will do that to a man. “I suppose you’re an expert in cocks are you?” I said, pushing the conversation in the direction I was hoping for.

“Wouldn’t YOU like to know!” she flirted back. “Hey, can I come in and fill up my water bottle before I start raking”

“Haven’t you wasted enough time, tonight?!” I joked. “It’s almost dark out anyway… do you really think you’ll get any raking done?” I regretted asking the question right away, because the thought of Payton coming into the house, thrilled me, and I didn’t want to talk her out of it.

“Um, Have you eaten supper yet?” I added, thinking quickly.

“No, not yet” her voice trailed off “We were supposed to go out tonight for our 3 month anniversary, but Justin got all into his “game” and I just left… What are you cooking?!” she perked up and asked.

“Well, I saw some pork chops in my parent’s freezer that I can cook up. Since it’s normally just Mom and Dad here, I’m sure there’s enough for two. Do you like meat?”

“I looooooove meat!” she replied with a glint in her eye. Her eyes glanced again at my still hard cock that I was struggling to hide with a pillow. I then watched as her eyes shifted to my iPad on the couch as a picture of her just went dark…FUCK…she gave a knowing smile, which put me at ease, tilted her head a bit, and said sweetly “Can I come in?”

“Yeah, sure! Just, uhhhhh, let me get some clothes on and I’ll come let you in”

“OK” she said slyly

I grabbed the iPad, and made my way to my bedroom. As I left the den, my cock popped free of the pillow and I heard the soft sound of Payton gasping in delight.

‘Hehe’, I thought to myself.

I grabbed my loose running pants, and an undershirt to put on. I decided against putting new boxers on because my cock was still hard, and it hurt to try and contain it.

I took the pork out of the freezer and met Payton at the door. She was stunning! She had changed clothes to do the raking, and was wearing a tight pink tank top with spaghetti straps, and a pair of white short shorts…She looked gorgeous! ‘Was she REALLY here to rake the lawn?’ I thought to myself.

I stood there, admiring her body. Her legs were muscular, yet toned and sex, her arms dainty, yet athletic and her tits…OHH those tits. Her cleavage was overflowing out the shirt and swayed in hypnotic rhythm with the slightest movement of her. I was in heaven…Her left nipple started poking through her shirt as if I had willed it to… Then her right… I could feel myself licking my lips and breathing heavily.

“Ahem” Payton coughed, breaking me away from my day dream. “Can I go use your washroom?”

“Yeah, no problem” I was able to sputter. “you remember where it is right?”

“Yes” she replied, was gone into the darkening house

I continued working in the kitchen, defrosting the pork; cutting vegetables, looking through the cupboards to find some wine.

5 minutes passed, and I had my head stuck in a cupboard, looking for a corkscrew, when I hear from behind me “Can I help you with anything?” Not thinking anything of it, I simply reply “No, not right now… I think we’re in good shape for a little bit. Thanks though” and go back to my searching.

I then got that feeling you get when you feel someone is behind you. Thinking Payton must not have heard my reply, I start to turn and say “I said n-…” and I freeze…

There she was, standing in front of me, with nothing on but a smile and the most beautiful long brown hair barely covering her chest.

“No, silly” she joked swatting my arm playfully, allowing the first hint of her nipples to come into sight… “That’s not what I meant, Max” and she giggled.

As maltepe escort bayan I stand there in awe, at the situation, my eyes were treated to the most beautiful sight.

Her skin still had the sun kissed look from the Dominican, from her shoulders right down to the toes of her feet.

As if she knew what I wanted, she pulled her hair back to flow down her back, and I had a full view of the perkiest C breasts, each topped with a beautiful brownish pink nipple that appeared rock hard from excitement and the cool air. It was all I could do to keep my hands to myself.

My eyes trailed down to between her legs, where I saw the purest, freshest looking soft mound of flesh, with the slightest covering of what appeared to be downy soft hair. If she hadn’t just shaved her pussy before coming over, it had definitely been that morning.

I felt like an animal fighting to get out of a cage… It was all coming together!! The jumping hug, the tender moment before she left to see her boyfriend, the coyness of her reaction to me jerking off, the outfit she had on to “rake”, and now THIS!! Fuck I wanted her!!

And she wanted ME!!

I continued my gaze on her pussy, and could see the glistening of pussy juice beginning to escape her very tight looking lips.

She lightly stepped up onto her tiptoes and let herself fall back down, and those wonderful 32 C tits bounced softly up and down. I thought I was in heaven before.. I was truly in heaven now!

I lifted my head, our eyes met, and I abruptly felt some guilt.

Realizing I hadn’t said anything for what felt like hours, I said “Payton, what are you doing?”

“Do you like the way I look Max?”

“Fuck yes, I love the way you look! But why??”

She took a step closer, to be close enough for a hug. “I thought about what you said to me in the driveway today and…” her voice trailed off with a hint of embarrassment, but she continued sensually, while letting her finger trail down my chest “…I was thinking I could do… better!”

As her finger reached the elastic of my pants and slid in, she stood up on her toes again and lightly brushed my lips with hers for a soft, intimate kiss.

Her hand was electric as it wrapped around my throbbing cock. I was so glad I left the boxers on the floor, because this was fantastic!

We kissed lightly, and then forcefully. She was an animal, flicking her tongue off of my lips and driving her tongue in my mouth in an indescribably sexual pattern.

As the intensity of the kiss increased, so did the strokes of her hand on my steel hard cock. Each pull of my skin over the head just about buckled my knees. My GOD it felt good!!

I let my hand travel around her waist to her athletic bum and squeezed her ass cheek as I brought her in closer to me.

I didn’t think twice about the fact that she had a “boy” friend of 3 months. She willingly came to me, stripped down to nothing and was currently making her way down to her knees to put me in her mouth.

She wanted better…She was going to get better.

She was on her knees in front of me, looking up at me with passion in her eyes, waiting for me to tell her what to do next…

I nodded my head, and in an instant, half of my 7.5 inches disappeared into her mouth.

She bobbed up and down on my cock with an intensity and desire that I had never felt before. She moaned, and hummed, slurped and slopped all over my cock for 20 of the most amazing minutes of my life. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she backed off my cock, so only the head was in her perfect cock sucking lips…She looked me with a twinkle in her eyes, smiled with my cock still in her mouth, giggled, and then slid her mouth down, down, down my shaft until it was deep down her throat and her lips were at the base.

This was too much!! The orgasm that had been hours in the making was fixing to explode.

“I’m going to cum Payton…Payton, I’m going to cum…Payton!!”

She continued to take my whole cock deep in her throat, felt my shaft pulsing and ready to spray, let my cock out of her mouth and directed it towards her beautiful tits. I covered her chest with my cum, and then nearly fell down over on top of her. I was so weak with pleasure, I couldn’t run 5 meters, let alone 5 miles!!

‘Fuck she can suck cock!!’ I thought to myself. ‘I wonder what else she can do’

I didn’t have to wait long to find out…

“Mmmm”, she said, as she kneaded my cum around her perfect tits…”You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to try that” winking to me.

“Baby, you can try anything you want tonight” I replied.

“Good!” she said quickly “Let’s just order pizza Max…I have a couple of more ideas” and with that, she bounced up, kissed me passionately, and floated to the den, forgetting about the pork chops. Something told me she was going to get her meat another way tonight…

I made a quick call for pizza, and made my way into the den where Payton was lying on the couch, with her legs spread, fingering her tight slit like a practiced pro…Her fingers danced, her hips bucked, in unison and her eyes rolled back each time her clit was exposed…I took some time, stood at the door, and just marvelled at the sight of my newfound neighbour lover…This was going to be a great trip home!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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