Happy Ending Ch. 12

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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 12 – Jerry Brings Claire, Ami and Michael, Michele and Brad (again) **

*** Jerry Brings Claire ***

“Hey…” Raina laughed. She and Bill were going through the game Jerry had left after their ‘party’. He’d called Bill earlier in the day to let him know he was seeing this girl named Claire, who was really hot and was up for a ‘group thing’. “There are two unopened decks of action cards here!” she said. “One says ‘MFF’, and the other one says ‘4+’, so I’m guessing that means four or more could play.”

Bill opened the 4+ deck to check it out. He pulled a card from the middle, read it, and laughed. “No way…” he said, handing the card to his girlfriend.

“Oh man… a DP and the girl has to do the other girl too!?” Raina read. “No way!” she laughed. “I guess we’ll have to have some rules.” she added, pulling another card from the deck. “Okay, this is more like it.”

Bill took the card. “Two couples – card holders choice – ten minutes” he read. “Well… yeah… so what’s your choice?” Bill asked.

“Hmmm… I suck Jerry while you fuck Claire up the butt?” Raina laughed.

“Hey.. speakin’ of ‘up the butt’, Jerry asked about that.” Bill told her. “I guess Claire does it, and he wanted to know…”

“If I would let him fuck my ass?” Raina finished the question. “Tell him if he is REALLY nice – as in he licks and sucks my asshole first – then yeah, he can buttfuck me.” she said.

Bill grabbed his cell phone to dial Jerry. “Yo Jer, let’s get together.” Bill said. “Oh yeah.. Raina says okay if you kiss her butt first.” he laughed. “Saturday’s good for us. See ya then bro.” he ended the call. “They’re coming over…”

“Yeah, Saturday. I heard.” Raina stopped him. “Both of you guys are gonna have to WORSHIP my ass on Saturday.” she giggled. “And he only gets two minutes up my butt. That’s it.” she added.

Saturday arrived and Raina busied herself cleaning the place and getting things ready for what she was hoping would be a fun sex party. Bill was out with the shopping list so they’d have plenty of munchies. Jerry said Claire would be bringing ‘something special’ to help them all have a good time; but wouldn’t tell them more than that. Raina was betting on drugs of some kind; but she and Bill had a small stash of pot already, so…

Bill arrived with two bags of groceries and a case of beer. He went about putting things away when Raina came into the kitchen. “So… what did Jerry tell you about her?” she asked.

Bill chuckled. “Oh… not much really. She’s from South America somewhere, so she’s – how did he put it – a golden brown goddess.”

“Mmm… she sounds pretty hot… I hope I can keep up.” Raina said.

“You have no worries there honey. You’re still the hottest woman I’ve been with by far.” Bill told her, pulling her to him and planting a wet kiss on her lips.

The doorbell rang and Bill went to answer it. His jaw dropped when he saw Claire for the first time. ‘Golden Brown Goddess’ was spot on, and she was wearing painted-on jeans and a blouse cut low revealing two luscious globes. And she had a beautiful smile too.

Jerry laughed. “Don’t mind my horny friend.” he said. “Claire, this is Bill Lyons. Bill, this is the goddess I told you about.”

“Um… yes… nice to meet you Claire.” Bill stammered. “Come on in.”

Claire tugged at Jerry’s arm. “He is cute, isn’t he!?” she whispered. They walked into the house and set down their bag and a case Claire brought.

Raina emerged from the kitchen, a big smile on her face as she walked up to Jerry and planted a quick kiss on his cheek. She held out her hand to Claire. “Hi, I’m Raina.” she said. “Nice to meet you!” she added.

Claire tugged on Jerry’s arm again. “and she is adorable… and HOT!” she whispered, just loud enough for Raina to overhear.

Raina blushed. “Oh… now look who’s talking about hot!” she giggled, her eyes roaming up and down Claire’s curvy form.

Bill had deliberately gone to other side of the dining room, turning around to catch a look at Claire’s rear. Holy fuck… and I thought Raina’s tush was nice… he thought.

“Yep. I told ya bro, Claire’s got back.” Jerry laughed, catching Bill’s stare.

Claire laughed, giving herself a slap on her round rear. “Yeah… Jerry likes it.” she said. “Maybe you will too” she added, creating a silent pause….

“So… why don’t you show Bill and Raina what you brought!” Jerry suggested, putting the case on the table.

“Ohhhkayyyy…” Claire giggled. “Just a few little things for the party” she said, flipping open the latches and raising the lid. Inside was an assortment of sex toys, including small vibrators, a butt plug, two different sizes of anal beads, two flavors of edible lube, and a vial of white powder. She reached in and picked out the vial, holding it up. “Now… I get that some tuzla escort people don’t want to do blow – um – internally, you know, snorting it or whatever… but if you’ve never used it as a sex enhancer you don’t know what you’re missing.” she told them.

“I’d never tried it; but I have now… wow” Jerry said. “Just try having Claire lick your ass with her tongue coated in coke…” he added.

“Hmmm…” Raina wondered out loud.

“Any time sweetie.” Claire told her, giving her a wink. “Ever been with another girl?” she asked.

Raina glanced over at Bill, who just shrugged and smiled. I would love to see these two on the table in a sixty-nine! he thought.

“Uh… no; but…” Raina stammered.

“Well.. just maybe tonight is the night..” Claire said. “No pressure babe…” she added “But I promise you will LOVE it.”

Raina blushed again, tucking herself in close to Bill who put his arm around her and kissed her on the head. “Anything goes, remember?” he whispered, reminding her of their agreement. “Well.. almost anything.” he chuckled.

Jerry carried the grocery bag into the kitchen, pulling out a bowl of guacamole Claire had made fresh, as well as a couple of sixpacks of good Latin beer she had selected. He brought four of them back out and opened them at the table, holding one up. “Let’s get this party started!” he said, taking a drink.

“I want to see this game Jerry told me about.” Claire said, taking a sip of her beer. “He said you guys had a blast with it the last time.”

Raina grabbed the game from the shelf and opened it on the table. “Yeah, and it has a deck of cards for four people to play.” Raina said, pulling out the playing board and assorted bits before handing Claire the 4+ deck.

Claire pointed to a space on the board that said ‘Everyone Drink’. “We can do our own thing, and everybody takes a toke on that one.” she giggled. “Speakin’ of that… how about…”

Bill held a fattie out over the table. “Shall we?” he suggested.

Raina took the joint and put it between her lips, picking up a lighter and getting it lit. Then she took a long draw from the powerful cigarette, holding it in as she passed the joint on to Bill. The four of them each had three hits before Raina finally declined. They agreed that when someone declined, the round was over and the hooter would be put out.

“Whoa.” Jerry said, staring at Raina’s chest. She had deliberately done without a bra, and her snug fitting cotton shirt did nothing to conceal her firm titties and her now-erect nipples.

Bill noticed Jerry’s stare, and without thinking he reached over to pull Raina’s shirt up and over her boobs. Raina just giggled, her fingers reaching up to tug at her nipples. She was obviously a bit high, and her inhibitions were definitely waning. She stared at Claire’s chest, watching as the girl pulled her own shirt up before reaching back to unfasten her bra. In a few quick moves she pulled off both garments and stood there topless.

“Mmmm… Mmmm… MMMMM” Bill mumbled.

“Okay gang, let’s get the game going here… boy-girl-boy-girl seating” Jerry said, his cock already throbbing from the two sets of delicious boobies already exposed. He picked a chair, and just to avoid a delay he said “Claire here, Raina here” pointing to the chairs to his right and left.

Everyone sat down, then Raina jumped up again, hurrying into the kitchen. “Munchies!” she squealed, returning with two bags of chips and the bowl of guacamole. She returned to her chair and giggled. “Okay… now we can go”

They rolled to see who started, and went through the ‘remove clothing’ portion of the game. Claire was naked first, as she began the game with only her jeans and panties still on. Bill was next, then Raina and Jerry. With everybody nude it was time to play. Claire was the next roll, and landed on an action card space. She drew the top card, read it, and smiled. “Oral sex with the partner of your choice for five minutes” she said. “Mmmm…. cock… or pussy…” she giggled. The guys were practically jumping out of their chairs with anticipation. “Raina, come over here and bend over the table. Let me give you a little demo…” she said, reaching for the vial.

“Um… I don’t…” Raina stammered. Bill winked at her and nodded. Raina got up and walked over as Claire pushed her chair back. Raina demurely bent at the waist until her breasts met the table. She felt soft hands caressing her derriere, trembling at the foreign touch. Bill moved directly in front of her, taking her hands.

Claire ran her fingers over the girl’s lush backside, planting soft kisses all over the silky flesh. Then she poured some of the white powder on a small plate, setting it next to Raina’s hip. She scooted her chair toward the table, easing her knees between Raina’s legs to expose her soft folds. She licked a finger and rolled it in the powder, then began applying it to Raina’s vulva.

Bill gave her hands tuzla escort bayan a squeeze. “Feels good, huh?” he queried.

“Mmmmmm… nice…” Raina responded.

Jerry had moved over next to Claire, and was watching as his girlfriend worked her cocaine-coated digit up and down the other girl’s damp slit. He hadn’t started the timer, and didn’t intend to until Claire’s tongue made contact. He watched Claire withdraw the finger and roll it in the powder again…

Claire coated the digit with coke and used the thumb and forefinger of her free hand to part Raina’s lips, then she eased the coated finger inside Raina’s cunt, sliding it all the way in before gently stroking it in and out. The girl’s body trembled as soft mewls escaped her throat. Claire looked over at Jerry and smiled, then reached over to pickup the plate. She stuck out her tongue and gathered enough for her next target, then gently splayed Raina’s cheeks. She made sure Jerry got a good look before she lowered her head and worked her tongue around the little pink wrinkle of the girl’s anus. She looked over and nodded, and Jerry tapped the timer. Raina’s hips writhed on the table as Claire slipped two fingers up her cunt and sawed them in and out as her tongue wormed just inside her asshole. Then she ran her oral digit down over Raina’s taint, pulling the fingers from her wet gash to replace the tongue at her anal port. “You smell so fucking good Raina” she said, sucking the girl’s clit between her lips to flick her tongue at the hard little nubbin. A fingertip made it’s way past Raina’s sphincter, slipping past the first knuckle in her tight butthole.

Raina had to admit that Claire’s ministrations were bringing the heat to her loins. Her mouth felt wonderful on her pussy, and the finger sliding in and out of her ass felt just as good. “ohhhhyesss… eat my pussy… make me cummmm” she moaned.

“TIME” Jerry called, knowing it would leave Raina wanting more.

Claire stopped what she was doing and pulled her finger out of Raina’s ass, sticking it immediately into her mouth to suck on it. “Mmm… tasty…” she giggled, giving Raina a playful swat on her upturned butt.

“ohhhhhhfuck…” Raina groaned, pushing herself up with Bill’s help and returning to her chair. The coke definitely had its effect on her genitals. Her pussy was on fire, and her asshole tingled with a desire for more attention. This is going to be one hot night…

“Your roll, Bill” Jerry said, chuckling at Claire as she licked her lips.

Bill rolled, landing on a ‘Drink’ space. “I think this time we go with the drink.” he declared, grabbing his beer. Everybody had a sip – or a gulp as the case may be.

Next up was Raina, and her piece landed on a ‘Break’ space. “Thank god!” she said softly.

Jerry rolled and landed on an action space, drawing the top card. “Okay, which one of you girls wants to blow me for two minutes?” he asked with a chuckle, pushing his chair back. Claire looked at Raina and winked. “um… the card says ‘Receive oral sex from any partner for two minutes’ he clarified.

Raina raised her hand. “I’ll have a taste of that.” she giggled, standing up to walk around the table. She knelt between his wide-spread legs and looked up at him.

“Don’t forget this…” Claire interrupted, picking up the ‘sugar bowl’. “Oh… yeah, here’s a good way..” she said, taking one of the flavored lubes, depositing a small dollop on the head of Jerry’s cock, coating a fingertip with it, rolling it in the powder, then applying it to his crown. “Okay… taste away girl!” Claire laughed.

Raina stuck her tongue out and swirled it around his cockhead, her fingers gently squeezing the shaft. “Mmm… tastes pretty good so far…” she chuckled, sensing Jerry’s fingers near her head. Raina looked up into his eyes and smiled. “Start the timer.” she said, wrapping her lips around his meat to take it into her throat.

“aaaAHHHhh… suck it baby” Jerry grunted, his hips jerking upward as the blonde cutie took his cock all the way down.

“Mmm… .she looks like she’s having fun.” Claire said, watching the other girl suck her man’s dick. “I’ll bet that tastes good, too.”

“TIME” Bill called, watching Raina withdraw her mouth. DAMN! Gotta get me some soon!

“Ohhhhmannnn…” Jerry groaned as he watched his cock slip free of the blonde’s mouth.

“Don’t worry honey, soon…” Claire told him, rubbing her breasts against his shoulder. “My turn!” she giggled, rolling the dice. “OH YEAH!!!” she howled, moving her piece to the corner. “Rollin’ into the fun zone!” she laughed, rolling the one die she was allowed and moving to the ‘all-way’ space. She drew a card and read it aloud. “Player’s choice chain – roll for time” she said. “Okay… I think I want more of Raina’s pussy, so Raina you’re on your back, hang your head over.” she began. “Jerry, she can finish you off in her mouth. I’m gonna kneel on this chair, Bill, you got your choice escort tuzla of holes. FUCK ME.” Clair giggled, then rolled the dice again. “We got NINE MINUTES – let’s all score on this one!”

Raina climbed up onto the table, lying on her back. She looked over and watched Jerry spread lube and coke on his dick as she felt Claire’s fingers doing the same between her legs. She closed her eyes, licking her lips as she waited for the cock…

Bill looked down at Claire’s beautiful brown ass, her pink gash in stark contrast to the golden brown of the surrounding flesh. He dipped a finger in the lube, then rolled it in the powder and rubbed it around her pussy. Claire pushed her hips back at him and he slid his middle finger up into her hot cunt. Claire turned around to look at him. “Don’t forget my ass” she told him, reaching back with one hand to spread her cheeks and give him a look. That’s it… I’m gonna do Claire’s ass… he thought, replacing her hand with his own, using his fingers to spread her full cheeks. Her asshole was a deep chocolate tinged with pink – and he could swear it winked at him. ohhhgawd… that’s such a hot asshole… he thought, rolling a finger in the lube and powder, then pushing it deep into Claire’s receptive butt. “mmmm… yeah lover… do that…” Claire moaned.

Jerry had the head of his cock at the ready, his fingers gently caressing Raina’s neck as he waited. He watched the action on the other side of the table, and knew what Bill was doing. I gotta get into Raina’s butt some time tonight! he thought, his hips jerking enough to press his cockhead against her lips. “Ooops, sorry about that.” he said hoarsely. Then he looked down as Raina pursed her lips, nibbling at his crown. “mmmmm…” he moaned.

“Hey now!” Claire said, scolding them. Jerry gave her the eye – then a wink. “Oh.. okay. Everybody play.” she said, clicking the timer and diving into Raina’s pink gash. Seconds later she felt the bulbous head of Bill’s dick push into her cunt as his thumb slipped inside her ass. She heard the muffled grunt as Jerry shoved his meat into Raina’s mouth. AlllRIGHTY THEN! she thought, her tongue burrowing deep into the blonde’s hot cooze. She let Bill do her pussy for a minute, then briefly pulled her head from Raina’s crotch to turn her head around. “Put it in my ass” she whispered.

Bill wasn’t waiting for another invitation. He looked down as his hips pulled back, his cock looking very pink against Claire’s golden skin. His fingers positioned the head at her anal pucker and he pushed… Ohhhh FUCK YEAH… he thought, his eyes closing as his cock slipped easily into the girl’s snug pooper. “ohhhbaby… so fucking tight…” he groaned, pushing with his hips until he was buried up her ass. His penis tingled from the drug, sending waves of pleasure through his loins. Her rectum didn’t have the muscle skills Raina’s had; but the walls of her sheath were smooth and silky as he began stroking in and out. He looked down to enjoy the view, his organ spreading her pretty starfish wide.

Raina’s loins were on fire, the expert oral ministrations of the other girl quickly working her close to her first peak and holding her there with tricks no man had ever used. She felt the fingertip slipping into her rear, the lips sucking at her clit as her own tongue worked the cock that was fucking her face. It was sex for the sake of sex. No love getting in the way… just fucking and sucking… she thought, gurgling as Jerry pushed his glans into her throat. “gglllphmmmphh..” she brunted, her thighs spreading further for Claire’s mouth and fingers. She felt the girl’s hands lifting her knees to drape them over her shoulders, and opened her eyes to see Jerry’s balls bouncing off her nose. Her loins trembled as two fingers were pushed up her asshole, gently at first then picking up their pace. GAWDD I love it in my ass… she thought, her hips pushing down on the sodomizing digits.

Claire loved it in her ass too; but that wasn’t fingers. She briefly lifted her head from Raina’s gushing crotch to look around. “FUCK my ass Bill… I want your cum inside my nasty butthole..” she said hoarsely, quickly returning to her oral task.

Jerry overheard Claire’s demand and looked down at his meat sliding into Raina’s face. The thought of getting into her ass was drawing him closer, his hands gripping her head to hold it in place so he could get there. “Yeah baby… take that cock… suck it… ” he groaned. “YEAHbaby… YEAH…. FUCKYEAH… OHGAWD..” His cock jerked and began unloading in Raina’s mouth. She was choking on the combination of semen and penis; but he wasn’t stopping…

Jerry’s climax started a chain reaction. First Claire’s body shuddered, a muffled squeal coming from her face planted in Raina’s crotch. The involuntary clenches in her loins gripped Bill’s dick in her asshole, and he began climbing passion’s peak too fast to stop. Finally, Raina couldn’t suppress her orgasm in spite of the choking from Jerry’s face fuck. All four of them went over the edge within seconds, a chain of sex-drenched bodies throbbing and thrashing together. The timer had expired several minutes earlier; but nobody was paying attention…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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