Hard Work Pays

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Welcome. This is just a little story I’ve cooked up once and I hope you like it. It’s set in a medieval time period, but it isn’t particularly meant to be historically correct.

“Hurry! We are going to miss it! You coming or not?” Brian urged his best friend, Alex, to come along. The whole week had led up to this moment. Their minds had drifted off in excited anticipation during work countless of times. Brian sped up tracing down the path quickly.

“Wait up!” Alex exclaimed as he caught up to his partner in crime. “This was the only thing that has gotten me through this past week. Like I am going to miss out now…” Summer was coming to an end, which meant that the two had to help out bringing in the harvests. The friends, both considered adults, had to pull their weight on their family’s farms. Bringing in the wheat and handling the flail on the threshing floor in the scorching summer sun turned out to be backbreaking work. It’s not like their fathers went easy on them either. The boys were born into a rather poor village, where working hard and long was nothing but customary. Alex and Brian still had their big dreams and they experienced the village’s traditional way of life as nothing but boring. However, their destiny already seemed to be determined, as they were to be married to a woman of their parents’ choosing and take over the family farm. At the moment different things were on their minds though.

Brian finally slowed down. Gesturing with his hand to be careful he whispered “We are getting close now. Remember, do not make a sound!” Alex nodded impatiently and followed Brian as he was led from the path into the wild thickets surrounding them. In a hunched form the pair slowly sneaked onwards hell bend on not making any noises. The thickness of the forest didn’t let up at all, making it hard to avoid sounds, like the breaking of twigs. The duo managed though and then at last they halted completely in the middle of a thick bush. When Alex pricked up his ears, he could hear soft laughing, giggling and splashing sounds in the distance. They were so close… Brian prudently separated the leaves in front escort kartal of their faces and before them lay the sweet reward of their grievous efforts.

Three breathtaking girls standing up to their waist in clear water. Naked.

The trio bathed here, a healthy hike down the stream, in a little lake every week. The body of water was surrounded by the dense forest and if you hadn’t come across the pond by following the stream, you would probably never find it. Just a week ago though, Alex and Brian had secretly followed the ladies on their weekly adventure, because of their almost morbid curiosity into the fairer sex. Mary, Emily and Clare were, save two others, the only girls of their age, that is, barely adults. That made them the most suitable victims for their attention. At the time the two had no idea that the girls went bathing, but the surprise was like a gift from above. This time felt much the same to the sexually inexperienced duo.

Brian was visibly straining from refraining of making any sounds as the blonde, Mary, unbeknownst to her, very sexily splashed water over her friends. Whilst the girls innocently laughed and fooled around in the refreshing water, their bodies were a sight to behold. Their breasts jiggled and bumped around, mesmerising the boys. When the friendly wanton let up, Clare stretched out making sounds of contentment. “Being able to cool down from the hot sun here feels amazing!” The peeping Toms were too far away to see every detail, but Alex could just imagine the water droplets dripping from Clare’s ample breasts.

After a while the girls took to the little beach surrounding the mere. Walking up from the water turned out to be revealing show for the boys as well. Slowly their buttocks came free from the water surface. Brian just couldn’t help himself and exclaimed an almost inaudible gasp. The boys though, being on full alert, recoiled startled from their spot. Mary and her friends were none the wiser and continued enjoying their sunbathing in peace, as they had lain down in the sand.

“If only we were a little closer, then we could probably see maltepe escort those fair young ladies a lot better.” Said Brian with a smirk. “We shouldn’t, what if we get caught? We would be in deep water, Brian!” Alex refuted.

After some hushed discussion they decided to try to get a closer look, but if it turned out to be too difficult they would turn back. Staying close to the forest line, they slowly and silently made their way towards the girls. Again hiding in a bush, this time not so far away, they were now able to see the women much clearer.

It was apparent that the girls had been bosom friends for years now, as they were quite comfortable around each other even if they were stark naked. Wrapped up in some silly conversation about some dreamy prince charming, they paid little mind to their surroundings.

“I wonder who I am going to end up with, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to be a prince.” Mumbled Mary. Emily burst out laughing and poked at Mary’s chest. “You don’t have to worry, with those charmers you could seduce any man to marry you.” She giggled.

Emily’s chest slightly heaved up and down at a relaxed pace as she continued to breath in the fresh forest air. Suddenly sitting up she looked at her friends and giggled. “I wonder how it feels to be with a man.” Her friends enthusiastically mimicked her giggling.

“It must be amazing, we all know how it feels if we help ourselves, right? A man should even be better.” Replied Mary with a blush on her face. Although she had seen her friends naked at numerous occasions, it was unusual for them to speak so brazen about intercourse or even touching yourself.

Emily smiled rather sadly. “Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out what our parents have in store for us. You’re lucky, Clare, you already know you’ll be marrying Sam, the blacksmiths son, sometime soon.” Emily crept towards her friend and stopped right in front of her legs. “Surely he’ll spread your legs real good!” and acted according to her words as she spread Clare’s legs tittering. Clare struggled a little against her impulsive friend, but let her pendik escort bayan have her way. It was embarrassing to have someone look at her private parts like Emily was doing right then, so a deep blush crept up on cheeks quickly.

The boys in the bush closely were watching the spectacle unfold before them with racing hearts.

Mary also came closer as Emily gently slid her hand down Clare’s legs. “What are you doing Em?” asked Clare nervously, but she didn’t object at all. Emily shushed her friend and softly rubbed her hands up and down Clare’s body. “Soon your body won’t even be your own anymore, but a man’s as well. We’re just preparing you, right Mary?” She answered. Mary nodded without saying a word and slid her hand over Clare’s nipples.

The girls kept on touching their friend in embarrassing places and soon Clare started to moan quietly as the pleasure took hold. Her folds started getting wet and Emily started rubbing her more fervently. “Lick her nipples, Mary.” Emily encouraged. Mary didn’t need any more motivation and started licking Clare’s boobs. As Clare grew louder, Mary even sucked on her nipples, eliciting even more lewd noises. Emily, curious as she was, remembered her older sister talking appreciatively about being licked with a friend once and decided to give it try.

At first Clare was startled, but it just felt to good, her body got more and more heated as the stimulations caused her to shudder. Soon the pleasure just overtook her and she found herself out of breath, moaning, which was introduced by a squeal, and coming harder than she had ever before.

The girls gave Clare some time to come round, just laying next to her in the sand. They held hands and still gently touched each other, but now in innocent places. When she caught her breath Clare told them about how good she had felt, even then with a blush on her cheeks. The trio decided that next time, they would try it again. It really was time to head back as the sun had already started setting.

Alex and Brian snuck away before the women got dressed and left in a shock-like state. Never had they imagined that this could happen. Having hurried home without speaking much, they decided to speak about it the next day, when they would see each other again.



This was my first story, please feel free to leave a comment on how I should improve.

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