Happy Birthday Jessica Ch. 05

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‘Oh come on! I can’t be the only one who’s done that!’ Sally laughed, pretending shame. She surveyed the shocked faces with satisfaction, having just ‘won’ yet another round of ‘I have never’. She’d ‘won’ the last three rounds in a row, by being the only one to have fucked her boss in every job she’d had, the only one to have fucked a taxi driver rather than paying the fare (although she claimed she’d had the money, and just wanted to) and the only one to have had her first orgasm on a family holiday, while riding a mechanical bull.

The rest of the group laughed dutifully, trading glances. Sally was always out to shock, and when she’d suggest playing ‘I have never’ they had known it’d end up this way. It was like the time she’d bragged about fucking four security guards to get into a Lady Gaga concert. But how much of it was truth? Nikki had once jokingly filled out an application form for Sally to get on ‘Ladette to Lady’ and sent it to her, and Sally had stopped speaking to her for two weeks.

‘Whose turn is it?’ Sally said, leaning forward to grab the neck of another bottle of wine. The gang had gone through eight bottles already, but tonight wasn’t turning into the drunken debauch she’d hoped for. She nudged the bottle toward Kellie, who reached for it gratefully. Nikki reached over to guide the bottle away from Kellie, who held onto it with an angry pout before pouring herself a large glass. She’d been drinking quite a lot lately, and while it was understandable Nikki was worried about her. She caught Jessica’s eye and nodded at the bottle, which Jessica then made a drunken fumbling grab for. ‘That’s my girl’ thought Nikki approvingly. She knew Jessica wasn’t that drunk, not yet, but by pretending to be she could get the bottle away. Kellie had expected animosity when she’d returned to Nikki and Jess’s branch, a mere five months after she’d left, but they’d been really sweet to her, and while they could never recapture the innocence of their first friendship, they’d patched up quite well.

‘Jessica’s turn!’ Sally shouted, and all eyes locked onto Jessica, who eyes darted from side to side. It wasn’t that she was a prude, but there was no way she could beat any of Sally’s, and if she had one that could she definitely wouldn’t tell anyone!

‘I havvvvee…’ the group waited expectantly, Sally on tenterhooks with her arm almost already raised to say she’d done whatever it is.

‘I havvvve…never been as in love with someone as I am right now’ Jessica smiled, taking a drink and looking shyly at the table. Nikki beamed and got up to hug Jessica, to a chorus of ‘awwww’s’ from the rest of the guys. Sally rolled her eyes and poured another drink, already thinking about what her next one should be. She looked up as she heard the raucous cheers. Nikki and Jessica were kissing again. Its not that she minded them dating, they were both her friends, but wasn’t it about time another couple took the spotlight? That gave her an idea.

‘I have neverrrr…fucked Graeme in the staff room after last Wednesdays outbound calling…’

Sally closed her eyes and drank as the silence descended. Just as suddenly she was surrounded by a cacophony of questions ‘what happened-‘ ‘where did you-‘ ‘why did you-‘

‘I was horny and he was there, why not?’ she smiled defiantly, amused at the fuss she had created.

‘But jees Sally, why would you? He’s such a sleazeball!’ Jessica laughed, shocked at Sally’s latest reveal. Sally leaned back and finished her glass, and began to tell the story. What nobody had noticed was the Sally hadn’t been the only one to take a drink at that one…

To be fair, Kellie shouldn’t really have drunk on that one. She’d just wanted a drink. And she hadn’t fucked Graeme in the staff room on Wednesday. It had been on Monday.

Jessica wasn’t wrong when she’d described him as a sleazeball. Everyone knew who he was, or had heard of him, but it was only since he’d come to their branch that they’d got an upfront and personal insight into who Graeme Johnson was. The cockiness, the loud brashness, and above all the predatory way he approached anything female, had not been even slightly understated. He also had a nose for vulnerability. So of course when Kellie had come into work on Monday, late, her uniform stuffed in her bag, still wearing last night’s clothes and reeking of alcohol, he’d found an excuse to take his break and followed her downstairs.

‘Woah ho ho! Looking good there Kellie! Is the homeless alky look in this month?’ he joked, noting her wince as his remark struck home. He was convinced his insulting comments came off as the height of wit and charm, and his smirk as he sidled towards her reflected this. Kellie stood over the sink, fighting the urge to puke as last night’s drink repeated on her. She poured a glass of water and necked two Nurofen, before walking through to the staff room to drop off her bag, Graeme’s eyes following her as she went.

‘I was only kidding you know, you look great. Better than great actually. Bet you pulled last night eh!’ Graeme leered.

Kellie blushed, smoothing down her black rumpled dress. ‘It was a good night…’ she said, before turning and raking further in her bag.

‘oho kartal escort bayan thats a yes! You dirty mare! Did you stay at his? Or maybe theirs?’ Graeme fished, enjoying her reaction. He moved closer, looking her up and down.

‘I’m not going to tell you Graeme’ Kellie carried on looking in her bag, hoping she’d packed her shirt.

‘C’mon not even a little? I could always guess a bit n you tell me if I’m right’

Kellie didn’t reply.

‘did you shag someone? Come on, I always tell everyone about what I get up to on nights out. Did you?’

He moved closer, and she stiffened as she heard his tone change from bright and jokey to questioning, demanding, and felt him close behind her.

‘did you…?’ he breathed in her ear, and she felt his hands suddenly on the back of her knees, sliding upwards. Her mouth went dry.

‘C’mon Kellie its not like there’s anyone here to hear…’ he whispered.

‘did you?’

She sighed, and gave him what he wanted. ‘…yes’

‘was it good…?’ his hands were rubbing the back of her thighs, tracing their way up to her arse before squeezing it tightly.

‘…yes’ she whispered.

‘mmm that is so hot…’ Graeme grunted, his hand moving below the cleft of her bum and in between her thighs, feeling the satin material that separated her pussy from his searching fingers, and pulling it tight against her.

‘did you make him use a condom?…’ he breathed huskily, roughly grabbing her, grinding her underwear against her slit. He was rewarded with a spurt of moistness that wet the material.

Kellie breathed in sharply as she felt his fingers enter her. Her arms flew down to his to prise him away but he maintained his grip, working his fingers inside her pussy. Her body was betraying her.

‘did you?’

Kellie closed her eyes and her hands went limp.


‘mmm’ Graeme moaned, relaxing his grip and withdrawing his fingers, rubbing her underwear against her pussy. He moved his other hand up the inside of her dress and began squeezing her left breast inside her bra roughly, manipulating her body.

‘…do you want me to?’

Graeme squeezed and ground her breast against her, feeling the nipple stiff and hard within the cup, straining against the material. He reached down with his free hand and undid his belt, scrabbling at his zip before hoisting down his trousers.

He pulled out his cock and lifted her dress, before nudging it toward her still-covered pussy, appreciatively feeling for her again and finding her underwear thoroughly wet.

‘do you?’

He pulled her underwear to the side and positioned his cock at her dripping opening. He nudged it against her, slicking the tip in her wetness, causing her to gasp as her thighs automatically parted expectantly.

‘…do you want me to?’ he moved his palm to her clit, and began strumming it hard.

‘…do you?’

Kellie exhaled and gave up. ‘…no’

With that he pushed her body forward against the chair, and entered her. She gasped as he pushed inside her, pulling her back against him to deliver short sharp thrusts. He grabbed her hair and yanked at it, making her yelp as he pumped into her.

‘Mmmm Kellie…’

‘Fuck you are such a slut Kellie! mmmm such a nasty little whore’ he said in her ear in between thrusts, taunting her.

‘tell me you want it in you’

Kellie arched her back and pushed back against him, taking him deeper, but said nothing.

‘you fucking want my cum deep in you with that other guys mmm don’t you…tell me, come on you slut’

Kellies eyes were closed as he rode her, her face grimacing as she felt his nails dig into her shoulders, the pain balancing against the pleasure.

‘…I want it’

‘want what?’

‘I want your cum in me’


‘I want it in me now’


Kellies eyes were tightly closed. She grimaced again.

‘I want it in there mixed with last night’s guy, and the one from the night before…I want it right in me…I want to sit at my desk and feel you drip out of me’

Graeme grunted, and pinned her forward against the chair, gripping her thighs tightly as he pumped. She felt his coffee-and-cornflakes breath on her neck and struggled not to gag, and felt the hot onrush of his cum as he spurted inside her. She hung limply in his arms as finished jerking his cock into her and then felt him withdraw, he roughly pulling her underwear back into position and giving her pussy one final rub, grinning to himself as he felt the heat of his cum slicking her already soaked thong.

‘Hope you don’t get up the duff’ he said as he tucked his cock back into his boxers, zipped up his trousers and then slapped her arse for good measure, before making his way back upstairs.

Kellie straightened her dress and sighed, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror before walking through to the toilets, to get ready for another day.

Kellie finished off her wine, and replaced the glass on the table. Sally was still finishing her story, every part told in lurid detail, sitting back in her chair and gleefully simulating the humping Graeme had given her. escort maltepe The rest of the girls laughed, while Kellie stared at the bottom of her empty glass, before looking around for the wine bottle.

Nikki saw the move, and countered it.

‘I think its Kellies turn!’

Everyone turned to look at Kellie, who blushed and looked at the table, as Nikki smiled at her, doing her best to keep her included.

‘I’ve never…uh…’

‘Party-foul! Hesitation!’ Sally roared, before pushing her own half-full wine glass toward Kellie and insisting she down it. Kellie reached for the glass, happy to have an out for this round, causing a frown to crease Nikki’s normally happy features. That wasn’t what she had intended. But she couldn’t intervene, Kellie had told her she didn’t want to be treated any different. And the last time she’d tried it hadn’t gone well.

‘Have you seen Kellie?’ Nikki asked Jessica, some three weeks previously. The club was packed, the music pounding, and Jessica had to lean in close to hear her other half. They were both pretty pissed, and as Jessica leaned in Nikki leaned forward too, and their lips brushed past each other. They both leaned back and smiled, the almost-kiss still generating that same electricity it had the first night they’d hooked up.

‘She said she wanted some air of something’ Jessica said, gyrating her hips to the music and looking seductively toward Nikki, earning Nikki the jealous hatred of all the guys around them. Her dress was so short it was practically a t-shirt, and every time she bent forward twenty sets of eyes followed its hem and hoped for a glimpse of her underwear, or better still, the absence of it.

‘Has she seemed weird to you this week?’ Nikki said, unwilling to let her desires get the better of her, at least not yet.

‘I dunno, what counts as weird for her?’ Jessica joked, before catching Nikki’s expression

‘-ok ok sorry, we’re all forgiven and its all fine and nevereverever shall we talk about it…’ Jessica drunkenly laughed, leaning forward happily to plant a kiss on her lover’s cheek, before whirling off to the centre of the dancefloor, owning it like she always did. Nikki watched her from the bar, before downing her drink and heading outside.

She glanced up the road, looking for Kellie, before trying her mobile. The familiar tones of ‘Fire Burning’ began to ring out tinnily in the distance, and as Nikki followed it she found it led down a side street. She hoped Kellie wasn’t being sick, she’d been off ill last week and hadn’t looked herself at all this week. And she had been knocking back the Jagerbombs like no tomorrow earlier.

The mobile cut off and went to answer machine. Nikki rang it again, but this time it only rang twice before it cut out, and she heard ‘turn that shite aff!’ and drunken laughing from a doorway further down the road. She’d found Kellie, and actually wished she had been being sick. Instead she was surrounded by three guys, one of whom was currently fucking her, her arms hanging by her sides, skirt at her waist, eyes closed and pinned against the doorway. One of the others was busy taking pictures on his phone and laughing, while the other she could dimly discern was tucking his flaccid cock into his trousers and smirking, turning Kellies face from his friend to rudely kiss her before he started to walk further down the road. Nikki’s shock quickly turned to anger. She strutted forward and pushed the photographer to the side, reaching out to grab the back of the fucker’s jacket, and hauling him backwards. He crashed onto the ground with a ‘what the fuck?!?’, his jeans still at his ankles, while his mate pushed himself back against the door against the unexpected threat. Kellies eyes jolted open and she looked in surprise at Nikki. The fucker rallied quickly, hauling his jeans to waist height.

‘I don’t know who the fuck you are bitch, but this is a private party. Ken what I mean?’ his mate joined him and they advanced on Nikki, swearing at her, telling her to get to fuck, but she stood her ground. With that two police officers rounded the corner. The guys looked momentarily surprised, before trading glances, said ‘fuckin’ slags’ and made their way off down the street. Nikki watched them go, giving them the fingers, before turning to her friend.

‘why the fuck did you do that?!’ Kellie shouted, pushing Nikki.

‘Kellie, you’re drunk, they were using you!’

‘fuck sake maybe I didn’t mind! Did it ever occur to you that I wanted to do it?’


‘Because I don’t give a fuck anymore! Not about me, not about you, not about work, not about fucking perfect Jessica, I just don’t care! And if I fancy getting fucked by three fucking strangers I’ll fucking do it!’ Kellie shouted, tears beginning to sting her eyes.

Nikki leaned forward, Kellie trying to push her away again, but with decreasing strength. Nikki brought her closer and then hugged her tightly, stroking her hair and straightening her skirt, and as she did Kellie burst into tears.

‘Kellie…what’s wrong?’ Nikki asked, cuddling her friend and guiding her to some steps, before sitting her down with her arm around her. She looked up pendik escort and saw Jessica at the top of the street, making her way down, but she reached out and waved her away, Jessica looking at Kellies make-up stained face and nodding acknowledgment, before turning back toward the club.

Kellie buried herself in her friend’s chest, and Nikki heard her muffled reply, and felt struck to her own heart.

‘I had a miscarriage’

Nikki was dumbstruck. She didn’t know what to say. She’d totally forgotten the rumour that Kellie was pregnant. And now all she could do was hug her friend tighter, as she felt fresh tears land on her chest.

‘I was four months gone…they said it just happens sometimes’

Nikki held her, and listened to her pour her heart out, her own breaking as Kellie revealed more details. She said how she’d woken up one morning and felt something was wrong, and a trip to the doctors had confirmed it. The nurse had held her hand, told her it wasn’t her fault, that it happened to more people than you thought, that she could always try again. She’d felt so evil when she remembered that she hadn’t wanted a baby in the first place, that at times she’d wished it would just go away. And she hated herself. She’d wanted to tell her mum, but she hadn’t even told her mum she was pregnant. Her mum had thought she’d just been putting on weight. She’d even congratulated her on losing weight lately.

At this Kellie burst into fresh tears, and Nikki had rung Jessica. Kellie needed her friends. They’d sat with her for over an hour, hearing her confession, while they reassured her it would get better, that time heals all wounds, the platitudes that everyone can’t help but say at times like these. They’d shepherded her home in Jessica’s car, the sobriety hitting home quite sharply, and as they’d dropped her off at her doorstep she’d sworn them both to secrecy.

‘I’m glad that I’ve told someone, really I am’ she attempted a brave smile, but wasn’t fooling anyone.

‘But please you guys, don’t treat me any different. I just want to get back to normal life. And don’t tell anyone at work either ok? Last thing I need is people coming forward to say they’re there for me. Or the father finding out.’

Jessica and Nikki traded glances at this. Nobody had mentioned who it had been who’d fathered her baby. And she hadn’t either. Jessica opened her mouth to ask, but Nikki dissuaded her with a quick shake of her head. Definitely not the time.

It was two hours and another six bottles of wine later. ‘I have never’ had wound down, and the evening had settled into watching X-factor. Sally had tried to raunch things up again by suggesting strip poker, but nobody could find a deck of cards, and an attempt to entice the others into Strip Cluedo hadn’t borne fruit. She’d even offered to start at a disadvantage, and had taken her top off, but this had just left her sitting in her bra in a room full of excessively drunk girls, two of whom may have been bisexual but neither of whom was paying her the slightest attention. Sally pulled her top back over her head, annoyed at how her party had turned out. She knew she should’ve invited some guys. Alcohol always made her horny, but this evening’s satisfaction would need to come from her own hands. She excused herself from the table, making her way to the toilet.

Sally made her way along the hall, dodging two other drunk partygoers cooing over pictures of each other’s boyfriends, before nearing the toilet. Before her hand could try the handle she heard a faint muffled noise, an exhaled breath. Someone had beaten her to it! She placed her ear to the door.

‘-fuuuck yes like that…’

Sally looked down the hall to the top of the stairs, aware that being caught listening at the toilet door would be a bit hard to explain. She stretched her arm to flick off the hallway light. Anyone wanting to come up would need to switch it back on, giving her warning. She settled back against the door, and listened again.

On the other side of the door Jessica was sat on the rim of the sink, her green dress around her waist and her g-string hanging off her right ankle, legs spread wide and her fingers slipping inside her pussy fast and wet. Nikki sat on the side of the bath, her right breast pulled out of her dress and hanging exposed and pert, tweaking her ruby red nipple between her fingertips as she watched her girlfriend fingering herself for her viewing pleasure.

Jessica leaned back and hummed to herself to prevent her moans, aware that they were in their friend’s bathroom and whilst people were largely accepting of their relationship, they viewed them as lipstick lesbians. Being confronted with the actual graphic reality of what they did together might prove a bit too challenging for some opinions. Not that Nikki gave a shit, as she stretched over to grab Jessica’s free hand and licked her fingertips, the feel of her lips and tongue provoking an involuntary grin from Jessica who stretched out her arm and played her fingers inside Nikki’s mouth, stroking her wet tongue, before withdrawing her fingers, and slowly switching hands. She balanced herself with her pussy-soaked hand, and looked directly at Nikki she slid her saliva-soaked fingers inside herself, pushing them in deep until they were near the knuckle, and worked them quickly. She was really close. Nikki had reached up her own skirt and began fingering herself furiously, the sight before her driving her wild.

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