Guess What! I Met A Girl

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(The following is another “true to life” account of my affairs of the heart…)

(Please, read “My Life, So Far” first, as there are some references that might not make sense, unless you read them in order. Thanks, ENJOY…)

* * * * *


After being depressed for half a year, over losing the first real love of my life, Julie, to a goddamned drunk driver, I “bumped,” quite literally, into a real beauty.

I was ecstatic! Elated!! And more. (I was very happy, needless to say!!)

Her name is Melissa, “Mel” to her fiends (and don’t ever call her “Lisa” ‘coz she’ll break your arm!!) and, boy, is she a knock-out!!

She is twenty-two years old, 5’8″ tall. Her vital stats: 35c-24-33, and she’s a full-time Physical Therapy student at the University, where I met her!!

We almost hit each other on our bikes! She was just getting started into biking seriously (new bike, helmet, pads, etc.) so she couldn’t ride nearly as far, hard, fast as I could, then… but, who cared!! With a body like hers, she didn’t need to escort bostancı keep up with anyone!!

One more thing…


Oh God, does she LOVE to fuck!!

After our second date (I thought I’d get nowhere with her. She was so darn serious all through our bike ride) she asked me up to her dorm room for a drink of ice water.

Duh–I said yes!!

Once there, I wanted to kiss her. She didn’t fight me. In fact, she kissed me back! With her tongue in my mouth!!

I grabbed her left breast with my shaky right hand, and tweaked her nipple. She laughed and fell back on her bed.

I apologized for my stupid tremor, when she asked, “Parkinson’s?” I told her it was something like that, not believing how she even knew what that was. But, before I could ask her, she’d taken off her shirt and was reaching for my shorts, in one swift motion! I got her bra off with little difficulty. I’d learned how from Julie! (Dear, sweet Julie…[sniff])

Once topless, I feasted my eyes on the most magnificent pair of breasts ümraniye escort this side of Heaven!

I asked her to take off the rest of her clothes. She did… Then I asked her to help me out of my clothes. She did…

So, there we were. Both bare assed naked. Wondering what to do next… SHE WAS A VIRGIN!! So was I, practically.

I decided to make the first move. I grabbed for her nipples and pinched them, lightly. She let out a squeal that was so cute, I fell in love with her, right then and there!

She said she wanted to lick my “thingy”.

“OK. But I want to lick yours, too,” I said, breathing heavily!

69/Sixty-Nine was achieved that day!!

I made sure that she had an orgasm before I got out a condom, from my bike bag(“Be prepared” I learned in the Boy Scouts”) and showed Mel how to put it on me using, only, her mouth. (Another trick that Julie showed me. God, I really did miss her![sniff!])

But, Mel was too tight!! It took fifteen minutes of poking and prodding with my fingers, tongue and a carrot that she had in her kartal escort bayan fridge to open her up enough to get my penis into her tight, hot, very wet box!! By this time I could have pounded a hole in the wall with my hard-on!!

But, it was worth it!!

I fucked her up… I fucked her down!! We fucked standing, sitting, laying down–with her on top and with me on top!!

I started to feel the tingling in my soul! That tell-tale sign that I was going to cum! Just before I lost it, I pulled my cock from her pussy, reached over and grabbed some Vaseline from her nightstand, and greased up her anus. I rolled the rubber off my dick and plunged myself, all the way up her tight little bung hole and came!! I must have released a lifetime of FRUSTRATION, ANGER, DENIAL, DEPRESSION, ACCEPTANCE…ALL THAT EDNA K. ROSS SHIT JUST FLOODED OUT OF ME IN THAT ONE EJACULATION!!

And all Mel said in a squeaky, rasping, very quiet voice was, “…thank you.”

* * * * *

Well, that’s our story and we’re stickin’ with it!
I’m writing this story from Mel’s dorm room, right now.
Mel wants to say something:

“Hi, all you readers in Literotica-Land! I love BB’s bod! You all oughta’ try it sometime!!”

Aww, Mel. You’re makin’ me blush!!

Love ya’ later, kiddies!!


xxxoooxxx, BB & MEL

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