Her Best Friend’s Brother Ch. 04

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“Are you hungry?” Jesse asked Allison, lightly rolling a nipple between his fingers.

They’d moved to his room a couple of hours ago and had alternated between lazily watching TV and playing with each other. Jesse’s fascination with her breasts hadn’t waned, and she was getting used to the near constant presence of his warm breath on her tits. Even while he’d napped earlier, he’d held her close, one hand cupped possessively around her left breast.

He suckled her now, his mouth drawing lightly on her erect nipple. She ran her fingers through his hair and cradled his head in her hands, letting the hot sucking sensation send coiling heat from her breasts through her abdomen to her pelvis.

“I could eat anytime,” she whispered. “Are you?”

He lifted his head. “Yeah.” He lightly nipped at the sensitive skin on the side of her breast, near her armpit.

“I’m confused. Are we talking about dinner or sex?”

“Both,” he muttered. “I’m always hungry for sex. You will be too, after this weekend. But I also want pizza.”

He propped himself up on an elbow and peered down at her. “How naughty are you willing to be?”

She swallowed and eyed him suspiciously. “What do you mean?”

They’d already been pretty naughty. Sex outside by the pool. Sex on the kitchen floor. Sex in his sister’s—her best friend’s—bedroom, sex with Carrie’s dildo… Really, what else could he have in mind?

“If I have a pizza delivered, will you get it at the door?”


“In Carrie’s robe?”

She hesitated. Her friend’s robe—the robe she’d worn into the kitchen earlier was very short and practically transparent. It clung to her breasts and left nothing to the imagination. Letting Jesse see her in it was one thing. Opening the front door for the world—or the pizza guy—to see her in it was another.

“With nothing on underneath?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“You know how I feel about covering these up,” he said, grazing his palm over the tips of her breasts so they peaked again.

“And it would turn you on if I did it?”

He kissed her lightly on the lips. “It’ll turn you on. I promise.”

He called in the order, tugged on a pair of baggy athletic shorts, and led her downstairs. The robe was still on the kitchen floor where he’d tossed it earlier. He picked it up and handed it to her. “Leave it open until the doorbell rings,” he said.

The slippery satin was cool against her skin, but she knew it would quickly warm to her body temperature, which was rising as her anticipation about what Jesse had in mind grew. From her place near the front door, she watched him set out paper plates, napkins, and beers on the living room coffee table. Then he came into the foyer with a plastic cup of ice.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“You’ll see.” He set the cup on the entryway table and pressed some money into her hand. “Here, hang on to that.” He backed her against the wall beside the door and kissed her. Slow. Wet. Sensual. He alternated between dipping his tongue into her mouth to rub against hers and sipping at her lips.

He could get her so hot so fast. She restlessly moved against him, bumping her hip against his semi-erection and sliding the hand that didn’t hold the money into the waistband of his shorts. He laughed softly and caught both her wrists, pulling her arms up over her head.

She let him. He wasn’t forceful. If she wanted free, she knew he’d release her, but she didn’t want free. She wanted to see what he’d do next. With her arms raised, her big breasts jutted forward pendik escort even more proudly than usual and his eyes narrowed as he looked his fill.

He held her wrists with one hand. With the other, he took a piece of ice from the cup and popped it in his mouth, swirling it around with his tongue before parting his lips and clamping the ice between his front teeth. He bent his head and touched the melting cube to one of her straining nipples.

She let out a squeal and bucked against the wall. The shock of the ice was spine twisting, and it was so cold it almost hurt.

He still held her arms above her with one hand. With the other, he pushed on her belly, keeping her in place on the wall, and after the initial surprise wore off, she calmed down.

Tucking her chin, she watched him—or rather, she watched the ice. Her nipple was numb now, puckered and hard and erect. He rubbed the melting cube over it again and again. Rivulets of cold water trailed down her stomach and side, making her shiver. Gooseflesh rose all over her body.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped when he switched to the other nipple and the needle pricks of cold stabbed her, but like before, the sensitive nub numbed quickly. When the ice cube melted away, his cold mouth met hers and the hand on her belly slid lower, over her mound, between her legs.

“Keep your hands up,” he murmured against her lips. He released her wrists as the fingers playing over her pussy delved deeper to run along her slit. “Allison,” he breathed. “You are so fucking wet.” He fished another piece of ice out of the cup with his free hand and closed his fist around it. Almost immediately, cold water began to dribble through his fingers. He let it splash down onto her chest and breasts while thrusting a finger inside her.

Her eyelids drooped and she panted softly as the sensations from the steamy heat between her legs and the jolting cold on her breasts warred within her. His words made her hotter even as the cold water trickling down her body made her shake. As much as she loved his finger inside her and the creative eroticism of the ice, the dirty talk kicked her libido up to a whole new level.

He dropped the sliver of remaining ice onto the tile floor and shook his red, icy hand. “This turns you on,” he said, shifting his finger inside her, probing deeper. “I think you like things a little kinky. I’ll bet you’ve got all kinds of kinks. Things you don’t even know turn you on yet.” He crooked his finger and pushed on that sweet, knee-buckling spot “I want to know what they all are.”

She whimpered and bucked her hips against his hand.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” he asked.

He was, but she didn’t answer right away.

“Answer me.” He demanded and grazed her clit with his thumb.

“Yes,” she panted.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, this turns me on. You turn me on.” Her voice nearly cracked. His thumb was elusive—refusing to establish a rhythm or firm touch.

“Tell me what you want.” The finger inside her tapped her g-spot.

“I…” She shook her head. She loved hearing him talk dirty to her, but talking dirty back was different.

He grasped her jaw with his cold fingers, sending more frigid jolts through her. He tilted her head, making her look at him. “Say it. Tell me what you want.” For just a second, he gave her clit the contact it wanted—a firm, circular rub.

She let out a deep, guttural moan, but his thumb flitted away again. She blinked at him, then finally said, “I want to come. I want you to make me come.”

The doorbell rang.

“I will,” maltepe escort he whispered. “I promise I will.” But he pulled his finger out of her and wiped it on his shorts. Then he gently lowered her arms to her sides while she remained frozen against the wall—trembling with a combination of cold and sexual frustration. He pulled the satin robe over her breasts and pressed it down on her damp skin with his palms, making it stick to her like plastic wrap, and it was nearly as transparent.

She hissed as he tweaked her nipples through the fabric, pinching hard and making them stand up just a little higher. He loosely knotted the belt at her waist.

The doorbell rang again.

He stepped behind her and nudged her forward, toward the door. When she stayed still, he took her hand and put it on the doorknob. “Open it.”

She did, but just a crack.

“You ordered pizza, right?” A geeky guy in his early twenties asked. “A large half pepperoni, half cheese?”

It was dark out. The dim overhead light of the front porch gave everything a slightly yellow glow, and the bill of the delivery man’s red and black cap cast his eyes in shadow. But Allison clearly saw his jaw drop when Jesse reached around her, laid his hand on hers again, and pulled the door open wide enough to reveal her body.

“Y…y…yes,” she stammered and took the box with trembling hands.

Luckily, Jesse reached around and grabbed it before she dropped it. He set it on the floor just inside the door.

Then she stood there, staring at the guy who couldn’t look away from her chest. She wanted to back into the house and slam the door, but Jesse was right behind her, keeping her in place.

Several awkward seconds passed. Then she felt Jesse’s hand on the back of her thigh, slowly moving upward, under the robe. ‘Noooo…’ she thought, but she didn’t move. He lightly pinched the curve of her bottom and she made a little noise, part gasp, part whimper.

At the sound, the pizza guy’s attention returned to her face. “I’m sorry… I… uhhh… Sorry… Your total… Ummm…” His hands fumbled with the receipt as he searched for the amount.

Jesse eased two fingers into the wetness between her legs, and Allison’s lips parted on a tiny, “Ohhhh.”

“It’s $15.52,” he said, licking his lips, then swallowing hard.

She thrust the money Jesse had given her at the delivery guy, her hand shaking, her everything shaking, as Jesse moved his fingers forward a little more. He grazed her clit and she grimaced. “Here. God. Just take it,” she ground out, waving the money.

He did.

She pressed back against Jesse, trying to push him back into the house so they could close the door.

Jesse wrapped his other arm around her instead, covering one breast with his hand and gripping the nipple between his thumb and middle finger. His finger on her clit continued to rub in tiny circles.

She sagged against him, practically sobbing. She was embarrassed, humiliated to be so turned on in front of a stranger. This was trashy. She was acting like a slut, yet hot desire dripped out of her and flooded Jesse’s hand. She didn’t want to be seen like this, but being seen like this made her hotter than she’d ever been. It didn’t make sense. But right now, she couldn’t think about it. All she could think about was how close she was to coming.

She bucked her hips on Jesse’s hand, unable to take her eyes off the stunned pizza guy who had wadded the cash into a ball in his clenched fist.

“You can keep the change, man,” Jesse said and backed kartal escort up a step, practically having to drag her as dead weight.

He kicked the door closed, turned the lock with fingers still sticky from her pussy juices, and pulled her into the living room. In two quick tugs the robe was on the floor.

“Bend over the back of the chair,” he growled and positioned her so her belly leaned into the cushiony top of an easy chair.

Obediently, she bent forward. She reached over the chair and braced her hands on the arms. Behind her, she heard the soft whoosh of fabric as Jesse rid himself of his shorts. Then the foil rustle of a condom wrapper. It took seconds, but it felt like forever as she waited there with her ass thrust up in the air and her head bent down.

Then his hands gripped her hips and lifted her feet off the floor. She was balancing on the back of the chair on her stomach and hanging on with her hands when his cock pushed into her. She grunted and gripped the floral upholstery harder.

His movements were fast and hard and rough. Her heavy breasts bounced wildly beneath her, slapping audibly against her torso with Jesse’s every outstroke. His fingers dug into her thighs as he pounded into her, breathing hard. He might have been groaning. She wasn’t sure. Her pulse throbbed in her ears and she let out a high pitched “Oh!” with every thrust, so she couldn’t hear much else.

She felt him jerk behind her though. And she heard the curses. “Oh, fuck. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Then he thrust a few more times before folding himself over her, almost smashing her with his weight, panting into her ear.

She hadn’t come. She’d been close, but then it was over. She’d been close so many times in the last hour it wasn’t funny anymore. She was about to tell Jesse so when he eased off her and let his cock side free.

He put one hand between her legs and stroked her clit. With the other, he rubbed her back. “I’m sorry, Allie. Jesus, you were so fucking hot in that doorway.”

Heat immediately rekindled in her pussy.

“I can’t believe you did it. That you stood there and let him look at your tits. And you fucking loved it. Your pussy juices were practically rolling down your legs when I touched you.”

They were pouring out of her now. And she was so close… So close…

“My hand is soaked,” he breathed. He slid his free hand up her back and grabbed a fistful of hair, tugging lightly. “You are a dirty little girl, Allie.”

That did it. With a tiny scream she came so hard she thought she might black out, ripples of ecstasy flowing through her. She went limp over the chair. Her head would have dropped down onto the seat were it not for his grip on her hair.

Gently, he gathered her into his arms and laid her on the couch. He got a clean damp dishcloth from the kitchen and cleaned them both up. Then he pulled her into his lap and fed her bites of pizza while he played with her hair.

“I don’t think you’re going to learn everything you need to know about your sexuality this weekend,” he said.

She looked at him, wide-eyed. Hoping he was implying that they would be together beyond this, but afraid to voice her thoughts out loud.

He cupped a breast. “We’re going to be at the same college. There’s no reason this can’t be a long term thing.”

“You mean, like your girlfriend?”

He nodded. “I love your kinks. But I want them for myself.”

“I don’t want anybody else to have them,” she whispered.

“Others might get to look once in a while,” he said, pinching a nipple. “But not touch.”

She agreed. She wondered what Carrie would make of this when she got home. It didn’t matter. Allison wasn’t giving Jesse up, but she hoped she could keep them both—her best friend and her best friend’s brother.

End of Series.

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