Her Cum

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Their playtime was over, he laid on the bed and she reclined in repose as he had made her feel delightful. The wine and liquor had been consumed along with the other treats after their time of sweating and sighing, they were sleepy and knew that bedtime was around the corner.

As the lights dimmed, his large frame loomed in the shadow of her smallness. Yes, he was big, larger than she had experienced before. She was used to smaller men, not smaller cocks, just smaller frames on the bones. The width of his back didn’t escape her grasp, she held her web of eroticism in captivity like a sticky spider web catches a fly to only to suck him dry.

So, as the small light came through the doorframe and lit the room slightly, she was able to see enough to bring her hand over the crisp white sheets and pull back the bedspread, blanket, and sheet. His skin was excessively warm, almost glowing as she felt on the palm of her hand. As she found his back and pelvis, she pulled his hip to her and he willingly rolled to his back, pendik escort subconsciously it seemed.

As her hand rolled down his hip, inward to his cock she found he was rigid in anticipation of what she would be doing to him. His balls she took in her hand and rolled them up to his shaft and then rolled them back down again. As marbles in a gunny sack, she played with his skin over and again. Then, taking her palm, she pulled his sac up toward his shaft and let it fall. Pressing down on his penis and moving her hand upward, she felt a drop of slick dew peek out from the end of his cock and with that, she took that wetness and rolled it around on top of his meatus.

This was all she needed to start her licking…just a drop of precum, as she tasted it, it was sweet. She slurped and slurped as more of this delightful candy made its way out into her mouth and onto her tongue.

Now, she had his dick in her hand and was sliding her hand up and down slowly as she licked the tip of his penis like an ice maltepe escort cream cone. A-one-and a-two and a-three, and on it went, up and down, side to side, wetting her mouth with her own saliva, making more and more spit as she went, she was becoming wet herself. Sucking harder, she felt a vacuum from her lips on the hardness, the rhythmic up and down was turning her on, with no music, just the sound of the rhythmic slurping of his cock.

Out of nowhere, she started to cum, the tingling was overwhelming. She couldn’t stop gyrating her pelvis back and forth, side to side.

As her mind went to the vision of his approaching her from on top, earlier, while she had been reclining on her back with her legs bent on the side of the bed, he came at her as an eagle hovering over their prey and so he lingered there, and approached her from the edge of the bed and placed his broad hips on top of hers. She could feel his stiff dick, yet he didn’t place it in her. The gyrating of his pelvis, on hers, she could kartal escort remember as she was sucking this half-asleep giant with her opened mouth, sucking and sucking and sucking, vacuuming his hole and placing her twisted tongue inside of it.

Her own cum approached with abandon. She felt a warm wave overtaking her pelvis. Twitching and squirming, she tried to resist cuming by herself, without him being awake, but the sensations felt as if a freight train was crashing through her vagina and…she was cuming!

She felt the warm wave roll over her clit. Her sucking stopped for a minute as she inhaled a deep breath and then exhaled with an ending sigh.

After a minute of taking in the warmth that she felt, she kissed his ball sac and his penis goodnight and fell onto her back, her arm now caressing his chest hair which felt like a thick 70s shag carpet.

She smiled that shit-eatin smile of contentment and sighed. She heard him snoring slightly. She wondered if his dick was now flaccid, so she checked and took her warm hand down his belly to find that comforting place, which previously had taken her to the land of oblivion in her mind.

Finally, as she was content, she fell asleep listening to his heart beat and the primal growl of his snore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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