Happy 18th Birthday, Linda

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Big Tits

I had just turned off the shower when I heard the neighbor brat, Linda, out in our driveway yelling my name. “Chip, Chip, I know you’re in there, so answer me.” I reached for the towel and, as I finished drying myself, I heard Linda’s footsteps pounding up the stairs. Moments later, she burst into the bathroom, where I stood naked holding a towel in front of my genitals. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Lin, coming into my bathroom?”

“I’m tired of waiting, Chip. You haven’t seemed the least bit interested, but I am.. I’m 18 years old today, and for the past six months I’ve been more and more intrigued by the bulge in your pants. I want to see your thing . I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.”

Now, I’m no innocent 20-year-old, but I was flabbergasted. I’d known Linda all her life; even knew she’d had her hymen slit by a gynecologist following her first period. I’d heard her mom and my mom discussing it, but thought nothing of it, for Linda was only eleven at the time.

“What d’ya mean you’re eighteen and will show me yours if I’ll show you mine?”

“C’mon, Chip, don’t act dumb. I’ll show you my cunt if you’ll show me your prick.” With that, she raised her skirt. God Almighty, this wasn’t the bratty kid next door I was looking at. This was a damned gorgeous woman. Hips curved just right. A navel to dip your tongue in. Shapely legs that seemed to be a mile long. And a curly-haired crotch begging to be touched, licked, screwed or just looked at.

“There. Now you’ve seen mine, so show me yours. Except for pictures in my dad’s magazines, I’ve never seen a prick.” She came toward me with a gleam in her eyes, took the towel from my hand and stared at my cock. “May I touch it?” she asked. “I’ll let you touch mine.”

“Sure,” I agreed in amazement. The moment she touched me my hard-on grew. “Chip, am I giving you a hard-on?”

“You sure as hell are.”

“Does this feel good?” she asked as she moved her hand up and down around my cock.

“You’ve made me so horny that you’ll soon have me coming all over your hand. Now that you’ve seen me naked, when do I get to see you that way?”

With that, Linda removed her skirt, then her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I had never even thought of Linda as having breasts, and here she stood before me with the most beautiful pair of tits I could ever hope to see. They were the size of small grapefruit halves. Her pink nipples were as large as the end of my little finger. Gorgeous, luscious, totally magnificent, just made for sucking—which I hardly could wait to do.

“Let’s go in my bedroom, Lin. I’m dying to suck your nipples and play with your pussy.” She merely nodded as she continued kocaeli escort to stare at my hard-on.

When we got to the bedroom, I gently lowered her onto the bed. I passionately sucked one breast, then the other, listening to her moan with pleasure. As I sucked her, I dipped my fingers into her wet cunt. She watched awe-struck as I put my pussy-wet fingers in my mouth and sucked off her juices.

When I dipped into her and licked my fingers again, she asked “Why don’t you just lick me?” She moved farther onto the bed and spread her legs. As I gazed at the glistening pussy she held open, I thought I’d come all over the place. Her cunt was so wet it was oozing. I placed my hands under her ass, lifted her and dove between her legs. She soon was moaning my name as I hungrily licked her. I stuck my tongue into her as far as it would go, then ever so gently sucked her swollen clit. She wrapped her legs around my head, pulling me closer. She came, drenching my face with her tasty juice. Her legs relaxed, but her hands held me pressed against her wet hole. I loved the taste. I eagerly finished sucking and swallowing her come.

“Oh, Chip,” she sighed, “that was unbelievable. I’ve never come so much in my life.” How often had she come, I wondered.

“Your cunt’s so sweet that I want to suck it some more. This time, I want you to straddle my face so you’ll come right into my mouth.” When she positioned herself, I reached up to fondle those marvelous tits. I started licking and sucking. I could feel my prick throbbing, ready to release the load in my balls. Lin groaned with a shudder as her warm come poured into my mouth. Talk about heaven. I hoped her come would never stop. She collapsed on my body as I continued to lick her cunt.

Her hand grasped my prick, then her soft lips kissed it. Then her mouth engulfed me and she u-m-med with delight as she sucked me and licked the length of my prick while it was deep inside her mouth. I ran my fingers along the crack of her ass and warned her that I was about to come. She didn’t even slow down, but sucked even harder. I spurted what felt like a gallon of come which she slurped and swallowed as though she’d never tasted anything so good.

As we moved to lie beside each other, I realized that I had kissed Lin’s breasts and pussy, but never her mouth. I pressed my lips to hers. We could taste each other’s come as our tongues tangled. Mine explored the inside of her mouth. Hers sucked my tongue into it.

“Where in the world did you learn to kiss like that, young lady?”

“It’s something I have dreamed of doing with you for years. How about you? Where’d you learn to eat pussy like you do?”

“We won’t go in to that. kocaeli escort bayan But I’ll tell you this, if they ever make all cunts taste as good as yours, they’ll use yours for the sample. And while we’re on the subject of eating, where did you learn to suck prick like you do?”

“It’s something I fantasized about doing with you the first time I masturbated and I’ve always looked forward to doing it for real.”

“Would you let me fuck you, Lin?”

“Yes, yes, yes. When?”

“You’ve sucked me so dry that I won’t be able to get a good hard-on for at least an hour. My parents are going out this evening, so how about tonight?”

“I don’t know if I can wait. I may have to masturbate in the meantime.”

She raised onto one elbow and watched as she put her hand around my balls. I watched her face as she looked at what her hand was doing. She gazed me and said, “You have such a marvelous prick and lovable balls.” Then she leaned forward and put her warm lips around my flaccid cock.” She looked at me again. Then she leaned forward and put her warm lips around my cock. “Even soft, your prick feels so good in my mouth. I’d like to make you come with my hand so I could see it spurt from your prick. Then, I’d like to lap up your come and lick you clean.”

“My God, Lin, I can’t imagine how I failed to notice what a gorgeous and very sexy young lady you are. Watch for my parents to leave this evening, then come on over. I’ll be waiting with condoms and a hard-on.” When Linda saw my folks leave, she told her parents she was going to go next door and pester me for a while. Her cunt was so wet she could feel fluid running down the insides of her thighs. Her braless nipples were hard as rocks, yearning to be sucked.

I was sitting naked on my bed. She rushed across the room and knelt before me to briefly suck my hard cock. “It won’t take much of that to make me come,” I said. “I’d much rather fuck you if you’re ready, but I want to taste your cunt before I put on a rubber and get deep inside you.” I fondled her tits and lowered her onto the bed. Spreading her legs, I knelt between them and lovingly looked at her glistening snatch.

“I’ve seen hundreds of pussy pictures in magazines, but your pretty pussy beats them all by far,” I told her. “Your cunt lips are enticingly-swollen and protrude far enough that each of them can easily be sucked. Your slit is a pretty pink and shiny wet. The soft folds covering your clit look ready to be parted so I can lick your clit. The snug hole that’s twitching to be filled by my prick is clearly defined. It looks warm and welcoming. The space between the bottom of your cunt and your asshole is a kocaeli escort place I hardly can wait to lick. Your pubic hair is so soft and curly that I want to stroke it and bury my nose in it.

“Good Lord, Lin, I’ve known you all your life and suddenly I realize I haven’t known a very important thing about you. Your cunt is absolute perfection. I can’t believe how lucky I am that you chose me to be the first to see it and enjoy it.” I leaned forward and hungrily licked all over from her asshole to her clit and back again. Then, I stuck my tongue in as far as it would reach before I gently sucked her swollen clit. She came and came in a shuddering flood of delight.

Lin’s come covered my mouth and chin as I lovingly gazed as her still-clothed body. “Shall I undress you or do you want to do it?” I asked.

“You pull off my skirt while I take off my blouse.” When she was naked, I reached to fondle her gorgeous tits and suck those big pink nipples. “I love what you’re doing,” she said, “but please fuck me. Now.”

She watched as I unrolled a condom onto my prick. I slid a pillow under her ass and told her, “This may hurt a little at first, but we’ll take it slow and easy.” She raised her legs, then propped herself on her elbows so she could see my sheathed hard-on as it parted her drenched pubic hair.

“Put it all the way in, Chip.” She groaned at the brief pain, then moaned in bliss as I slid into her until our pubic hair meshed. “Oh, Chip, I never dreamed that being fucked could feel so good.” She tightened her vaginal muscles around my prick and bucked against me. Still raised on her elbows, she looked at me and said, “Your prick comes out all shiny wet, just the way it makes me feel deep inside.” She reached down and fondled my balls. Then she came. She smiled with joy as she felt the added warmth inside her cunt as my sperm poured into the rubber.

“Tie your come inside the condom, so I can sleep with it between my legs tonight. Then lie down. I want to lick all the come off your prick and suck you again.” She did. Next she put her lips on mine and kissed me tenderly.

Gazing deep into my eyes, she said, “Today I’ve said and heard words I never thought I would with anyone. Most people would call them crude words. I think they were the perfect words and I’m glad I said and heard them. With you, I’ve shared sexual pleasures I hadn’t expected to experience for years, if ever.”

When I started to speak, she placed her finger across my lips and said, “Ssh, let me finish. You’ve always thought of me as a brat, I know, but even as a brat I’ve loved you as long as I can remember.

“You’ve changed me from a virgin to a woman who now knows how marvelous sex can be. I love you even more for all the things we’ve done today and tonight. I want to do all of them and more any time you’re ready. And I hope that’s soon.”

She kissed me passionately. “Chip, thank you for giving me such a wonderfully happy birthday.”

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