He Awakened Me

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I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah at the time. Its late spring and most of the skiers had left for the season. Only locals were enjoying the late spring ski season at this time of the year. Everything half price…great time to practice for next year. I had gotten a bonus at work for selling some stereos. My husband and I were separated for about a month and our mutual friend, Pat, decides to take me off for a ‘girls’ weekend away. Of course now when I think back, I footed the whole tab for both of us. Oh well, it was worth every penny.

Anyway back to the weekend. We had a late dinner down in the Mexican restaurant at one of the lodges…you know the kind….soft Mexican music, Margaritas $1, don’t have to worry about driving, got a couple of rooms upstairs. Just a great way to really relax and enjoy yourself.

Anyway, there were these two guys that had been checking us out a good part of the night. One of them was Kyle…I remember his name because he is the only Kyle I was ever with. Very unique individual…I’m smiling just remembering…I wanted to capture that feeling again, hence one of the reasons I write about me or my life experiences. So when people ask if its my life that I write about the most truthful answer would be, Yes, I do write about part of my life. Good memories, great memories, and sometimes the emotional pain would lead me to those pleasurable times and experiences.

At the time when Kyle walked into my world, I was pretty sexually frustrated…I knew I had so much to give, to share, to touch. My soon-to-be ex was partying off with other women; it was painful and hurt a lot. So this lead to the start of many future one-night stand type weekends…I’m not ashamed of it, a lot of people have had them, just won’t admit it to themselves or their partners. That weekend I learned a lot about myself.

In writing, I get to mentally experience again what happened with Kyle…..and others


Needless to say, Pat and I were well on our way to getting pretty toasted ordering by the margaritas by the pitcher. When I get loaded like that, I start prowling. I get extremely horny and I start looking and hunting around. Hence, “my inner wild child” was born…she didn’t have her own name back then…but she’d take over, helping me to let down my guard and inhibitions.

He was one of the late night skiers that joined bar crowd arriving off the slopes. His blue eyes were so striking, almost piercing. There was no hiding yourself from this one, like he could read your very soul. At 22 I was nice looking, good figure, long hair, breasts not getting droopy from age or pregnancy, shapely hips and a nice round ass. It seemed that whenever Pat and I would go out drinking together, and I started feeling good, the flirt inside would appear.

Pat just sat there laughing on how she created a monster…she helped to break me from my shell when my ex and I split.

It didn’t take long before Kyle and his friend made their way over to us, fresh pitcher in hand. Well, at this point I’m ready for some fresh air, I had already charged the bill to my room, grabbed Kyle by the arm as I was introducing myself and headed us all out to the deck and the outside fireplace. Like I said, no inhibitions, yet totally out of character for my normal self.

It was getting a little chilly, but we all coupled up and snuggled up under those blankets left for guests of the hotel on the lounge chair out on the patio.

About half an hour went by and Pat started complaining she was just too cold and takes off for her room, calling back she’ll meet me for breakfast. Oh I don’t remember the friends name but he was hot on her trail. The security guards came by to check the fireplace, mentioning to Kyle and I that it would be another 2 hours before that fire would go out and if we left before then just call, pretty much had the place to us.

Well that’s all I needed to hear. I was on Kyle like bees on honey. I grabbed a few extra blankets from one side and he from the other. We moved a few of the chairs around to make a semi circle closer to the fireplace. Draping some of the blankets around the chairs, it helped to hold the heat in our little hidden away.

I was all over him once we settled back down, trying to get that jacket off, while pulling at his zipper of his ski pants. I wanted him right then, but he just kept trying to slow me down. It took a lot effort and convincing on his part to get me to relax and slow down. Drinking tends to do that to me. He just kept whispering to me to slow down, relax, smell my surroundings, the wood burning, the crisp night air with the scent of pine, we had all night. He just kept whispering in my ear to enjoy the sensations my body was feeling. He wanted me to just let my body and mind to relax and enjoy. He wanted me to just let go and let my body awaken.

The moon was full, lighting up our hideaway; the air was cold but our little area was heating up. He kissed me for the longest time, slowly, softly, ataşehir escort and sometimes deep and demanding. My body was tingling all over just from being kissed. His lips and teeth would nibble along my ear and along my neck, my body pressing itself against his in response to his kisses. My ex had never made me feel like that. Whispers would fill my ears as he told me to open myself, feel all of it. Let go and just feel.

I don’t remember getting undressed, but I do remember the feel of the fur lining of his coat under me. What a sensation. He had my body on fire, as he began kissing my neck, finding that one certain spot that rocked my world. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I think every woman sometime in her life has at least one experience like this, whether she wants to admit it to herself or not.

His mouth followed his hands to my breasts as he caressed each in turn. His mouth was so soft, his tongue wildly flicking my nipple as his fingers rolled the other between them. Twinges and tingles flying right to my pussy. I thought I was going to cum right then just from being kissed and caressed.

The feelings and sensations that he woke in me were incredible. I couldn’t careless who watched us, who might catch us, all those worries, gone, nada, didn’t exist anymore.

Pressing his body against mine, I could feel how hard he was. He pushed me farther up onto his jacket, as his mouth and tongue worked their magic down my chest, nibbling on my stomach, licking my belly button. His hands slowly opening my thighs, as he kissed his way between them.

He had just touched my clit and I exploded into an orgasm…waves just rushing over me…the moon glowed as I gazed up at the sky…it seemed so unreal, and he didn’t stop as the first wave of orgasm starting building the second. By this time I had enough of waiting and slowing down, somewhat play fighting I was getting him to shift around. And I found my prize!

Long (but not to) and thick, hard and soft silky skin to the touch, I felt his cock in my hand, as I explored. Watching his cock respond, not just looking at it, I became absorbed in touching, stroking, feeling the slight twitches of response.

I gently kissed his crown, using my tongue as if I was enjoying my favorite lollipop. Crude I know but so true. I was savoring the feel of it, the slight salty taste from his sweat from his day on the slopes. The smell of maleness, I devoured him with my mouth, raking my teeth up and down his shaft.

I became more intense as he continued sucking and teasing my clit. The world just seemed as thought it was all blending together. I explore different sensations with my tongue and teeth nibbling up and down his shaft with my teeth to the very root of his cock. Now there was the spot that sent him reeling through the roof.

I could feel the pulse of his cock getting strong as I gently gnawed at the root of his cock….traveling ever so slowing up the full length of him, devouring him completely again in my mouth. I maneuvered myself under him so that his cock was dangling above me as I was being greedy, wanting more, savoring every part. Holding his hips with my hands, I held him just above me. Gently, I swirled my tongue around his mushroomed crown, my tongue feeling the soft/roughness of its underside edge.

I could feel him tensing up as I continued, sucking him harder into my mouth, letting his hip move up and down. It was the first time I had let anyone fuck my mouth. It was wild, like nothing I had every felt before, twinges building deep inside my pussy as I felt him hitting the back of my throat, but I still wanted more.

As he pumped in and out of my mouth, I would let my teeth drag gently over him and then switch so only my tongue and lips could be felt. I could feel his fingers spreading my pussy wider as he sucked my clit, flicking it with his tongue, swelling to such a sensitive state I didn’t think I could take it.

Everything began blending together, the world spinning as I felt him explode in my mouth, cum dribbling from the corners running along my jaw, down my neck. I swallowed the salty, sticky juices, pushing him higher off me so I could lick him clean. It became so hard to focus and not bite down on him as his finger danced in my pussy, spilling my juices over his hand. I wanted to feel his cock in my pussy so bad, but he just kept fucking me with his fingers and teasing my clit with his tongue.

I was so caught up in the moment it was hard to stay focused. My head reeling as another powerful orgasm made my whole body rock; I could feel my hips rising up to meet his hand, his thumb and tongue massaging my clit for another surging orgasm. I couldn’t believe how hard I was cumming. It felt like it would never end.

He slowed down, asking me to do the same as he was twitching back to life from his semi-hard state. He pulled himself from the top of me, sat down next to me, pulling me up too. The air was cold around us, the fire had all kadıköy escort bayan but died out and there was the sound of someone clearing their throat in the area behind us.

Kyle peeked over the top of the blanket hideaway waved and said hi to the two security guards that had come back to check on the fire…I heard one say it was time for us to clear out…they wouldn’t call the authorities, but we had 10 min. to get out of the area.

Well I wasn’t going to get hauled off in the buff, so I grabbed a blanket and made a sarong around me, stood up grabbed my clothes, looked at Kyle and asked if he was coming up with me. Didn’t have to ask him twice, he wrapped himself up and took his things following behind. What a sight we must have made! I was still feeling somewhat drunk and very horny; I had started to flirt with the security guards as we walked past. Kyle, pushing at my back, headed me to the elevator before I got myself and him into trouble.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the ski resorts in Salt Lake, but this one in particular was gorgeous. The rooms on the mountain side of the building are all angled towards the mountains overlooking the slopes and the patio areas below. It almost impossible to see over to the balconies of the other rooms because of the angles and it made the room all the more private.

Pat had a room that a joined mine, which I had to knock on. I couldn’t find my key! Needless to say, she wasn’t to happy about it but let me in. She was alone and had been asleep. Kyle apologized to her, but she just waved us off, shaking her head. Kyle and Pat were talking for few moments, and I had walked straight into the bathroom and started a hot shower, just dropping blankets and clothes along the way.

I was still pretty foggy and didn’t even know if Kyle was still with me, but there he was when I pulled back the shower curtain. Standing there holding a towel. He dried me off, not letting me help in any way. In the room waited a couple of sodas and ice. Handing me one of the glasses, he lead me outside to the balcony where he had pulled the blankets that we had used to get back to the room with, as well as those from the bed (pillows too). The moon was just starting to crest over the tops of the mountains lighting up the area so brightly. It was breathtaking.

Feeling a little more like normal myself and not the margaritas, I just watched him, staring at him. Touching his skin, feeling his muscles move as he pulled me to him. He kissed me so deeply I just melted; my legs began to give way as he guided us down to the blanket. The air was so cold, but it felt so good at the same time. Laying me back on the blanket bed he had made, he held my hands over my head touching every part of me, exploring my body like I was a sculpture. He rolled on top of me, cupping my face in his hands as I felt him slide deep inside me, sparks and tingles running through every fiber of my body.

His strokes were long and deliberate, slow and teasing, my pussy dripping wet as I wrapped my legs around him. He rolled us so that he was below me, so deep inside me, holding me up under my arms, not letting me kiss or touch him. I was starting to protest but he just kept telling me to just feel, let go, enjoy. I felt my pussy tightening around him as his pace increased. I was so close to cumming when he stopped moving and gently demand that I to get on my knees.

Oh I wanted to cum so bad; I shifted so fast that I surprised myself. He slowly guided himself inside me from behind; I could feel every rippling inch enter me. I was so swollen inside, wet and on fire…so hot, so horny I couldn’t hold back as he began pounding inside me. Hard and fast. I think it was the first time in my life that I was vocal. Demanding more, demanding he make me cum again. He pounded deeper, pulling almost completely out of me and thrusting back hard and fast, that I did cum again as he came inside me again. Multiples are wonderful. My ex rarely got me to multiorgasm. But Kyle did.

It’s almost like the sexual animal in me came alive. We lay next to each other enjoying the sensations that were there. As a side note, I never travel anywhere without my vibrator and lotions. Just my habit I guess. Had my toys for years and wasn’t breaking my habits, they were a gift from my soon-to-be ex. I believe he had hoped to awaken in me what Kyle had, but he never did.

I always had felt reserved in the past, not a prude but kept part of my sensual nature buried deep and I was in a whirl wind of emotions that night. I didn’t want it to end. What I never realized until that night that when I become full sated I get teary and sometimes cry…I realize now that it’s a good thing. Although I must admit he got concerned when it happened. Thought he had hurt me in some way. He was so comforting and gentle. We must have drifted off to sleep out there, because the sun had started to show its glow over the sky, the mountains were glowing in light as the activity below grew louder.

I escort maltepe pull myself from his arms, grabbed one of the loose blankets and wrapped myself up in it as I watched the morning skiers heading up the slopes. I quietly stepped over him and knocked on Pat’s door. She opened the door and gave me such a look. Wanting to know if I was alone, of course not I told her. She just told me she would catch up with us during the day sometime, but she was going skiing.

I called room service for some coffee, toast and fruit. Again off to the shower after making sure Kyle was still wrapped in blankets and before room service arrived. After showering, my hair up in a towel and wrapped up in my robe, I answered the knock from room service and I brought breakfast outside.

I leaned over him, kissing his mouth, kissing each lip, trailing my tongue down to his ear, as he stirred and greeted me with a big smile. Enough to make my heart jump…I was so worried that he would leave right away. The morning air was starting to warm as we sat on the blankets eating. We could hear the crowds were getting louder and larger. From where my room was, people on the ski lifts could see the balcony, but I didn’t care. For the first time in my life…I just didn’t care. I felt like I had become a nymph overnight. Here I was smack in the middle of Mormon country where the majority of the time this kind of thing just doesn’t happen.

Kyle got up to take his shower. I decided to grab my toys and bring them out to the balcony before he was finished. Surprise, was all I could think at the time. Not really knowing how he was going to react.

I remember sitting there wrapped in the blankets and my robe thinking how beautiful everything was. The air was warming up, smelling crisp and clean, and I just sucked it all in. The sky was full of light fluffy clouds. I even started waving to people from my 8th floor room. Kyle just laughed as he joined me, he was still wrapped in a towel.

We talked about what we were going to do for the day. Skiing of course was part of it. He smiled and told me to be very careful how I was dressing for the slopes. Looking at him I could see why. Nothing just ski pants and jacket (of course gloves and boots were a must). So I did the same, but I didn’t have fur like he did. The jacket felt cold and rubbed against my nipples, teasing them as I moved. I think he knew it too!

Now I’m not the best skier in the world but I try. He took me up to the higher trails and said he would lead the way down. After a few spilled into the wet snow, he pulled off to let some others go by and let me catch up. He lead us off the main trail to a break off the southeast side, there was some rock ledges and trees with a small hidden clearings…we could see the run down so he wasn’t worried about getting surprised by other skiers or the patrol.

He propped me up against one of the rocks and started unzipping my suit. With handfuls of snow, he rubbed my breast until they were cold and wet. My nipples so hard and erect. My pants were pulled down and he continued with the snow…Man was that cold…but felt exciting and unique at the same time. I unzipped his overalls and that cock of his just jumped out. I grabbed some snow laughing reciprocated by putting my snow-filled hand around his balls dropping to my knees sucking wildly on his cock.

Torture per loving torture, teasing, biting, nibbling, kissing, sucking…oh we were so involved. I didn’t care what happened. He turned me around so I was facing the slopes and spread my legs as far apart as they could with my ski pants around my ankles. Without warning he pushed his cock deep inside me, rubbing snow in the small of my back and over my ass, letting it melt and run down the two of us. I let out such a howl…birds flew and echos sounded through the mountains. It was fantastic.

Here I was close to the top of a mountain; half dressed, tangled in my ski pants, bent over a rock being throughly fucked by someone I really didn’t know. Totally out of character for me. But it was such a turn on, and I was loving every minute of it. My pussy was so swollen from the night/morning that the snow Kyle was pressing against my clit was feel really good and was intensifying as I started cumming again. It wasn’t long before both of us were coming, though it seemed a lot longer than it was, just a quicky on the slopes and in the snow. After adjusting clothing and skis, we continued down the trails. With me in tow it took awhile…couldn’t stay up on those godforsaken skis for nothing. Snow down my pants, up my back, I had now had enough of that kind of fun and wanted some food.

We were on the veranda eating lunch when Pat found us. She had hooked back up with Kyle’s friend and was skiing together for the day. We made plans for dinner that night and would meet them later for some drinks. Pat pulled me off to the side to make sure I was ok…OK? I WAS MORE THAN JUST OK. I told her he was wonderful, fantastic; I was just fine and not to worry about me.

They left for the slopes and Kyle and I went back to my room. I wanted to change for the spa downstairs; I mean privileges came with the room. Kyle headed for the locker he had rented to get his stuff and said he’d meet me back in the room.

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